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  1. This ^^^^^^ Go with the bigger stud if you are going to this much hassle
  2. I could be wrong, and maybe Glenn could correct me, but I think the way it is done is they pressure test it with a florescent dye and inspect with a special light, so any cracks will show up.
  3. You can also get thicker bolts and a jig to re-thread the holes bigger.
  4. I'd buy them if you were in south Auckland
  5. In NZ try Euroitalian or Milland, or import from Fcp euro or Schmeidmann
  6. The blanking plate and gasket is alot cheaper than another secondary air pump too
  7. Can I ask why? Most people do the air pump delete.
  8. Talk to Kayne Barrie. He makes them and they are very good.
  9. zero

    E34 540iS

    Mate, I was just asking, not accusing.
  10. zero

    E34 540iS

    So its not a real 540is then? The seller is lying?
  11. You have a jack in your boot. How else would you put on the spare tyre in the case of a puncture?
  12. First off you need a proper tyre place. Not balancing the wheels or doing an alignment is bad advice. Somewhere like autolign will do a proper alignment. Put your old wheels on the back and see if the noise is still there
  13. Um, I cant remember sorry
  14. What is the performance and drivability difference like?
  15. zero

    New GST import stuff

    On the news I thought they said that Amazon international wont ship to Aussie after the law change? Did I hear it wrong?
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