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  1. So was your crashed e34 factory 6 speed manual?
  2. Sounds great. Do you have a link to your original project thread?
  3. If you make one up, make sure you take photos for us to see.
  4. If you already have a shell in good condition I would not bother. You already have the m3 rear end if I remember correctly, and there is not much difference between the shells. Some m3's had aluminium doors and bootlids I think.
  5. I wonder why it was stripped? So sad.
  6. Changed the diff fluid in my daily and the wifes car. Expected the fluid to be dirtier than what it was after 200k and 135k. New fluid on the right, 200k fluid on the left.
  7. Graham will look after you. Flick him a pm
  8. It was a sales gimmick to try and make it sound like the car required less maintenance and service costs. No oil is life time, and bmw even stated later that 'lifetime' meant 100,000 miles (160,000 kms). Most people recommend changing the oil before this. Every 100,000 kms is a good interval.
  9. Was this an aftermarket bumper?
  10. Demontweaks in Wales is the cheapest you will find anywhere.
  11. Make sure you get the rhd version as the lhd one wont fit.
  12. What turned out to be the fault with the ecu, and how hard was it to fix?
  13. Can you get your injectors cleaned/fixed or are they toasted?