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  1. You could run a e46m3 complete rear end. Or use the e46 330i or e46 m3 hubs and brakes.
  2. Moving the steering rack is not ideal. IMO I would be moving everything else before I moved the steering rack location. Awesome build tho
  3. zero

    Wheel bolts?

    Chch pick a part
  4. Great kiwi ingenuity there mate. I made a catch can out of a remote oil filter housing
  5. $30 per lifter multiplied by 24 and it starts getting expensive. Clean and rebuild them, and if any are not save-able just replace those ones. I'd only replace all with new if it was a full on race motor build, or money was no object.
  6. Replaced the hedge hog on the e46 touring. I still maintain this is the worse job to do on an e46. I had put it off for nearly a year.
  7. Lifters are pretty easy to rebuild and only cost you your time
  8. zero

    E90 smoking

    Replacing the cvv and hoses is not too hard, just time consuming as the inlet manifold has to come off. Just take photos as you go and take your time.
  9. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Harleys are the iphones of the bike world.
  10. Awesome ride. I think this might have been owned previously by a member on here - he was trying to combat belt slip from the supercharger. Kayne Barrie motorsport might be a good place to start with your manual swap.
  11. zero

    E90 smoking

    Valve stem seal replacement cost is in the thousands. Honestly the n46 was one of the worst engines bmw ever made, and you should sell the car before you get attached.
  12. Hedgehog can effect temp and speed and can be intermittent.
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