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  1. Have you cleaned the throttle body, the ICV, and the maf? These are all free to do, apart from the costs of the cleaners, which you will use again anyway.
  2. I increased the value of my house by painting the driveway a pretty bmw colour.
  3. Thats minor compared to my spill. The pot fell off the bottom of the gun and now my driveway is black lol.
  4. It needs a polish, but not too bad considering how long its been since I last painted, and the issues I had with the gun.
  5. One on facebook. Unknown condition.
  6. All these guys were great; @BM WORLD I've bought a few things from Brent - great as always. @needsprings - doors @gjm - towbar @EUROHO - body panels @Olaf - springs and MD headdeck @francoisv - e36 shell All I can remember for now.
  7. Used only half the basecoat, but would have used less if I had not spilled half of it. Used maybe a third of the clear.
  8. Noooooooo don't sell it!
  9. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I will be filling in the engraved numbers with filler for when I paint the engine bay cause I want the smooth look.
  10. I don't mean the vin number on the left hand side of the engine bay, but on the right hand side of an e46 engine bay there is also an engraved number. Mine is 89456766. I need to know as I'm prepping my engine bay for paint.
  11. Yikes, a new crank would have cost a small fortune.
  12. Kayne is the man. Why did you replace the crank? Was your old one stuffed?
  13. I'm after a sump from the e53 x5 with the m62 engine
  14. There is always the option of gutting the cats and reinstalling them. I've done that before on another car and was slightly louder and no drone.