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  1. zero

    One girl, one Braverian

    Hey Tom, where can it be bought from, apart from bmw themselves?
  2. zero

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    The Aztek looks like a supermodel compared to that bmw imo.
  3. zero

    11000 rpm, 1100hp V12 engine porn

    I love how the suspension attaches to the engine. Sort of like the Britten motorbike.
  4. zero

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    The metal pin falls out and has sexy time with the valves.
  5. zero

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    The problem is if the stock ones fail they can send broken bits into the engine which is very expensive. The modded ones don't have the same design flaw.
  6. zero

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I think that is the ugliest car I have ever seen.
  7. zero

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    Thickness, not diameter.
  8. zero

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    Dont they need to measure the rotors for thickness, not just if they suspect it?
  9. zero

    WTB: S52B32 89.6mm Stroke Crank

    Out of curiosity which engine is it for?
  10. zero

    E39 Ute Reboot

    I heard a certifier in Auckland lost his licence for giving certs on cars that weren't up to standard, so I'm sure all the other certifiers are being extra cautious. Was Clint the cert guy you used?
  11. zero

    Daily Driver opinions

    The earlier 318i with the m43 motor is fine. Its the n42 and n46 motor that needs to be avoided, which replaced the m43 in 2002.
  12. zero

    3 series crash tests E21-F30

    That E21 held up pretty well
  13. Don't buy the 320i whatever you do - the N46 is probably bmw's worst engine with heaps of well documented problems. Buy the smallest 6 cylinder or diesel if you want better fuel consumption