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  1. zero

    Gull 98

    @325_driver it would be certainly interesting to learn from someone in the know as there are so many myths around. How does it differ from what the other fuel manufacturers offer?
  2. Dave, you said "deport them". Where are you suggesting they be deported to?
  3. zero

    Air compressors

    Yes, I'm happy too.
  4. Well that escalated quickly. I know racism is a sensitive subject but can we treat each other a bit better when discussing it?
  5. Electric is fine if you just want to clean your car with it. Gas has its advantages but is overkill for car cleaning.
  6. At the end of the day the crims are kiwis and you cant deport kiwis because nz is their home.
  7. If they have dual citizenship then maybe, but many countries do not allow dual citizenship so to become citizens of NZ they would have to give up the citizenship of their birthplace. My wife was born in the US but has NZ citizenship so is a kiwi. By law she cannot be deported to the US. If they were not citizens they could have been deported in a heartbeat.
  8. Most brands seem to be different. When I had my nilfisk the karcher fittings and spray foam bottle wouldnt work and vice versa. The toolshop one has a spray foam bottle built into the machine. I would avoid mechpro, but the stihl one looks worth investigating.
  9. That theory doesn't work as CL wont win the mayoralty - he can only help Goffs chances. Voting CL helps Goff win by splitting the JT vote. So again, you only have two choices Goff or JT. Its like voting for a new party in the general election thinking they can beat both National and Labour and run the country.
  10. You cant revoke citizenship. It would be the same as you committing a crime and the government taking your passport and dumping you in no mans land. Just because they have asian heritage doesn't stop them being kiwis. It would be like deporting me to scotland because I have scottish heritage, even though I'm a kiwi just like these crims are.
  11. Its a wasted vote, as the Mayoralty is a two horse race. A vote for him splits the JT vote, so helps Goff get another term. If you want Goff just vote for Goff. If you dont want Goff, then dont split the vote and vote for JT.
  12. zero

    Gull 98

    I've been running gull 98 in all my beemers for years with no issues. I did a test and used BP 98 for several tanks in a row but noticed no difference except to my wallet so switched back to gull.
  13. The Karcher ones used to have a great name, but since changed manufacture to asia and now they just dont last but they still try and cash in on the name. Iv'e had one of the original karchers which was great but very expensive, a cheap nilfisk which only lasted a few years, and currently have one from the toolshed; https://www.thetoolshed.co.nz/product/13655-toolshed-water-blaster-2175psi-7-3l-min These come on sale at $299, which is the same price as my old nilfisk and the toolshed one is better.
  14. Yea I came accross this today aswell. I wonder why the cam chains are at the back? It cant be weight distribution I wouldnt think.
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