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  1. zero

    Written off F90 M5

    I wonder how much it cost per kilometre driven....
  2. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Yes it is - they cancelled the irrigation schemes, are introducing fart taxes, and are planning on limiting herd numbers.
  3. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Labour campaigned on borrowing more than National, and also campaigned on paying down less debt than National, and campaigned on paying down debt slower than National. Debt to gdp is the correct measure to use (this is what economists use), and by world standards ours is very low. This is due to the Bolger and Clark governments paying down alot of debt that had been racked up by mostly the Muldoon government, and due to strong global economic times in the decade before the global financial crisis, and due to good economic management through the aftermath of the global financial crisis. To put it in perspective our debt to gdp is 22.2%, and peaked at 54.8% in the aftermath of the Muldoon era. Japan is at 253%, USA at 104%, and the UK 85%.
  4. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Norway makes its money from mining and exporting oil. Labour is already shutting that industry down here, so that rules that out. Our income comes mainly from dairy which is already being attacked by Labour and the Greens, so maybe that golden goose will be maimed. The only way Labour knows how to increase income, is by raising taxes and borrowing more than before.
  5. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Its already over $3 for 91 in some places; https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/107701845/some-kiwi-motorists-shelling-out-more-than-3-a-litre-for-fuel
  6. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    National campaigned against the regional fuel tax - they even had an advert that attacked Labours myriad of taxes, including the regional fuel tax. National has promised to cancel the regional fuel tax if elected. Heres the old advert from the election campaign;
  7. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    National opposed all the regional fuel taxes. They actively campaigned against it.
  8. zero

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    What a legend!
  9. zero

    Google Home

    There is no doubt there is a huge amount of corruption in the US system. The old boys club doesn't surprise me.
  10. zero

    Google Home

    I've watched the Dr Ford interviews and something doesn't sit right. She comes across very coached and unreliable, and there are many holes in her story. We will never know what actually happened, but it appears at least partially politically motivated. I haven't watched the Kav interviews yet.
  11. zero

    210mm 540 diff to a 4.1 and lsd

    My research on LS swaps has taught me to stick to the bmw rear end - much less painless, and much cheaper.
  12. zero

    540i Timing chain guides

    Done well to get this far if those are the original guides. Looks like you stepped in just in time.
  13. zero

    540i Timing chain guides

    How many kms on the engine?
  14. zero

    Camber Adjustment Kit

    You still havnt stated what tyres you have
  15. zero

    Google Home

    They are even more biased than CNN. No wonder you get caught up in conspiracy theories.