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  1. zero

    $5 parts

    I'll take the under body engine cover and the boot gas struts and the boot spoiler
  2. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Both went through - in fact there were three tax cuts. Labour did a tax cut in 2008 when they panicked they would lose the election, which National voted in favour of and promised not to undue if they won the election. Then when National became government they put their first tax cut through in 2009, and then the big one in 2010.
  3. Why do these opportunities always arise when I'm broke? Was there any new parts there, like gasket sets, water pumps etc?
  4. Its no suprise they are going under - their parts were way overpriced.
  5. zero

    WTB / Free E39 wheels x2

    Will e46 wheels work? I have a couple of old e46 wheels and tyres you can use for as long as u want.
  6. zero

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    Is your current one 3.15? If so, should be a nice upgrade.
  7. How do I tell if my e46 has the alarm wiring?
  8. zero

    H1 LED Conversion Kits?

    Fwiw, I upgraded my stock H7 halogens to the top rated H7 halogens which were Philips racing vision +150% and noticed very little difference. Imo for a decent upgrade you will need led or hid. I will be curious to see the results you get.
  9. zero

    100 Octane from NPD

    How is it different from e85?
  10. zero

    M43 engine

  11. I know some of the m62 engines had remote oil filter housings so that would provide you with the housing and hoses, and then you would have to fabricate the block off plate. Hopefully thats helpful. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN52-EUR-12-2000-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=11_1591
  12. zero

    M43 engine

    Want to buy a M43B18 engine to replace an overheated one. Has anybody got one?
  13. Makes you wonder why someone would remove the engine and then just sell the car? Could be a good money maker for someone with the cashflow.
  14. zero

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Thanks richard - did they put the heads on a flow bench?
  15. zero

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    What was the cost for porting and polishing the heads, and what is the claimed power gains?