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  1. zero

    The Wheels Thread

    What price you asking? Are they runflats, and how much tread?
  2. If you want a hand with the rtab's let me know, Ive done it a couple times.
  3. The steel gray looks nice
  4. zero

    BMW vin checker

    I'm having the same problem. Mdecoder is a valuable resource when looking at cars you might buy, or options on cars at pickapart etc.
  5. zero

    M TOY M3

    Yes, I saw it there last week too.
  6. Yes, I would recommend gutting as opposed to deleting as the gutted cat then acts as a partial resonator to remove unwanted tinny noises. Also I think it looks cleaner. And use headers from I think the s52.
  7. Gutting the cats is worth doing. I've heard alot of exhaust setups on a m52b28 and the cheap redline stainless mufflers sounded better than the supersprints and remuses which suprised me.
  8. Personally I think a m62 in an e38 would be super cool, and cooler than a six pot, but thats just me. And yes there is a zf 310/320 five speed with a different bellhousing for mating to the v8. Cheaper than the 420g, but equally hard to find, and likely both are best bought overseas.
  9. et 47 and et 48. They are e46 fitment
  10. Very nice. Let us know your experience with them as I will need to purchase a set at some point.
  11. Sorry, but you are not comparing apples with apples. The 420g gearbox is expensive but it is an exceptional gearbox. The getrag 220 or 240 wont last long behind a s50 motor unless you baby it, and then whats the point. The zf will likely last longer, but cant be compared to the 420g. If you are on a budget why not put a zf behind the m62?
  12. I have a set of style 32's that are being refurbished at the moment. I can put up a pic when they are back. 18x8 and 18x8.5
  13. For the scratches I find this product excellent. Its cheap, sands and applies well, and no mixing. https://panelstore.co.nz/collections/novol/products/1k-acrylic-spot-putty-100ml
  14. zero

    HiFi flywheels

    Nice. What are you using for amplification and speakers?
  15. Do you know if these will pass cert?
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