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  1. I have a power steering pump for e39 540i
  2. @NealI inquired about these and sadly they are discontinued and the replacements are some way away. What else would you recommend for a 6.5 woofer?
  3. I understand, I'm in the same boat. You definetly want to check the cvv is not blocked before you spend more money chasing leaks though.
  4. If its the N42 motor then sorry to say but its a money pit.
  5. $1100 for a sump gasket is crazy money. If your cvv is blocked you will keep blowing seals as it will just look for the next weakest seal/gasket. But if your cvv is blocked they should have picked up on that first.
  6. Kayne Barrie motorsport would be a good person to do the vanos for you. He is just north of Auckland, so you would need to ship but he has a very solid reputation.
  7. I should have looked closer lol. Too busy multitasking with Bathurst.
  8. @Olaf You really want to try the updated e46 wipers. Once you try them you will never be able to go back. https://www.schmiedmann.com/en/product/17313-new?product=61610037009
  9. It also doesnt look like the old shock is completely open - it looks partially compressed.
  10. The coloured banding unfortunately doesn't give information on what springs they are - the banding was used in the production line to make sure the correct springs went on the correct car.
  11. Trans shifting up when braking going downhill is a feature that is meant to happen.
  12. Great work. Looks like the previous owner was allergic to maintenance.
  13. zero

    e36 racecar

    What, in your opinion, is the next part to upgrade/improve the car?
  14. Pictures or it didnt happen. 😋
  15. I watch this guy, he can be quite entertaining. He has a pretty cool e30 coupe build too.
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