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  1. zero

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Dave, I'm curious as to what news sources you use?
  2. The issue is if it strips before the bush moves any further. In that case it wont matter how much threaded rod you have if it keeps stripping at the same point.
  3. Whats your favourite music Glenn? Its ok, you are among friends here.
  4. Sockets would really help, even crappy old ones. Also you wanna make sure the threaded rod is strong as the threads strip really easily. You can use the metal from the first bush you push out to push out the second bush and install the new ones.
  5. Most likely out of my budget, but how much for the s62 without the ergen headers? And what is required to make it a full motor? ie alternator, flywheel, throttlebodies etc? And how many kms on the motor?
  6. White angel eyes, lowered suspension, black grill, tinted lights where legal, would be my picks.
  7. How can you own a charger and not put a 440 in it? So much bragging rights.
  8. zero

    The COVID-19 Thread

    I think I saw that first story on time magazine? Time is a bit left wing, but I wouldn't call them tin foil hat level of bias?
  9. I use the Mt Wellington branch, as does Dave. I see there is a Hamilton branch too. As for the front strut mount trick, you dont need new ones, you swap them over from left to right to get extra camber. Extra camber for the front wheels is the best handling improvement for our cars over all the adjustments.
  10. I hate to be 'that guy' but that alignment is pretty damn bad. Check you are not getting camber wear at the rear, cause the toe is way out back there. When you do your rta bushes and limiters you will probably want a new alignment anyway so best to go somewhere different. If you are ever up in Auckland then autolign is awesome - i wont go anywhere else now. Also, Daves tip on swapping the front top hats is a good one, so do that too before you get the alignment sorted. I'm loving the progress though - keep up the great work.
  11. zero

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Yes they are a major paper, but that doesn't mean they don't have bias. Sadly, in these modern times you have to be careful of how much trust you can place in news sources. NY Times definetly has bias, more than some sources, and less than others.
  12. It would likely be pretty rusty underneath though. But, I get your point - I think $52k is too high too.
  13. zero

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Not a fan of Trump, but there has been a fair bit of misinformation coming out of the US from some media and some politicians trying to politicize a crisis. The US was the first country in the world to block travel from China. Australia followed suite the next day. NZ took nearly two months before we did. Yes Trump has handled this poorly (as have most world leaders) but the Easter comment is him trying to keep the population calm and positive. The last thing they need is more hysteria or panic buying. Jacinda is doing the same thing here. I'm no fan of her either, but she has stepped up well and has been an excellent communicator. Just be aware of the high level of biased reporting that comes out of the US, and on both the right wing and left wing. I find it better to use only trusted sources (no CNN, and no FOX) and wherever possible listen to the original source of what is said, rather than a journalists opinion of what was said, and out of context. I find Reuters and Associated Press to be pretty good sources ussually.
  14. zero


    Not that I'm aware of. And no, don't use anything else but the bmw blue stuff, and distilled water. Unfortunately you may have to wait until after the lockdown.
  15. 330i rears will give you too much rear bias. I wonder if you could get performance pads for the fronts and that would solve the bias? I'm not an expert though.
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