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  1. zero

    Finding parts

  2. zero

    Fenix Radiator Failure

    Yea, avoid fenix - especially when a failure in the cooling system can cost you alot more damage to other things if not noticed in time.
  3. It didn't come on when i jumped the sensor. I swapped in a spare fan that had a working module. I think on my other spare fans I must have cooked the modules by running 12v to them to test? Or they were already dead, but that seems unlikey.
  4. Okay so I fixed it. Thanks for everyones input and help. Turns out it was a dead module on the fan housing. I have four of these fans and the modules seem to be dead on three of them, so I wonder if I killed them when I sent 12v directly to them to test them. They all work from a direct 12v, but dont run when connected to the car. Lucky the fourth one works (I didn't test that one with direct 12v) so car is driveable again. So my next question is where do I find new modules, or can they be repaired?
  5. I will check waterpump as I have a spare. I bridged the connecters to the temp switch and fan didnt come on.
  6. My e46 wagon (babara) overheated in traffic the other day and I have traced the problem back to the electric fan not coming on. When I send 12volts to it directly it runs fine so I know the fan is good, but it is not being turned on by the car when the temp goes up. I also have spare known working fans that work directly on 12volts, but also don't turn on when in the car. I've checked the big 50amp fuse and its fine, and I've checked continuity on the wire from the fan power connector back to the ecu and it is good with no breaks. I've replaced the radiator temperature sensor in the bottom rad hose with a known working one but still no luck. The ac doesnt blow cold and I presume its related? No codes have shown up on the dash. Anyone have any idea what it could be - its doing my head in.
  7. zero

    M54B30 Oil Info

    Who sells the genuine filters in nz apart from the dealer?
  8. zero

    Tyre sizes for 16s

  9. zero

    Wheel alignment - Auckland

    Autolign are awesome. They really know their stuff.
  10. zero

    BMW M5 Alpina B10 V8 1999

    Both the alpina V8 and V8s engines were less powerful than the s62 in the M5 anyway, and they didnt rev as high. M5 for me.
  11. As the title says, Castrol edge 5w30 is $45.49 for 5litres at the moment https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/castrol-castrol-edge-engine-oil---5w-30-5-litre/299206.html?cgid=catalogue-onsale#segment=1&page=1 They seem to do this once a year, and I stock up. I don't work for Supacheap.
  12. zero

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    How do you like the powerflex bushings? I use them too.
  13. zero

    e36 track car build

    Those diffusers and brake cooling plates look cool
  14. zero

    540i Timing chain guides

    Be interested in hearing if it feels different to drive.