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  1. I did investigate this option and had a e39 v8 subframe to play around with. I decided against it because it would require using the crappy e39 steering box, which was not a compromise I was prepared to make. Also, I don't know how badly it messes up the suspension geometry.
  2. If you mean ecu then I'm not decided, but probably a link.
  3. Dry sump would be perfect but way out of my price range. I guess I could make/get made a modified sump with an external oil pump. I would be terrified of it failing though and killing the motor.
  4. A bit slow due to lack of funds. I need to buy adjustable camber plates and one more front control arm and the front end can be installed. Rear end is all installed. Engine bay has been modified and painted. While I wait for money to buy parts I gave my wifes car a full respray.
  5. Also the oil pump needs to be taken into consideration as its at the front of the motor. I havnt had a good look at this yet.
  6. Any progress on this?
  7. I got mine from an auto upholstery place, because the cheaper stuff loses adhesion in the heat.
  8. They sold a year and a half ago.....
  9. Upper and lower arms are identical, and shocks are a straight swap also.
  10. I've seen this car in person, and it has been meticulously maintained. glws
  11. The voice was probably saying that there is no card. I had heaps of other crap too like memeory card readers, dvd players, gps etc which I stripped out. None of it works in NZ. I have an okay stereo setup in the wifes e46, but with the oem head unit. On the e46 the speakers and speaker mounting are easily the weak link, followed by the amplification, the headdeck, then the wiring. If you like music, then its worth looking at replacing the speakers.
  12. My wifes e46 was a jap import and I pulled a whole heap of electronics out of it that are useless here. You will probably find a card reader which accepts the prepaid toll cards, and modules to send voice messages to your stereo etc. I removed all of it as I dont like clutter, even if most of the clutter was under the dash.
  13. If its a jap import, in japan they have sensors for gps and automatically paying at toll booths.
  14. What an awesome build!
  15. How much did it sell for originally?