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  1. Apparently they did know they were faulty and tried to cover it up.
  2. So the vehicle manufacturers get stung for millions for something that was not their fault? At least they get some money back from the airbag company, but I cant imagine it covering all their losses, especially when you consider the damage to the brand.
  3. Thanks Andrew, will do.
  4. Spoke to BMW today, and they are trying to get my e46's done shortly. I've been waiting nearly a year, but if my car gets a free clean like others have mentioned I wont mind.
  5. If I remember correctly, I dont think this adds power, just changes throttle response. Happy to be corrected though.
  6. I still haven't heard back from BMW so will give them a call tomorrow.
  7. When I made the reinforcement plates I hit them as hard as I could with a heavy hammer and they didn't crack at all. I'm up in Auckland but if I come down your way I will definitely look you up.
  8. Wow, really kicks in well at 3500rpm. Must be fun to drive.
  9. Great! Thanks for that.
  10. I'm feeling rather foolish. I have not had any lessons, so had to teach myself. I set the settings on the welder with trial and error until it gave the best results. I know now that I should have been using gas, but didn't know that till today. The area was prepped very well with everything back to bare metal, although the weld through primer seemed to make it more difficult, so it will undoubtedly be incorrect welder settings (and lack of gas). I don't have any more welding to do until I get to making engine mounts and modifying the front crossmember. I will definitely get gas for that and practice more. I'm considering applying the bmw foam sealant stuff in the cavities to improve the situation - what do people think?
  11. Awesome work! Can you put up a pic of the dyno graph so we can see the curves?
  12. Great info! I will look into the holden astra stuff. Thanks for the advice.
  13. I would love to use a dry sump, but I just cant afford it. Being on a tight budget unfortunately forces these compromises. I've contemplated making one, but messing with the oil supply is something I'm not game enough to risk.
  14. Thanks for the info. I was planning on using stock e46 m3 engine mounts, as they are very slightly stiffer than e46 non m engine mounts. I will be using rubber on the trans mounts too.
  15. I'm after a M60 or M62 transmission bellhousing or stuffed transmission to use just to line up the mounting of my v8 in my project car. Ideally cheap or free.