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  1. I bought an 08 E90 320d msport with the 6-speed manual a few months ago as a daily. It had done 150k kms with a good service history and cost much less than that 325d on TM. I did just under 42k kms last year with my boys football so needed something frugal and I have to say it's one of the best cars I've ever driven. It's incredibly comfortable (I'm 6"5 and this is the lowest I've ever sat in a BMW with sports seats), the interior is immaculate and it's surprisingly quiet on the motorway. The best bit is it pulls like a freight train once it's rolling. You have to change gear a lot obviously but the torque is just intoxicating. Be wary of any advertised consumption figures as I've found they are well out on a combined journey. Having said that our E53 3.0 petrol did the same driving for two years and I would get around 750 kms on a full tank. This costs less than half the X5 to fill and I'm getting close to 1200kms before filling up again. I'm not taking it easy either. I did for the first week or two but when I saw how far I was going to get I thought, sod it., lets just have some fun. Performance is pretty reasonable too, I can get up and over the Paekok hill significantly quicker than I do in the E34. For a cheap daily I don't think they can be beaten to be honest and I'm now looking at 535d's to replace the X5. [e] N47 compared to your N57 I know, but significantly cheaper and why spend too much on a daily.
  2. We bought our 2003 3.0l petrol three years ago this week. I got it from Bellars with a stack of service history for $9.5k We've done just over 80k kms, it averages 11.2l/100k and apart from oil servicing the only issues we've had were to replace a broken drivers door mechanism and the aircon condensor died. We've replaced some miscellaneous suspension bits, discs and pads all around and had the transmission serviced. Total servicing costs has been around $5000. It's half way through it's second set of Continental Cross Contacts with both sets coming from new cars which had been "upgraded" and they cost $800 each time. It does go through headlight bulbs fairly regularly but other than that, it's been absolutely faultless. Even with "just" a 3.0 petrol, with 5 of us in it and all the gear for a holiday it still moves pretty well.
  3. For our e39 I did a combination of this Aux In for $2.50 and this E39 radio diagram to create my own aux-in cable which replaced the CD changer plug into the 'head unit'. I then bought a Kinivo BTC 450 with a Spigen Magnetic Mount and it worked flawlessly. Everything was hidden away with only the Spigen giving it away. I had another link showing the resisters and capacitors but I can't find it now. Think I spent about 80c at Jaycar for it all. The e34 original head unit has aux-in so I just have the Kinivo but the X5 came with a Dension Gateway kit costings $$$'s and I hate it. Regularly fails to connect when getting into the car, wont connect to my wife's Nexus5 at all and requires a number of buttons to be pressed to play music. When I get around to it, I'm going to rip it out and replace it with the Kinivo.
  4. Thanks Allan, I knew I remembered something like that. As it was the X5 was returned today after only three days away. I'll have to take care of it another time and will just leave it on the driveway whilst the cluster is away.
  5. The X5 is finally going in for new doors and front guard tomorrow and will be away for a week. I'd like to have the LCD in the dash cluster repaired whilst it's out of action and seem to remember you can drive the car for a limited amount of miles before the tamper light shows, can anyone confirm that ? From memory it was around 100 or 120 miles or something. If that's the case, who are we sending our dashes to these days ? It's been a long time since I had an E39 done and I don't even remember who did it.
  6. This ^^^^ I do 40000 kms a year with my kids sport. At least 90% is cruising at 80-100kmh and the '07 2l Focus we ended up buying works out the same as an e46 320d using their factory figures (plus 15% to make it more realistic) when buying 95. If I buy 91 it's $200 a year cheaper but then the engine sounds like a babies rattle when pulling away at low revs
  7. I look at this auction every day. I don't know why because I can't justify it at this time in my life (or more importantly to my wife who wants a new kitchen !) But an e34 M5 is the one car I would replace my 535is with and I would love to have one.
  8. Just cars and was at low speed surprisingly. An old fella decided to reverse past a driveway as she was waiting to pull out of it onto the street. Not sure how he didn't see an whacking great X5 behind him but he was pretty shaken up. She took him back into the office for a cup of tea ! Kids sport takes care of our weekends. I'm out pretty much all weekend with my boys football. He trains 4/5 times a week and we've had one week off the last 18 months. If he has a day off I spend it re-acquainting myself with our two girls. The wife and I were in Napier last weekend (boy had a trip to New Plymouth). She insisted we take the X5 and not the 535is. The thought of Pahiatua one way and Saddle Road the other had me crying. In the end we were stuck behind cattle trucks anyway so I'm glad the old girl wasn't covered in the crap coming out of them. I thought there were rules about what they drop on the roads now. The stench was sickening. My wife is a barrister and specialises in family law. We have an agreement, if it should come to it, that I walk out with the clothes I'm wearing and the e34. She keeps everything else ! Just last week I told her we should trade up to an e70. She's not having any of it, she cant stand how often I change cars.
  9. For what it's worth the only regret I have for buying an X5 for our family of 5 is that I didn't buy one years ago. I'm 197cm, wife is 180, 16, 13 and 9yo are 180, 178 and 148. We struggled along in the e39 because I hate the idea of a Chelsea tractor. But we were just too big. I've done 6's, v8's and v12's, saloons and tourings, in e32's, e38's and e39's and in the end bought an e53 3.0l petrol X5 and I don't regret the decision at all. I have the 535is if I want to go for a fang, but when we are 5 up, filled to the brim to go away I want security and cruising ability. The X5 does it without breaking a sweat. As for tyres, you just need to know where to look. A got four brand new Continental CrossContact UHP in 18" for $800 all up. We've done about 30k mainly motorway driving and they still have 3-4 mm. I've thrown it over the Paekok hill plenty of times and never had any trouble in the corners, they have been excellent. It was serviced for the first time in our 18 months of ownership by Mike Page in Kapiti on Thursday. Full inspection II was just under 1k. Including new plugs, the odd belt, brake fluid, oil, all filters etc. I didn't think that was too bad. My budget was much lower than yours but the 3.0l petrol was still 2/3rds of the price of a diesel and they'd all done twice the mileage. Maybe I was missing in my sums something but I couldn't justify the initial price difference. I've just remembered your comments about the 3.0 being underpowered and thirty. We average 11.2 l/100k. I don't think that's bad at all, we don't drive it around town, but I don't remember getting anywhere near that my m62 e38. Perhaps the newer petrols you are looking at are far better. Cruising on the open road is easy as is overtaking. I appreciate your friend regretting it, but not me. I would have loved an e70 but given how cheap the e53 was, it meant I could keep the 535is for the weekends.
  10. In case anyone is interested the head won and I went with a 2l, manual, 06 Ford Focus Zetec. After a couple of months it's doing around 6.2l/100km which means just over 800km to a tank costing $96. It's surprising nice to drive to be honest. Nothing special but it's comfortable (I'm 6'5) and can fit four large kids in easily enough.
  11. Just noticed this damage on the drivers seat. Happy to take offers on them with that in mind.
  12. Sold my e39 so I have a few things to clear the garage. 1: Black leather comfort seats. From an E38 but are the same as E39 I believe. They've been covered in the garage for a couple of years but the leather is in surprisingly good condition and would just need a clean. All the connecting plugs are there but I think they are missing one of the plastic bits on the drivers side and maybe a button. Brilliant seats to sit in and I have them in the X5. Looking for $250. 2: 16:9 screen which I think was from an e38 but it would fit an e39 obviously. Never got around to putting it in. It was working before I bought it and comes with the Jap dvd player and a few cables/wires. It's also sat in the garage and I can only assume it still works. Looking for $250 assuming it's still working but will consider offers. 3: E39 clear/celis rear lenses. The right one had an issue with corrosion so I replaced them both. Genuine Hella. Not sure what they are worth to be honest, maybe $100 for them both ? I'm an hour north of Wellington and an hour south of Palmerston North and am happy to meet someone halfway if necessary.
  13. e39 530d are few and far between in NZ and those currently available are not worth anything near $10k IMO. e60 530d would be my perfect car, but it may be a good 12/18 months before they drop to $7-8k. Even then it's a hard sell to the wife. So far the options are: A3 2.0 FSI - Claims of ~5l/100km, but I know nothing other than horror stories about Audi servicing costs. e46 320d - see if I can get a high miler really cheap, do basic maintenance and drive it until it dies. e46 318i - as above. Dime a dozen but finding a non-molested manual might not be easy. Focus - great economy, but either a ~2001 manual petrol or ~2007 diesel wagon with high miles and just out of budget. Mondeo Td - as above. Pug 407 HDi - ~2007, 6l/100km seems easily achievable and can be had for ~$5k.
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