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  1. Zadkiel

    Members' Cars (BMW)

    Haha, took me a while to get that. Been a while since I've updated the cars section of my profile!
  2. Zadkiel

    Members' Cars (BMW)

    Better late than never!
  3. Zadkiel

    E36 M3 3l Race car

    Out of interest why the need to swap bodies? Is that easier than getting the M3 back to production spec?
  4. Does anyone know why most E36s have what I would essentially call a T-Shaped gear selector for the auto but some have the more traditional knob shape? Is there any other linked variance?
  5. Zadkiel

    E36 M3 Targa Car Build

    Does this happen to all E36s? Is it only under long term hard use or could happen any time during track use?
  6. Zadkiel

    Members' Cars (BMW)

    If it is still being updated, E46 CSL and E9 3.0 CSi here.
  7. Zadkiel

    Project CARS

    Only just got it and haven't had a chance to set it up yet. PSN name: Neckarsulm Anyone play Destiny on PS4 while we are at it?
  8. Zadkiel

    2k cup bmw's?

    Of course none of those rules really work
  9. Zadkiel

    2k cup bmw's?

    I seriously considered entering an E36 320i because it would be a lot of fun. Sadly the power to weight ratio would be no where near competitive with b18c Integras and 4AGE Levins. I think the BMW race series needs to introduce a new class for E36s with the same stock type rules for 2k Cup cars. 328i's out there tearing it up!
  10. Zadkiel

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Seems I may have killed this a bit so I'll get back on the positive track. Happily married for over a year now and enjoying having a team mate for life.
  11. Zadkiel

    Life is choice bro thread.

    I'm sure Bolton fans miss proper football too! Zing
  12. Zadkiel

    E36 M3 Targa Car Build

    Fair enough, good to know!
  13. Zadkiel

    Awesome cars picture thread.

    I actually quite like big GT style coupes. The Maser certainly isn't a sports car to drive (not in 4.2 proper auto spec anyway) but it meets most needs, looks good, sounds good, is comfy and not slow.
  14. Zadkiel

    E36 M3 Targa Car Build

    Ah, that doesn't sound good! Was it fixed in later models?