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  1. What's the socially responsible thing for me to do with my old control arms, tensioners, pulleys, bushings, rubber seals, etc... ? Rubbish?
  2. I wasn't thinking when I saw your original post, I'm sorry. You can actually plug your last 7 here: And it'll tell you what your engine and transmission models are.
  3. I don't know how I got these. I think they must have been on the rims I bought. They look barely used, with plenty of thread left and they too, take up space in my garage. One Neuton NT5000 One Dayton D30 $30 each? Reasonable offers take them.
  4. I have one more to sell, then I'm all out.
  5. Due to a slight mistake, I have two brand new M54 valve covers from FCP Euro that are surplus to requirements. If anyone is keen, hey have a lifetime warranty from FCP Euro, but that applies to me only. I'd be happy to extend it to any buyer in this forum as well. I commit to working as the in-between between buyer and FCP Euro. These are them Say $400 each, which is a well below cost.
  6. In the Leaf example, the tribunal decreed the dealer had to buy the car back at the original cost, plus cost of diagnostics for the battery. leaf In that example, the dealer reset the battery meter, which made it read as if the car had a new-like battery, and got caught out.
  7. Dealers can't really do as is where is in NZ. (caveat, they can if it's an auction. If you pay a fixed price, you have full CGA) Recently and famously, a dealer was force to take back a Leaf which they had misrepresented battery capacity for. They were also ordered to refund the buyer the costs of the inspection which proved the battery capacity had been misrepresented. As described, this seems like a clear breach of the CGA, and assuming there is documented evidence of misrepresentation. In the case of the Leaf, a third party was used to show misrepresentation. Do you have a statement from the dealer when you bought saying "no accident damage" and a statement from a third party saying "yo, this thing's had its whole front end repaired" ?
  8. Found it. 8Jx17 and a bit rough, but here you go. ET20
  9. Hmph Take Andy's $200.
  10. Ahem, what stops this from working with an e39?
  11. I happened to be at a Repco today, and with the sale discount, 20L comes out to ~$175NZD.
  12. Every 540i I see reminds me of this thread: It's a nice car, but good luck to the seller at that price point...
  13. I still have one, but its location appears to be my mates garage instead of my own... I will sort you specs, but might only be tomorrow now. Sorry about that.
  14. Up to the 120i, they're I4s. The 125i and up are I6s.
  15. I have one in the garage. I'll look at it in the morning for specs.
  16. Thanks for that! I'll drop you a message in the morning when I've formulated questions with my wife. We noticed that. I have looked the various flood plain maps and the house we're looking at is not in any of the listed flood zones, and is on top of a hill. In theory, safe. (The ticket will be whether we can get flood insurance or not!)
  17. We're looking to possibly migrate Thames-wards. Anyone living there willing to answer some questions for us? Thanks!
  18. Why are you committing such crime against this beautiful machine?!
  19. Yes.
  20. Y'all made me click. Nothing to it. I then disabled my adblock, then I saw what y'all meant.
  21. Wow, the dark side wants to expand...
  22. These are purty. What's the offset on them?
  23. bump
  24. It's not so bad, but it's messy as anything. Plan on lots of rags...
  25. Do you mind reporting in on how much 20L costs?