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    e39 front calipers

    Looking to try my hand at rebuilding, and painting some calipers... Looking for a pair of front calipers that'll fit an e39. According to realoem the part is the same on the e38/39/53/83 LCI. Cheers!
  2. Gabe79

    2001 530i e39 metallic red

    Nice colour! Got some internal pictures? Cheers!
  3. Gabe79

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    Hi Glenn, thank you for that. I double checked it and indeed you are correct. I've missed out on some opportunities due to my misunderstanding, alas.
  4. Gabe79

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    It's an auction... buyer beware. Even if that dude was a dealer, auctions are as is, where is in this country.
  5. Gabe79

    e39 front calipers

    In theory the 540i one should fit a 530i (and vice versa) can you PM/post some pictures? Does it have a part number on it?
  6. Gabe79

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    The problem with the VIN approach is that VIN isn't used in Japan. The vast majority of our cars coming from Japan, makes that method tricky. It can be black magic deciphering year of manufacture versus model year for a Japanese made car from numbers alone.
  7. I've read we need DOT4 Low Viscosity, but can't find any such examples in Repco, or Supercheap. Fuchs seems to make something that fits that specification though. Penrite has a DOT 4 ESP, but I can't found that for sale in NZ. Castrol's website suggests I can use this: Castrol Brake Fluid DOT 4 Or should I go buy some from the dealership? EDIT: The MSDS for Castrol Response Brake Fluid Super DOT 4 says it is lower viscosity for ABS applications...
  8. Gabe79

    E39 What brake fluid?

    Thank you. That makes things really easy.
  9. Gabe79

    nick murray nz youtuber

    😞 That's my disappointed face.
  10. Gabe79

    nick murray nz youtuber

    I like cars, I like BMWs... link with "cute frenchie" please?
  11. Note that if you get the CCV kit from FCP EUro, these come with too.
  12. Agreed. Time consuming, but not hard. I was an even greater novice when I did it too... Lots of videos online on how to do it, 50s kid has a good video on this, as does Nathan's DIY Garage, and Shop Life also has a good one. Spend a few hours watching videos, take lots of pictures as you go, get a few boxes to group parts together in and you should be good. EDIT: In addition to the hoses and the CCV, if you're taking out the intake manifold and it's been awhile... consider getting new gaskets for the manifold, and get the full CCV kit that includes the throttle body gasket too. If your oil filter housing leaks, this is a good time to replace that gasket too...
  13. Gabe79

    Tow Vehicle

    I'm sorry, but have you considered selling the boat? You'd have so many more car options then...
  14. Gabe79

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I'd like to think it'll get the buy now price.
  15. Gabe79

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    I had nearly this exact same problem description. It was a vacuum leak. There was a good crack on my valve cover. Highly recommend you find someone with a smoke machine. I spent months with the problem, then a mate found the crack (it was a large crack...) in 5 minutes.
  16. Gabe79

    BMW Diamond key replacement

    Oh man, I totally would. The electric is amazing. It's a bit out of our price range until we pay off the mortgage though.
  17. Gabe79

    BMW Diamond key replacement

    Tucson GLS 4WD 2006 or Santa Fe GL 4WD 2004. We suddenly find ourselves needing to drive up a dirt road once a week and the E39 can't make it around the bumps and dirt, and the Leaf is here to stay and itself isn't exactly off-road capable.
  18. Gabe79

    BMW Diamond key replacement

    Har. PM me the VIN, and a picture of the key, and I can tell you what key to get. Keys from ebay are easy and cheap. They mostly all work the same, you want to make sure you buy the right blade. Mostly the keys around are dual frequency, so that's easy enough. I haven't been following the forums here much lately. We're actually discussing selling the E39 and buying a Hyundai right now.
  19. Gabe79

    Bmw e39 LKM wanted

    Hi Brent, when I needed one, I ended up on ebay. It cost $30 shipped from... Latvia?
  20. We've had some discussions in the past about the total emissions impact of EVs versus ICEs... This study is very interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/oct/25/electric-cars-emit-50-less-greenhouse-gas-than-diesel-study-finds β€œOn average, electric vehicles will emit half the CO2 emissions of a diesel car by 2030, including the manufacturing emissions,”
  21. Gabe79

    BMW e46 Key Replacements

    PM me your VIN and I can link the right key for you.
  22. Gabe79

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    A lot of people around here go for EWS delete. I happen to have the bits (All you need is an AK90+) and have done this a bunch of times now, so for me, coding a new EWS is easier than a delete, which I've never done. The same equipment lets you code keys too, which is a nice bonus skill/ability to have in my book.
  23. Gabe79

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    The EWS/transponder and the door remote are two different components, albeit in the same key. In aftermarket keys, they are completely separate parts of your key, where on the OEM keys, the transponder is built into the key electronics. That the remote works means nothing for the EWS being working, or not. That said, coding a VIN to an EWS module is trivial, and EWS modules are cheap as anything from wreckers. You're a bit out of the way for easy assistance though... Good luck!
  24. Gabe79

    Google Home

    It's openly stated (by everyone barring google/Amazon) that these record always. Do the GCSB guys also advise against fitness trackers like the US military does now?
  25. Gabe79

    Quick rant thread.

    Imagine the bonus returns! The speed camera gets you for speed, and for having the German plates on!