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  1. We've had some discussions in the past about the total emissions impact of EVs versus ICEs... This study is very interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/oct/25/electric-cars-emit-50-less-greenhouse-gas-than-diesel-study-finds “On average, electric vehicles will emit half the CO2 emissions of a diesel car by 2030, including the manufacturing emissions,”
  2. Gabe79

    E92 335i coupe

    Gorgeous car. Good luck!
  3. My windshield has a nice crack in it from a large rock on the road today. I’d be keen on that letter too...
  4. Gabe79

    Weird sound from Engine

    Hey mate, that sounds like "Take me to a BMW specialist garage!" Bellars on Constellation Drive, or BM Workshop in Grey Lynn might be helpful.
  5. Gabe79

    M54 valve cover

    Due to a slight mistake, I have two brand new M54 valve covers from FCP Euro that are surplus to requirements. If anyone is keen, hey have a lifetime warranty from FCP Euro, but that applies to me only. I'd be happy to extend it to any buyer in this forum as well. I commit to working as the in-between between buyer and FCP Euro. These are them https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-valve-cover-e46-e39-genuine-bmw-11121432928 Say $400 each, which is a well below cost.
  6. Gabe79

    M54 valve cover

  7. Gabe79

    E39 530i for $15k !

    I just logged in to post this! I have one of those too, maybe I should sell for $10k!
  8. Gabe79

    840Cia E31 Gear Selector - Bowen Cable

    Ah, my bad. I didn't get that from the first post. Good luck mate!
  9. Gabe79

    840Cia E31 Gear Selector - Bowen Cable

    A handful of them if you google 'bmw 25161421432' you get some hits in the US, and in Europe. Looks like you can get one for ~50 euro.
  10. Gabe79

    E39 Pixels or lack of :)

    15€ DIY with video Instructions http://www.pixelfix.net/eng/bmw.html or call Eurosurgeon in Auckland and pay more for someone else to do it for you.
  11. Looks like it's a lot cheaper to get injectors serviced locally than buying them from the US. Is that even a valid thing? Or should I just suck it up and buy from FCP Euro? Replace all six is my inclination. Any opinions on http://www.injectortech.co.nz/ or http://www.nzefi.com/fuel-injector-servicing/ ?
  12. Gabe79

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    That's pretty much the setup InjectorTech lists here: http://www.injectortech.co.nz/injector-services.htm
  13. Gabe79

    M54 valve cover

  14. Gabe79

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    I saw some refurbished ones from FCP euro which cost a bit more than getting mine refurbished. But then I never have to buy injectors again... but then it’s a lot cheaper to get them done local after shipping. Everything else in the car seems to be original, except for the bad lowering job... choice choices.
  15. Gabe79

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    If you're keen on it, and the shipping is the only thing stopping you, write to them and ask for lower shipping. Say you were looking at the Rowe kit, which has semi-reasonable shipping, and there is no good reason the Red Line kit should cost more... Or, just wait till you're doing an order anyway and chuck it on. It'll add very little to an existing order...
  16. Gabe79

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Grab the kit with the Red Line oil in it. It's a few bucks more.
  17. Gabe79

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Alright, I have to correct myself a bit. I haven't priced the diff drain/ill plugs locally, so this is an apple to oranges comparison of Penrite diff fluid at SCA versus E39 Diff service kit from FCP Euro. 2 Litres of diff fluid at SCA comes out to $58 (It was a tad more when I compared directly last week, seems to be cheaper now, whatever) versus $53 for the Diff service kit, which includes the plugs. In my existing order, this kit added just $10 to my total shipping cost. Looking at it by itself, the kit, including shipping to Auckland, comes out to $100NZD total. If this is the only thing you're buying, you will probably break even, or maybe even come out a bit ahead buying locally depending on how much them plugs cost. That said, as soon as you stack on some other items into your FCP cart, it'll be extremely cost effective buying from them... It looks like the same exact kit would fit your car too, it's the same diff plug part number, and same oil part number. If it's a $50 shipping cost difference from Auckland to New Plymouth... time to move to the big city!
  18. Gabe79

    Funny car 'for sale' ads

    That’s magnificent! Thank you.
  19. Gabe79

    Funny car 'for sale' ads

  20. Gabe79

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    I promise I am not a FCP shill. I recently thought about doing a diff fluid flush and as it turns out you can buy fluid and drain/fill plugs from FCP, ship them here and pay gst for less than the cost of buying two liters of fluid from SCA.
  21. Gabe79

    Key Fob Intermittant

    Same advice as above. I can't program those keys, maybe someone else can. You can get a locksmith to program/cut it for you for sure.
  22. Gabe79

    525i 2006

    Welcome and sorry to hear of your troubles... This should be interesting if nothing else... Two good places are http://bmworkshop.co.nz/ and http://www.bellars.co.nz/ I'd go to the one with the earliest appointment. Good luck!
  23. I think it’s this one https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1615692321.htm
  24. Gabe79

    NZ's first e39 M5 for sale...

    It doesn't even have ISOFIX. Trash. 😁
  25. Gabe79

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Replaced transmission filter, gasket, drain, and fill plugs. Took out some old ATF, added in some new. Need to do a proper flush now the pan itself doesn't leak anymore...