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    Supercharged V8 Ute anyone?

    Yeah, ok, I like that. I could do with plain black wheels, but I wouldn't proverbially kick her out of bed, as it were.
  2. Gabe79

    Quick rant thread.

    It’s still a thing in at least some European countries. You park in Rome, or Geneva without at least a little bumping.
  3. Gabe79

    BMW M6 M635csi 1986

    I agree there, but in a weird way, I like it... from a side view, it reminds me on a Pontiac Fiero, or the old Toyota MR2, both of which I coveted when I was in high school
  4. Gabe79

    Free 2005 750D

    Goats may be dark meat, but oh so tasty...
  5. Gabe79

    Free 2005 750D

    Itty bitty goats!
  6. Gabe79

    Free 2005 750D

    Hookers must have been very small, if there were multiples of them in that boot...
  7. Gabe79

    Thinking of buying a Porsche

    We need a dislike button on these forums, clearly! Who doesn't consider ISOFIX critical when buying a two-door Porsche?! This car is gorgeous dude, maybe one day, when ISOFIX isn't a requirement for me, I can do something like get a nice coupe. Z4/M Roadster/Porsche/Miata?
  8. Gabe79

    Thinking of buying a Porsche

    I don't think that's a very good car at all. It doesn't even have ISOFIX in the back... That said... FCP Euro sells Porsche parts, so sounds good to me!
  9. Gabe79

    Site not secure error message

    Much of the web uses secure transport now. It's easy enough to implement, and is considered best practice for running a web server, which is why Chrome is doing this. Ours is an unfortunate choice, really.
  10. Gabe79

    Site not secure error message

    This site has no https. It's a choice the admins made. Don't put your credit card information here, or bank account and such, but otherwise, use it as a public forum. It won't be any worse for your computer/safety/etc.
  11. Gabe79

    Site not secure error message

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/8/16991254/chrome-not-secure-marked-http-encryption-ssl It's a Chrome thing.
  12. Gabe79

    Site not secure error message

    Are you using Chrome?
  13. 65% here. Same boat. The old ones really throw me out.
  14. Hah. All good. Amazon Prime is about the one thing I think about home that I think is better at home than any other country I’ve lived in now. I’d take it for granted too, if I could! 😀
  15. You might not have missed out yet... I just checked the rotors I linked earlier, and if you buy 2 rotors, they ship free. The hydraulic jack isn't free anymore, alas, but sure seems a lot of things sold by Amazon ship free to here. Play with your cart, add at least $100USD into it, and see how you go.
  16. Gabe79

    Potential new owner of a 318ti E36 (First car)

    You're buying the M3?
  17. And... it’s over. I managed to put in some orders, but nothing actually shipped yet. Curious how this will go.
  18. Gabe79

    EWS emulator coding

    Would it not be easier to just use an EWS module with the correct VIN?
  19. Gabe79

    FS - 2002 E46 M3 CSL replica

    It is clear, and obvious to me, you need this car.
  20. Gabe79

    FS - 2002 E46 M3 CSL replica

    If you get this car, I'll pay your $20 loss.
  21. So, looks like there is a value threshold, and has to be items sold by, or at least fulfilled by, Amazon. I managed to get free shipping when cobbling together 8 small tool kits, added up to about $80USD, and came free.
  22. Link me what you want and I’ll order for you if you want.
  23. E39 Bosch rotors with free shipping https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004AGE3IA https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004AGBZ0E
  24. Erm, I just ordered a hydraulic jack with free shipping... Yeah... wow.
  25. Gabe79

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    A good mate of mine specializes in rust repairs up here on the Coast, if you want to send stuff up.