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  1. Hi this might be a long shot but just wondering if anyone has a rear bumper support bar for a e46 m3. My car used to have a towbar so the factory rear bumper support bar has been replaced with the tow bar. Unfortunately the previous owner has no idea where he put it. I cut off the tow hook and the bar is left inside. The only thing supporting the bumper is only each screw on both side of the bumper. Sadly the right side of the bumper came loose on track last weekend, so it’s time for me to get a proper bumper support bar. Cheers team Lester
  2. Hahah seriously thinking of going that route now, my m3 has higher ks but it’s still far more solid and reliable than my 318ci.
  3. Thanks for your comment Dave! I totally agree with what you said. Had been thinking about HELLBM as they’re quite known of doing S54 stuff. I think I kinda know Aaron from our local bmw fb page (if we’re thinking of the same guy). He is the guy who have a red e36 track car and does most of the car stuff with his dad aye. I think he sells shifters for e36 and e46.
  4. Couldn’t agree more but since I’ve already got most stuff sorted. Might as well just finish all of them. Most of us (bmw guys) bought our car in the first place knowing that it’s not worth it but still did anyways because we simply just like our bmws.
  5. Forgot to say 1.1k includes a pair of new engine mounts as well, but it’s still pretty expensive imo. I don’t really feel like spending more money on my daily but I guess I’ll just fix all these so that that the car will be good to go for a few more years (hopefully). Really want to to upgrade to a 330ci and make it a very nice daily, just can’t really find a nice example atm and my 318ci kept giving me problems 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Been having massive oil leak from my daily for awhile. Brought my car to a local mechanic that build Honda and Bmw race cars last week and was told that the sump gasket was leaking. Spent 1.1k to fixed it along with a new oil and filter change (I provided the oil). Found out the car is still leaking the night i took it back from them. Thought it was just the gasket running in but it leaks like crazy the day after some spirited driving. Brought it back today, took them nearly two hours to check. Not minding that they wasted some of my petrol keeping the engine on for like 40 minutes. End result they told me that the rear main seal is causing the leak, will be a $800 job. They told me it wasn’t leaking when they checked the car while replacing the sump gasket earlier. Am I just unlucky or what should I do about it.... Sorry fellows, this sounds like a rant tread😂
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. I asked chch bmw at the start of the year and got quoted 4.7k just for labour to rebuild the vanos and change the rod bearings. This is providing that I provide all the parts by myself. Apparently I was told that there will be no warranty since I wanted to use the stuff from Beisan (the hubs, seals, chain guides etc) and rod bearings from VAC Motorsport, which is aftermarket not oem. That doesn’t sound very convincing for me but I really want to make sure that the right people do that job for me. It’s CHRISTCHURCH so there isn’t much option out there for me. Might just bring the car up north to get them done properly. Should start saving up and hopefully get it done by next year 😕
  8. Update I ended up picking up the KAP Industries one instead of the VAC due to shipping problems. Glad that I picked up the KAP Industries one and is very happy with it. Cheers Paul
  9. Good day, I'm just wondering what people is doing out there regarding their vanos rebuild? Will I be better off buying individual beisan parts and then let chch bmw to rebuild it for me or should I just buy a rebuilt vanos unit from bimmerworld or drvanos and install it. Car is currently approaching the 200k mark, thinking it should be time to rebuild the vanos. Feel free to post your comments, cheers :)
  10. Thinking of replacing the engine and transmission mounts of my car as they are all quite worn. Has anyone here happened to replace theirs before? I'm actually thinking to replace mine with the UUC ones instead of the OEM as they provide a lifetime warranty. Feel free to let me know your opinions, cheers UUC Engine Mounts + Transmission mount - http://store.uucmotorwerks.com/engine-mounts--transmission-mounts-package---oe-replacement-rubber-for-e36-e46-z3-z4-p1895.aspx
  11. Wow!! That's a sick build 😍😍 Looking forwards more updates !!
  12. I'm actually thinking of running a VAC one as well. According to M3AN the E46 OEM mount doesn't have strap that's required for motorsport use? By any chance do you have any photos of the OEM mount? (on and off the passenger seats) Cheers
  13. Hi for the trackday goers out there, I’m just wondering what kind of fire extinguisher mount you guys use in your E46. Diy, if so could you kindly tell me how? Oem or some other aftermarket alternatives. Cheers
  14. lbo99

    E46 M3 project

    Feels like I will need to drive my car all the way up to Auckland in the future if i want to do a proper csl convert on my car haha 😂
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