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  1. Thinking of replacing the engine and transmission mounts of my car as they are all quite worn. Has anyone here happened to replace theirs before? I'm actually thinking to replace mine with the UUC ones instead of the OEM as they provide a lifetime warranty. Feel free to let me know your opinions, cheers UUC Engine Mounts + Transmission mount - http://store.uucmotorwerks.com/engine-mounts--transmission-mounts-package---oe-replacement-rubber-for-e36-e46-z3-z4-p1895.aspx
  2. Wow!! That's a sick build šŸ˜šŸ˜ Looking forwards more updates !!
  3. I'm actually thinking of running a VAC one as well. According to M3AN the E46 OEM mount doesn't have strap that's required for motorsport use? By any chance do you have any photos of the OEM mount? (on and off the passenger seats) Cheers
  4. Hi for the trackday goers out there, Iā€™m just wondering what kind of fire extinguisher mount you guys use in your E46. Diy, if so could you kindly tell me how? Oem or some other aftermarket alternatives. Cheers
  5. lbo99

    E46 M3 project

    Feels like I will need to drive my car all the way up to Auckland in the future if i want to do a proper csl convert on my car haha šŸ˜‚
  6. I just calculated the cost of buying the stage 1 and 2 kit, it's NZD 880 shipped (excluding tax). Just wondering around how much did it cost you for labour to do all that. Cheers!
  7. Sure thing! I'll pop in a few weeks to collect some of my parts, we can talk about it if you're free
  8. Ye that's what I thought. According to my knowledge, the S54 should use the Castrol 10W-60 oil. I've also read on other forums that people in the states use liqui moly 10W-60 (buildjournal). FYI the mechanic I went to was DCH motorsport in Christchurch, I only asked for a quote so nothing has been done to the car yet.
  9. Experience clunk on my 2003.5 E46 M3 when i shift hard or when i let off the throttle on low revs. I later found out that one of my transmission mount is out, hence thinking of replacing my transmission and engine mounts together. I'm currently thinking of the UUC black package as replacements of my worn out ones (link attached). After doing some research, i found out that the clunk might also be caused by a worn driveshaft center mount. Should i replace it with a oe part of should i go for an aftermarket replacement that's better (oe part link attached). I'm not gonna worry about the bushings at the rear of the car at the moment as I will be replacing them when i reinforce my subframe later next year. I'm still doing my research on what bushing i should use, fixed my mind on installing CMP Auto Engineering Stage 1 underside reinforcement plate. Last question, my mechanic suggest me to use ELF 5W-50 race oil or should I just stick with Castrol 10W-60. Mind that my car will be driven on road most of the time but will be on track occasionally. UUC Engine Mounts + Transmission mount - http://store.uucmotorwerks.com/engine-mounts--transmission-mounts-package---oe-replacement-rubber-for-e36-e46-z3-z4-p1895.aspx Driveshaft Center Mount - https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/driveshaft-center-mount/26122282495/ CMP Stage 1 Reinforcement Plate - http://cmpautoengineering.com/product/cmp-ae-bmw-e46-3-series-subframe-mount-reinforcement-plates/
  10. Hi Tom, love your engine bay! Just wondering what work is required to have a working CSL carbon intake. I had a look at karbonius and thinking of getting one from them. Will the intake be a plug and play thing or is there other parts and software required? Cheers
  11. Thanks for your suggestion but I prefer the looks of the Z3šŸ˜‚
  12. Saw photos of your cars somewhere on Facebook before, very clean and interesting colours! Iā€™m currently thinking of getting a facelift 3.0 or at least a 6 cylinder model to replace my daily....
  13. Feel free to drop a pic of your car and describe it, thinking of getting a Z3 but just waiting for the right one....
  14. Hi I asked dch automotive today and they told me installing subframe reinforcement plates and changing the rear subframe bushing to powerflex will cost me around 1.5k. They also told me that installing a vanos repair kit will cost me around 6-800 dollars. So it'll cost me around 2.5k for the necessary fixes (assuming bmw still covers the rod bearing issue). I'll ask christchurch bmw tomorrow and check whether the car has gone through the rod bearing and airbag recall. Any good places that I can send the car in for a pre purchase inspection? The current owner service the car at page european which I know is a good mechanic but i'm also thinking about sending it to winger bmw.
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