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  1. That's pretty much how I did mine. It's been sweet as.
  2. Bought tap and drills etc separately.
  3. Yes I've done m52 with timesert before.
  4. Ah yes good to see the power steering pump fitted and fixed the problem.
  5. polley

    Radar Detectors

    I had a beltronics sti magnum on the bike and it was great. Unfortunately it randomly died and I replaced it with a tpx 2. Which I don't think is nearly as good. The sti had excellent range and accuracy.
  6. Lots of parts? Used to be that way, the e30 race series soon took care of that though 😂
  7. Not knocking your price matey. They all are going that way.
  8. I know right, its crazy. And there is really nothing special about an E30, unless its an M3. Used to get them for 2k all day long.
  9. Have tuned a few stock M52's and some slightly modded ones, makes a good difference on the butt dyno.
  10. Diesel gauge cluster is easily reprogrammable to tick odometer over at less than half speed while keeping speedometer reading accurate. Not saying to do it as that would be illegal. But it's possible :x
  11. If youre talking a cometic MLS head gasket for peace of mind, that would be anything but peace of mind, they are notorious for leaking. Just get OEM gasket.
  12. Yeeeep, does not matter how good the instructions are if you dont read them properly
  13. You said mechanic had replaced the water pump? My guess would be the previous water pump sh*t it self, previous owner cooked the f**k out of it, warped the head enough to blow the gasket. Stick a straight edge across the head and check it.
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