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  1. E90-320i Positive Rocker cover pressure???

    It should not be positive pressure. That will cause oil leaks.
  2. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    The only reason tauranga is deep is because it is dredged all the time.... I believe they recently dredged it even deeper to allow bigger ships.
  3. N54 rebuild who’s the best?

    It will be rated at input torque, not at the wheels. Diff ratio multiplys the torque at wheels but does not change the torque at the input of gearbox.
  4. N54 rebuild who’s the best?

    People build 600hp cars all the time, out of smaller and older engines, and they last for years. If you're not racing it the time it spends making 600hp is minimal. Can't really imagine anywhere on the road you could keep your foot up it for more than a few seconds before you either sh*t your pants, stack it or run out of road. Even 4-500 hp is a lot for a road going car If your gearbox is rated at 500nm, that's likely to be at 100% of the time for 100's of thousands of kms. 750nm for a second or two here and there probably isn't going to grenade it immediately.
  5. M50 swap with getrag 240

  6. M50 swap with getrag 240

    If your shifter breaks after cut and welding it maybe you should take some classes in welding 😂
  7. M50 swap with getrag 240

    Oh yep. How does it not last?
  8. M50 swap with getrag 240

    You might struggle with that, pretty sure the ones off m40 had different bell housing.
  9. M50 swap with getrag 240

    If you're using a getrag 240 off a 320i M20 for your M50 then yes... use a 320i M20 manual driveshaft.
  10. M50 swap with getrag 240

    240 will need a manual e30 320 driveshaft . all the rear halfs are the same in e30, just the front that changes.
  11. ingnition barrel removal

    Leave it parked in south Auckland. It'll get removed for free.
  12. Aussie Police buying BMW for highway Patrol

    It says at top of graph. PMDC. Permanent magnet dc. Completely different motor than what is being used in electric cars (which are ac )
  13. Straight cut gears for E36

    Just have a look through the gearbox drain plug at the gears. Youll soon see
  14. M30B35 Swap Elec Issues.

    Dme either not getting powered up (main relay possibly?), or not getting crank signal (faulty cps or wired / plugged in wrong) . Or like you said sme is faulty