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  1. polley

    Cooked Motor Question

    You said mechanic had replaced the water pump? My guess would be the previous water pump sh*t it self, previous owner cooked the f**k out of it, warped the head enough to blow the gasket. Stick a straight edge across the head and check it.
  2. polley

    E30 318 m10 Turbo build

    Forums must be broken again, I cant get pics to load.
  3. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    Woops, sorry. I will shut up now.
  4. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    I cant think of anything I haven't been able to access. Cant say I've tryed all the modules though. But all the main ones, ews, dme, egs, airbags, abs, kombi, ihka etc have been fine.
  5. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    Nah something like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-OBD2-Cable-Lead-Ediabas-INPA-GT1-DIS-SSS-20pin-Adapter-Set-for-BMW/331999672164?epid=2158336911&hash=item4d4cb8f764:g:jvMAAOSw~AVYptaS And install inpa.
  6. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    Inpa will work on a modern laptop ie windows 7,8,10 etc. And over usb too. Car soft also works over usb.
  7. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    I just checked and its only for ms41 cars, ie 6 cylinder.
  8. polley

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    Inpa will work over a usb to odb2 adapter, then odb2 adaptor to the round under bonnet odb port. I use a dedicated app to sync ews, much quicker and easier.
  9. polley

    Heater Issues

    Fix the coolant leaks. Check thermostat and water pump are in working condition. Make sure it is bled of air properly. If you still have problems after that then you cam look at heater control solenoids etc. But sounds like you have other problems to fix first
  10. polley

    Import tax

    Not a new tax if you just increase existing taxes eh.
  11. polley

    Import tax

    Amazon did it to Australia when Australia recently bought in a similar scheme.
  12. polley

    Import tax

    Brb a bunch of online retailers stop shipping to NZ.
  13. polley

    E30 330 Coupe

    Looks far from finished, wiring all over the place, and looks stupid with the mtech2. Lol @ 23k
  14. polley

    Cheap e30

    Ugly pre face lift poverty spec 318. https://trademe.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/listing/1786040214
  15. polley

    Doug D E38 goodness

    perfect paddock bashers