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  1. Same, but less than half the ks m, NZ New with a known history and a warranty.
  2. And with a 12 month warranty, extendable to 48. Bumper is a cheap fix.
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1680902478.htm?rsqid=34a9e9545a0748e7870dec59b86f1adc
  4. They are Style 108, like this:
  5. I’m sure the fronts will and if my maths was right, they are inset further in the rear, I want the guards filled, but not rolled.
  6. E36 Touring. They are 18s with a 255/35 rear and I don’t want any body fitment issues if you get what I mean.
  7. Yeah, I checked in there first, was just making sure I had it clear in my head. And 10mm front and rear? Otherwise the rears will sit in further?
  8. Can someone who knows tell me if I’m on the right track with some wheel fitment numbers? I have staggered M contours on the car, et41 according to the net (cant be arsed jacking it up to confirm, so let’s assume), 7.5 fronts and 8.5 rears. If I want to fit 8” fronts with an et47 and 8.5 rears et50, in my theorising, a 10mm spacer should do the trick? Or have I got this completely arse about face? If I haven’t, where’s a good place to get them from?
  9. Been here 3 years, has 170km on it, no history and 4 owners in those 3 years, what's that ringing sound in my ears?
  10. Yip. They’d also ripped off the steering column surround, but left the wheel which worked out ok.
  11. I was there twice last week, first time with no tools for some side indicators, went back the next day and someone had tried to get the window reg out and failed, plus smashed glass all over the seat. And then I missed a Boston green msport front bumper with splitter by 10 min, doh!
  12. Might want to pick the glass off first then!
  13. All good, seen people fall into that one before.
  14. If there are, they won't fit your convertible if that's what they are for.
  15. Palazzo

    Quick rant thread.

    Will the bearings wear out quicker on 91? 😂
  16. Mt Albert or the city. I’ll have to find it, it’s in the garage somewhere.
  17. I have an original one an engineering shop could copy.
  18. Isn’t this Julian’s old car? Forgotten user name, Jooles? Looking sad now. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1645176291.htm?rsqid=0c98ffa464ad44a18e35556660872069
  19. What about the harness in the for sale section? M50-52 parts?
  20. Yeah, I thought the same thing, but you never know.
  21. Bet the dealer was stoked with that. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/wrecked-cars/auction-1634535616.htm?rsqid=ee2ff0b2a4e9476ba276a097d3321a37
  22. We just had one done. He left less than the usual amount of detritus, turned up on time and did a good job. Can pm you his details if you want.
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