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  1. What's it like condition wise? What would you rate the interior and the exterior out of 10 (10 being factory mint)? LSD? The e30 market is so hard to judge right now. There's ridiculous prices on TM/FB but who knows what they actually sell for.
  2. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yea I panicked when NZE36 and 46 were gone. Had to pull the trigger
  3. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yea I panicked when NZE36 and 46 were gone. Had to pull the trigger
  4. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    I very much copied you last night. Cheers for the inspiration!
  5. I think it's an emergency sunroof operation adapter
  6. Very timely! Package arrived yesterday from David of Parts-friend.com Very quick delivery (delayed slightly by FedEx) and all parts are oe/oem. All well packaged with nil damage, even the radiator and E30 bonnet foam are in good knick. Ill be using Parts Friend from now on. Replied to emails within 24 hours.
  7. 30% off Autoglym @ supercheap too
  8. In 10 years, do you think we'll look back at these as cheap?
  9. $9k for a 318i sedan, replica wheels and cracked bumpers. It does have a clean pov spec interior though. But $9k!!
  10. I rate the Autoglym stuff. Makes the tyres black/clean vs oily/wet. Does require more regular applications.
  11. I personally would, $12k is alot to be short changed by in an incident. Or perhaps get some quotes from another company? Star or Swan, someone who does agreed value vs market value. Do you know what valuations roughly cost?
  12. Hi @PartsFriend Thanks for the decent reply. None of us meant any offence I'm sure, like @Driftit said, just very cautious when sending $100s of dollars overseas to a new company. Your spelling is excellent and your English is understandable, just more the phrasing I guess? I'll take you up on your offer and send through the parts I need and wait for your reply.
  13. Latest email. "Hi Cam, good morning How are you doing please? Did you received my two mails regarding to your add enquiries please? Did anything worked out well for you so I can put into a proforma invocie to have an overview for you? Thank you very much, have a great day and best regards David" Everyone I've met from Germany has far better English than this. I'm not getting on my high horse, I only speak one language.
  14. Ever since the M52 swap, I've had an erratic temp needle on the dash. I assumed it was the sensor on the block or a bad ground somewhere. I knew that ultimately the temperature of the engine shouldn't get too high as I had wired in a 80/88°c fan switch from an M44 Ti and had an 80°c thermostat. I finally got around to checking the temp of different parts of the cooling system with an infrared temperature gun. The first couple of pictures are of the car at "normal" operating temp, just as the fan switched on. These (excessive) temperatures show the temp gauge is most likely correct and I assume the actual water temp is slightly higher than what the gun is reading. I then let the fan run for 10 minutes and checked the temperatures again. With the fan running, temp gauge returns to 12 o'clock. Another interesting temp of the wrapped exhaust manifold. I have been looking to upgrade the cooling system for awhile. I'm not happy with the M42 radiator as the end tank is susceptible to leaks and popping. The coolant hoses I managed to fit rub on the oil filter housing. Also, I've either put in the wrong fan switch or its not working as it should. It looks like the fan isn't coming on till ~95°c. I've ordered a Z3 M radiator (17112227281) which should be overkill for the application. I'll also look at getting a shrouded fan to get rid of the pull-through style zip mounts for the fan. While I'm waiting for the radiator to turn up, I'll come up for a solution for an overflow bottle. At the moment, the 4 cyl engine bay's old intake bracket blocks the use of the 6 cyl over flow bottle.
  15. If that's the case, I might risk it for the biscuit.
  16. Reply from David Holm from Parts-friend. "Hi Cam, If you have concerns about to get your parts and don´t lose money I can tell you that I do this for a living (selling parts worldwide). I do understand that it is a little step to buy that far away without knowing my company yet, but you can trust me in full please. If you decide to order and decide to pay via PayPal, you will have also some extra safety (buyer protection) in case you don´t get your parts as promised my side. Once I know which parts you have decided to order, I will send you a detailed pro- forma invoice also with an invoice number and all information given from my company (attached, not filled in yet). It will look more professional and you also can put in the invoice number to PP or your wire transfer and you can point on, once you will not receive the goods. But you will get the parts, as mentioned, I do this for a living, if I don´t supply parts after ordering and get paid, it would take 1-2 month and I am over. I also already thought about putting reviews on the website in future, propably something to add soon, would be happy to get a review from your side after that. Best regards David" How much buyer protection do we really have through PayPal? Is it as easy as claiming a refund of the parts don't turn up? Has anyone been through this before with PayPal? From the PayPal website it makes out to be quite safe and easy to get a refund. If it was a small savings, I'd go through FCP but it's about 25% cheaper (incl shipping).
  17. I've emailed him/them to find out more about the company and to see if there were any independent reviews etc. But I think I might just have to go through FCP as usual.
  18. No reviews in Google either. No mention of the company in other forums. I'd say you're probably right. @PartsFriend
  19. Wondering if an administrator removed the post or if he deleted it.
  20. Hi all, Yesterday a post was made from a guy who runs parts-friend.com I see he has very recently made a Bimmersport account. Looks as though the post he made was removed or deleted? Can anyone recommend this site? I got a quote from him and was surprised but at the same time had the feeling if it seems to good to be true then... Website looks well made and the emailed quote was quite promising. Just thought I'd ask here first before making the payment.
  21. I'm unsure if I've asked on this forum before, but can you use these sorts of apps to "code-in" a retrofitted OE Bluetooth module to an E9x?
  22. I'd be quite keen if I could guarantee no damage has been done.
  23. I've tried to stretch the budget in an attempt to future proof it. Hence wanting inverter technology (apparently makes life easier for amateurs?) and tig. Did you go with Cigweld through supercheap?
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