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  1. I was wondering if I should pm you, I think you had done it on your 130i? Cheers for the info. I've got the right parts I hope.
  2. I need a new rear driveshaft coupling for my new purchase, E87 130i. Looking to do it myself, so I’m ordering parts for it and want to check I’m getting the right bits, if there’s anything I need to be aware of in replacing the coupling and anything else I should do while I’m there. From Real OEM and the kits I’ve seen on fcpeuro I need 4 parts numbered 1,2,3/12 and 4 from here: www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=UD52-EUR-10-2007-E87N-BMW-130i&diagId=26_0218 I’ve found these bits on fcpeuro which match the Realoem part numbers: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-drive-shaft-flex-joint-giubo-meylehd-3141523102hd https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-drive-shaft-flex-joint-nut-26127536563 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-hex-bolt-m10x5510zns3-26117551225 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-drive-shaft-end-bushing-26117526611-1 So am I good to go or do I need anything else?
  3. BMW Winger in Welly charge $250 for a pre purchase inspection. I paid $200 for a pre purchase inspection at a euro independent workshop yesterday on a BMW.
  4. Can you see the cars Bluetooth on your phone to pair with? If you can't see it broadcasting, you need to trigger the cars Bluetooth so it can find your phone.
  5. As above, leather is going around the outside of the wheel so looking for a replacement. or if they can be repaired I’d be interested.
  6. Saw a black 1 series coupe with M-Sport front bumper at the Upper Hutt BP yesterday evening
  7. This is round the corner from me, and I've seen it in person and it's absolutely stunning. Owner is a detailer, Ditwc supplier and brought the car over with him when he emigrated here.
  8. Wow, this is so cool. If one already owned a 130i how much would this cost ?
  9. Yeeeeewwww I would buy an Autosure(or other provider) breakdown insurance(make sure they cover water pumps). That will give you some peace of mind motoring for the water pump and any other issues that may occur. I've had breakdown claims done recently on my car, which I've only had 6 months, and the cover has certainly saved me the cost of the policy already.
  10. Could always budget the cost of fixing the water pump into the purchase price, and bargain the seller down if you find a good car. I find turning up with a pocket full of cash intending to buy, or put down a deposit, can give you a good discount on the price too.
  11. I saw that on trademe, those stripes were gross
  12. So after visiting Winger BMW and being told that my car wasn't sold in NZ, and that only 30 130i models were sold new here, I got curious and wanted to know how many 3 door(E81) 130i there are in NZ. And the answer is Two ? Tag along to find out how I found this out: The service guy at Winger suggested I ask NZTA about numbers, so I was on their site today for an unrelated matter and remembered about my query. So I clicked on the motor vehicle registry and the NZTA provide an open database of every vehicle registered in NZ! https://opendata-nzta.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/motor-vehicle-register Clicking on the data tab at the top you can filter by the various column headings and search them, so I started off with BMW as the Make column and 130i as the Model column, which gives 587 entries for a 130i in NZ. I then used realoem.com to select various productions months of the E81 model to find out the 4th-7th digits of the vin code(I also did this with the 5 door E87 to confirm the codes in the database). Adding that code onto the first 3 numbers of the vin from this sheet, and then entering it into the CHASSIS7 column(or VIN11) search, results in the two E81 130i registered in NZ. Now this is only as good as the info that has been put in, ie how the registration form has been filled in. Should work for every car, enjoy
  13. I've ordered a new undertray same code as this one for my e81 130i: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=UB12-EUR-12-2007-E81-BMW-130i&diagId=51_6526 Looking under the car I'm missing a few of the screws/clips to attach the new undertray. Don't know the exact amount missing as the jack doesn't fit under the car ? Anyone have any of these parts or knows where to get them? My usual sources shipping costs makes it not worth ordering from. I'm probably going to need the Msport attachment piece too but will get the ball rolling on pieces I definitely need.
  14. I've ordered a K&N Air filter(already got the sticker lol) and engine undershield from ebay tonight. Both were good deals and, being brand new, hard to pass up. Got a cabin air filter locally too so will be popping them all on when the ebay bits arrive.
  15. I've only had good experiences at Page European and can give them a recommendation. The guy I bought my previous bmw off, a e90 325i, had it serviced with them and recommended their work so I brought it to them and had no issues. I've also had my 130i there 3 times(service/diagnosis/diagnosis & repair) the most recent being for two weeks and they went above and beyond Now my experience has all been with recent BMWs, and judging by what's in their workshop when I've been there that's their bread & butter work.
  16. You wouldn't happen to have a MSport bumper on any of them to fit an e81? Or an engine undertray ?
  17. The current exhaust sounds very nice, more grunty than the stock 130i one but still quiet at 50 or 100kmh.
  18. I understand the LCI models had an active steering option, was this the electric steering rack or something different? Mine doesn't have the active steering option.
  19. Lol most ones I've seen were in the region of 15bhp increase. I don't really think it needs a whole lot more power, but altering the throttle/gearbox response and tuned for 98 would likely make a great drive feel even better. At least that's my thinking.
  20. I've made a post in the showroom with a bit more detail on my WIP
  21. Imported last year this is my new ride. It's the second BMW I've owned, my last car was a 2007 e90 325i M-Sport in Le Mans Blue. I looked for a new car for 6 months, initially I wanted a 335i coupe but drove a 130i and was immediately sold. The handling and power was so much fun I immediately switched to looking for LCI 130i and found this one. It's an e81 130i M-Sport with less than 50k kms and a beige leather interior which is basically mint. There has been a couple of things done to it, wheels and tyres replaced by what I understand is the newer 1 series 17" wheels and 245/45 tyres. It's just had a ceramic coating and detail done, paint does look pretty good. Been a wee bit of drama in acquiring this car, when it turned up it was not in the condition it was described and driving it has revealed further issues. That is being dealt with through appropriate channels. It's a bit of a WIP now, so we shall see how far down the rabbit hole I go. I've had a few things mechanical and electrical fixed on it recently, it's been at Page European twice for diagnosis and repair (shout out to them for being awesome and helpful). I had previously given it a good clean and repaired a non functioning fuel flap, not much but electrical is a bit beyond my skills. It's also been at Winger BMW for a battery cable recall replacement. Recent work at Page: - Trans service/fluid replacement - Oil change/filter - Vanos Solenoids replaced - Gaskets replaced - Door Rubber replaced - Various electrical repairs - Steering angle sensor fixed I plan to change the cabin air filter and regular air filter then drive it for a while. There is still various bodywork bits to fix to get it mint(minor stuff like underbody motor shield, light covers in the boot, jack points and major bits like bumpers) but mechanically it's top notch now and I'll need to save up as the car fund is a bit depleted currently. Stuff I had originally planned to do to it: - 18" wheels preferably Msport or BMW - LSD/suspension down the road a way - A tune of some description
  22. How much did this cost? Did you supply the key? I want to get a spare done as well
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