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    Award for the oldest thread dig goes to......
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    A while since I've posted an update! Currently getting an alignment for her first track day on Monday. Anyone else going to be at Hampton? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know who HOWDEN Ganley is, I even shook his hand at the festival. However, this thread is called HOWARD Ganley, it is he whom I do not know...
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    Too right... Meanwhile those sitting on E30 M3 might have earned a good three to four.... hundred dollars per year, as long as they didn't drive it. Proof for those who need it what an awesome investment cars are.
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    An e39 m5 touring to complement?
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    I've unfortunately had to spend the last 4 days getting my car started again after a VANOS solenoid crapped itself. Details in this thread but it involved a new VANOS unit (thanks Mark!) and taking the exhaust cam out so I had to re-time the entire lot (again). The solenoid that failed was the only part I couldn't clean/repair when I did my VANOS overhaul about a year ago (see this thread). Now I have the task of cleaning my VANOS unit up and getting it fixed and bench tested. Car is humming now and no error codes but I've not stressed the engine yet and won't do so until I can get a new chain guide because I broke mine (it was very, very brittle - like the e46 ones that go boom). I've ordered the part. On a happier note my pile of parts is building up and this lot arrived from Amazon yesterday. Eibach Pro Plus kit matched to my Bilstein B6 shocks (the combo sells as the B12 kit direct from Bilstein). Will lower the car by 25mm up front and 15mm at the rear but I'm going to use spring pads to push the rear back up when I'm using my 18" wheels (i.e. most of the time). Sway bars F/R are 26mm/24mm and adjustable (stock is 23/20 fixed). Not bad for less than NZ$190 eh? See here for the crazy details.
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    Work to begin shortly on a twin E46 M3 Touring. All running gear from a `04 SMG Cab. is to be used. CSL software reflash will make it a real sleeper.
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    Hi Lads, This is a conversion to Manual - Have had no issues at all with anything (done by previous owner) Will be taking some nice photos soon but thought Ill put this up here anyway, looking at $8,500.00 ONO Mint example of a 1997 E36i Manual Has 144k's on the Clock, Pioneer Hands-free CD Player (works mint), Premium Sound system - all comes with Car - Professionally installed New leather on steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, re-ulphostered, roof lining, rear tray, door inserts (front and back), and front seats have been re-conditioned, no cracks etc on the leather - Interior is MINT - All done Professionally... Mechanically its mint, clutch has about 40k's on it so good for years to come, everything under the hood is clean, never uses / leaks oil etc etc.... Sits on Genuine M3 EVO2 wheels, Staggered, 215/17 front 225/17 rear, Michelin PilotSport3 Tires on her... half worn, only the best...if you know these are worth a bit by themselves.... Owned the car since 100k's (major full service) and has started first pop every-time like no other car I've had, has been completely looked after with the utmost care (whatever it needs is done) looked after by BM Workshop Greylynn by Graham, you are welcome to call him on 09-3761236 to discuss this car - even hes said this is one of the best examples in Auckland. Exterior is mint, no dents, paint is 8.5/10 or better I would say.... Has flown through WOF's with no major issues... looking at $9,500.00 ONO Please contact me on 02102222224 if you need anything else answered. Cheers John Kaminski
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    Just ordered a pair of these: From: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=237510 Any estimates to what the installation/welding will cost me?
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    M3 going in for a two day detail tonight. See you on Friday baby
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    Thats not fair! I want my own s54 wagon! Full credit to you Ray, your garage is almost worth coming all the way from Christchurch to see.
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    The comment before yours was written when you bought your M3! haha! EDIT: Start a thread, we'd all love to see details and photos!
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    Leave AKL SH1, left at Bombay out to Miranda, across the Hauraki Planes to Whangamata, through to Waihi Beach (great camping spot) down to Taupo via Pyes Pa and Rotorua. https://goo.gl/maps/LNxFb Its about 400km but some great sections of driving road, Bombay to Miranda, Kopu to Whanagamata, Whangamata to Waihi, Pyes Pa to Ngongotaha. I've driven it regularly whilst on a projects in Auckland and Taupo (staying overnight at home in Whanagamata, but unfortunately moved closer to AKL).
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    kudos for posting a positive experience for once
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    I saw a Ute with a bumper sticker that said "I am a vet. I drive like an animal." It was only then that I realised how many gynaecologists and proctologists there are on the roads... ;-)
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    For such reasons I find it beneficial to run my used oil through coffee filter paper and reuse it for another 5,000kms.
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    Not today well Saturday. Put my style 95 wheels on and even with rolled guards on the rear she still rubs when cornering on the rear bumper funnily enough. The front also sits really high so today I went to go see my mate Fadi at MTS north shore to organise to get her lowered and sort out the rubbing issues. Shes booked in for thursday. here are some pics. I can anticipate a few flames from some members but I like these wheels so help me God. I want functionality though so no stupidly low vehicle for me ♡ heres my Delilah
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    latest pics. Work to start on the front and rear guards later this month.
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    Been a while since I've posted in here. Took some snaps this evening - such nice weather!
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    Not so much as an issue, rather a comparison merely out of curiosity
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