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    Well today we had a big accomplishment. Have a couple of small issues to sort but the big news is IT RUNS…the beast is alive!!!! I'm so pumped right now. Will try to get a video soon.
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    I posted a TradeMe link earlier today for a 318iS coupe.
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    Got abut done today, cleaned up all the nuts and bolts and more engine parts, disassembled the cylinder head so can take it in to get machined
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    Ok, after much deliberation on what to replace an E38 with. I've gone with the S8 Audi. Keeping the Silver E38, can't part with that. I looked at a few E65s and after throwing up in my mouth consistently, I decided I needed to look elsewhere. E60 550, been there. Options on large sedans with autos and pace with style are quite limited and this baby ticks all the boxes. It's a NZ New, 1 owner with full Audi service history, 140ks. love the look and the options boxes are well ticked. V10 5.2l 450hp, B&O upgrade audio, keyless entry. All the full A8 options. Drove back from Auckland, got 11.6l/100ks which was better then I thought. Included some spirited Action from the V10, sounds quiet glorious through the hills. will keep a running record of maintenance and ownership here
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    Following on from my other thread, here are pics still a way to go. Wish list smiley headlights,boot lid trim,map light mirror,bmw sound premium speakers,cloth front sport seats.....basically all the soon to be virtually impossible to get period good bits.
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    Hi Guys, Sorry for the lack of information posted prior to this. Now updated with photos. For sale is my 2002 540i M sport. Factory alarm 2 keys all electrics work )with exception of rear blind clip has come off. (easy fix) electric seats work perfectly (have fixed the 'twist issue' commonly known on these. sun roof works perfect. This car was bought from a BMW enthusiast/mechanic. He had installed a new engine which has done 40,000km's less than the car which is around 134,000km now (Body has done 174,000km) This can be proved with Vin numbers...... Will sell car without the style 95's as they are too big for the car and has put speed sensor out. This will be sold with stock wheels. Also, i will have new M.A.F sensor put in as this is also needed. Besides this, car runs great. But i don't have time to care for it anymore with having a work car. Car could do with small things done but nothing major seems to be an issue. Let me know if you are interested. looking for around 5.5k. Please note: the photo of back seat looks like wear but its just mud... Also, car is filthy and needs a clean. Thanks, Rich 021766520
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    Or not. AC Schnitzer, that is. It does have an ACS exhaust (tailpipe, at least) but not much else that's obvious. Engine is the M44, so looks to be a 1996 E36 318iS 5-speed manual coupe with an ACS (part?) exhaust. Quite nice. Good colour (if you like purple). Would have been very keen if we'd not just spent some money on Miss M's 318i to get some stuff sorted. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1194289533.htm
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    Hey guys, following this, love the plan. As discussed with Martin today, 5 x 16" style 30's are yours for a few beers if you like. Tyres are workshop roll-about only but the wheels are straight. Also coupe door card bits are available as a trade for a smoke test on my 328i beast once I pick my other ones up from Glen.
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    so my 1998 E46 doesn't need it done right?
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    AH EXCITING UPDATE! First drive under its own power, which means we've done something right! Few things to fix: - It throws coolant out the radiator cap, which it never did before. I suspect the heater delete may be the cause, just needs to be bled. - Throttle seems to have a mind of its own hence the revving etc. The clutch is as expected, an on/off switch. This problem ill have to look into. video-1478320035.mp4
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    Todays update: Thanks to zero we now have E46 control arms and front brakes which will go on in due time. On the way home we thought we'd stop at pick a part.....GLAD WE DID! I scored a black front motorsport bumper WITH a support to replace our stitched up one which didnt have one. And a mint rear diffuser with a towbar cut out for my touring! This means i have a mint, black gloss one sitting around so if anyone wants to buy it let me know (Its for a dual exit exhaust as well). Boss kit is also on its way, my Recaro is in thanks to an NZKW subframe. Facebook page has some Hampton 101 photos: https://www.facebook.com/absolutefinesse/ "CAI"
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    Competitive or not, it's getting out there that counts
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    Hmmmmmmm…not sure covers on or off. Like both looks. getting close to a test fire now. Hopefully over the weekend once I get the clutch and brakes bled
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    He's secretly an e46 m3 disguised as a person
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    Finally got a warrant last week. Huge muck around over seatbelt covers. Ended up 3d printing some seatbelt nut covers. Any-hu that's in the past Wideband and egt sensors are installed. Car doesn't have O2 feedback to the ecu. It consistently runs very rich. Cruise, idle and acceleration. Only time it was a little efficient at cruise was when it was warmed up and the outside temp was 7ish degrees. Suspension feels great. Only major letdown is the open diff. I'll fix that today I've somehow collected 2 spare m50 throttle bodies along the way. So tested my machining/measuring skills and made a big bore throttle body Original throttle body is 63.85mm and i've bored it out to 68mm. I'll be getting some brass blades and new fasteners to make things look a bit more professional. Hardest part of the mod was putting the springs back on.
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    Swapped out the control arm bushes and joints. Really glad I went for the meyle hd outer ball joints. It's a very easy job if you have access to a press. Not sure what a new control arm is worth vs doing this. I actually have no idea what the parts were worth because I bought them over 3 years ago... Put in some early 325 swaybars with polybushes and new endlinks. These are the style that mount to the strut. Only new or freshened parts I don't have on the front end are inner rack ends and the steering rack itself. The steering fluid reservoir is leaking like they all do so i'll sort out a fix for that too. Thanks Garett for the seatbelt adjuster trim. I might be able to finally get a warrant