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  1. You may have seen this guy online who has rebuilt the most v10 m5 motors in the world. He is preaching using a hotter thermostat and 5w50 oil and claims it basically nullifies bearing wear. What are you guy's view on this? I've seen some e46 m3 guys switch to this oil - but I'm wondering how you can really tell the effect, (if 10w60 and stock bearings can last, say 200km+, then you would need to to 100km+ to prove reduced wear?)
  2. Would be keen on any with E46 m3 launch articles / covers.
  3. A lot of people seem to have 'few' issues making sick power with these. But I have heard of someone in NZ with a 'melted turbo' with less than 20km
  4. m325i

    BMW Concept 4

    Reminds me of the whole Bangle thing... Come back in 5 years. Ya'll came 'round to the e60 M5...
  5. Buy a 330i vert. Great car IMO.
  6. I've previously had both replaced
  7. Have you had the previous recalls done? I have been in for two recalls already. This sounds like it is a further recall. Is that your understanding too?
  8. Saw this on the US forum. WTF? Apparently applies to cars that had the inital recalls done too? Passenger Front Air Bag ModuleSafety Recall 20V-018BMW 3 SeriesModel Year 2000-2006Initial: 1/15/2020
  9. Any recommendations? This stuff been stuck on there for 10 years plus. Any skilled mobile guys you’d recommend? cheers
  10. Some of these cars came with the factory option sagging headliner too!
  11. "He was pretty crook. The airbag went off in his face" -TAKATA
  12. Most overvalued ///M car of all time with a corny celebrity tie in IMO.
  13. Maintenance is nothing if the car has bottomed out, or maintains value. This is my justification for continuing to daily an e46 m3. Same would go for E39 M5. If you'd hung onto an e30 motorsport from the early 2000s you'd be up! Even some Ferrari's can work out cheaper than a new 3 series if you have the capital.
  14. m325i

    E46 M3 CSL

    It's a real beater of a CSL - 140,000 miles, stone chips for days. I was a 'manual only' guy until I owned an SMG. I really like it. But the issues will come sooner or later. @HELLBM converted mine, and I do love it. If he went with a CAE or RTD shifter I wonder if the whole thing is totally reversible? Yet another video claiming this to be the greatest ///M car of all time - no wonder they are heating up!
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