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  1. Yes - that's the idea. To remove as much contamination as possible before you touch it. And then lubricate as much as possible when you wash it. It's definitely more fun - and I can get away with touch-less washing on ceramic coated wheels. Apparently all the brands are based on the same chinese pump. They then just change the nozzles and charge $xxx more for the next model up. Karcher have their own design though.
  2. There are two classes of citizen. Those with BMW, and those without.
  3. Save up / wait for 330d - you'll get a big percentage of the difference back at resale
  4. Why ? Comparative tunability? I reckon a DCT n55 is one of the best values out there. cool car!
  5. m325i

    M TOY M3

    Don't hate cause e36's are in the gutter. 😶 We're going to the moon baby!
  6. Looks good in silver. I'd start by getting rid of the jap plate box at the front and holder at the rear. You can also get BMW centre caps off ebay for peanuts.
  7. m325i

    M TOY M3

    CMP kit?
  8. Have a look on Bimmercode - I have that and coded f25 boot close etc with n issues.
  9. m325i

    Radar Detectors

    Great post, thank you. I know what you mean about speed camera's and 'dedicated enforcement' etc. Yeah, I have heard that too. I find that it is disappointing here for traffic congestion obviously due to the same reasons.
  10. m325i

    Radar Detectors

    Just wondering if anyone is using them? I haven't used on in more than a decade, (and touch wood have not ever had a ticket). I don't speed generally, but the I could see how you could get caught out if you were say overtaking in a transitional area for example. Last one i used was a V1 - now I see there are GPS once which would cut out false alerts / alerts when at low speed etc. Interested in your chat...
  11. m325i

    New Weekender - E46 M3

    Looks better on those wheels. (ebay had cheap centres if you need them). How do you like the AFE intake? I have the same one.
  12. Everyone hates RFT because they have such sh*t ride. I was told that technically to get a WOF you must have a spare if you don't have RFT? (Some cars came from the factory with no spare and no RFT though?) Regardless, unless it's your fairer other doing long distances, most would recommend going for normal tyres and getting an inflator kit. (The OEM BMW one is like $150). If you can spring the cash, go for PSS or PS4s. If you're keeping it tight, I was happy with RE003 - or the Eagles everyone is saying above. If you drive it hard though, you won't regret the Michelins. Best 'mod' for the money. Post pics of the car! Rare model !
  13. m325i


    Realise there are some options you need to have. I have folding mirrors (by switch) but no comfort access. Also a fan of fake noise - Can you change the noise to say M5 fake noise?
  14. m325i


    It's not linked to a car right? You can flash multiple cars?
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