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  1. thread needs more links https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2636584223.htm?rsqid=48d2593e7b2b4380a74d77fb1a2ee47b-001
  2. Can you 'apply' first or do you have to chance it when it lands?
  3. m325i

    Seat Re-upholstery

    That's a good idea. Yeah wish I had the inflation option.
  4. m325i

    Seat Re-upholstery

    Yeah I wondered how eye watering it would be. Recaro CS seem to be ~$5k though, so that's the dream. I've got no idea how much. Throw a number out... what do you reckon? Messaged a couple of place but have heard back. They would want to see it I assume Think is mine are very decent for a 180k / 18 yo car - they sucked from new is half the problem. (Your seats are far superior IMO) I want to keep as OEM looking as I can (not a fan of the "RECARO" on top of some of the cheaper versions). Maybe @HELLBM have some *mint* heated e46 seats or e90 seats, but worried they might looks weird? F80?
  5. m325i

    Seat Re-upholstery

    Link by chance?
  6. This is third party Autosure - all diesels are 10km
  7. Oh also 10,000 km - forgot, that was the annoying one. But sounds irrelevant to you anyway. I wanted a wagon for family car - I'm converted to SUV - fast ones are pretty fun.
  8. Not sure about towing, but teh 30d and 35d motors are awesome. They seem to be pretty reliable and higher KMs can be OK as they like long journeys. Be aware that if you get a warranty though, you have to service every year, regardless of KM. They also put up RUC recently.
  9. I reckon my car was owned by a big boy when new as the seat has always been way less 'fitting' than every other e46 M3 I have sat it. The leather is not great either, so wondering if any one can recommend an upholsterer to i) re-bolster to 'better than OEM' ii) replace leather like OEM Anyone had this done before? Worth it? (Obviously considering new seats too) TIA
  10. Silver on the coupe wheels looks really good!
  11. #metoo in my old e36 328i conversion
  12. Laguna Seca & Yas Marina
  13. m325i

    E46 M3

    Well that is my (part) real plate !
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