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  1. m325i

    F3x Motors

    Thanks. Mrs requires M Sport
  2. m325i

    F3x Motors

    Nice try. Boot too small. Also my theory is that the faster this car is, the slower it will make m3 feel.
  3. m325i

    F3x Motors

    N and B (the later diesel). Specifically 320d, 328i, 330i
  4. m325i

    F3x Motors

    So any further opinions/experience with 4cly F3x motors? Cheers
  5. m325i

    F3x Motors

    I've viewed this car. I see he's recently dropped the price. At this level it's a consideration for me. But the spec is so low. Small screen, manual seats, no camera, no HUD, halogen lights (!). A few shopping trolley dings. It does have electric boot and heated seats. Would only consider Motorsport versions personally. But yes, looks like a value.
  6. ^The consensus seems that bearings are a wear item and will need to be replaced eventually. Could you get 300km+ on the originals / recall? A lot have. But wear is apparent when people have them replaced preventatively. Has anyone seen this car? I find it's very hard to get any feel for value unless you view a car in the metal.
  7. I'm looking at F31 wagons and F36 4xx grand coupes and was wondering what your opinion is on the various motors. The sweet spot would be a 330d, but they are hard to find. I remembered the Chris Harris review and thought a 320d could work. My other option would be the 328i. (I know what to expect with 335i). Given the history of BMW 4 cyl, I am a little reluctant with the 320d and 328i. I'd get a warranty and have an m3, so performance isn't a huge concern. Thoughts?
  8. m325i

    E46 M3

    I actually really like SMG (with CSL tune) and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. Both have their charms. I’ve never gone back to SMG so maybe that would change my mind? SMG sucks is a classic internet meme.
  9. m325i

    E46 M3

    Oh yeah. It's manual now thanks to HellBM
  10. m325i

    E46 M3

    Best motoring decision of my life. The hype is real. No road car comes close for the money, (and even a lot more).
  11. m325i

    E46 M3

    AFE intake. Haven't had a good chance to wring it out yet, but pretty happy with the sound, (i.e. purpose of install).
  12. My understanding is you can get these from the dealer cheap?
  13. m325i

    Not my Supra

    I think this is great. I'm a fan, and wish we saw more cars like this. Styling is questionable, but some angles (rear) looks awesome. The reviews are praising the handling. And M2 levels of power are more than enough for the street. I'd rather a BMW interior than Toyota. It's benchmarked off a Cayman - and that makes it look like a good buy. (You can't compare used to new and it's certainly not comparable to a Stinger). The biggest problem I see is practicality. Small boot etc...
  14. I did them ~5 years apart, would be way cheaper doing it at once of course. Work was done by Hell BM. (Auckland).
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