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  1. m325i

    Storm Motorwerks - SMG paddles & Shift Knob

    Sort of. I'm actually a big fan of SMG. But it is an awesome change up.
  2. m325i

    Storm Motorwerks - SMG paddles & Shift Knob

    Yes - now completed.
  3. I splashed out on these when I bought my car and regret nothing. Simply the best SMG setup you can buy. Selling due to no longer being required. Used, but excellent condition - RRP on these is $450 (before NZ shipping). Paddles - Titanium PVD neoprene version - non illuminated Shift Knob - Titanium PVD, extremely heavy! Will fit 6 speed cars too. $250ono
  4. Plug in a (compatable) BT dongle in the glovebox
  5. m325i

    Wheel Alignment Query

    In 2018 Auckland, where is the best alignment shop? (Pref. central Auckland).
  6. m325i

    CSL time again

    Who was the female celeb owner?
  7. m325i

    Nice uh.. M3.. for sale, yes

  8. m325i

    The only upgrade that made sense

    ^ Having taken one of these for a hoon, I can see how that is possible. Loose car, big fan!
  9. m325i

    The new BMW M2 Competition.

    I wonder what it will sound like. The M3/4 sound sh*t compared to the current M2, (especially on the street). Hopefully this doesn't downgrade the sound.
  10. m325i

    Car Detailing Products

    www.minter.co.nz for Fireball products.
  11. m325i

    Want NOS with that 328 sir?

    That's pretty cool. How many 'pulls' do you get from a tank of No2? How much does a tank cost? What happens if you push the button mid corner?
  12. I didn't even know that 'e' model existed. I would have the same questions about them... avoid?
  13. There are heaps of f30 335i active hybrid's for sale, and almost no standard 335i's. Why is this? No other country wants them? I assume they will come with more problems than a non hybrid, but there doesn't seem to be much information out there about them. Any feedback? Cheers.
  14. m325i

    Euro plates

    ^this. (Years ago) I have had police threaten me very harsh penalties for using these plates. Not to mention insurance companies that will try any excuse to avoid cover. Yes they are a 'rip off' - but if you bite the bullet, you have one for life and can move it to new cars. IMO they are such a massive aesthetic upgrade, people spend far more on visual mods that don't enhance the look as much as a europlate. It's $375 for a europlate.