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  1. At the time the dollar was a little higher. Worked out very similar to local prices to be honest. If you want to price check, Tire Rack charge about $300usd to ship 4 to NZ. You will get stung GST. But they arrive in ~5 days. (When the dollar was good, i got some 19" PSS for like $1700.)
  2. I noticed that the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 (a re-badged RE003) has a much higher tread-wear rating than the RE003. I was on the understanding they are an identical tyre - maybe not?
  3. My car had tint when i bought it. AM reception is non-existant - FM is fine. Was a very good job, the tint goes right to the edge of the glass and has had no peeling. You can't tell really.
  4. RE003 are good for the money. But they are not the same catagory as PSS / PS4.
  5. More pics! Such a classic shape car. Big fan!
  6. I had both sides replaced. Got another letter, checked with dealer, they said disregard.
  7. Personally I think one of these is a better option https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1439228508.htm
  8. Video / sound clip? I enjoy your content. Thnx
  9. I had the passenger recall done, then recently the driver's, today I got another letter about it. It said 'you may have already spoken to dealer..' Little unclear, but I assume I disregard.
  10. Cool car - super hard to find a 330i E91. Win!
  11. I have a cheap Karcher. Has worked sweet for 3+ years. However it is low power, and only really good for car cleaning. Get something better if you want to use it for paths etc. Low power is perfect for cars though. I use an ebay foam cannon - works sweet. Its more 'fun' than anything. Although I just got some of this stuff - going to try now to see if it is better than the 5 other soaps i have tried Edit; so tried the foam below. Is it the best foam I have tried? Yes, without doubt. Can it deliver the fantasy of a touchless wash? Not quite.
  12. Some of his videos showing the quirks of quirky cars are pretty good. Also the one slaying the Maserati makes me pitty everyone I see driving one.
  13. I get the impression most millennials left BS for FB groups.
  14. yeah.... I know....