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  1. Thanks again. Didn't get pinged for import duty or GST. I've noticed some places seem to fly under the radar. ECS Tuning is not one of them, been charged every time.
  2. This is the set up I think I am going to go with. Koni + OEM springs. $760+$140 USD shipping form ECS tuning. It's annoying FCP Euro don't stock them as I have never been pinged on import with them. I've emailed George Stocks twice with no reply - if anyone knows a better place to source, please let me know. Cheers
  3. I kind of get that in a way. That plate riveted in does give me a bad buzz - it looks tacky / irreversible. But I agree he'd be better off just selling it stock and selling the KWs separately - he'd get more that way too.
  4. Good tip - I'll check them out thanks! I'm not too worried about longevity - what is it, like 5 years until they would need to be done again? (It's probably been 17 to this point!)
  5. What up! Looking at a refresh of my suspension / dampers as I am assuming they are toast after 180km, (hard to know how bad they really are right?) I've read a lot of international forum suspension posts, but interested in the 'local road' feedback and what everyone is running? I'm trying to keep it affordable, simple and comfortable for a daily. Options that seem to be be most popular I am considering: Sachs OEM replacements (comfortable, but am I missing the opportunity to 'upgrade') Sachs with Eibach or Dinan springs (lowered car compromises?) Bilstein B12 kit AKA B6 dampers with Eibachs - apparently the B6 alone will raise the ride height - I don't want that. Koni (with maybe with Eibachs or Dinan Springs) - getting dearer Keen to hear anyones NZ experience / opinion. Cheers
  6. m325i

    LSB m6

    ^ Well it is reminiscent of a Maserati
  7. Family member got scammed by this. No better than a quality wax / sealant IMO. Ceramic coasting work and last much better. You can DIY, it's not difficult.
  8. m325i

    E46 M3

    PS4s placebo ride a bit smoother than PSS?
  9. m325i

    E46 M3

    Thanks! Looking forward to mounting them. - CM Wheels
  10. m325i

    E46 M3

    Incoming - freshly ceramic coated...
  11. m325i

    Gull 98

    Does Mobil 98 have ethanol? (I heard it was the same blend as Gull?) I've been running Gull and Mobil for 70,000km with no issue.
  12. Yes - that's the idea. To remove as much contamination as possible before you touch it. And then lubricate as much as possible when you wash it. It's definitely more fun - and I can get away with touch-less washing on ceramic coated wheels. Apparently all the brands are based on the same chinese pump. They then just change the nozzles and charge $xxx more for the next model up. Karcher have their own design though.
  13. Save up / wait for 330d - you'll get a big percentage of the difference back at resale
  14. Just daily it - YOLO
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