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  1. Don't need to watch it, I'm sure it's the one parked in my driveway!! 😉
  2. m325i

    E46 M3

    No - CM Wheels CSL reps
  3. Not that I watch this much, but I honestly like the new guy more
  4. m325i

    2006 M5

    I saw you driving this today. Looked good! GLWS
  5. How has your N54 experience been? How many kms did you put on your old one? Are you daily driving it? I'm a bit torn on them. They look phat - they have the most swollen guard look of any 'm' car. A lot of journo's praise them & there is the rarity factor. Then there's the flakey reliability, fact its not a real ///M motor, the M2 is probably an objectively better car and in my experience women hate the looks. A 135i with the right wheel fitment and some mods could give you 90% of the experience for ~40% of the cost. But they seem like relative bargins in NZ...
  6. Any pics of the 19s? LCI on the F30 19's is a great combo!
  7. Looks great! I used to really hate the wood, but maybe with age I hate it less? Mint car. Any more plans?
  8. m325i

    E46 M3 Almost twins

    The 4 door looks great! It's a shame BMW missed this generation. The coupe is driving the best it has in 7 years / 80k now Ray! Thanks Sam / HellBM for the new dampers, steering coupling and diff/motor oil services. Feels like a new car.
  9. ^ an oil and filter changed by the dealer is no different to an indy... It's the extras, if any, you could pay a dealer premium for. (And you'd likely just go for it seeing as the car is already there - hence they whole point of this campaign).
  10. For a TV show like this, I thought it was pretty good and detailed. I learnt some things from it! An alternate way to view it is paste the link in a downloader site like: https://y2mate.com/youtube/5ZL96uDowZM
  11. ^Fair point. Assuming you use a calendar for practical purposes. I'd just use it as an excuse to hang cars on my office wall.
  12. If you don't like washing / waxing your car and want easy maintenance it is good. If you are paying for a detailer to do it, you are really paying for the prep, which is legitimately hours of work to do 100%. It is especially good on wheels, I would definitely recommend that. But personally I like wax/sealant better. And it performs as well during it's life time. There are dozens of options, DM me if you like.
  13. I'd buy one, and it would probably sell internationally if it was done well
  14. Thanks again. Didn't get pinged for import duty or GST. I've noticed some places seem to fly under the radar. ECS Tuning is not one of them, been charged every time.
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