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  1. NZ BMW

    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. E39.
  2. NZ BMW

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Frankfurt Airport - nice looking car. I can’t decide if it’s as epic as the original. See, for me it’s how this thing is relative to the 6 Series and I wonder if it’s thst much different...
  3. NZ BMW

    Two written off i3's up for auction

    Naawww come on, I think they’re a cool little city car. Just way too expensive.
  4. NZ BMW


    I like my Omegas but my Speedy is due for a service. I have a broilking but it’s too insufficient to post here! My other passion is collecting vintage Gillette safety razors, which I use with a brush and soap every day... don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!
  5. NZ BMW

    Grand Tour Season 2

    There is supposed to be a cheap car challenge in China I think which has an E38, W140 and something else. Can’t wait for that one.
  6. What about Ozoning it? Or fabreeze, that stuff is magic.
  7. NZ BMW

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Yes, one of the issues with the proliferation of internet and smartphones, is that we can see the true nature and intelligence of a lot of people. And now, with the apes able to communicate, it’s only a matter of time before they overrun us all with their noise... Facebook comments on media here especially.
  8. NZ BMW

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    I always love the questions that try to run down the car “as you know these are expensive repairs and big problems.” If you’re serious go and look at it and ask for the service history...
  9. I’m going through the same thought process right now. Interested to see how this thread plays out.
  10. Was pretty incredible, I didn’t believe the rate!
  11. Yes, I think it was $38 to be exact. Total cost of parts was $322.
  12. Ended up taking Olaf’s recommendation of Mick’s Garage - can’t believe the shipping price. For $40 I won’t have to bother putting these in another bag, arrived in just over a week.
  13. NZ BMW

    The only upgrade that made sense

    What type of oil are you using?
  14. NZ BMW

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    Not if it’s been driven on, which is the whole point of them. But you’re right, you can repair a slow puncture.
  15. NZ BMW

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    Pretty sure you also can’t repair a run flat. They are a pretty hopeless idea in my view. I’d rather take the hit in mileage and just carry a spare then if you damage a wheel or, like in many places you are simply too far from a tyre shop you can still make it to where you need to.