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  1. Exactly, I notice the comments above all saying “yes” but I am not convinced that if the sidewall is compromised you can drive on them safely. It appears you can in some circumstances but I don’t know how confident I would be in some tyres and in certain types of damage: https://www.boston.com/cars/car-guides/2018/07/30/can-i-still-drive-with-a-damaged-run-flat-tire https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1398649
  2. So if you get a gash in the sidewall of a run-flat can you keep going? I have gone the conventional tyre route with a kit of goo and a compressor (which I don’t even know works). I must admit when I went down to the west coast a couple of years ago and saw no cell reception in a few places I got a bit nervous...
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2566790363.htm
  4. If you can spend a little more you’re in E70 territory with the 4.8 and 355HP. Might be something to consider.
  5. Yeah... 19” was in the original post but okay.... There is a pricing configurator on the Bridgestone website if you want actual information as it relates to your situation.
  6. Above - I realised I fat fingered my phone keyboard and made it sound like those were not the sizes I purchased.
  7. I’m no race car driver like a lot of people like to think they are. I’m sure something with was OE on some Ferrari’s will be fine for my 320D! They were 19 inch - 225/45 and 255/35 or something like that. There is sale on for another week of buy one get one half price. So basically a 25% saving so a full set should be somewhere in the region of $1750 if my early morning maths is correct.
  8. No idea - I just asked for tyres for my car and specifically did not want RFT ones. I knew it would be more but I just shook my head. The emails I have suggested that they have a warehouse full of tyres somewhere which surprised me too. They seem good tyres and BMW are using them in Australia as the tyre for their M-cars on their driver experience days.
  9. I’m getting a set of these tomorrow. For what it’s worth Auckland City BMW wanted $2800 for a set of 4 with a wheel alignment. Bridgestone direct was about $1300.
  10. NZ BMW

    New 4 series

    I was in China end of last year - most car plants running single shift and not a full week. The market was stuffed. Lots of companies were suffering double digit downturns.
  11. I had a Mercedes which came in from Singapore about 15 years ago and it had been repainted from metallic black to silver, including the engine bay. It was actually pretty well done in the sense that there was no evidence until I dinged up a panel and found what was underneath...
  12. No iDrive is the big winner in these cars IMO. The one in my old X5 was just so out of date and so slow it was pointless.
  13. I would rather own the other and with much lower kms personally, although a wagon appeals to a lot of people.
  14. I’ve owned a couple of Mercedes. I actually think they are more durable/reliable than BMW. For example none of my Mercedes ever had a cooling system failure at around 100k kms like all my BMWs have. I’ve also had a lot less suspension work on them, I assume owing to being less sporty. I think fun depends on what you’re looking for.... AMGs in my mind are more muscle cars than sporty.
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/mercedesbenz/auction-2636844968.htm It’s no M3 but hard to see how you could get more for your money. There’s a lot cheaper than this but with higher kms.
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