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  1. NZ BMW

    The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe

    Very nice, fantastic looking car. I imagine in silver or black it will be very impressive.
  2. NZ BMW

    Speedway Gone from Western Springs

    Won’t moving the speedway allow them to develop a better facility that’s better served by the various transport links?
  3. NZ BMW

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    I don’t have anything constructive to add but I’d be interested to hear how this works out if you do send it. I travel to the US frequently and I know how cheap they can be but I’d wonder by the time you pay for shipping and any GST they might sting you for if it would add up at all. Your best (lowest cost) bet I think would be to get a freight forwarder who you can ship it to domestically in the US and they can throw it in the container. That’s what I did when I brought tyres in from the states.
  4. NZ BMW

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    Cool, look forward to seeing how this turns out.
  5. Prob good idea to indicate the area you’re in. I’ve seen these threads before where people should flood them with recommendations which in my case would be an hour or more in traffic from my home or office. Just saying.
  6. E70 4.8. I have noticed a slight improvement after doing the coils and plugs too.
  7. For what it’s worth, my X5 averages about 15L per 100km around Auckland (including a daily evening crawl on the Southern going home). Open road like Olaf I’m getting down to about 10L per 100km. Best I saw was 9 around bottom of the North Island where it’s nice and flat near Fielding and the like. You would think the sedan being two wheel drive and lighter could do better than that.
  8. No I’m not sharing around a letter which is not to me. I suggest go to BMW and see what they say.
  9. NZ BMW

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Do you ever end up with it wearing off or transferring on clothes?
  10. Yeah it was pretty amusing - he drove around for about a week with a big crack across the screen whilst he argued with the insurance company. He’s a fairly savvy guy and explained that as soon as he handed over the car and let it go somewhere, else he would have lost control of the process. So he deliberately didn’t compromise and dug his heels in. He’s got the 535 wagon which has just been replaced by BMW so I don’t know if it makes much of a difference if the car is worth a bit more to the insurer or not? Another guy I work with has a pretty new Mercedes SUV. His tactic was to take it directly to the dealer and to tell the insurance company it was there, ready to be inspected!
  11. Guy in my office just went through a windscreen replacement. Had the BMW dealer write a letter to the insurance company explaining why OEM is better.
  12. NZ BMW

    Hellbm E39 M5

    2800 pounds plus VAT for the communications pack.... wow
  13. NZ BMW

    The ultimate chick magnet

    Well played sir, well played.
  14. NZ BMW

    The ultimate chick magnet

    I have no interest in any woman who finds that orange monstrosity attractive.
  15. NZ BMW

    Road Toll Not working

    Always wonder how the road toll looks over time expressed as a per capita number.