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  1. Haha. Actually I answered my own question - Bridgestone has some stores open for essential vehicles. For me, my vehicle is essential to get to the supermarket.
  2. Anyone know what the tyre situation is during lockdown?
  3. What are these worth, if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. NZ BMW

    The COVID-19 Thread

    You prefer the China approach? Deny, cover-up, brutalise you’re people and deny them any rights, change the data collection and declare victory via your propaganda machine. Despite their president at least the Americans are being open about what’s happening and the flaws in their system. I never understand why people are always so down on the US. It has its fair share of problems but it’s still an amazing place. I spend a lot of time in the US and throughly enjoy it.
  5. Agree - this would preserve what you’re after and those welds are very untidy.
  6. It’s an essential good, we’re not apes. 😆
  7. NZ BMW

    The COVID-19 Thread

    The NY Times is still one of the major papers of record in the US. I think that last comment you’ve made about family planning is absolutely disgraceful. A real cheap shot.
  8. NZ BMW


    Well, they replaced the evaporator core on my E70 via the BMW dealer which required the whole dash to come out. That would have been an eye watering sum I’m sure. That’s the only claim I’ve ever had to make and it was easy.
  9. NZ BMW

    The COVID-19 Thread

    The essential services thing was a nightmare. I drew the short straw on our team to clarify that. NZTE had no guidance, phoned MBIE and after being passed around the best I got was “get an opinion from your lawyer”. So we decided the conditions under which we would operate if we had to and left it at that.
  10. NZ BMW

    The COVID-19 Thread

    We are using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint as part of our Office 365 - it’s pretty flawless I must say.
  11. NZ BMW

    The COVID-19 Thread

    I’m hearing that the speed and volume of VPNs which are being stood up this week is going to create a lot of work for IT depts when it comes to plugging security holes for the rest of the lock-down.
  12. NZ BMW

    Quick rant thread.

    I am happier that this is paid out than a lot of other things the govt spends it on. We need to keep people going so that when this is all over we have at least made some effort to contain the economic damage. It makes me a bit sad to hear some businesses are just throwing their people away. For what it’s worth, I’m a senior exec at a medium-sized business by NZ standards (150 odd) and we have committed to our people that everyone is paid until end of April, even those who can’t work from home. The cash burn is incredible but we’re trying to make it work.
  13. Well, if you need a front set of brakes I have a set of Brembo pads and rotors. For after the lockdown. Congrats!
  14. It also says essential needs - I was thinking that means if you need to drive to the supermarket. I suspect mechanics and the like will be like tradies. For example, if a pipe bursts you can call someone to come fix it but they can’t renovate your bathroom for example.
  15. NZ BMW

    Quick rant thread.

    Humour is what’s going to get a lot of people through this. Even if I don’t get the meme. 🧐
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