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  1. Got to wonder what an entire unit from a donor car would cost? Or is the loom not just isolated to the door?
  2. I would have thought you would have a fairly strong argument based on what you’re saying. Sometimes people roll over when they get the paperwork and become more reasonable. But if you’re confident in the facts and your evidence of them you can push it all the way. The whole situation sucks, like you say it’s runined your enjoyment of a car which you no doubt conducted quite a search for to get what you thought was the perfect one.
  3. off repaired Seems like a similar situation...
  4. I guess it depends if you got a CIN card and what it says on any sale and purchase agreement you signed as to if it was the dealer selling. Likewise if the money went into a personal account or business account for payment. It seems kinda dodgy that a dealer would sell something in a personal capacity rather than via their yard as they’d have to put a Chinese wall up between all the docs and funds etc and keep it off their business premises. For what it’s worth, I spent a lot of time reading MVDT judgements when I purchased my last car (I was trying to avoid dealers who had a large number of disputes opened against them). I was surprised how weighted in favour of the buyer it was, so you might want to try your luck. It does not require any lawyers so the costs are relatively low. Most of the judgements I have read centred around the car being of acceptable quality or not or the buyer being misled about the vehicle. I don’t know if a repaired damaged vehicle is of acceptable quality. You would think that repaired properly it would meet that test. I guess the text of any ad stating the car is in “pristine condition” and all the other hyperbole these guys use in their listings would probably help you. I would suggest having a read as the website is quite searchable and you might find similar circumstances which can guide you.
  5. You would have to ask them on shipping - usually you can get stuff in 7-10 days.
  6. There are some aftermarket offerings for the airbags if you can wait for them to be shipped to you.
  7. The IT industry is incredibly short staffed at the moment. When don’t you directly approach recruiters and organisations of a certain size and see what shakes out? Even a six month contract would give you some breathing space.
  8. Maybe I’ll have to start ordering from Europe... I’ve got a couple of packages coming in from FCP - plugs, coils, belts and some wipers...
  9. It does... the whole premise of the system is that you retain the ‘brain’ of the old system and interface with a new screen and a second ‘brain’ to run the android. I have nothing against iDrive it just is what it is, a system designed more than 10 years ago.
  10. When you clean them is it obvious that there’s anything in them? Do any deposits or the like come out?
  11. It’s got varying reviews, there seems to be some rough edges when it comes to the integration with some of the steering wheel controls. I don’t think the price is that bad when you consider the extra features. That being said I mainly drive to the same places, so never used my converted GPS and just connected a Bluetooth adaptor for my music.
  12. Not upgrading the unit, upgrading to an Android unit:
  13. I don’t know where these prices for the radio and GPS conversion come from but mine was $400 and I managed to get the dealer to throw it in for free. I don’t know if you can simply convert the radio without the GPS but the system is so old and clunky it’s not worth anything IMO - if you want an updated system a lot of guys in the US forums are upgrading to Android based units but they seem a little finicky. They run about 800NZD from memory.
  14. I watched a review of theX5 plugin the other day. They mentioned that all the battery packs in that car add an extra 250kgs to it and change the handling as they’re all in the boot. Still, if you’re like my car and it spends time each day trapped on the southern motorway in the evening these hybrids really start to make sense. I also feel that $50k for an ‘as new’ 2016 3 series is pretty good value.
  15. How do you propose one checks the diff and transmission fluid on these cars at each service? I assume you can maybe get a level read out of the diagnostic computer but don’t they just have a drain plug and that’s it? I suspect what most are places do is a visual inspection of the underside of the car and if there are no obvious leaks it must be ok and is signed off.