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  1. As I understand it more than the E53 is affected when it comes to the X5 range. For example my E70 which is booked in to have both driver and passenger bags replaced... So if you want to be pedantic, perhaps I should have said that it only shows three chassis numbers...
  2. Kinda interesting how the above link shows only three models - I thought it was much wider than that?
  3. I bought my last set of wipers from Auckland BMW they were in the region of $120.
  4. My bloody parking brake button broke off in my hand over the weekend. What the....?! Ordered a new one for $100, I can think of far better ways to spend that money.
  5. That’s all true, however for the sake of a few dollars I’d almost prefer to have it fixed myself. I’ve had a couple of dealers do small fixes on cars and it’s almost always the cheapest and nastiest job possible. That might be different if it’s the official main BMW dealer selling you the car but I suspect most of us are buying from others.
  6. Wow, three whole months... I’d rather have my Autosure covering me for four years. That being said, true to form the last car I had an Autosure warranty on I didn’t need to use it - and it was a European vehicle so could have just saved the money I guess... For what it’s worth, my mechanic does not work with any warranty other than Autosure - apparently the others are unwilling to pay them what they want per hour. I don’t know if that’s just because where I go is particularly fussy or a widespread thing. But something you might want to consider.
  7. If the message is audio, as in the car speaks the warning to you then it's the same as my X5 was. I had the dealer remove the system (or at least disconnect the speaker) as part of the purchase. I realise that's not a solution as such but it means that you can at least have a competent auto electrical person remove it for you.
  8. I believe the 530i also had aluminium suspension components as opposed to the heavier steel ones in the 540i. I got rid of my 530i in early 2014, it was an excellent car I'd happily have another.
  9. Open up your computer and see if there are any megabytes left in the tank.
  10. I think that's a bit harsh. If it's well sorted it's worth more than that. As someone else mentioned it looks awesome. what I don't understand is that they have all the options on it and then it's for manual seats?! Go figure.
  11. That 4.6is is lovely isn't it...
  12. 24 inch wheels! I like the X6 but this is a little too far for me.
  13. New WOF, aircon gas and two new Pirelli Scorpions... I clipped the sidewall on a curb on one of my 9 month old Hankooks.
  14. If that was the case, most people in New Zealand would probably not be able to afford a car.
  15. So do we contact our local dealer or BMWNZ if we want to check in and make sure our car is on the list? I.e - make sure they can trace it.