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  1. Personally I would have liked to have seen more in-depth info and comparison with the Rimac.
  2. Exactly, you need to take it for what it is - an interesting custom build.
  3. I think he is 100% right on the cooling system, they seem more delicate than other European cars I’ve owned. BMW seems to live closer to the bleeding edge of things than say Toyota. You pay for that in reliability ratings but you tend to make up for that in driving dynamics. Certainly other makes have issues. Honda, if I recall correctly is a shocker with transmissions in a number of their models.
  4. Good ole Facebook, where all the keyboard warriors come out to throw shade at something they could never buy... it’s a cool car. If it’s over priced the seller will have to meet the market. In the meantime, I’m just happy to see the pictures and be happy for whomever will buy it!
  5. Five wiper stalks... I always wonder how some things like glove boxes and the edges of gauges etc get damaged in cars. Some people just don’t seem to care about their things and take care. Good luck, sad to see a special car end up like this.
  6. Good to hear it’s rumning again. Are the pumps on these things relatively easy to access? Could have been worse - my E39’s pump died in traffic in Auckland... for a couple of days I had a noise which I thought was a noisy pulley, worst part was it was booked in to get looked at later in the week.
  7. Finally fixed my broken parking brake switch. Replaced it with one that has the ‘auto-hold’ feature, works like a charm.
  8. Sorry - posted in wrong thread...
  9. It’s a nice car but given you can get the next model sedan M5 for the same or slightly less you’d have to really love it. Likewise with the other M5 wagon on there, that extra 35K is a lot of petrol money...
  10. Lots of these seem to come up in maroon. Would love to see more in silver, black, white and BMW blue.
  11. As I understand it more than the E53 is affected when it comes to the X5 range. For example my E70 which is booked in to have both driver and passenger bags replaced... So if you want to be pedantic, perhaps I should have said that it only shows three chassis numbers...
  12. Kinda interesting how the above link shows only three models - I thought it was much wider than that?
  13. I bought my last set of wipers from Auckland BMW they were in the region of $120.
  14. My bloody parking brake button broke off in my hand over the weekend. What the....?! Ordered a new one for $100, I can think of far better ways to spend that money.
  15. That’s all true, however for the sake of a few dollars I’d almost prefer to have it fixed myself. I’ve had a couple of dealers do small fixes on cars and it’s almost always the cheapest and nastiest job possible. That might be different if it’s the official main BMW dealer selling you the car but I suspect most of us are buying from others.