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  1. NZ BMW

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    That sucks, sorry to hear it.
  2. NZ BMW

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Nice, I have been eyeing these up - I love the interior.
  3. NZ BMW

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    You need to find a good GP you can trust and have health insurance. I had cancer a couple of years ago and was referred to a top specialist very quickly and I honestly think that either saved my life or at the very least made my recovery much quicker and easier. it was certainly a wake up call for me as if never really given what my exact coverage was much thought and always assumed that all doctors were created equal. Another one for people to check on their health insurance is to make sure it covered non-Pharmac drugs. Pharmac is a great system but it can’t find everything people may need. The more I see of health and the like, the more I think it’s like any other profession, with good and bad and most somewhere in between.
  4. I had my navigation changed over to NZ - bit of a waste of time IMO, the interface on the early iDrive whist impressive 12 years ago is pretty primitive by iPhone standards today.
  5. NZ BMW

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Always amazed me how they got such little power out of some of those engines. Still, guess they were quite tuneable if you wanted to pump them up.
  6. NZ BMW

    Break out the Brie and Champagne

    Yeah, I thought tradition was that the losing side ransacked a city...
  7. NZ BMW

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    In silver or black this will look the business. Besides, it competes with the Golf and that’s a FWD platform, RWD was wasted on people buying a 116i to pop to the shops in.
  8. NZ BMW

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    The lesson here is make sure you get a reasonable piece of the company, rather than working your guts out for years and leaving with nothing like this guy did.
  9. NZ BMW

    E70 30d Dollar Reserve

  10. NZ BMW

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Drivers airbag, new fuel pump and a wash at Auckland City BMW.
  11. NZ BMW

    Christchurch 2006 BMW 540i new owner

    If they replaced the valve stem seals then that’s great news.
  12. NZ BMW

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    Apple TV, come on, don’t be a cheapass.
  13. NZ BMW

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Cable ties to hold a coil together on a M5.... some people. My thinking has always been that the plugs last about 100k kms or slightly less so I don’t mind paying for coils at that time. I guess the M5 might eat plugs faster than normal though?
  14. NZ BMW

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I’ve started changing coils whenever doing plugs for that reason. The heat destroys the tips of them and particularly on the larger engines, the ones at the back of the block are difficult to get out without damage.
  15. NZ BMW


    I guess this is designed to compete with the Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon and the like in the US market. My E70 is plenty big enough for me...