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  1. So do we contact our local dealer or BMWNZ if we want to check in and make sure our car is on the list? I.e - make sure they can trace it.
  2. At least they're relatively cheap to deal with.
  3. I'm going to add new driver's door seal to your list. What a stunning looking car. I love how it has the dark headliner, so much better than the beige most of our BMWs come with.
  4. Nice looking car! Personally I think you're better off without the iDrive too, given the age of the things. Mine's certainly nothing to write home about.
  5. Very cool, I think everyone here was commenting on this when it was for sale. Out of interest, what's the appeal of thisnover say an M5? Rarity, different type of performance?
  6. 135i

    You really want the Autosure Extreme warranty IMO. Check out their website for what they all do and don't cover. If you can purchase it by yourself you could get up to four years out of it.
  7. You start to realise how easy things are in NZ when you have to deal with the DMV in the US... Looks like a nice car, lots of good driving roads near where you are once you get out of the city.
  8. I do agree with this. I bring my own parts to my mechanic on occasion. As I travel for work I stock up on filters via US suppliers when I'm there. One time I bought a Continental belt for a car of mine and they installed it for me. The bloody thing seems to have been defective from the factory and noisy. So I had to go back, pay again for labour and a new belt. They're good sports and I've been going there for a while so they cut me a break on some of the labour. Imagine if the belt had snapped or something? I assume that would be on me. But that's because I'm a reasonable person. Likewise, some people complain about shops adding margin to parts. If the guy has to spend time ringing around and ordering stuff rather than me then he should be able to cover that with some margin.
  9. Very, very nice - no doubt it will go to a good home.
  10. My old E39 used to announce to me about every six months that I was "Now entering Tokyo!" When I got my X5 it was wired up with some kind of radar scope and an electronic tolling system, I had the dealer disconnect it all as part of the sale agreement - are you sure it's not something like that?
  11. I've worked in the tech and IT industry for a little while now. There is significant potential for automation. Good example is how in the larger financial services markets analysts used to spend hours poring over reports, now they feed it to the AI and it spits out a summary for them to then do the higher level tasks with. There are a whole lot of little 'operational efficiency' plays there. Not everything that people believe is the next big thing will eventuate and some will take longer to get there if at all. I think we forget how quickly things change, imagine telling someone from 50-60 years ago that: - You can get on a plane tomorrow and fly to the other side of the world in just over a day - Their volume of encyclopaedias which are out of date each year can be accessed on a small hand-held device - The average family owns more than one television, it's in colour, doesn't need to warmup, can hang on the wall and there are limitless numbers of channels - You can video call - You don't need film for your camera - Barcodes - I can change currency and pay anyone on the planet instantly - Telegrams are now free (email) - Overseas phone calls are free (Skype) Stuff that once was amazing becomes normal and we forget just how amazing it all is.
  12. Well, according to this forum every car on trademe is over priced and over photoshopped.
  13. I liked the "Don't block the box" signs... they made my schoolboy brain laugh.
  14. Can't believe someone would pay the money for that...
  15. I agree, there are not a lot of these around which are not ruined or in need of major repairs. It's not a bargain but seems ok to me.