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  1. NZ BMW

    Quick rant thread.

    I think the popularity of utes for business use has more to do with it being not only a good tradie wagon but an excellent weekend vehicle. As I understand it from some casual conversations the tax write off on a Ute is also far superior to say an SUV. Whilst a van might be better for hauling stuff to the job site, it can’t tow the boat or haul the family...
  2. NZ BMW

    My fave photo is of the........

    If you look closely you can see it’s LHD and has a US plate holder on the back.
  3. NZ BMW

    BMW service

    Yeah I am saying that. Most blades I’ve bought from Repco and the like are circa $40-50 bucks and after six months they are hopeless. If you can even find anything that fits your car there. Yup, you can purchase them (BMW blades) online and ship them in for less but I needed them at the time, so had to pay the premium to get them over the counter.
  4. NZ BMW

    BMW service

    True... although I just don’t understand why BMW cooling systems are so poor. I’ve owned a couple of Mercedes over the last 10 years and the cooling systems are far more robust, despite having to operate under the same recycling regime.
  5. NZ BMW

    BMW service

    Hehe, I can show you the invoice from Auckland BMW for mine if you want. That’s the price for factory blades. That being said, I’ve got two years out of them and they are now in need of replacement so they do last.
  6. NZ BMW

    BMW service

    Really? Would have thought plugs, pulley and expansion tank would need doing at around 100k rather than 63k... Still, most of that you’ll probably only have to do once in your ownership of the car.
  7. NZ BMW

    BMW Parts Liquidation - Ladies Mile

    Any E70 stuff? Not that I expect you were looking for that!
  8. NZ BMW

    BMW Parts Liquidation - Ladies Mile

    So what’s the name of the business they are liquidating?
  9. NZ BMW

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    Fight me. Behind the bike sheds after 6th period 😜
  10. NZ BMW

    New M140i Owner, Auckland

    It usually depends on the inco terms or whatever they call it and when you own the goods depending on the contract. If you took European delivery and drove the car around for a bit then you’ve taken delivery so I guess this is why they then include some insurance. If I’m taking delivery in NZ it’s not my car until I uplift it from the dealer.
  11. NZ BMW

    New M140i Owner, Auckland

    Yet marine insurance is...
  12. Worse yet, I was in London last month and there is a big flash dealer showroom in Piccadilly. It’s right across from Fortnum & Mason. I got excited, until I saw what was inside...
  13. NZ BMW

    Bmw bonnet boot badge emblem

    Soooooo..... I popped off my old one with a trim removal tool and it’s silver underneath. Therefore I assume it’s not an OEM one. One of the stalks also broke off in the car meaning I had to slowly drill it out to fit the new one. General impression is that it’s relatively good quality.
  14. NZ BMW

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    This would be a better buy IMO but maroon... yuck https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1972113483.htm
  15. NZ BMW

    Quick rant thread.

    People who drive 60 in the Waterview Tunnel...