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  1. Yes to all, the owner also managed to find brand new matching interior cloth so has gone about re-trimming door cards etc to make them perfect. For what it's worth, this car ranks as one of the best condition e36 M3's I've had hands-on experience with (I was sandbagging a bit at 'pretty good' in my previous comment). Does that make it worth the asking price? Certainly not for me to decide, let alone speculate on; I'm not a potential buyer. And there's absolutely no way I expect to dictate how much someone wants to market their car for..! What I will say is that I hope it sells high; regardless of the generation, M3's appreciating is of particular interest to me..! 🤣
  2. 'Just decals slapped on' cheapens our work a little don't you think 🤣 Yes it's still for sale. Pretty good example too, this has since had a fair amount of interior restoration work completed. Might put this on my stand at Concours next month if you'd like to see it in person.
  3. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Before/after a spirited drive in the country
  4. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Oh great, I heard otherwise; that if they are factory fitted then removing them will fail WOF! Goes to show one shouldn’t believe what ones told, thanks mate!
  5. CSET

    M TOY M3

    I'm a little late to the party with this tune, but finally got around to it. Added shift lights, removed speed cut and selected the most aggressive 'pop & crackle' option as I wish to retain my cats for WOF (or what's left of them). Can confirm that Supersprint exhaust + this tune is something else indeed...! There seems to be a fair bit more you can do with this software, but it's of little interest to me/it sounds pretty risky raising redlines etc. Followed this guy's guide, using BMW flash and ECU worx software:
  6. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Finally ❤️
  7. Sorry I missed this one. None fitted sorry, I never actually installed them as I changed seats after buying the parts from BMW. In fact I've never taken it out of the box hahah
  8. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Got some new toys Finally ready to track, overkill aero and all
  9. CSET

    M TOY M3

    I had a go painting up the new bracing myself on Saturday after work Also chopped up boot floor & rubber carpet into multiple sections to fit around brace. Factory fresh. Not bad. Swapped on semi slicks and went for a track experience thing at Hampton Downs y'day, was great fun. This car handles like it's on rails now, I'm impressed..!
  10. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Holy moly maybe all those tens of thousands I've invested into this car might pay off after all... https://www.driven.co.nz/news/news/immaculate-2004-bmw-e46-m3-sells-for-135-000/?ref=driven_fbpage&fbclid=IwAR0XPCPuu3R-PNg-yintz5dqRvjiVjpfm-WxpUkbCEhwNIhf_zKZOgnzGug
  11. CSET

    M TOY M3

    No doubt it’ll be a bit different now compared to the last time I tracked it !
  12. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Finished and picked up this arvo, looks damn good That floor ain’t tearing no more. Swapped on the e9x 18’s for a bit. Next up, try not to break anything for a while.. So far in the last couple of months I have a freshly built diff, driveshaft bits replaced and balanced, whole lot of welding and plating and new reinforcement for the rear. That’s enough for a while methinks.
  13. CSET

    M TOY M3

    My one? Nope, getting it made
  14. CSET

    M TOY M3

    Cage now coming out of the floor haha
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