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  1. Concept M8 Gran Coupe

    Those wheels don't look fun to clean
  2. How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    jacked up rear end, louvers and disconnect the exhaust.
  3. car cleanning

    Mine is timing. Wash the car in the afternoon or when the suns out and lovely water spots all over the car. First thing in the morning or as sunset approaches I'm not motivated to go through the ordeal.
  4. The juggernaut with an amazing engine.
  5. M3 rolling body

    seems odd to take the engine out of what looks like a nice car? Could be it suffers from really nasty cracking/spot weld failure in the rear floor like a lot of these do. Would definitely want to thoroughly check that. E46 M3 with a worked v12 would be tits though!
  6. E39 airbag issue

    my guess is a gorilla at some stage in the cars life re-installed the door card after a regulator repair and the airbag wire got damaged.
  7. What to do with old/replaced parts?

    Not throwing them somewhere within the waitakere ranges.
  8. E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Not necessarily the bottom end - That implies a complete dissasembly of the moving parts in the block.
  9. E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Any engine derived from a race design should consider rod bearings as a service item, among other things.
  10. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    You’d hope not, the basket filters should be catching any crud the fuel line filter doesn’t.
  11. S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    The Mk1 Evolve headers, which are equal length 4-2-1 and have shown on dyno's to increase mid - high rpm range vs the Medusa's which mainly increase the high rpm range can be bought in the link below, for much less than the Meusa's.. http://www.russfellowsfabrications.co.uk/m5e39.html I look in to these Russ Fellow headers about a year ago and it was around 3.5k nzd landed.
  12. E46 318ci

    Good chat. Happy motoring!
  13. S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    Any progress?
  14. N54 rebuild who’s the best?

    Can bullet proof it for a decent price on ebay.