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  1. referring to muscle cars before they discovered independent rear suspension.
  2. Like a modern day muscle car. Only good in a straight line.
  3. Better, as in more expensive?
  4. If you mean the thrust arms can be twisted a bit by hand then that’s normal. I can do that to my ones and i’ve just replaced the bushes about 2 weeks ago.
  5. Yeah that’s if being fussy. Get an M5 steering box with servotronic. Wouldn’t be gutted.
  6. Keep the original sump and modify an e39 v8 subframe?
  7. You can’t just narrow it down by kms alone. You could get over 300k kms on one if you did alot of hot kms cruising in top gear. Or you could kill one in an afternoon of severe abuse. Flywheel replacement is optional, if there’s minimal play then you can leave it in.
  8. I think also if it’s true m-tech the chassis id will be wbs.... compared to wba..... ??? Could be wrong?
  9. New rear lower bumper trim to tidy up the appearance followed by a bath.
  10. Yeah I miss those days....
  11. E39 M5 Pro's - Torque - LSD -The V8 rumble - Manual - Easy to work on E39 M5 Con's - The petrol and tyre bills - The tendency to sledge and the re-circulating ball on-centre steering feel
  12. And what about the steaming pile of ....American cars ?
  13. The Hilman Avenger has a special place in my heart. Bought a pretty tidy one for $350 back in 2006 with some mates and spent a few weekends trying to kill it on a paddock. It had a fresh 1600 in it and was a 4-speed manual, good for donuts in top gear on the grass, probably all day. The only issues we really had were the engine mounts breaking. We fixed that by stropping the engine in place. In hindsight I would have loved to have restored it, but being a young early 20 something idiot back then, it was decided that paddock bashing was a better idea.
  14. I can confirm it has an operational LSD.
  15. Nice, i can see the appeal for giving it a new lease of life.