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  1. Obtained some leather door cards from pickapart. Had to get a bit feral on the wreck as the doors were all deadlocked. No key for it and even hooking a battery up to unlock the doors didn't work so i had to resort to using a holesaw and a large crowbar. I got the idea after watching a YouTube clip of someone opening a deadlocked door using a crow bar by peeling off the outer doorskin to reveal the locking mechanism. The doors opened minutes later. Picked up an msport steering wheel and started replacing the woodgrain trims.
  2. New shoes for the new suspension setup.
  3. Yep, on the ever growing list to sort
  4. Best $10 spent ever. Found this hiding in the boot of a wreck at Zebra.
  5. Picked up a project for cheap that i’ll be building in to a hopefully reliable and presentable daily driver. 2001 Jap Import 530i Touring with 279,000kms What was really appealing is that it’s been fitted with a gen M5 front bumper but the factory xenons have been replaced with halogen headlights. That’s going to be sorted soon. It’s in pretty average condition but the paint and body panels are good which makes this an ideal project for me. The engine is a beaut too. The list of to do’s go something like... -Front Suspension o’haul including msport shocks and 25mm lowering springs -18 Staggered wheels -a slight drop in the rear (factory self leveling suspension) -Fit a business rds radio to get nz stations and fit a bluetooth adapter that integrates with the factory setup -Replace the povo interior with Leather seats and door cards, fit the technical graphite/cubic finisher strips -Fit the correct Msport parts behind and under the front bumper -Cooling system overhaul, fuel filter, mictofilters. Give the paint a polish and wax and a heap of misc bits n pieces to bring it back to its glory.
  6. Game of Thrones edition dildo ?
  7. BreakMyWindow


    Coupe, sports, light-weight ? More like they deliberately didn’t want to use CSL because there’s nothing light weight about a 2 tonne missile.
  8. BreakMyWindow


    How do you know that? Does your crystal ball say so? I think before things go fully electric, the latest M offerings will too be memorable and appreciated.
  9. Bmw factory tour of the Dingolfing plant. Where they make 5,6,7 and i believe new 8 series. if doing Germany The Nordschleife is a must.
  10. What else did computer say about the cps ? Sporadic error ? etc ? May give clues.
  11. Sad times when even RR have to succumb to a market full of people who hate driving that buy SUV's/Sports cross over vehicles.
  12. The orange indicator lenses. Euro versions also got the better floating 2 piece brake discs.
  13. I was going to buy it but settled for an e39 M5. It’s a race car now, I stumbled across it in some facebook photos of a race weekend a few weeks back.
  14. Been using these guys for the past 4 years. http://www.carvaluation.co.nz/Site/HOME.ashx
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