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  1. Had a bit of a hiccup. Didn’t attach the nee expansion tank properly in to the new fan shroud i bought. End result was one of its hoses rubbing on the ac compressor. Had i have not used the ac on the drive back from Hampton downs on the weekend I would have been ok, but good thing I hadn’t used it any more prior to having a look over the maintenance i did. I’ve decided to remove the intake manifold and replace all the plastic crumbly shyte under there along with a new ccv and coolant pipes that fit on to the block. Have noticed some more grunt from doing the vanos seals. Well worth it. Difference between ID and OD of damaged hose is about 5mm. Looks like I might have maybe 1-2mm of rubber left before she bursts. Alot of swearing ensued.
  2. Do u know if it that front belly pan still in tact?
  3. Looks like it has black leather sport seats but they would be impossible to remove with how close they sit the cars next to eachother.
  4. I’m going to have to soon. Ccv hose going in to cam cover snapped in half and the intake boot has a rip in it now.
  5. Got stuck in to sorting the normal m54 maintenance stuff.
  6. Drivers leather seat wiring and buckle successfully swapped out. Gave the interior a good clean out. Don’t think it had been cleaned in years, lots of built up skin oils and filth around all the switches/buttons and handles. Gave it a good clean on the outside too. Years of neglect by the looks with dirt, moss, leaves etc stuck around the corners of the boot door jam and other trims.
  7. Would be just easier to get the ticket clip of gst by the shipping company under the new charges. As mentioned dhl already do this.
  8. Trick for young players... Bought a leather drivers seat with the correct dual stage type yellow harness plug. Fitted the seat and all was well until the airbag light came on for this.. Reset the code but it kept coming back. Turns out that the seat buckle sensor from the leather seat has 3 wires vs the original seat having 2. I believe this was a change from when going from MRS3 to MRS4 (airbag module) which was installed in to e39’s from Feb 01’ onwards. So plan of attack is to fit the entire seat wiring harness and seatbelt stalk/pre-tensioner unit from original seat in to leather seat..
  9. No wouldn't sell just the wheels unless you want to pay for them to be removed. Happy to ship to Wellington if you arrange a shipping company to collect them, I recently bought some wheels and tyres from Wellington and it was $155 + gst. to have them sent up to me.
  10. Ha yeah, the 530i wagon I bought had “Well looked after” in the ad. It had a leaking 2nd hand 520i strut assembly in the front lhs wheel well and the mechanic who fitted it used all the ugga duggas for the wheel bolts.
  11. Yep those balljoints are the same across all e39’s. i’ll Pm ya.
  12. Any one have the tools for hire to remove rear lower ball joints and the rear subframe bushes on an e39 Touring ?
  13. Off an e39. Tyres are Chinesium but should get a wof. Wheels also suitable for 2k cup e36 I believe if you want a wider track. $200
  14. Yeah I was going to get some M sways from a wreck at pickapart but too much hassle for 20% stiffer sway bars. Not really a track car but will get some firmer sway bushes I think.
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