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  1. Arma

    Meet Bonnie the 2nd

    Got some ok shots during one of the sunrises this week. Been enjoying the machine a lot. Things that need doing is likely a repacement of the tensioner or idler pulley. The tensioner wobbles a bit during idle (completely stable at >1k rpm) - im guessing either the bearings on that is out or the bearings in idler pulley causing belt to pull tensioner laterally - who knows. BMWorkshop said its not terrible but should eventually be replaced - so will look at sorting that soon.
  2. Arma

    Meet Bonnie the 2nd

    Have driven a few hundred k's so far. Quite loving the car - it's a very fun agile little machine with a heck of a lot of torque. I was surprised at the lack of lag. Have had a few small bad lucks over the last week. One of the intercooler pipes at cracked 2 days after I got the car - it threw off some sensor and put the car into limp mode + displayed a drivetrain problem on screen. Replacing the pipe (under warranty) resolved the issue. Then this morning, some evil soul scraped my rear bumper when parallel parking behind the car (see last image), and left no note! Now there's a little bit of repainting i'll need to do to that. Apart from that - loving it. Very stoked with the alcantara interior and steering wheel. There are a few things I have plans to do in terms of exhaust, sound system (those who know me, know I'm obsessed with quality sound). Anyway, here's a few recent pics
  3. Arma

    Meet Bonnie the 2nd

    Sweet. Do you service it yourself or at the dealership? (Guessing u have factory warranty, so needs to be serviced at BMW?) I'll flick you a message sometime, would be keen to understand how you're finding the car and what to look out for. Might pop by to the Sunday meetup in Feb.
  4. Arma

    Meet Bonnie the 2nd

    Had no idea you had one too now! I got it from the dealership who did a service recently. Still reckon change the oil?
  5. Arma

    Meet Bonnie the 2nd

    Got myself a little present. She's kind of little. 2012 m135i, 55000km, full Alcantara interior etc. This thing sure is fun! Very tidy overall. Loving it so far. Will post some better photos later. Got 4yrs mechanical warranty on it
  6. Thanks all. Yep - well mostly. I've done the radiator, thermostat and waterpump (multiple times!) and all the coolant hoses that are in the vicinity of the radiator. I've not changed these inlet hoses that are under the intake manifold, so I'd imagine they would have just deteriorated due to age - car is at ~150k kms now. Hopefully it hasn't messed up the engine - i noticed it pretty quick since the coolant level warning came on, so i pulled over in the next couple kms. Sounds like I may as well get a number of parts to replace as part of the overall job, to prevent doing the whole thing all over again. I'll make a list. Will just have to find the time to do it - if not then I'll just have to take it to a shop :). Just avoiding running the car at all for now (motorcycle gets me around).
  7. Hi team, long time no post. Wanted to ask if anyone has done this particular 'job' on an e39 before? There is a major coolant leak under my intake manifold (M54B30) and I'm pretty sure it's one of the coolant / heater inlet pipes. 15 minutes of driving makes a noticeable difference in coolant levels in the expansion tank to know that its a big leak. From what I've researched, the only way to replace these is to have to disconnect and move the intake manifold altogether. Just deciding whether to tackle this job myself or expect to dish up $$$ for 20 hours of labour at a shop. If anyone has done this before - any indication of how big a job it is? Cheers
  8. Arma

    e39 530i tidy up + mods

    It seems I have not run out of bad luck yet this year, just a few days left. Apart from the CEL, and the lock barrels breaking in the car, and of course my motorcycle accident 3 weeks ago where I shattered my elbow and thumb.. last night car got broken into at Chancery car park, in the CBD. 2 laptops, gopros, xbox stuff and expensive pair of headphones stolen. I never leave laptop on the seat area, but since my boot doesnt open at the moment, I did - inside a black laptop bag. Already reported to police. Be safe out there people, thieves around as usual but more due to holiday season.
  9. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    Haven't sorted out this issue yet. Been in a motorcycle accident, broken bones, surgeries etc. so will be out of action for a few months. Will likely be buying lock barrels from Brent when I can and get locksmith to calibrate them with my key.
  10. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    Yep the valet lock is a mechanical deadlock. I managed to get into the boot, but had to use a 5mm drill bit behind the number plate and engage the locking mechanism that holds the boot down. I used a hammer to loosen the actual deadlock so that the key finally turned back to vertical position - but the cylinder needs replacing. Will need to get the hole filled up too - maybe with some 'Knead It' or any other better alternatives (I'll chat to a panelbeater). Going to buy some spares from Brent (cylinder + actuator) and the locksmith said he will recalibrate the cylinder to work with my key. Knowing my luck, about an hour after I got the boot open, my driver door lock cylinder broke too, which now does not turn left (So I can't lock it using the key). So looks like I'll need to buy a cylinder for the driver door too now. Oh the joy. Also doesn't help that my driver door actuator is dead (has been since i got the car) so can't just electronically lock it. As a temporary solution I am using hacky means of locking the car: Get inside car, open driver side window, use central locking to lock all other doors, keep key in ignition in power mode, get out of car, physically press the lock down on driver door through the open window, press the electronic window close button, pull key out of ignition before window closes... Not fun. Hopefully sort it out in the next week or so. Locksmith said he's worked on some of these BMW locks before and they are a pain in the ass. So if any of your locks/keys have trouble turning, I'd consider getting a replacement soon, because once it's broken it's hard to get into!
  11. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    Thanks all. Have tried lubricating it etc. From what I understand, the valet lock disengages the boot from the electrical lock system, so not sure if I can engage it electrically in anyway - but might be wrong. Waiting for a call back from one more locksmith. Depending on their response, next step might be to take it to the dealership and see what they say. Not planning to drill any holes until I've exhausted all options :-). Still got Saturday night's groceries sitting in there, going to start to stink soon..
  12. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    Because I'm an idiot. How it started was as of Saturday night the boot key was actually not turning left (for manual unlock) when it was in vertical position, so I went to investigate. So while trying to moderately brute force it and wiggle the key around I accidentally turned it a bit too much to the right, which put it in valet mode. I should have just left it as it is, because even though I couldn't manually turn it left from the vertical position to open it, the electronic buttons still worked. But once in valet mode, I can't get out of it. Silly me.
  13. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    So after doing a mixture of calling up or visiting about 5 or 6 locksmiths in Auckland, none of them can (or want to) fix it and have kept referring me to another locksmith who "might be able to do it". I took it to BMWorkshop, who said they can't do it either, and to contact a locksmith. Is this really that difficult To sum up the symptoms: Key stuck in valet position I suspect the cylinder/spring or something is broken because it can't be turned back into normal (vertical) position even with the master key When the lock was in vertical position, all the electronic lock/unlock function for the boot worked fine Because the key is stuck in valet position, i can't open the boot using any of the electronic buttons Because I can't turn the key to bring the lock to vertical position again, I can't open the boot manually either So in summary, the boot can't be released electronically or manually If I could somehow, magically, bring the lock back to vertical position again (i.e. take it out of valet mode) then I would be able to open the boot using the electronic buttons. But.. I can't bring it back to vertical position again because something is broken and the key won't turn.. and apparently no one can fix it I guess last resort would be down the "drill a hole" route.
  14. Arma

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    I've managed to get it stuck again and, now it won't open. Dammit!
  15. Arma

    e39 530i tidy up + mods

    Bad luck - check engine light has come back on. Will find some time during the week to visit Glenn probably and hope it's nothing major. Seems like 20+ mins of motorway driving throws the light on. Everything was fine city driving and idling etc. Research shows the code is related to the Evap Canister Purge Control Valve - if it's that then it looks like an easy job to fix (valve sits under the intake manifold, so have to take air intake box off, disconnect maf etc.).. will see what we found out once it is in the shop.