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  1. Hi, are your grey Vader seats still for sale? 0210529407.

  2. Nothing extreme, it was in one of my E30 325i's, manual. Long story short, wet day, put the car in second instead of fourth going around a corner and slid into the curb and buckled one of the wheels! Basically since then I've done all my test drives and most people get an inspection done prior to buying anyway. In regards to the sale, its already sold subject to finance and inspection from a guy in Hawkes Bay
  3. Cheers Dave. I've had someone crash my car on test drive in the past..
  4. Hi guys, Unfortunately I am selling my M3 as I need a Ford Ranger for a new business venture. I'm sure some of you will know this car but will list details anyway. Without sounding egotistical, this would have to be one of the best condition E46 M3's around. Paintwork and interior are both in excellent condition. I'll add more photos when I have time to take them but for now it should be enough for any serious buyer. Specs: 2002 UK Import (no rust etc) Service history from UK with original user manuals, two keys 93,000 miles (149,000km) Factory 6 Speed Manual (Not SMG, not a manual conversion) Reinforced Subframe Recently replaced clutch Recently replaced brakes and rotors LED Headlights / HID Tail lights Extras: 19x10" Genuine 3 Piece Work VS ex Japan ($5,500 incl. Tyres) BC Gold Coilovers ($1,600) Agency Power Exhaust Setup ex USA ($2,500) Carbon Fibre CSL Style Boot ex USA ($3,000, colour matched) Carbon Fibre Rear Splitter ex USA ($600 colour matched) Stage 2 AFe Air Intake Kit ex USA ($600) Tinted Headlight / Side Indicators Blackened Side and Front Grill Gloss Black Mirror Casings 20% Rear Tints, 35% Front Duraseal Paint Protection German Style Europlate (comes with originals. No personalised plate included) Approximately $15,000 in extras Vehicle is certified Recently updated WOF Test drives are to be done by me Car is in Auckland (North Shore) $26K PM me with your details and I'll be in touch Cheers
  5. Cab


    Yeah its back on trademe now at $13,990. I saw the listing title and it said alpina and i was ready to buy it, then realised it was just replica parts. Still looks cool though
  6. Sometimes cars aren't worth more than others just because they have low mileage, it just means it will sell faster. Some people fail to see that. I think this car is worth more than most other e46 M3's but not by $15-20K, personally.
  7. I'd love to know what the mark up is on it. Probably traded it for $30k or something
  8. I'm very tempted to buy it, hmm..
  9. $1 reserve is actually a really good way to sell a car
  10. Now on TradeMe - http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1183549090
  11. Cab

    Rare M3

    "To talk to a person who knows about this car call: Cody O'Neill 03 343 9850" Come on Cody
  12. The M3 part is gone, but the M3 price tag is still there. (high km Singapore import SMG E46 M3 price tag)
  13. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/auction-1166947321.htm
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