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  1. Aaaand here ya go Possible booby prize for the next Coffee meet?
  2. You have all the help you need. DISREGARD REPCO they are retards, go to the BMW dealer in Rotorua (yes there is one) and ask them direct.
  3. And therein lies the answer. Most E39's aren't adequately looked after, hence the problems my three keep giving me because nobody changed the gearbox oil, or the thermostat, of put f***ing aliexpress MAF and cam sensors in. I don't think they are all unreliable- I just think 99.5% of them are suffering from neglectful ignorant and/or cheapskate owners.
  4. @dirtydoogle genuine question, will it do a skid?
  5. Sadly true for any "old" BMW. In this specific case 14 years old and I suspect only maintained for the first 4 years of its life.It sucks having to play catch up. In related news, I stopped by @hqstu's place on my way back home to visit my old 530i, some serious love lavished on that car by him- it is looking very sharp indeed.
  6. Traded the Titansilver 530 touring on a 2011 Mazda 6. 3 E39s had me tearing my hair out, looking forward to not hearing from the wife what isn't working today. Wondering what all the new car reviewers were smoking back then. Seriously, it is a fridge on wheels.
  7. Put the 520i back together- new viscous fan hub, fan, thermostat and housing, waterpump, belts and its pulley and a few other bits. Spent a long time chasing a coolant leak- I had forgotten to put in the o-ring that seals the thermostat Gave the Titansilver 530i touring a check over, heading up to Northland tomorrow so don't want any surprises.
  8. @jom valve cap spanner for the cheap TradeMe type. Doubt someone who likes ricer stickers knows what a carb jet is...
  9. I reckon it would be cool to buy 20m and vandalize your mates cars with it
  10. Two SD1's... hey @KwS, how do you clean up all the oil off your driveway??? PS that blue one looks quite pretty
  11. If you spit, does it bounce? Trying to get some perspective of it here
  12. @hqstu she's looking beaut! Those shiny clear headlights look spectacular.
  13. @dirtydoogle you still got yours?
  14. Yeah but low. And stance. Bro.
  15. So, uh... the car is very nice, but what I really want to know is- does @Gabe79's wife have a special recipe for pumpkin pie, or are they all much the same? I am assuming she has Grandma's olde American recipe.
  16. All I know is- if you can see the mountain, it's going to rain. And if you can't, it's already raining!
  17. To be honest, I am surprised it took this long!
  18. Today the 520i spat out it's fan blades, taking with it both belts. This to go with the Topaz 530i having no WOF (airbag light) and the Titan 530i is missing a window (stone from lawnmower) Merry Christmas, I guess world peace is too much to hope for, can't even have 3 complete BMWs...
  19. Or German Federal law interference
  20. I thought this thread would be about the 120d Ray is selling...
  21. It's a truck, it is supposed to be dirty. Stop being a poof! Parked one of mine in the rain to rinse some of the dirt off it.
  22. It isn't relevant to the sale but it is certainly of interest to anyone else with one of these engines- what were the issues and how were they caused? Good luck with the sale. It's a lovely colour!
  23. It looks like I have been doing it wrong, oops
  24. Worth noting also that an E39 or E38 unit may physically fit but the viewing angle will be all on the p1ss, you will find it hard to read Did you figure out if it came from factory with a cassette type unit or a screen and nav type?
  25. Much prefer the look of this stereo setup to any of the screen types, even with your wire doofer hanging out. Screens are a bit too Xzibit "Pimp my Ride" for me