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    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    @qube wants your boot carpet 😍
  2. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    New clutch, flywheel, shifter bushes, rear main seal and a bunch of gearbox seals in the 525i on the weekend. The car is transformed! Had some fun when I went to Coombes Johnson to pick up a seal, USD1.47 on FCPEuro and $58.90 at BMW
  3. Young Thrash Driver

    Leak on 2007 BMW 120i Motorsport

    Jacques, this attitude proves you are now a fully fledged BMW owner. Welcome to the nightmare
  4. Young Thrash Driver

    e39 parts

    Bruce, you need the last 7 digits of your vehicle's VIN- this will look like XX12345. Enter this into realoem.com and explore to your hearts content. Generally speaking, panels, trim, lights etc will be interchangeable on a pre-facelift E39 with other pre-facelift E39s. Some things will not be interchangeable with a facelift E39. Anything electronic will almost certainly be a no go with pre/post facelift, the electronic architecture changed quite a lot, they didn't just stick different bumpers on. I am unsure about the specifics of E39 doors regarding changes post facelift, but any pre-facelift door (520i through to M5) will fit just fine.
  5. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Today I was trundling down the Tauranga Eastern Link when the 525i cut out. Odd, I thought. A bunch of cranking produced no joy but a very strong fuel smell. On opening the bonnet I found- of all things- the fuel line had come off at it's clip together junction! Also, @Allanw will be pleased to know- the clutch has fiiiinally started slipping! Woohoo!
  6. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 manual\motorsport conversion

    I have spare Msport bump strips and lower grille to suit facelift M front bumper if you need them
  7. Young Thrash Driver

    My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    I have had success with de-stinking several BMW air-con systems now by simply running them whenever the car is on, and not using the recirculate function. The problem seems to cure itself... granted, my cars do more km than the national average. @Olaf does the Auto Glym product smell neutral or does it add a nice smell?
  8. Young Thrash Driver

    MG - I thought they were dead, and that was happier.

    MG was a joke well before SAIC got them. The only way from here is up, I reckon.
  9. Young Thrash Driver

    E60 M5 on its first 2 week and 2,500+ kms with us

    Yeah I don't think it has gone quite that far
  10. Young Thrash Driver

    My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    Don't you just hate it when all the air goes to the top? How does one crack the bead section, is that impact related?
  11. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick rant thread.

    The thing is though, the Working Group never wanted a CGT- until they were told to go away and think again. Political interference is at play here. The 3 most (only??) clued up members of that group were and remain dead set against any CGT.
  12. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick rant thread.

    This is why I think Winston will support it, he has already used the excuse that National has started down X path so he's just finishing the job.
  13. Young Thrash Driver

    BMW E46 compact 325Ti with a 3L engine nz new

    That was a sharp price, Brent.
  14. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick rant thread.

    The 30km/h thing is just pissing into the wind, all that gets you is yellow knees. We need skill based driver licensing, not this lowest common denominator rubbish (and if that means I struggle to retain my own license, fine- saucer for the gander and all that).
  15. Young Thrash Driver

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I don't pretend to be a total Bimmer nerd so I will ask- whassat?
  16. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick rant thread.

    Don't worry. Phil Twyford has it sussed....
  17. Young Thrash Driver

    The Beast

    Interesting paint scheme, a bit like a WWI era Dreadnought in dazzle camouflage.
  18. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    One of my old E36's met a duck once. Feathers everywhere, guts up the windscreen and a new headlight required!
  19. Young Thrash Driver

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I concur, 31 years old and everything bloody hurts these days
  20. Young Thrash Driver

    Fenix Radiator Failure

    Are those your photos? ie, did you cut it open yourself?
  21. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I hear Prius' get pretty good fuel economy.
  22. Young Thrash Driver

    Number of BMWs of a specific model in NZ

    Yeah, I don't want anyone knowing the Mrs Mazda6 is registered in my name. Shame...
  23. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick Questions

    I have seen the same 4.4 X5 in Rotorua and then Tauranga over the last two days driving about with smoke billowing out from underneath, driver apparently oblivious. Hilarious!
  24. Young Thrash Driver


    I do remember reading about moves to use A.I. for mundane legal work in the U.S., fewer lawyers oh what a shame I am a dairy farmer. We will be around for a bit longer yet for a few reasons- fully automated farms exist but the terrain required not so much in NZ; robot milking machines are a thing but the cost is prohibitive as most farmers are already heavily indebted; the fact that to make these systems pay for themselves you need to farm intensively (efficiently) which we are told is naughty these days; also there is not yet any robot that can deal with all the situations and problems on the spot that occur in day to day farm life, however the technology exists to augment and complement what we do.
  25. Young Thrash Driver

    2003 530i Sapphire Black Touring MSport

    Sooo... what will you be doing with the old block?