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    WTB OEM Coolant

    Cant help sorry, but- 10 litres!!! It is supposed to be mixed 50:50 with distilled water, so 3 bottles (4.5 litres) will be heaps.
  2. Young Thrash Driver

    Tire size conundrum

    You might have to go all 3pedals and head down the tyrerack route, unless you are willing to try Federal or Nankang's etc "good" tires just for a laugh Have had the Falkens, pretty "meh" to be honest
  3. Young Thrash Driver

    Mini Cooper ABS control unit

    Powerstop Engineering up here in Tauranga repair these, the repair is not trivial and needs a full bench test afterwards. It cost $700 to do the last one I sent them. Sorry if you are finding limited help, MINI is kind of the orphan branch of BMW.
  4. Young Thrash Driver

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Saw ETHRTY at The Mount today, she's looking sharp Andy.
  5. Young Thrash Driver

    My convoluted brake change tale...

    It's hard when it's you who is the monkey with more muscle than brains... I once pulled some studs out of a hub trying to undo wheel nuts. Turns out they were left hand thread.😬
  6. Young Thrash Driver

    2001 E39 530i - Coolant leak under intake manifold

    I seem to remember OP has done a cooling system refresh... @Arma? I never removed the injectors the 2nd time I did this job, there was no need so I left them alone. The other thing worth noting is the bolt that holds the remote +ve terminal is easy to snap and not available to replace if you do break it, WD40 it to death and be gentle when undoing the nut.
  7. Young Thrash Driver

    2001 E39 530i - Coolant leak under intake manifold

    Yeah there's a few "While I'm there" jobs. I took the opportunity to do full CCV system replace, both intake elbows, valve cover gasket, both heater pipes, all the o-rings on the oil filter housing screw-on cover, dipstick o-rings, and of course intake manifold gasket which was rock hard both times. Both receipts ran me about 300USD from FCPEuro, but not all the parts were Genuine BMW. No "special" tools required from memory, but you will need a torx socket set and I found a set of gasket picks useful for getting the broken ends of the heater pipes out of the head, and I found a mix of 1/4'' drive (access is tight on some of those nuts) with a wobble joint and bigger stuff was needed to remove the nuts on the intake mani. Be prepared to be horrified at the state of the plastic pipes...
  8. Young Thrash Driver

    2001 E39 530i - Coolant leak under intake manifold

    Hey Arma I have done it a couple of times, the job does take a while but is easily doable over a weekend for a novice. There is nothing hard about it if you are already familiar with bleeding the cooling system and fixing the oil filter reservoir housing leak. You will wreck the CCV system while you are in there- it will all be old and brittle by now unless recently done- so factor that replacement while you are in there. You will need to do both heater pipes too.
  9. Young Thrash Driver

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Yes, it is an old internet thing mocking Honda fanbois. An M54 is slightly more technologically advanced than "VTEC yo", and has no distributor. Get it scanned, that's the trick- by someone who knows their stuff. It may be throwing nonsensical codes that an unknowledgeable scan operator will take as legit.
  10. Young Thrash Driver

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Check your dizzy cap (sorry couldn't resist) Have had similar symptoms on an M54B30 with a faulty MAF.
  11. Young Thrash Driver

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    You should keep the wheels
  12. Young Thrash Driver

    15k for a 328i?

    Such low km... does this mean when the door cards fall off they will be mint enough to just glue back on?
  13. Young Thrash Driver

    Two written off i3's up for auction

    Two down, how many more to go...?
  14. Young Thrash Driver

    Buying e90 320i - Anything to look out for?

    Errr... yeah. Sorry The Leaf guys are just too nice of a target to not poke fun at, even if I don't know any (literal) gay Leaf owners.
  15. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 ABS Module Scanning

    Powerstop Engineering in Tauranga is the place to use.
  16. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Do they cast any shadow when the headlights are going? They look like they might interfere with the light beam a bit.
  17. Young Thrash Driver

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Woohoo, isn't it fun pulling the trigger on the parts cannon! Nice going
  18. Young Thrash Driver

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    Beaurepaires is doing the same deal too, FWIW.
  19. Young Thrash Driver

    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    When I redid the front struts on one of my old E39s I went with Meyle, I also did the shock mounts, bump stops and other associated bits in there as they were all totally shagged too. The springs were fine, I understand it is unusual for the springs to wear out. The Meyle struts were fine as far as function and ride etc but after they were installed the car did sit quite high, so I would advise you to do some homework regarding lowering the car... which means you will need to do the back end too What a shame!
  20. Young Thrash Driver

    BBS RK 17x8

    You don't need a house. Or a Mrs. Or food, come to think of it...
  21. Young Thrash Driver

    BBS RK 17x8

  22. Young Thrash Driver

    Tail light seal leak

    Interesting what gets thrown up when you go looking at prices... as far as waiting, FCPEuro will take a week, and if Gavin has it you might be waiting for a day for it to arrive.
  23. Young Thrash Driver

    Tail light seal leak

    Don't be scared to ring BMW for a price, they can be the best deal going on a bunch of things. A new tail light gasket would be unlikely to break the bank. A quick look on FCPEuro shows you might be looking at USD27 in parts.
  24. Young Thrash Driver

    Buying e90 320i - Anything to look out for?

    Glenn's advice was to always buy the diesel of these newer cars to avoid headaches.
  25. Young Thrash Driver

    Diesel on the road = a bad day

    They will cover it, it will be helpful that the council will have it on record they attended a diesel spill. Rim repair plus paint could be more than the excess alone.