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  1. Young Thrash Driver

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    Speaking of, where is Ron? He has been conspicuous in his absence.
  2. Young Thrash Driver

    Fiji green 318is

    290K km, in Hawera and dereg should slow a few people down. I am sure the panelbeaters who are holding it will be happy to discuss if the damage goes further into the body than the radiator support. @dirtydoogle, what will Katie say On a sidetrack note: are those pre-facelift kidneys?
  3. Young Thrash Driver

    Top Hose Burst

    It would appear your new Hyundai leaks less than you, remarkable.
  4. Young Thrash Driver

    Top Hose Burst

    Ha, you have been working on BMWs so long your body now thinks it is one! Glad you are on the mend.
  5. Young Thrash Driver

    The E46 M3 you want to buy for 36K

    Why not buy Tom's and wrap it? That blue one...
  6. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick Questions

    I had one break but it left enough to get some polygrips onto it. You could drive two screws into it and then lay a screwdriver between them to wind it out.
  7. Young Thrash Driver

    Sharply Priced E46 M3 (SMG) - $22k

    Nah... one day, Bieber will be Old Skool and cool. I think there's a moving target at play, newer cars will appeal to a younger generation just as E34s (for example) appeal to a lot of current 40 year old BMW fans. Jebus crumbs... why can't the world just forget Bieber!?!
  8. Young Thrash Driver

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Get it weighed. Looked up the specs for a previous gen armoured 7er a couple of days ago, they weigh something in the region of 3500kg so a run over some scales should be a dead giveaway.
  9. Young Thrash Driver

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

  10. Young Thrash Driver

    The new BMW 8 Series Convertible

    Any news on when the 870i ///M50d X-drive Gran Coupe SUV is due? Joking aside, it looks OK. They could have done so very much worse! And for once, a press release that doesn't mention CO2...
  11. Young Thrash Driver

    BMW Diamond key replacement

    @Gabe79 Your assistance is required, Key Guru!
  12. Young Thrash Driver

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Brilliant, we have Bieber and something called Cardi now, where did it all go so wrong... On topic, you may have this car for some time- surely a new radiator would be in order? Full cooling system renew and all that, won't cost a lot.
  13. Young Thrash Driver

    Import tax

    It's all meaningless anyway as putting "tax" and "fair" in the same sentence is what the blue or red team do to try and get our votes, it is a meaningless platitude designed to convey nothing except good feels. Policy by bumper sticker, if you will.
  14. Young Thrash Driver

    $1 reserve 130

    Trump will win in 2020, you sure you can handle that?
  15. Young Thrash Driver

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    I'd be annoyed if I spent 20K on a "full rebuild" and then had to get the tappets reset and a new thermostat.
  16. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick Questions

    What size SP socket is required to change the plugs on an E61 with N62 V8? Any other tips regarding getting the rearmost two plugs out?
  17. Young Thrash Driver

    E30 330 Coupe

    LOL at getting it certed on 14'' wheels!
  18. Young Thrash Driver

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sold the 530i to a bloke in Christchurch. He is an enthusiast too, so it has gone to a good home.
  19. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 M5 for 20k

    This. I was thinking Max (where has he gone??) should buy it to preserve the km on his one.
  20. Young Thrash Driver

    E39 M5 for 20k

    So what does the TM button and the knob next to it do? Located where the front cup holders usually are.
  21. Young Thrash Driver

    Anyone tell me whats wrong with this photo?

    Weird, carjam tells me an Audi Coupe S2.
  22. Young Thrash Driver

    540i Timing chain guides

    Someone has put a deposit on it and is coming to have a look this weekend. Fingers crossed! Yep I think we are stuck with our cars for a bit, unless we sell them for pennys... Wouldn't have bought the touring if I knew I'd be selling it for half what it owes me but at least it taught me a few things I guess.
  23. Young Thrash Driver

    540i Timing chain guides

    How did you get on with that black 540 Chris? Was the head gasket gone, in the end?
  24. Young Thrash Driver

    E60 550i Exhaust mod

    See where those two pipes bolt to the forward section? Space them apart with washers. Job done
  25. Young Thrash Driver

    Quick rant thread.

    Norway Oil Fund