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  1. who re registered it.
  2. will the dealer not take the car back or are they saying that its not their problem. Buyer beware type of thing. or, as is where is.
  3. the transmission
  4. drives and moves under its own power. This was a big moment for me as I'd had trouble with the clutch but now sorted. Not perfect but on its way.
  5. commit take the plunge. leap, no regrets
  6. do you not have aircon
  7. fusion energy is where its at. cars will be powered for life and you will pay only for your kms. no petrol stations you either prepay like road users or your car will be tracked by GPS and sent a bill for your kms. maybe 50 years away but that's where it heading
  8. this man is a legend came to my house and walked away with 1800 dollars. worth every penny .
  9. who hasn't done that.
  10. truly don't think this is a issues as I'm running solid gearbox mounts as well. but will keep a look out , thanks.
  11. I went with solid one piece ali that are 10mm lower than stock. Drops the engine 10mm. cant wait to try them out.
  12. are they rubber with a aluminium case
  13. some parts of NZ still can't get cell phone coverage AND there's more than one supplier. Its years away and a better alterative will come up.
  14. this guy is quite controversial with his views but I think he's spot on the money this time.
  15. this part will be handy as sea levels rise due to global warming