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  1. I'm after a right hand head light for an e36
  2. anyone had any experience with Czech Republic headlights , the wiring. As in the pictures the insulation is falling off and the wiring is much smaller than the genuine on the left. long story made short, I'm after one for the right side. I'll place an add in WTB soon
  3. bbq weather coming, 'spring'
  4. on the fish scales 11.5kgs, but like all fish stories maybe a little heaver than really is... on a different note I'm filling up the gearbox and manufactures guide says ATF, is there a better product for racing application...
  5. stuff I don't need
  6. innovative if anything,
  7. and leave my m8 Trump alone , Fake news is everywhere.
  8. I went and had a look at this car. I did toy with the notion of slapping down a wad of notes on it. But won't because I don't want to sleep on the couch anymore. Its had all its services and looks well maintained , he's had it for 6years. He reckons its the oil pump that gave out, who knows, if your hand with a spanner its still sitting at 10k
  9. And don't ya love the way a freshly built engine smokes and smell on first startup
  10. my bad, I should have said "connect" not mount, to the engine. As I can't fine a suitable spot.
  11. are you running a oil pressure gauge and where are you mounting it. (best place).
  12. nice whats the hammer4
  13. M tax what's it really worth
  14. and costs more and more.