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  1. look at $200-$250 per square meter. Plus.............. floor, power, water, etc.
  2. richard

    Shed fit outs

    I wish id put in floor lighting
  3. because he said BMW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBKJ12YyG5g
  4. I see, budget for about $12k
  5. what's your intension with/for the engine Race, show. etc
  6. Lockdown... Not music or vids. But spent the morning working on the car transporter. I was just going to replace the master cylinder with a new one but when I started to get in to it "things didn't go as planned" (there a song there somewhere) my shopping list for after the lockdown grows.
  7. richard

    e36 racecar

    update on maintenance. I've been having problems with the front headlight delete, Its been coming lose from the front nose cone. left-hand side. So over the lockdown I pulled it off and made some tabs that I fiberglassed on to fit screws.. Pics...................
  8. richard

    not BMW

  9. shhh, im home brewing 25lts at a time. I'm using a grainfather all grain system
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjqnILLJ8IU
  11. richard


    Na ,its pretty basic its 1/4 turns. if you look at the pic it shows you (far right)
  12. richard


    so deep in my bubble i've been playing on the lath making chips. This is the 3rd gen crank i've made. very agricultural. Its for a Demon V8 tomorrow , piston liners x8
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