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  1. richard

    Quick rant thread.

    they have footage from 2 angles countdown and mac d's. but I have to get police involved. I'll ask the better half tonight.
  2. richard

    Quick rant thread.

    people that key the side of your ( the misses ) car in the shopping centre
  3. richard

    Quick rant thread.

    they just waiting to steal it from someone then sell it to you, just wait they'll come back.....
  4. richard

    Quick rant thread.

    just another reason for self drive cars.
  5. 1.17 that's not to shabby. pretty good actually. got no answer for the wear on your tire. But 35 cold is quite high. But tire pressure is voodoo science at the best of times. Ill be heading down to Hamptons next Saturday for a "test" day with my new set up..
  6. short and to the point
  7. richard

    e36 racecar

    Off season update.... so today I spent the day in the workshop/garage finishing off the new front splitter. 50mm smaller than the first one. Ordered a new set of brake pads with a compound BP30 from wildwood . got know idea how this will pan out , but what I got now is hard work. clutch stop ... the big one thou is the ass end has dropped 25mm . I've taken off/out the 2 adjustable rings that sit on top of the spring. Rack is now ?% If I measure distance from the jack points to the ground , fronts is 140mm rear is 150mm. I've manipulated the inner guards again , this time with adjustable pliers and a hammer no grinder. the picture with my hand flat, before the guard was near the top of my fingers, now I can get 4 fingers in it. 3.5 maybe Glad I have removable fiberglass guards.
  8. richard

    Eurotrip 2019

    don't forget that Rugby world cup 2019 is on at that time.
  9. richard

    e36 racecar

    well after completing the last round of the BMW race series I must say I'm pleased with the results. the splitter worked a treat if only for 2 laps. It parted company from the car on the 3rd lap and part of it ended up in/on someone else's car. 1.16.3 around Hampton Downs that's a PB for me and a guide line. I'm going to make a better front splitter.
  10. richard


    Managed to get down to chevpac today and got sckooled by Syd, 48yrs in the trade and counting. I was trying to fit the arbor in with the fully closed which meant the shaft wouldn't fit properly . I needed to whined it out 15mm . Hay presto it fits. Its a MT2. check. New chuck , went for one that holds a 16mm drill bit. And a set of milling tools. 3-12mm now to find a block of Alloy and turn it to chip.
  11. richard


    ET 25 collets
  12. richard


    Yes it has a drawbar and yes it came with a set of collets 2-16 mm. I've got the instruction manual for it and read it. I think the previous own brought the collet set because he f**ked up the drill chuck. I'm going to Chevpac today with the tailstock , arbors etc it was brought from them back in 1987 new, that way ill know what iv got.
  13. richard


    yes john ill be down for the last race of the year. will catch up then
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