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  1. interesting read nice project. more posts required.
  2. good on BMW, and the NZTA, too many people with their head stuck in the sand.
  3. congratulations yes it does
  4. no brought it from a bmsport member awhile back.
  5. .small update not much going on at the moment had to throw down 90m2 of concrete as the grass and mud got to much. moulded the fibre glass rear guards together and fitted doors and front guards. front and rear bumpers are a bit tricky as they require a little lateral thinking on how to attach with 1/3 turn clips.
  6. MMP
  7. one of those bidders missed out on his dream car. A smart seller would contact him and make quick sale.
  8. bugger! was looking forward to seeing this on the dyno. And results .
  9. your missing the point, Its a new safety device that's evolving over time . things change . How does an airbag fitted in 1984 for example meet the requirements of today
  10. I forgot about when seat belts first came out and were retro fitted to older cars, it was the end of the world for some people, now its standard practices and they are checked in a WOF too.
  11. this will cost someone life.
  12. A solution ,Yes . These are a new device that have no checks and to rely on owners will prove costly. Older cars like chev, caddys ,model T fords never came with airbags , so I would expect that they will fad with the passing of time.
  13. That's the point Jon. A responsible owner would change them. But as a passenger in a vehicle, be it a friend , ubar, taxi, workmate who knows , that's why I asked the question about how long they last and would they deploy properly. No Jon nothing you said, But.. Brakes, wheels ,suspension are checked at the wof station and cars over 10 yrs every 6 months ( not airbags) that's ok, I used the aircraft one as the pinnacle for balance.
  14. then neither does the food industry.
  15. surely any vehicle no matter what the propulsion would have airbags in the future . How will this be managed.