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  1. Road Toll Not working

    time has changed that, If they now build a road that is unsafe they can be held accountable ( and they will be ) because they said nothing and carried out what the owner wanted. Look at some of the major roading problems that's in the focus at the moment.... the east coast of the south island ,....... the one in the lower north island ( I forget the name of it).sorry . closed until further notice.
  2. Road Toll Not working

    under the new rules of construction, a PCUB is responsible for the construction of a building , roads or anything else, price doesn't come into it now. So when roads (in this case) are being designed, all safety has to be taken into account .... That's ...oncoming traffic....pedestrians,....overtaking,... etc etc... What is a PCBU? The HSW Act defines ‘PCBU’. It is essentially a person conducting a business or undertaking, whether alone or with others and whether for profit or gain or not. The PCBU is in the best position to control risks to work health and safety. This is why the PCBU will have the primary duty to ensure health and safety as of 4 April 2016. Despite its name, a PCBU can be a business entity, such as a company, as well as an individual person. An individual person will generally be a PCBU if they are a sole trader or a self-employed person. The government can no longer hide behide SOE's, they have to be upfront and walk the talk ....so to speak.
  3. Road Toll Not working

    fully agree, a bit like telling young ones not to put their fingers in a skill saw, until they try it they don't under stand.
  4. Road Toll Not working

    It's been tried before. The whole idea of illegal street racing is just that , Its illegal. I remember driving on the Auckland motorways with only a white line between me and the oncoming traffic . It was only after some serious crashes that a median barrier was put in place to prevent traffic crossing over. hasn't stop accident's but sure has brought the death toll down. All the driver training in the world wont stop traffic crossing over median line , I think its time for two lanes on all major roads and a median barrier down the middle. If you use work safe practice to isolate ,minimise or eliminate , then to minimise would be your best practise.
  5. Road Toll Not working

    having spent the morning at my local shopping centre i'm surprised the road toll is as low as it is. The simply art of parking a car was painful to watch.
  6. Road Toll Not working

    cellphones ,
  7. Dash Cams

    don't leave them in the sun.
  8. Quick rant thread.

    maybe the packer had a big line of coke before packing, and it set the dogs into a frenzy.
  9. Quick rant thread.

    ordered parts from FCP Easter, dropped at my front door today . Cant rant highly enough about system.
  10. Gissa job!

    the construction industry need you. can you pick up 20 kgs. where a full one'zees,( glasses, hard hat, boots , gloves hiviz.. speak Chinese, say yes m8, you would be perfect ..
  11. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    the manukau bar changes on a regular bases you would have to dredge on a weekly / monthly bases. The Waitamata is yearly at the moment. health and safety would have two different senrioes east coast has no bar crossing and would be ezyer to manage. West coast 1). narrow entrance. 2). 4-6 meter swells. . regularly 3). wind and your ship is 399m long 59m wide and a draft of 14.5 m
  12. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    OK, lets start with the manukau harbour. here's a pic of the entrance. you'll have to use the north channel as the south is to shallow how will you deal with the north channel bar. it's about 10m at low tide and 2.5 km wide. the ships are Triple E class 399m long 59m wide have a draft of 14.5m carry 20000 containers. May as well do the big one if were moving the container terminal. what sort of health and safety plan would you have in place in the event of a disaster ( they happen just look at the Rena )
  13. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    option 1 ) so a hundred years ago they pictured ships 399m long 59 m wide and a draft of 14.5 m. 2500 containers per ship. Nope. this is the future , right. Hong Kong , China, Singapore flattered Islands or just made land , we cant do that. Option 2) even with your figures WHY would you put this on the tracks. you have unloading times, storage areas and so on. To far wrong place. option 3) the firth of Thames is the best bet. Its in the golden triangle , Auckland , Hamilton , Tauranga. lots of land and deep water. Option 4) move the Navy to Whangarei free up Devonport and turn it in to a car yard for import's.
  14. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Ron, Sam, Dutch what ever your name is today, your options must be challenged ... option 1, the Manukau harbour is never going to be an option that's why the cement boats have stopped . the channel can only be entered at high tide or the bigger ships carrying 2000 plus contains will ground. not to mention turn around area restriction with other ships ( the LPG one for starters). Option 2 will never work. A) the trains would be 24 km long for each ship unload 2000 x 40 foot container = 80000 feet or 24km Option 3 we are nuke free here