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  1. I've watched the youtube videos using the hair clip and given it a go to no success. I don't want to keep it ( the key ) just want the locking mechanism gone. any ideas
  2. really,
  3. thanks Glen, its the small things that take the most time, the fitting and refitting to check that it fits and looks right . down to the last cut and measure on most things now..
  4. progress I've had a week off work. note: no two sides of the fiber glass products are the same. very time consuming.
  5. is there something wrong with the car.
  6. does anyone else watch this, has some very interesting stuff
  7. what do you want it for
  8. interesting read nice project. more posts required.
  9. good on BMW, and the NZTA, too many people with their head stuck in the sand.
  10. congratulations yes it does
  11. no brought it from a bmsport member awhile back.
  12. .small update not much going on at the moment had to throw down 90m2 of concrete as the grass and mud got to much. moulded the fibre glass rear guards together and fitted doors and front guards. front and rear bumpers are a bit tricky as they require a little lateral thinking on how to attach with 1/3 turn clips.
  13. MMP
  14. one of those bidders missed out on his dream car. A smart seller would contact him and make quick sale.
  15. bugger! was looking forward to seeing this on the dyno. And results .