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    Renovating houses , racecars , fishing , BAITING race competitors on Bimmersport , partying with friends , you know , all the good stuff .

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  1. richard

    USD highest since 2016

    me too, being mortgage free im waiting for a drop in the economy pick up my 3 house.
  2. richard

    USD highest since 2016

    ^ so would all the exporters and tourist operations.
  3. richard

    Quick rant thread.

    cameras and skill. I drive vehicle that's 4.89 meters long, tinted windows , and has a big ass bull bar on the front.. ezy as..
  4. richard

    Free 2005 750D

    sounds like he legged it. (on the hoof so to speak)
  5. richard


    horsepower is a prickly point. There are so many combinations from so many different parts. picking the best solution is at best a dark science. which is why I turned to a web site that "specialise' in these parts. Is there a better site to ask HP questions.
  6. richard


    engine runs just fine. But I know myself, I will want more power soon and are planning in advance.
  7. richard


    That's what I was expecting 15-20HP based on this or that. I've even asked, " what parts do I need to buy from you to reach 450hp" answer " full stroker kit". not even a list of parts. that's $20000us dollars not coming their way.
  8. richard


    engine s50b32 standard (321)hp I've been asking a certain web site about gaining more horsepower. They have a stroker kit available with (added torque and power gains). When I ask how much power gains they dance around the question. This is the answer to the question. "Now the stage 3 performance cylinder head has advantages because of the light weight valves, springs and retainers. Stage 3 also includes the 5 axis CNC Porting which is a big + to gain power. " Its not like I'm going to nickel and dime it, I got cold hard cash ( Don't own a boat or a Bach). Am I asking the question the right way.
  9. richard

    M TOY M3

    how much!!!!
  10. richard

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    I see what you did there................
  11. richard

    e36 racecar

    I have to remind myself every time I go into the garage that its a go car not a show car. Hoping some stickers will break it up abit.
  12. richard

    e36 racecar

    so after 3 weekend of sanding, priming ,sanding basecoat, sanding I'm ready to......" lay down a real colour". to be honest the fiber glass moulds were real rough with deep scratches in them and spider cracks that only showed up once I put the etch primer on the parts. I'm not a 100% happy but are starting to run out of time.
  13. richard

    What did you do to your NECK today?

    will you feather it out to the edges
  14. richard

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    roll bars, seatbelts . what about airbags.