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  1. Anyone down here have a working K DCAN cable for MHD flashing? I'm having some real trouble with flashing MHD on my 135i and wondering if it's the cable. If anyone has one they can bring around can pay ya for the hassle.
  2. e30ftw

    S54B32 Cam lock tools and Valve Shim kit

    Bump. Open to offers, have no use for this stuff
  3. Genuine BMW Cam lock tools for S54B32: $150 Wiseco VSK4 Valve shims kit and BMW Valve shim replacement tool (Both new, Opened but never did a valve adjustment): $120
  4. I have a black one and with DCT, this is nice though.
  5. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump, $1 reserve auctions finishing tomorrow! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744
  6. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    F it, Just $1 reserved a bunch of stuff, Z3 rack, headunit, premium audio and more. I'm also still selling the S54 E30 swap if anyone is interested. I'm out of the E30 scene now so need this stuff goooooooooooone! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744
  7. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Already sold sorry. Forgot to update this post
  8. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump - Updated. Open to reasonable offers on everything. Not ready to part Audio just yet.
  9. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump - Just added more and will add more. If you can offer me enough to separate the audio, I will. I know some keen on the headunit.
  10. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    I have alot of parts lying around I need to move on; Open to reasonable offers, I have lots more I will add on over the next few days E30 13-Button OBC Retrofit - OBC and complete loom + Control unit + sensors + Remote indicator stalk + Gong and OBC Horn $350 E30 OEM Business RDS Headunit and Premium Audio system - Business RDS Headunit (Still fitted to centre panel, don't have a small enough torx screw to remove it) -CD Stacker and boot mount -Front / Rear Speakers and Tweeter pods - Complete uncut wiring loom for the Headunit and Speakers and CD Stacker $550 E30 Z3 Rack Conversion - Z3 Rack fitted with E30 tierods / boots (near new condition), includes AKG Rack spacers for mounting $600 E30 Window Regulators / Motors - Sold individually - No right rear available anymore $40 E30 Red tinted Taillights -Good Pair $50 E30 Rear Taillights - Rear left has a minor crack - Right side is good $40 each E30 OEM Rear Quater windows - Sold Separately $50 E30 ABS Pump - Good working condition $60 E30 Sunroof Motor - Good working condition $50 E30 Boot lid -Stirling silver $50 16 x 8" XXR530 Wheels with Semi-slicks -16 x 8", includes centercaps - Dunlop Direzza 03g Semislicks 225/45/16 $750 I also have lots of other parts, Will add more as I go. Have tonnes of interior trim parts (No door cards, centre consoles or seats), switches etc. Taillights, Wing mirrors, Boot lid panel. More $1 reserve parts listed on Trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744 Ski-bag SE Steering Wheel Toolkit OEM Firstaid kit Rear trunk spoiler
  11. e30ftw

    E30 325i SE Partout

    Bump - More stuff up for $1 reserve!
  12. e30ftw

    E30 325i SE Partout

    $1 Reserving a bunch of stuff now too, http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744
  13. That is the reason you cut the tube above the hub - The lower strut / hub is cast, the strut tube is steel so can be welded. Almost all E30 coilovers are done like this.
  14. e30ftw

    E30 325i SE Partout

    Bump. Still some bits up on trademe, lots of little things. I'm gonna cut the shell up sometime this week if anyone needs some cuts? Body is straight, rust in places though. Seats are up for $1 reserve too.