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  1. e30ftw

    FS: 2010 135i N55 DCT Coupe

    I haven't actually taken it off yet, I've only had it on for a few months. I was going to empty it when I do my next oil change.
  2. e30ftw

    FS: 2010 135i N55 DCT Coupe

    Apparently a house 😢
  3. e30ftw

    FS: 2010 135i N55 DCT Coupe

    Nah not down here in Wellington, I've had them since I bought the car in March last year and have been all over the place and never had any issues. Yeah I bought the bolt on's to be able to Stage 2/2+, but even at Stage 1+ it's a massive difference over stock and I found it's more than enough, without an LSD in these it's hard enough to put the power down as it is
  4. e30ftw

    FS: 2010 135i N55 DCT Coupe

    For sale $26,500 ono 2010 135i Coupe N55 Engine - MHD Stage 1+ Map 7-Speed DCT Sunroof Msport package / Wheels NZ Maps and Radio Currently 100,750Kms Full Build list: https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/vm06832 I have service history/receipts while I've owned it, within the last 10,000kms the following parts have been replaced: Spark Plugs Eldor Coils O2 sensors High Pressure Fuel Pump Electric Waterpump and Thermostat Cabin Filter I also have some other parts that will be included as part of preventative maintenance. Mods: VRSF Catless downpipe VRSF Charge pipe VRSF 7" Intercooler BMS Intake BMS Oil catch can Carbon Fiber rear trunk spoiler Carbon Fiber rear diffuser Facelift 'Blackline' rear taillights Few minor stone chips, slight curbing on both left wheels. Paint chip on the rear bumper (photographed). Located Wellington
  5. Anyone down here have a working K DCAN cable for MHD flashing? I'm having some real trouble with flashing MHD on my 135i and wondering if it's the cable. If anyone has one they can bring around can pay ya for the hassle.
  6. e30ftw

    S54B32 Cam lock tools and Valve Shim kit

    Bump. Open to offers, have no use for this stuff
  7. Genuine BMW Cam lock tools for S54B32: $150 Wiseco VSK4 Valve shims kit and BMW Valve shim replacement tool (Both new, Opened but never did a valve adjustment): $120
  8. I have a black one and with DCT, this is nice though.
  9. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump, $1 reserve auctions finishing tomorrow! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744
  10. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    F it, Just $1 reserved a bunch of stuff, Z3 rack, headunit, premium audio and more. I'm also still selling the S54 E30 swap if anyone is interested. I'm out of the E30 scene now so need this stuff goooooooooooone! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1539744
  11. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Already sold sorry. Forgot to update this post
  12. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump - Updated. Open to reasonable offers on everything. Not ready to part Audio just yet.
  13. e30ftw

    E30 Parts clearout and more

    Bump - Just added more and will add more. If you can offer me enough to separate the audio, I will. I know some keen on the headunit.