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  1. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Finally the cooler pipes arrived. Everything installed Now for some test driving
  2. Quick rant thread.

    OEM Oil cooler pipes ordered 14th Jan off ebay from qeautoparts1 24th - 31 delivery. Tracking number received USPS "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" hasn't changed since 15th Asendia USA package arrived destination country new Zealand 2/2/18 expected delivery 12th Contacted all parties involved no joy just promises So ordered a set of stainless steel hoses with connection adapters as cover.
  3. MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Tried mr goolge no luck
  4. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    New Rad, shroud and fan arrive ..........still in the US, Oil cooler lines, Rad/Cooler hardware By the way I have a damaged E36 Rad shroud, broken top tab and some fan marks but if anyone wants it pm me
  5. MK Motorsport alloys :)

    Brent Whats a rim weigh ?
  6. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Here's is a link to Part 1 http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/43521-m3-evo-32-1997-hackar/ So here's a reminder of what I'm up to Dec 2014 My baby up in the garage on my Christmas present to myself (QuickJack 3500) Motor supported At this point the jobs not done, but thanks to Google and BMW forums thing are moving along. I'm not in a hurry but here's the progress so far. The gearbox is out, Clutch and Flywheel as well. Perfect timing, while I'm at it I'll replace all the gear shifter bushes as well. Can you guess what these are. Big thanks to Rockwell for saving me so close to Christmas Bolt layout and sizes, I spent 3hrs with torch on head, mirror in mouth lying on back towards the rear of the car trying to get the top left bolt out (miss info from net on size) The 14mm at 9 o'clock was pain 5 shops and I couldn't find a wobble head to work. Had to really lower the engine even more. Looking up her skirt Secondary air pump oil leak (gone now) Rod bearings replaced and ARP bolts installed, the old shells had approx 100k on them but looked fine. Dismantled the oil pump, no sign off wear. Don't forget to pack it full with vaseline so it's primed if you don't it may not pick up the oil in the sump. Remove fuel pump fuse or remove coil pack so the car won't fire/start. Starting the car for the first time was the most terrifying part, turn the car over for 5-7 seconds approx 6-10 times and breath again when you see the oil pressure get to a safe level.(remembering I have an oil pressure gauge installed) Lower chain tensioner wear, decided while it's open I'll replace it. while waiting for the new part to arrive. I grabbed front and rear reinforcement plate kits I had and welded them in. Below the old and the new, as well as the tool I made for removing and installing the clip shown. A piece of flat bar, shaped as you see to remove, slotted on top to install second picture down. On the net the DIYs say that the front cover has to be removed. I did mine from underneath, it is tight up there. Here's the trick the metal springs/lever is actually two levers separate them and have a look. Put it back together, but. Leave the low one out 60% but so it's still under the other. Install the bracket on the pin and manipulate/slide the upper lever into place. Once the upper lever is in place you just have to push the second lever up and it's guided into place by the first lever............... The will make sense I promise Feb 2015 Dual pickup fuel pumps, along the lines of the Pumpkin setup. This pump sit in the passenger side tank with the engine return feeding into the filter. This pump then feeds fuel to the engine pickup pump sump. Finished product, does it work as of 2017 I haven't had a chance to see. Just some notes after multiple attempts at trying to get the fuel gauge to work constantly I gave up. It works most of the time, but now I also use the trip meter as a back up. Brought a 20 ton press New Ball joints for my front control arm, they deserve them after 170km Nov 2015 235 x 40 x 17 R888 (god I love the smell of new rubber) Jan 2016 Made myself a String Alignment Box, why New Tie Rods Digital C/C Gauge w AccuLevel™ and Quick Set™ LW Adapter Bottom line ..... if I had a pit it would be great, my car is to low for me to adjust the toe without jacking. Easier just to take it to an Alignment shop. Jun 2016 After my weak performances at Hampton Downs in Jan & Feb driver training, I gave up trying to diagnose the problem. Booked into Gavin's he's the man, he did his magic and now we've cracked the 200 (ye baby) 2017 update got a chance to get back on HD now because of conditions no lap records were set but, I ran out of 3rd gear leading up to the big sweeper and changed into 4th only a quarter of the way up the hill on the front straight. But interestingly still only managed 193km at end of the front straight taken from GPS (speedo read 200km) Package from Ground Control, upgraded to adjustable Race inserts and a pair of adjustable rear control arms. Now you know why, both the front and rear passenger side shocks were leaking During the changeover I found this a small crack, I believe it is from me adjusting the camber and with the camber plate sitting on that weld it gave way. I've ground down the weld, but I wasn't allowed to do the repair welding as the expert didn't trust me. I found my old tower reinforcement plates and modified them to allow for full camber adjustment. Why didnt do this previously I don't know Aug 2017 RallyRoad front strut bar and rear end Black Powerflex bushes. RallyRoad strut bar installed not the 5 min job I thought. Needed to order the special nuts and had to trim them as they sat proud. (sorry the part # for the nuts is missing forum change platforms and lost most of my writeups) Rear end removed, time to install the Powerflex Black Bushes Tried the drilling out.............smelly and messy Went back to the 20 ton press, gave up the first time because of some of the fun angles and packing I tried seemed dangerous. Second time was just as scary, I hid round the corner a few times. When fitting the GC adjustable control arms, I needed to adjust both the lower bush and the control arm opening so it didn't bind. Replaced my boot loom, don't remember what I had in the write up sorry. Thanks to Dave (M3AN) as I said to you didn't need to provide me with a new loom but it is appreciated. Sep 2016 I know it's not Christmas or did it just come early. But these were listed on Trademe for the second time this time I had to have them. Recaro CS Sportsters full leather, heat........................ Weight saving only 12kgs total As these are not standard BMW E36 M3 seats here in NZ you need to get any modification Certified, including my rear adjustable control arms. The first certifier I went to was a total num nuts. His requirements, required me sending numerous emails to recaro germany, spending days fabbing up slider releases (which I got to work) But I was still 15mm short of exist distance on the drivers side and germany wasn't helping with the other request removal of airbags. In the end I rang Wellington spoke to LVVTA, then went to another certifier all the above was a waste of time and stress. If it doesn't sound right just call Wellington it's worth it. Just for the record no 95% of aftermarket seat mounts/sliders are not certified, which means you cannot mount your safety belts to them. All modifications Certified, I got my little piece of paper and cert plaque riveted in my engine bay Below give you an idea of what's required, you will need to go to LVV site download the H template and instructions to work out your individual seat belt receiver location and height. Lower/Upper Plates were from Auckland Seat Belts, in Glenfield. They sell them as a kit. Needed a spacer H points marked Airbag occupancy light removal: no dash light, air bags are always active. March 2017 During regular maintenance back 2016, I came across some oil in my Plenum. So for Christmas I got a ECS oil catch can So decided to remove the plenum, check the throttle butterflies and install the ECS oil catch. (You may also notice the Power pulleys from ECS as well, but they manufactured for TMS which don't fit Euros. Well the power steering does and is now fitted.) On inspection 1-2-3 were dirty but 4-5-6 butterflies were a real mess. Throttle body cleaner and toothbrush to the rescue. The vanish in 4-5-6 was impossible to remove. Location of catch can I cleaned the IRV and oil separator, replacing the hose # 5 as it was very mushy. As you can see I have left the OS in place and have just added the catch can inline. Routing the hoses was fun setting the hose clips, so they didn't rub or impede putting the plenum back on took a couple of tries. This was a resolute of plastic fatigue not a hose clip for a coolant hose on the back of the plenum and me having too much spinach. Many thanks to Aronn for sending up his spare. Means I'm driving my baby 7 days early. Installed, will update after a few Kms, late April update I have not removed the lower canister, but after approx 700ks and a driver training day there is no sign of oil on the dipstick. At the last monthly coffee meet, I mentioned to the guys that even though I loved the sound of my car. I was driving like a nanny because it drew to much attention. Here's my first attempt, start with the tail pipe got some silencer packing cut it to fit the inside made a cage and slipped it in. I couldn't get the cage to fold nicely around the ends so just cut out a panel and fitted it in. Result: did take the edge of the exhaust tone. UPDATE..... April 2017 driver training, blow the cage and packing out of the tail pipe Next idea, now I know that Scorpion exhausts are guaranteed for life but mines dated 23-99 so I thought maybe the silencer/sound packing had maybe disintegrated. I did some research ordered 3 x Acousta-Fil Boa bags from GB @ $18 each NZ, $100 with delivery.(once again NZ company did themselves out of a sale $69 a bag) A bag of 35mm stainless steel plugs and borrowed a mini camera. Here's where I'm going in I couldn't believe how much packing I got out, took a couple of hours. I had to make up some hook tools. So much for the silencer packing being disintegrated Used all three bags, inserted the plug with some high temperature silicone. June Was looking at CAE & RTD shifters online a month ago. Then blow me down a RTD was put up for sale on here... Couldn't help myself. Spent some time trying to contact the manufacturer. So I could buy the RTD DSSR ,spoke with John he recommended just going with UUC. Installing was a PITA only because I know better than most (right) and installed both pieces with the exhaust and drive shaft still in place. It's tight under there and the tolerances are also amazing. I needed to remove the gear selector input shaft joint and sand the bush slightly to get fit the DSSR to fit. Reinstalled the DSSR, then spent a couple of hours trying to get the DSSR and RTD lower arm to match up for the connecting pin I could get it within 1.5mm I ended up making a temp pin approx 0.5 smaller with the leading edge chamfered. Got it back together went for a drive but got the first base location wrong couldn't get into 2,4,6th. The bolt on the hazard light end of the base only just catches the base plate. The OEM knob sits slightly skewed to the left. Time for a drive up around the bays, interesting totally different from standard very precise you need to shift quickly when I shifted at a leisurely pace I'd get lost Drivers training in 2 weeks need to work on the muscle memory till then Driver training after a dozen emergency braking exercises I once again lost 2nd, 4th and 6th gear. On inspection I cannot tell if the units base has moved. I'm guessing as the fixing locations are maxed out, once things hot up it moves outside of useable tolerance. July Keeping to my philosophy of there must be an easier way............... e.g. not removing exhaust, driveshaft etc to remove shifter Tools I adapted to reach nuts from inside the cabin. With the base in place. Marks on tunnel not centred misaligned offset to the left I forgot to take photos, one day. So the plan was as above extend both top slots and angle them slightly to centre base, just slotted them as above. Didn't extend the sides but extended the rear nose (now a closed in slot) and have had washers and nut bases welded together to reinforce the tunnel sheet metal. Upsized the nuts and bolts to from 6mm to 8mm. Also made reassembly from inside the cabin a breeze. I have only cruised around Devo, but changing gear, finding gears is much easier. But won't know if the reason I did this works till some spirited driving is done. (see update below) Dec 2017 Coolant flush and new thermostat. 29th Dec driver training. Good stuff first, RTD shifter is superb. I love it . As always 1st session was just a shake down, second session pushed a little harder 1.19:5 but then sad to say only lasted 1/4 of the 3rd session before this happened Damaged my radiator, rad shroud, fan and oil cooler lines. Waiting now on parts These arrived today Vibra-Technics BMW362MX Removed Poly Engine mounts Well a picture or two are worth a thousand words: No heat shield to speak of (top right), the poor old passengers side bolt & plate have moved under the strain. New parts in waiting, over the top heat shield for drivers side engine mount. Think I'm going to have to strap it in place. Feb 2018 Installed finally, engine mounts, uprated heat shield drivers side, oil cooler pipes(4wk wait) radiator including mounts, vent pipe, fan and shroud. As a precaution after the failure of the engine mounts, I loosened the gearbox cross member and gearbox mounts and re-adjusted them.
  7. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Richard was going to go down that track "solid alloy" read a couple of articles where a few (very few) guys had problems with knock sensors etc because of the harmonics. Not trying to scare you, but just a heads up if strange things start happening.
  8. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Here's a link http://www.zpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1234185 showing them dismantled
  9. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Photos up of the poly engine mounts removed. And there was a heat shield in place .............. what a mess If you have poly mounts exposed to heat, shield them well
  10. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Thanks for the advice, will do. Waiting on a sheet of Embossed aluminium to make a heat shield.
  11. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    These arrived today, photo of why on my project page
  12. Quick Questions

    Ordered + shroud and fan 🤗 $525 nz, tax still to add When do you think NZ companies will wake up
  13. Worth every penny.
  14. Quick Questions

    Will do Dave
  15. Quick Questions

    CSF or OEM approx $300 US One of these added to my parts order adds $50 US to shipping
  16. Quick Questions

    Morning all, My 97 E36 M3 radiator is damaged, it's not leaking but the performance would have to be compromised. As I'm about to order some parts from the US, should I be adding a new radiator to my US order ? or is there a recommended NZ company I should look at. As always I'm looking to at least update/upgrade so full alloy is on the table, but I'm not looking at spending $1000 US If you've been through this process your help would be appreciated Cheers Mark
  17. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Put the car up on quick jacks to find out why my driver training on the 29th was cut short Some plonker (me) didn't put the heat shield on the right hand side engine mount. Engine mount Melted Ordered : Vibra Technics Uprated Competition Front Engine Mounts Required : Rad Shroud, Fan, Heat shield maybe: New radiator, Sound insulating engine hood
  18. Dave

    I'm guessing one of my engine mounts may have failed. Where did you buy your vibra-tec from?

    and do vibra do a gearbox mount

    Cheers mate

    1. M3AN


      I got mine from a US forum group buy but here's the main link:


      I got the "road" versions.

      I have a set of partially used OEM ones somewhere you can have if you're in a bind.

      They don't do e36 gearbox mounts, only e46 and I don't think they fit our cars.


  19. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Only lasted 2 1/2 sessions yesterday at Hampton Downs. Broke something But had a good droul over this M4GT4 Stunning machine
  20. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Set the car up for Hampton downs on the 29th
  21. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Coolant flush and new thermostat.
  22. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Careful Lee one mod is never enough
  23. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Sorry Lee, there were some specifications but I don't remember the details. No Powercruise for me mate.
  24. M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Cheers Lee It does have 4 rivets per catch. 2 plates for each catch, sandwiching the plates against the tunnel.
  25. Taupo Powercruise 9th-12th Nov

    Shame I cant drift Shame I cant do burnouts Shame I cant do powerslides I could cruise round the track I could do the 200mtr race Would be fun to be a spectator