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  1. final strip down of the shell , anyone after bits ?? doors , guards , trans diff , suspension roof linning bonnet lights etc etc
  2. good work , these are nice cars we used to have a nz new 2002 blaqck 330i touring until someone ran up the back of it , writing it off .
  3. gone now
  4. $900 for you
  5. most ones i have seen have been 3.64 , most jap import autos wont be lsd
  6. have spare engines for these if anyone wants
  7. left guard yes sunroof mech yes pm me or better still email or call details on my sig
  8. has to be wagon struts as heights are different , pic, is like the link above
  9. actual these might not suit as they are edc as well , new cost well over $2k each . new ones that are not edc are about $500usd each guys in Russia rebuild them etc or you could convert to no sls type , need , std touring springs and touring shocks . lowtec do a kit
  10. have these MK motorsport 17" by 8.5" perefect fitment for e36
  11. have a set from a e34 m5 sedan .
  12. depends where you take it etc approx. $300-400 for the inspection plus what ever they find worn ,faulty etc , brakes , suspension joints , tyres , lights etc rust ?? plus 200-300 for new plates and rego etc but be careful if it has had any major past body/chassis damage etc if they see anything like that , will require a engineers report etc , and a engineer will only sign it off if he sees it all stripped back etc I would want to get it up on a hoist to inspect it 1st or at least up on jack stands and go under it with a bright light pull back boot carpets , wheel arch liners etc good luck
  14. gone !!