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  1. what makes you think the head gasket has blown ??
  2. shem at bloxham has done some exhaust work for me and others
  3. day time early evening

    E24 parts

    have stripped a couple a while back , have some parts . send me your list
  5. gearlever boot and surround maybe, clutch line stuff
  6. Got the e34 540i touring call if keen 021433600


    have a few old cd stackers, what stereo head unit does it have , also sets etc 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz
  8. have a full set of 4 new 245/40-17" kumho semi slicks also a set on style 68 alloys 17" by 8" which have done a couple of track days can sell with or without alloys also more alloys availible 021433600
  9. anyone here keen on a Proper stage 2 super charger kit active autowerkes type 400+ hp for a 330i can also fit 328i 325i 323i e39 530i 528i etc M54 or m52tu etc or could be adapted to fit older e34 e36 z3 models etc basically brand new only test fitted and run a few hours etc , 021433600 details on there website https://store.activeautowerke.com/collections/e46-330/products/active-autowerke-e46-330-supercharger-kit-level-1 , this is stage 2 kit so has all the extra plumbing ,intercooler and smaller pulley on the charger so makes more boost retails over $6000us dollars plus freight gst etc https://www.urotuning.com/products/active-autowerke-level-2-supercharger-kit-bmw-e46-330i-12-020 these cost around $6000us dollars new plus freight and GST etc looking at $5500nzd also have the software for the tune 021433600
  10. haha good score on the old 544i , typical ex UK car rust that flywheel is really only suitable for a 5spd box , small clutch is really only like a 330i 328i 3l m3 240mm type , clutch spline wont suit the 420g larger spline . but maybe you could get a stronger clutch set up to fit from maybe a e46 m3 or e36 3.2l m3 etc?? yea those x5 4.6is are so much better than the 4.4i i have both and the 4.6is is way faster and sounds amazing ps got plenty of pics of that red 530i if you need
  11. BM WORLD

    M3 E36 sedan

    buy my e46 S54 6spd touring $20k
  12. http://www.sasgroup.nz/contact.php?branch=manukau
  13. sorry just been too busy top go pick it up , hopefully soon
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