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  1. lots of these style 32 wheels get a refurb and all the casting numbers on the face get ground/sanded off etc style 32 have all there numbers on the front face . like this numbers became very faint when layers of paint go over them
  2. i just clean in there when the roof is half open etc wipe dirt etc , air hose blow the drain tubes etc . its a common issue on pretty much all convertibles have seen flooded e36 e46 models etc , except less electrics to damage in those models.
  3. yes common issue , have seen it before . try rapid radio see if they have a replacement , or try ebay etc
  4. have a mint m42b18 engine , looks like its had the head reco'd etc at some stage no point pulling a good head off a good engine. , if you don't find a good un bent un cracked head
  5. all e36 coupe have folding rear seats , some late model e36 sedans came with them all e46 coupe have folding rear seats , some e46 sedans came with them , just depends on spec ordered
  6. ok so you have spark , but still no start , ok so next you need to check is there high pressure fuel at the fuel rail , disconnect the fuel hose at the reg end and crank it over . if fuel is there , are the fuel injectors ticking when you crank the engine ?? you may have spark but is it in time ? check with a timing light ? is it being over fuelled ? black smoke ? when it stalls , bang the ecu box with handle of a screw driver ? so if it starts ? did you check the distance from the flywheel trigger to the crank sensor (the rear one) is the trigger solid mounted to the flywheel , not cracked welds etc
  7. you will have to try all these things , also , how good are your tyres? how quickly do they get grip etc . trial and era ,
  8. hi keep the chit chat for somewhere else please, this is a for sale thread .
  9. have options ,. call me
  10. call me mate 021433600
  11. should return all the way when you release your finger
  12. wtb

    have a set also , mk motorsports type 1
  13. easy enough to remove and see if they are broken , quite common
  14. these cars have a few common faults , give me a call some time
  15. like this in this 92 m5