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  2. no one rang me ?? 021433600 im the only one that answers the phone what number did you ring ?
  3. yeah NA!! have nice black wood trim in mine might nick the seats though
  4. I would say it will be fine . but I do have a set of 10;1 c/r pistons if you want to upgrade but you will be pulling whole engine apart and rebuild everything by the time you do that . did you still want that new valve ?
  5. just in today nice msport spec lowish ks black on black BM World ltd papakura 021433600
  6. towed a boat with the X5
  7. should have
  8. can do
  9. call me if you like
  10. Here's one we prepared earlier 😉 328ti with a supercharger also just in the middle of a e46 330ti IMG_8703.MOV
  11. yes can do
  12. bump and updated pics with the new wheels on it .
  13. yea common swap in japan when the cars where new to satisfy the buyer wanting new M6 but with a auto gearbox . have seen a few over the years . heres another
  14. sort of black .