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  1. its is precession , just doesn't like neglect
  3. also got parts from this one
  4. nz new 125ks V10 bearing shell
  5. some more pics etc IMG_2111.MOV
  6. just in today , they just keep falling off the road for some reason 2002 m3 109ks 6speed manual yellow wrapped in matt grey engine and gearbox are fine lsd csl replica wheels *(well 3 of them ) leather m3 seats also still have another M3 parts car (undamaged body)
  7. i think with shorter drives , cold starts etc , longer drives shoudl be less , but what you reckon you get ??
  8. more like 22-25L per 100km around town new rear brake discs and pads over $1000 ,
  9. yea sorry typo
  10. neglect , abuse when cold , wrong oil types , running low on oil too many times , no dispstick , oil level sesnors fail these engines burn upto a litre of oil per 1000km $150 per 5 litres of the bmw oil . also 15,000km service intervals , should about 8000km
  11. sorry $18500 thanks
  12. bump great car , been driving it around all week , really loving it
  13. 2007 E92 335i twin turbo coupe 91ks 300hp 3L Space grey with black leather Sport seats , Idrive , CD player , md player Cd stacker New wof and reg 17" staggered alloys and tyres Awesome drive car 6speed auto 021433600 In papakura $18500
  14. have driveshafts in stock @bmworld
  15. unbolt the driveshaft at the diff end and check the joints for beig seized etc