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  1. yes i think i have a service manual also a mate of mine has a couple of m73 in his shed call for details 021433600
  2. yea and slow my mate has a 525ix touring , 5spd , had a m52b28 swapped in a few years ago m goes better now , yea all front end stuff is rare , he has a bunch of spares i sold him from a wreck i had years ago just encase
  3. ok , probably going to have to go through all of them and take pics of the covers ,
  4. hi guys selling my magazine collection have heaps going back to the 90's etc total bmw performance bmw bmw car etc thinking about $5 each for the early year stuff can sell in yearly groups etc bulk discounts etc have a list someone ,might post up later 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz pics below is just sample of what I have
  5. depends on build date , axles and arms are different on early e28 to later ones, and his is 83 so could have either
  6. 4cyl engines sit 25mm further forward , just buy some e46 323i shifter bits
  7. does the brake master cylinder bottle have the nipple for a clutch feed line to attach to ? just use that
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