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  1. dyno time soon ?? and a test drive
  2. hope . I sell lots a HT leads , coils , o2 sensors , cats etc because the guys just read off the scanners , and always ends up being , pcv , intake hose vac leaks etc
  3. I would be checking and replacing all the breather and vac hoses , pcv , oil drain hose from the pcv etc , all old hoses , they get cracks , go all soft etc engine will suck more air in that has not been measured by the MAF and will throw up a engine check light as running too lean. just done a few hoses at the back of my x5 for the same issue . like these
  4. yes
  5. yes its for sale $80
  6. I missed your call , tried to call back a few times , no anaswer
  7. tail lights as per pictures $90 each . haven't found the window reg yet . maybe threw it out ? have the winder handle spoiler sold ages ago
  8. spoiler long gone , may have a door window regulator . body was stripped and sent to scrap long ago .
  9. great project have a few parts left over from this and some new old stock etc
  10. correct and e92 335i interesting the z4 35is is the same as the 1M engine , so basically a tune and some bigger intake pipes and intercooler and you have a PRETTY QUICK CAR
  12. yes can help , just drive it and see how good or bad it is , worse when cold normally can be converted to a ZF auto , but will require , engine/trans loom and matching trans control unit , zf auto driveshaft etc
  13. yes will be jatco , they seam to be jerky , some better than others , it can be fixed , they do seam to last well enough , cheap to buy , zf are so much smoother though and taller gearing , get better economy . can convert to a manual easy enough , have a kit if you need , or a replacement trans VIN WBABF42080JA91136 Type code BF42 Type 325I (EUR) E series E36 (2) Series 3 Type COUPE Steering RL Doors 2 Engine M50 Displacement 2.50 Power 141 Drive HECK Transmission AUT Colour MONTREALBLAU METALLIC (297) Upholstery LEDER CASUAL/HELLGRAU (P7TH) 1994-08-30 Vehicle options S240 Leather steering wheel S243 Airbag for front passenger S423 Floor mats, velours S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S481 Sports seat S494 Seat heating driver/passenger S530 Air conditioning S556 Outdoor temperature indicator S686 Antenna-Diversity S687 Radio preparation S704 M Sports suspension L807 L807 code mean jap spec NATIONAL VERSION JAPAN(means it will have the jatco) S818 Battery master switch S900 Electronic immobilizer S925 Dummy-SALAPA
  14. yes , whats the car , if its a e36 will be zf for most world parts or jatco if from japan if its a e46 will be GM or ZF . whats the vin ?