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  1. easy call me 021433600
  2. what do you need ? might have some
  3. s52 is a USA m3 based engine 260hp . based on m50 m52 type engine , cast iron block 3L or 3.2L with the same head and intake and exhaust manifolds as a 328i m52 engine euro m3 engines are s50b30 286hp or s50b32 321hp 2 piece head , high reving engine and 6 throttle bodies and nice headers etc or go the s54 3.2L 343hp newer tech
  4. yes wife and daughter where ok. not sure yet on replacement , maybe just the same thing again ? not sure about a E91 ? 330i or 335i ? they have lots of issues but maybe if the right one came up ? another X5 maybe ? E70 7 seater diesel ??
  5. couple of small update videos with some pics at the end of them z4 rear muffler is fitted. manual coding done (thanks to joe ) swapped out the suspension , brakes , diff ,axles , driveshaft etc to 330i , msport stuff so has a 3.38 330i automatic diff ratio , 330i manual driveshaft 330ci msport front struts ,msport sway bars mpsort rear springs(off something ??) and msport rear shocks 330i rear trailing arms ,axles etc fitted some msport 17" by 8.5" alloys with 245/40-17" semi slicks (sort of) booked in for a wheel alignment next week gotta recode the asc module as original unit had a intermittent fault so was swapped out for another.
  6. make sure you have the bleed screw open while filling the system so the air can come out . also squeeze the hoses to pump air out at the same time. sometimes I use the pressure from the garden hose to force the air out then start the engine when cold and squeeze air out while its running then refit the rad cap. double check the level when cold
  7. have the rear system off this car . sounded nice , not too loud etc /
  8. my misses had her nice NZ new 2002 330i touring written off got banged into at the lights on the dodgy north shore area last Wednesday got hit by a scobby do , then banged into corona then into a rav4 has bent the rear rails but because it had a towbar it has bent the boot floor (back bone ) of the car . door gaps closed up etc have brought it back off the insurance company. so probably will part it out which seems a shame being a nice nz new car lowish ks been very reliable for last 4 years or so so she's now driving around in the e34 544iT disturbing everyone and sitting off car alarms everywhere for now
  9. yea should be around 13.6 to 13.8v when running
  10. loose battery terminal , main earth straps etc ?
  11. awesome , if that's neutral , looks like you have a 6cyl mount and a 4cyl shifter rod
  12. I have some genuine bmw crossbars 021433600
  13. I think you already know the car some old posts here .
  14. ok cool , hope to get my e46 330ti out soon too if you have a android phone down load the race chrono app , records your times etc