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  1. about the same spec as our old 330i touring that got writen off
  2. looking for msport e39 bumpers can be damaged etc , let me know what you have send pics etc thanks brent
  3. yes can do , email me
  4. not mine , as its on the hoist with the rear subframe out getting some bushes and seals etc
  5. got this listed here if anyone is interested call me 021433600
  6. yea pain , not really suppose to use the locks on all these newer bmws , they will all break , you should be using the remote buttons on the key , and if they are not working get them sorted . you can make a mess of the lock then turn the latch part with a screw driver . so new lock and key will be required , or smash a window ? try prying the top of the door open , use a plastic wedge , get a wire in there to pull the door handle or push the central lock button can do a door glass $120 front or $90 rear , don't do the quarter glass (much harder to change) call me if you like
  7. yea much better , then just convert to manual if you really want to bother ,
  8. just get that one repaired , easy done
  9. way too much , also better off with the later e28 type chasis models 1983 onwards
  10. whats longevity mean to you when your in the ditch or a powerpole etc , go for stickyness over long life in tyres i see so many bmw's coming in for wrecking that have a mixture or rubbish tyres , old tyres and very bald tyres etc .
  11. yes , nice nz new m535i he has had it for about 13-14years
  12. ring around and get some quotes guess around $800-1000
  13. bridgestone re003
  14. not mine but worth a look
  15. price drop ,