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  1. Firstly, awesome work on the project. Nice! Secondly, how crazy was the lock replacement/repair - for non mechanically minded owner with a busted drivers door lock (thanks long term parking guys at Akl airport...). Locking and unlocking from boot, central locking still functional. Thanks!
  2. Was this the same e34 from the Welly meet circa 5 years ago? From memory, we met by Chocolate Fish Cafe, did a little drive around the bay and took some pics of the cars. If this is the same car, it was very nice in person...
  3. Thre may be a thread about this car already but a quick search didn't throw anything up. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1471669184&archive=1 1 Bidder, sold for 11,990.00. Not a dig at seller or buyer (well done to both) btw, just wondered if this was indicative of an unmolested example with service history etc. My insurance renewal just came up. Maybe I'm a little underinsured...
  4. The painter that previously owned this car lived in Kilbrinie and I'd see this parked on the street with paint tins, drop sheets and all sorts of gear in the back all the time. It was his daily and work wagon which was kinda cool. I've seen one other in Welly that was pampered, garaged, mint condition, black and manual. Not sure if it was NZ new though...
  5. Got back recently from a week in San Fran. Pleasantly surprised to see many older beemers in the central city. E28's, e30's, e34's, no 36's spotted but several e46 tourings and many late model tourers. Surprisingly not many SUV models. Saw a gold M4 which looked pretty epic. Shite load of late model mustangs. A few Tesla S's. Massive 4x4 work trucks that seem totally impractical for both carrying tools/equipment and parking...
  6. Looking for a muffler replacement for a '89 325i Touring. Thanks in adv.
  7. Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place for this post. As per title, I'm looking for recommendations for a decent service and repair workshop in R'vegas. Ideally with e30 experience. I had been driving down to Welly fairly often last year so I could drop the car in for services while in town. Not expecting to drive down as much this year so looking for a local workshop. Cheers.
  8. Hi all, current og parts are in need of replacing. Muffler is the most problematic but wanting to do exhaust at the same time. Not looking for any drastic change in note or volume as the stock tone was fine by me. Numerous online fodder but hoping to find more user experience references/suggestions. Are second-hand systems worth looking at (considering age etc) and would any e30 exhaust and muffler unit fit or would model and engine need to be matched. Thanks in adv. Rio
  9. Not sure where to put this but here seemed apt. https://imgur.com/gallery/zql9uGV Hmm, can't seem to get it to display in the post. Someone feel free to repost...
  10. Thanks Mark, will check out the link. Had a quick look at the set up in mine and appears to be anchored at the base of the seat. Murphy's.
  11. Hey all, been a while. Noob question here but wondered if any e30 owners know if most retractable seatbelt mechanisms from the early 90's will work/fit into an e30? Very slight bit of fraying on the drivers side seatbelt of the wagon. Needs replacing for the wof so only today and tomorrow to source and replace before xmas. There's one on TM but wondered if I could just use a seatbelt mechanism from any model vehicle of a similar era (1989/90). If so I'll just check out a local wreckers. (We're now living in RotoVegas...) Thanks in adv and merry xmas. Rio
  12. Back in welly now, will try and get some pics tomorrow and post something up.
  13. Sorted. Embarrising how simple that was. Thanks again. One question I did have - from the quick search I did online I think the hose from the injectors connected to the fuel flow/pressure regulator??? Anyway, that whatever it is seems, (on mine at least) to be free floating. Should it be attached to something (a bracket?) in the engine bay? Even with my limited mechanical experience, that just seems odd. Thanks again, btw the new site upgrade is great.
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