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  1. C-130 Hercules

    15inch Basketweaves with tyres.

    One day you’ll regret selling them
  2. C-130 Hercules

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    Hirschmann antenna?
  3. C-130 Hercules

    one for the collection...

    ...has been in a climate controlled bubble for the past few years since restoration was completed in 2013... ;’( sad
  4. C-130 Hercules

    Removing adhesive from paintwork?

    Try some olive or cooking oil. Works wonders on adhesive residue.
  5. C-130 Hercules

    Windscreen replacement

    Cool. Waiting for the glass and trim to arrive. I am getting Ian and Professional Glass to do the work. Had several recommendations for him.
  6. C-130 Hercules

    Removing mud flaps

    Think it’s this type - #8:
  7. C-130 Hercules

    Removing mud flaps

    They are just push pins, no? Try slide a thin flat screwdriver under neath and wiggle them loose a bit. Alternatively push the pin in and recover it one you have taken the plug out.
  8. C-130 Hercules

    1986 BMW 525E with 2.7L Stroker, 5-Speed Manual

    Are the sheep skin covers fitted and would you sell them separately?
  9. C-130 Hercules

    Anyone use an outdoor car cover?

    Yes, even indoors I don’t like to use them. Apart from scratching the paint they also trap moisture. A carport or some sort of tent would be ok. Perhaps you could check out some storage facilities. They have garage size units. Just make sure it is properly ventilated.
  10. C-130 Hercules

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Check out those boots - must have nicked it off a Sasquatch.
  11. C-130 Hercules

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Yes, when I took out the cover originally. I have classic cover. Every now and then I review and increase the agreed value. As long as it is in line with the market and nothing outrageous, they will generally accept without much fuss. They will request a new set of pictures every time you do, so they can see the condition of the car.
  12. C-130 Hercules

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Still with Swann. Can’t complain. Haven’t had any major incidents which would have required their assistance though. Have agreed value, track extension, salvage rights.
  13. C-130 Hercules

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Equally interesting to know, how did one get into the car with the roof down? Especially if one was of taller or more solid stature.