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  1. What antenna has it got and what type of rear speakers? After Hirschmann antenna and stock rear speakers - premium type of possible.
  2. ...but got the steering wheel on the wrong side.
  3. Red e30 Touring on Cryers Road East Tamaki. WUxxxx. Anyone on here?
  4. - BM Workshop Botany (Ross) or Grey Lynn (Guido) - Ernst at Bavarian Motors - Cameron at Euroservice Mt Wellington (if he is still there)
  5. There are specific headlight rings which have allowance for mounting the stoppers. I think each ring for each light is unique so you will need a full set. Only important if you actually want to run the wipers.
  6. I have edited the challenge. Didn't mean to make this exclusive or anything. I am just kind of old school and thought it shouldn't be too hard. Look forward to see some pix and further challenges. Point taken to make it current and exclude historic photos.
  7. I would have thought there are a fair number of e30s about in Auckland to make this next challenge. Maybe just to clarify - it is not particularly necessary to complete the challenge 'anew'. If you have a picture of your car matching the challenge then post it and stipulate the next challenge. There was a good number of cars that drove past Auckland Museum during the BMW Anniversary cruise last year - no takers?
  8. That's just the next challenge. The one after that can be something completely different. Maybe a pic of your Beemer in the wet/snow, in front of the big 🥕 in Ohakune... next player decides. See where it goes.
  9. Saw this game on another forum.Objective: Take a picture of your car with the criteria of the previous post. List another challenge after the picture. Nothing dangerous or which could be interpreted unlawful. Challenge: Your BMW at a car meet Next Challenge: Your BMW in front of a museumPlease post only if you have completed the challenge. Thanks for playing!
  10. I have Bilstein Sport but can't remember the cost.
  11. $70 for both rear (square) speakers? Any other e30 m3 parts?
  12. I am sure this is just a demonstrator. Soft side standard. Hard side extra.
  13. Are the rear speakers available separately and if so in good order?
  14. Thought there might be a market for these at the moment. No affiliation
  15. Vapour blast --> no pitting?