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  1. On road I would agree. That 16s are probably the limit. Handling gets a bit too harsh after that.
  2. Cool, now you must come round to the Sunday meet at Kyu's!
  3. I use Meyle on the Merc. Never had any issues. Good performance.
  4. I know of a NZ new m325i that sold about 10 years ago for 16k..
  5. @E30 325i Rag-Top get it before someone else will! 😁
  6. @qube - when is our next monthly meet? 1 Dec or can we do 8 Dec?
  7. She'll be fine in the glove box... Yeah, nah maybe not... However, you could perhaps schedule your Auckland stay around the time of our next Sunday catch up at Kyu's - would be great to meet.
  8. Never knew! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/bmw-group_shareyourpassion-bmwgrouplife-bmwgroupcareers-activity-6598841489403453440-_XQv
  9. If you can 'bounce the rear' it sound like your suspension definitely needs a health check...
  10. The first - gut feeling only.
  11. Love it - is this the Brexit safety package?
  12. ...there is certainly a (perceived) noviceness to many e-bike/scooter riders. People that would otherwise not, or never have much, ridden either...
  13. You can try, I haven't had to go down that track. Have you had a go withe MAF adjustment screw? Only adjust by small amount.
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