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  1. I am surprised e34s don't have a sensor that will reverse the window in such cases... Believe the e36s have this.
  2. ...so, are the steel doors going up for sale?
  3. From the ticker tape... e34 - http://nzh.tw/12267283 e30 - https://www.driven.co.nz/news/news/crafty-owner-moves-cars-into-lounge-to-protect-them-from-hurricane-dorian/
  4. That very much depends on your definition of a showroom... 😁
  5. Have all the respect for Brabus but this reminds me very much of a Nissan Cube.
  6. Not affiliated. Shame they are not 5 lug. Hope they go to a good home. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2306237401
  7. Looks a bit like a Mitsi Sigma/Galant...
  8. Hi ya - should look something like this
  9. Just trying my luck - Hirschman antenna for the e28?
  10. That's when you pull out the heat gun in the morning. 😁 You could also get a bag of salt ice from the servo and wrap it around it for an hour. Then heat gun.
  11. Heat gun might do the trick too.
  12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrott!? How does it end up like this?
  13. From what I have learnt, Gull buys on the open market - whatever sells at the right price at the time. BP refines their own product and guarantees its octane rating. With Gull, sometime you can get lucky and get good quality, sometimes a bit average.
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