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  1. One of a kind... surprised the theme doesn’t extend to the interior.
  2. What colour and pattern?
  3. Stashed away at the moment. Looks similar to this:
  4. What is ‘S925ADummy-SALAPA’?
  5. Been a while. I have a basket now. Still looking for a good condition roof rack.
  6. Saw a AM DB11 last weekend in Howick. Beaut car. Similarities to the Kia Stinger actually
  7. And an interesting e36 with hood ornaments: https://www.trademe.co.nz/1461239729
  8. 20-22 easy
  9. Here is an article about it: http://www.coolcar.co.nz/all-about-air-conditioning/facts-about-your-vehicle-ac/ R12a won’t be available easily unless you find old stock. Possible to import r12 recharge kits but I am not sure how NZ Customs would feel about it. Suggest you check with them
  10. e28 this morning on Highbrook. Pulled up beside mine. Good start to the day. Might get Lotto tonight. Plate was NAxxxx - anyone on here?
  11. Premium rear speakers?
  12. 1M are not as solid as e30s. Just my humble opinion. I like the 1M don't get me wrong. How easy will it be to service in 25 years time?
  13. I am thinking around $25K. The additional is dealer mark up.