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  1. Wind Flaring for Roof Racks

    Still interested Mikan. What would you want for it?
  2. Wind Flaring for Roof Racks

    Second in line if qube doesn’t like it
  3. SPOTTED! The official thread

    Recent Brit and Euro car show in Auckland
  4. Random (BMW) pic of the day

  5. Random (BMW) pic of the day

  6. Random (BMW) pic of the day

  7. SPOTTED! The official thread

    What’s with the reverse parking across the street? Coincidence or legal requirement in New Caledonia?
  8. Hub Centric Rings

    Just ordered a set off trademe. $24.99 delivered.
  9. M325i mtech II

    Just came across this...
  10. FS: Parting My E28 M30B35, Getrag 265, Mtech Seats etc

    Hi - is the set of premium rear speakers still available? I would like to buy them. Also interested in front bumper Couple more - does it have a Hirschmann antenna? Interested if so. The driver’s side mirror still available?