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  1. Last test I saw was around 45nm. So about as useful as dragging your foot on the ground
  2. Beautiful. If only I had a car to fit them to
  3. Not a BMW at all, but put a new clutch in this new brakes and such and started detailing it for my uncle. I missed my one during the first 10 minutes of driving. And then I remembered a sorted e36 is more fun. I also got some red cloth e36 sport seats and started a clean up on those. I'll go get a pic
  4. The breakaway torque on them is unbelievably low. Completely useless. The only "cheap" lsd was the old OBX units but they stopped making them for bmws, could modify them to work nicely (Honda guys still do)
  5. New, unused. Located hastings $40
  6. I have ADS interface set up in Hawkes Bay that should talk to it.
  7. It will be a getrag 220 and yes all the m5x motors will fit. You will need to unbolt the box and move it back and install a 6 cylinder shifter though.
  8. Yeah they leak everywhere, not uncommon for leaks to go under windscreen either
  9. Those universal cups are staked in to place, so technically single use. I have replaced a bunch of them and most engineers can do it
  10. I can go with that Today I order two rear tyres for the x5. And it has decided to split a cv boot up front. Checked it all over on the hoist and then gave it a vacuum, enjoyed the new gear knob, the old one was a bit poo from someone's engagement ring
  11. It is nice but I dont think it's a very sharp price for what appears to be an above average condition, above average km manual 540. It's a shame they're so rare here, a well appointed facelift msport one would be a real nice car
  12. Get a Ctek or similar, will on demand charge and not destroy the battery Removed all the heinous wood trims from the x5 to get them painted piano black. Will have to do the shifter surround also as that's silver. I don't know why it had the wood in there and the silver sport pack stuff all mixed up. Black is good.
  13. That m6 is good buying IMO, obviously a well cared for car, unlike most sub $30k cars of any sort in NZ I dont think the rod bearing issue is anywhere near as bad as it's made out to be.
  14. I have four e36s and I am definitely a moron
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