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  1. Depends on how much work he needs to do, but mine cost $250. Have spoken to a couple of people recent who have drilled the spindles and run heim joints and spacers to adjust the bumpsteer. Need to be drilled otherwise need the conical pins machined. Beware of buying the pre-made kits as they may not have enough adjustability, like the ones I bought.
  2. I had my e36 rack swap picked up during certify. Because the rack needs to be spaced and lowering, the steering geometry had changed (nothing to do with 5 stud swapping) ended up having to go through a full bum steer test and have adjustable rack ends made to correct the bumpsteer and put the steering arms in a positive position. Also had to weld the spacers in so they couldnt be removed.
  3. Bump....surely there's a dead m60 somewhere
  4. As the title states, I'm on the hunt for an m60 wiring loom. Have a winter project in mind and need a 2nd loom. Someone help me.
  5. Looking for some 18" wheels and tyres with a good offset for my newly acquired e46 sedan. Just seeing what's out there
  6. I have used the SRS bushes and passed my cert, still need either m3 evo LCA & e36 hubs or m3 LCA & hub to center the wheels correctly
  7. I had similar problems in my 330 and after rebuilding the vanos it was perfect, because the solenoids cant hold oil pressure it struggles to hold idle, less noticeable in an auto though
  8. In need of an alternator for a 540/740 non watercooler type in good condition and tested.
  9. Most large passenger SUV's are only rated to 2.0t because of the transmissions they use. You want something with a traditional automatic gearbox. How long do you want the list? Hilux Fortuner Prado Colorado Trailblazer Navara Pathfinder (D40 shape) X5 Q7 the list goes on....diesel is the best way to go for towing, gives you more pulling power, just depends on the budget you want to spend
  10. WYZEUP

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Cant wait to see this finished and go for a roll with you
  11. I was actually starting to consider a corolla or mazda sp20 and join the basic white girls of auckland 😂
  12. WYZEUP

    E34 sump & pick up

    Thats a bargain for someone wanting to convert an e30
  13. They're all on my list bar the last one haha
  14. Well the time has finally come where i need to buy myself a daily driver again........dammit. Now i know the more i spend the better im going to get but budget is limited with everything else i need to do.....i'm looking at spending 3-4k. Have been looking around and have come across quite a few e46 318/320/325/330 ranging from 165-230km's ....now the decision is which way do i go? people who have had experience with high km e46's, i would love to hear your experiences. Im between a rock and a hard place as fuel consumption is a consideration as i already have a gas guzzler and will be mainly for commuting around auckland, but have heard some people say they get good economy from the larger engines Cheers Guys for your input
  15. WYZEUP

    328ti Rally

    get in touch with ethrty on here.....he had some e36 msport kits he was supplying for cheap. he may have exactly what your after. Good luck with the build!
  16. add one more zero 2,980,000 yen ......just over 40k. i would have bought it if it was only 4k
  17. Stumbled across this while trawling through some japanese auctions. looks like a nice example....pity they didnt use the newer motor like HellBM http://www.moderno-zing.com/stock/bmw 130i-mスポーツ v8e39エンジン公認/
  18. I think he means speed bumps, at crossing and car parks....
  19. Uggggh I'll add it to the list 🙈......im just happy its running faultlessly at the moment.
  20. A couple of really cool conversions i stumbled across last night. They are too cool not to share. @_ethrty-Andy_ some ideas for the future of the transit? Really cool converted 635i
  21. contact these guys they may be able to help you if they don't already have it in stock http://lemansautofabrics.co.nz/fabric-bmw.html
  22. it may have "crappy chinese ebay parts" but its the suspension and handling that were the main concerns for HSV, hence the decoupling rear sway bar (which is unheard of in a ute) upgraded shocks and springs, wheels are no bigger just wider, from a 7.5" to a 10" wheel The camaro will come as spec'd out of america, being the 2SS will be very well spec'd unfortunately no manual at this stage currently
  23. I run the srs bushes and they still dont centre the hub with standard e36 arms, if you use m3 hubs it may work. Theres quite a few options out there for this now, theres a guy in oz that has built some that he reckons works with standard arms. try the e30 enthusiasts australia page he posts a bit on there
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