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  1. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=84486&highlight=drifty340i
  2. there was a build on it somewhere on these forums i think
  3. As above would pay to re-build the vanos. I had the same problems with my e46....rebuilt the vanos unit with all new seals and she ran perfect again. Definitely worth doing a rebuild on.
  4. For safety sake i wouldn't use harnesses without a cage, harnesses are made to hold you in the seat and upright. in the unfortunate even of a rollover you will be unable to move and the with no roll cage to protect you from the roof collapsing could cause very adverse effects. I feel these harness bars are more built for looks than functionality.....i understand why you want to run harnesses but also why put your life at risk? Just my thoughts on it anyway......
  5. call nz car parts wellington or tauranga i know they had a few in stock when i was working there
  6. That was a good score man, nice work... would love to have a half cage. purely just for looks purposes really haha
  7. Where did you find the half cage? does it work with interior?
  8. there is a re manufactured version on r3vlimited, i purchased some, it is a very close match but is not the wool blend that the factory material is made of. it depends how factory original you want, the stuff from le mans is factory made bmw fabric so an exact match
  9. Damn! Loving the progress.......bodywork is one thing i would really like to learn more about and have the space to do. Love the coupe's such a nice drive!
  10. there is one currently for sale of BMW NZ Parts/classifieds page. Manual etc.... $8k
  11. my oh my reading this makes me want to go back and re-do all my work again haha
  12. Yeah man your telling me. Megameet will be there loud and proud!
  13. So ive been lurking around here for a while with the odd post here and there soaking up the knowledge of everyone, doing basic modifications etc but have now taken on the task of a build project......wont be breaking any records with getting this build done but plan on doing as much of it as i possibly can myself, with the limited skill and tools i have. so here's where we start: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/49440-1990-e30-project/ Here's were we currently sit. Then i purchased a dereged E34 525 to pull all the bits i needed for the M50 conversion so after a lengthy list from pelican parts i have the motor sitting awaiting all new seals and gaskets Mean while the suspension is getting a full upgrade with a 5 stud conversion with all new bushes, ball joints and links through out and some braided brake lines while its all apart. Have just ordered custom spec'd XYZ coilovers to bring it down to a more inspiring height. Spent a weekend scrubbing all the dirt out from every crack and crevice of the underbody and cleaning it all up and painting it back again. The interior has been stripped to A:) check for rust in the floor B:) to clean, scrub and dye the interior carpets. Recaro LS seats have been purchased to fit in the front, and rear trims will be re-bolstered and trimmed to match. Lots of little miscellaneous parts have been sourced to help this project along, M20 flywheel (to be lightened and starter), Fuzzfabrics Custom e30 houndstooth gear lever and handbrake boot. E36 engine arms, e36 steering rack. Renault Booster. Mtech 1 rear spoiler. Still to purchase: Manual Gearbox conversion Walbro Fuel Pump Wheels Copper Spacer & Cut-ring gasket ARP Head studs Turbo - still to decide HX35 or 30, Garret TA3410 looking for quicker spoil than massive outright power. Injectors, wastegate and all the extras that go along with a turbo build. Next on the to do list is sort the little bits of rust in the bottom of the A pillars and around the rubber seal in the boot. Meanwhile the list of parts grows. Will update this as progress continues and ask silly questions where needed along the way
  14. Uggggh has been a long process, lots of little things to tidy up and being in a different city to the car definitely doesn't help. but light is at the end of the tunnel the last pieces have arrived and should be having a wheel alignment as i type this and then book in for a re-check. Fingers crossed. Then the painful task of putting it all back together again. hopefully by the end of the month i will be close to driving on the road legally
  15. facelift or pre facelift?
  16. looks like you can use an m40 or m43 icv so you should have a good chance at finding something quite easily from a e30 or e36
  17. Call kerry as mosens he has heaps
  18. ive got some X5 style 63's $750 - no tyres
  19. you will just need to have the universal changed on the steering shaft end to your original uj. any driveshaft place can do it for you
  20. For steering shaft us e30 guys for a cheaper alternative a steering shaft for a holden astra....could would or for more clearance i used flaming river uni joints and DD shaft but that is a little more expensive. Beware with mounting allow room for the coolant & heater pipes at the rear of the motor. One thing i didnt have enough room for.
  21. You'll notice both those vehicles have added reflectors on the rear panel, you can use these lights as long as you put reflectors on the rear of the vehicles as the factory lights already have a reflector in them. Have just been through this process with the cert guy.
  22. Looking the business bro. Will have to come out and have a look next time im up bring the v8 out haha
  23. Has been used to repair a crashed vehicle....and has put damaged parts onto this vehicle
  24. BEWARE!!! this vehicle does not look like that at all. I have the pictures of the current state and a lot is missing compared to those photos. i.e no front end, smashed bonnet etc... @Olaf if you need any parts, let me know as we have a vehicle at work that is quite complete
  25. Hey guys, Currently working my way through the certification process on my car and as i have changed steering racks a bumpsteer test needed to be done. Only changed to e36 rack and have spaced in the middle of the subframe and test has come back with 40mm of bumpsteer....would hate to know what some uncertified vehicles have after this change. Has anyone here got any knowledge on correcting bump steer or any solutions, i did consider raising the steering rack which also means i need to lift the motor which will cause some driveline issues? any help would be great so i can get it sorted