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  1. Yup, they did a similar thing to owners of solar panels.
  2. zero

    E90 Differential Fluid Change DIY

    Nice work. Would it have been more thorough to take the diff cover off so you get all the old oil out?
  3. zero

    E39 M5 MV Disputes Tribunal

    Good outcome, and I agree with @hotwire Who paid for the repair work?
  4. Of course. Its just surprising that the current government has broken more election promises in the first six months than the last one did in nine years.
  5. Governments breaking election promises on tax will do that.....
  6. zero

    Project twin e34's

    Maybe its just the photos, but it looks like it could do with a little more neg camber at the front. It will make a good improvement to the handling.
  7. zero

    Project twin e34's

    A little bit more camber on the front and you'll be away laughing.
  8. Before you do much else I would install a sump guard. And by running the tyres you have, the speedometer will need re-calibrating which is expensive, so maybe look at getting a wheel and tyre combination that has the correct diameter. Can you put up a pic of your car?
  9. zero

    e46 v8 wagon

    So after my grief with the N46 in my 318i I decided to turn it into a project car. The car is a 2004 318i auto msport wagon with 130,xxx kms. It will be getting a m62b44 non vanos v8, mated to a 420g 6 speed manual, and a m3 rear end. I'll also be upgrading suspension and brakes, and setting the car up for flex fuel to run e85. Cosmetically it will get some upgrades, but nothing too over the top. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as possible. #No compromises except on budget. #Make something unique. #Learn as much as I can in the process. So lets get started - heres the car; First job was to completely strip the exterior of the car. Everything came out, engine, trans, suspension, subframes, fuel tank, even the fuel lines and brake lines. Up on stands and ready to do some work With everything out I set to work cleaning the underbody. This took ages because I'm a perfectionist. I used degreaser and a waterblaster, and eventually degreaser with a rag to get the real stubborn areas. There was no damage to the underbody but because I'm increasing the power output I wanted to strengthen it. I made strengthening plates out of 2mm steel. A huge thank you to forum member @Karter16 who posted me paper templates to make them from. I bought myself a cheap gasless mig welder and taught myself to weld. This enabled me to make plates like the one below. There are 6 plates in total, 2 for the front subframe mounts, 2 for the rear subframe mounts, and two which are like spacers. Welding is really difficult, but I managed to weld in all 4 of the subframe plates. First I used a grinder with a flap disc and a drill with a wire brush, to get the places to be strengthened back to bare metal, then I coated the area with weld through primer. I coated the back of the plates in weld through primer also and then I welded in the plates. Then I used the grinder to grind the welds back. I then coated the bare metal with crc rust converter primer to protect it - I really like this product. https://www.crc.co.nz/Rust-Converter/6895-2548b7ca-2a00-4114-b2e1-17eb0e6a576b/ Then I used a Vht top coat, followed by seam sealer, and finally Septone stone shield rubberised coating. I coated the whole cleaned underbody in Septone stone shield. Its black, but looks green in the photo for some reason. The side skirts were removed to clean and paint behind and then reinstalled with new clips from Schmiedmann. The inner arches were cleaned and painted, and the cleaned plastic pieces were reinstalled. The cleaning process takes ages. Inner arches before cleaning and painting; And after; While all this was going on I was accumulating parts. All suspension and brake parts I sandblasted in my mates sandblaster. This took many days, and would have been more cost effective paying a professional, but I want to do as much myself as possible. Then they were expertly powdercoated by forum member @aja540i who really does a nice job. Here is a pic of the before and after the sandblasting; And a pic of the same part powdercoated and assembled;
  10. zero

    Cold air Intake on 320i, worth it?

    To get any decent results the intake filter needs to be low down in the bumper. Its much cheaper to make your own, and likely get better results.
  11. zero

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Next time use the customs calculator, as they also have their own exchange rate.
  12. zero

    E30 shaved engine bay/wire tuck

    Go all out mate. If your gonna do it, go 100%.
  13. Loving the project. Make sure to put up pics of your progress on the steering linkage mods. I've modded e30 steering linkages to fit the e46 using the Ireland engineering donut.
  14. +1 for painted.
  15. zero

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Whats the point of doing a fluid change if you are reusing some of the oil. You wouldnt do it to your engine so dont do it to your diff.
  16. http://www.bimmerworld.com/Suspension-Steering/Camber-Caster-Parts/E36-Front-Camber-Shim-Kit_2.html
  17. Where did you buy the gtr bonnet from, and what did it cost?
  18. zero

    Project twin e34's

    There is a guy on a forum in the US that sells kits. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2155389-E39-540I-Jaguar-supercharger-install
  19. zero

    Project twin e34's

    No problem. The runners are bigger on the earlier manifolds too. I have a non vanos b44, but I got a manifold from the early m60 from the wreckers for pretty cheap.
  20. zero

    Project twin e34's

    There are four different inlet manifolds available. There were two different ones for the m60b40, and can be distinguished by how many fuel rail mounts they have. There were also two different ones for the m62b44; one for the early m62b44, and one for the m62b44tu. The early m60 one with the 4 fuel rail mounts is the one you want. The later m60 with the 5 fuel rail mounts is definitely different internally but has the same part number as the early one which is why it can get confusing.
  21. zero

    Project twin e34's

    The runners are longer and wider and have trumpets so it flows more air. The later manifolds were quite restrictive.
  22. zero

    Project twin e34's

    Great project. How many km's on all three engines? And how will you adapt the 330d gearbox to fit the back of the engine? BTW using the earliest m60 inlet manifold (there were four different ones for the m60/m62) is a good cheap mod.
  23. zero

    M TOY M3

    Christian, what products and methods did you use to clean the muffler? It looks great.
  24. zero

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    Looking good Brad. Now you just need to get rid of the hot air intake. Just run a pipe between the maf and the filter so the filter is down behind the bumper - you will be surprised at the improvement.