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    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    How do you like the powerflex bushings? I use them too.
  2. zero

    e36 track car build

    Those diffusers and brake cooling plates look cool
  3. zero

    540i Timing chain guides

    Be interested in hearing if it feels different to drive.
  4. zero

    535i e34 lsd rebuild

    This ^^^
  5. zero

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Loving the pics and the videos - very creative. Can you tell us more about the m62b44 - is it just a junkyard motor or was it rebuilt? Any preventative maintenance done on it like chain guides? Any mods? If its 100% stock it sounds pretty amazing for a stocker.
  6. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    Time to get a pair of crappy 18x8s just so you pass wof lol.
  7. zero

    Cooked Motor Question

    What engine?
  8. zero

    540i Timing chain guides

    That damage on the lower cover is scary. Was the chain rattling about so much it was rubbing against it?
  9. zero

    New BMW Owner from Wellys

    If you are pricing up parts, alot of us import from overseas as the dealer prices here are crazy. I use schmeidmann.com and alot of others use fcpeuro.com. Just make sure you make each order total below $400nzd so you dont have to pay any gst or customs taxes.
  10. zero

    Oxidised Aluminum Trims

    Have you explored other options instead of re anodizing? Can they be polished, or chemically cleaned?
  11. zero

    Project twin e34's

    Sounds great. Always happy for you to see my project, and would love to see yours. Gavin is an absolute genius, so it will be interesting to see what improvements he gets.
  12. zero

    New BMW Owner from Wellys

    Kia ora Jacob. Yes, definitely get the correct coolant, as the other stuff can be damaging to some of the bmw's aluminium parts. Trans coolers have been known to fail from using the wrong coolant, which instantly lunches your trans, and fills your engine with milkshake. As for shocks, in my experience the bmw stock shocks dont last long. You also want to replace them in pairs. Personally I would be going for decent aftermarket shocks like koni or bilstein as they do make a difference. With your high kms I would check the rear ones too. With the car safely jacked up (use jackstands to be safe) unbolt the lower bolt that holds the bottom of the rear shock to the hub. Then just compress it by hand to see just how munted they are. Welcome to the e46 life.
  13. And at christmas too.😥
  14. zero

    Project twin e34's

    @Creaver @e46v12 Bit cheeky, but if theres space for one more, I'd love to see the setup on both your cars, as it will help me as I'm part way through my e46 m62 build.
  15. Pictures or it didnt happen.😋
  16. zero

    e46 v8 wagon

    So after my grief with the N46 in my 318i I decided to turn it into a project car. The car is a 2004 318i auto msport wagon with 130,xxx kms. It will be getting a m62b44 non vanos v8, mated to a 420g 6 speed manual, and a m3 rear end. I'll also be upgrading suspension and brakes, and setting the car up for flex fuel to run e85. Cosmetically it will get some upgrades, but nothing too over the top. The goals for this project are; #Do as much myself as possible. #No compromises except on budget. #Make something unique. #Learn as much as I can in the process. So lets get started - heres the car; First job was to completely strip the exterior of the car. Everything came out, engine, trans, suspension, subframes, fuel tank, even the fuel lines and brake lines. Up on stands and ready to do some work With everything out I set to work cleaning the underbody. This took ages because I'm a perfectionist. I used degreaser and a waterblaster, and eventually degreaser with a rag to get the real stubborn areas. There was no damage to the underbody but because I'm increasing the power output I wanted to strengthen it. I made strengthening plates out of 2mm steel. A huge thank you to forum member @Karter16 who posted me paper templates to make them from. I bought myself a cheap gasless mig welder and taught myself to weld. This enabled me to make plates like the one below. There are 6 plates in total, 2 for the front subframe mounts, 2 for the rear subframe mounts, and two which are like spacers. Welding is really difficult, but I managed to weld in all 4 of the subframe plates. First I used a grinder with a flap disc and a drill with a wire brush, to get the places to be strengthened back to bare metal, then I coated the area with weld through primer. I coated the back of the plates in weld through primer also and then I welded in the plates. Then I used the grinder to grind the welds back. I then coated the bare metal with crc rust converter primer to protect it - I really like this product. https://www.crc.co.nz/Rust-Converter/6895-2548b7ca-2a00-4114-b2e1-17eb0e6a576b/ Then I used a Vht top coat, followed by seam sealer, and finally Septone stone shield rubberised coating. I coated the whole cleaned underbody in Septone stone shield. Its black, but looks green in the photo for some reason. The side skirts were removed to clean and paint behind and then reinstalled with new clips from Schmiedmann. The inner arches were cleaned and painted, and the cleaned plastic pieces were reinstalled. The cleaning process takes ages. Inner arches before cleaning and painting; And after; While all this was going on I was accumulating parts. All suspension and brake parts I sandblasted in my mates sandblaster. This took many days, and would have been more cost effective paying a professional, but I want to do as much myself as possible. Then they were expertly powdercoated by forum member @aja540i who really does a nice job. Here is a pic of the before and after the sandblasting; And a pic of the same part powdercoated and assembled;
  17. zero

    One girl, one Braverian

    Hey Tom, where can it be bought from, apart from bmw themselves?
  18. zero

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    The Aztek looks like a supermodel compared to that bmw imo.
  19. zero

    11000 rpm, 1100hp V12 engine porn

    I love how the suspension attaches to the engine. Sort of like the Britten motorbike.
  20. zero

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    The metal pin falls out and has sexy time with the valves.
  21. zero

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    The problem is if the stock ones fail they can send broken bits into the engine which is very expensive. The modded ones don't have the same design flaw.
  22. zero

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I think that is the ugliest car I have ever seen.
  23. zero

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    Thickness, not diameter.