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  1. Given the classification of the damage listed I would not worry too much as long as you have it inspected and are happy with it. Do get it inspected though bro. You don't want to be sitting with a lemon. A lot of the japanese imports have had far worse treatment than the Australian write offs in my experience. The Australian Insurer's tend to write vehicles off with very minor damage and stuff that us in the industry can easily fix in NZ
  2. After a full stainless steel exhaust system from headers back if anyone has one they are willing to part with. As per the client's instructions, has to be dual pipe all the way. Flick me a message with what you have or contact me on 02102916373 Kind Regards SJ
  3. You can do it! Cheering from the sidelines for ya bud, epic little car you got here. been an interesting read
  4. Very Extensively restored this car from what I've heard/seen. I think the price is well justified. A client of mine bought an unrestored m325i facelift for 25k that needs a whole lot more work than the one above. very healthy vehicle that White one
  5. Bump will consider any offers thrown at me so try your luck
  6. As the title states, have an electronically switchable (economy, sports etc) 4hp22 e30 box for sale. Will come with the auto shifter, switch for shifting and EGS ecu as well as driveshaft if required. No trans cooler lines as they were used elsewhere. Surplus to requirements but shifted absolutely beautifuly when removed. 130k. After $300 ono for the lot. Pick up in Glenfield 02102916373
  7. As the title states I am after a purple tag rag. Auckland Preferred : Contact 02102916373 cheers fellas and ladies
  8. Not about being butt hurt, it's about what's fair to the prospective buyer who already struck an agreement with the seller. The seller has no integrity and neither does the snake that slithered in with a higher offer. It's about having integrity and being true to your word which it seems most of you are lacking. If you advertise something for a set asking price and someone offers you your asking price, it's a bitch move to cancel a verbal agreement that has already been agreed to by both parties when offered a higher sum by an "anonymous" party. It's about maintaining your integrity and sticking to your word. I feel sorry for the fella that lost out on the vehicles because of some snake and a buyer with no integrity. He would of in no way been ripped off if his asking price had been offered because he set the price not the initial agreed buyer. Some people need to learn about integrity and being good to your word.
  9. Have an engine for sale Contact me on 02102916373
  10. awww bugger well for the next project you will know bro haha looking forward to updates
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