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  1. Swapped pink top m52/s52 injectors in as I was having intermittent fueling issues, everything related to fueling has been replaced so this or the ECU was the last thing to do. Put in a new Fuel pressure regulator etc but nothing solved it. These injectors solved it. The car is smoother then ever and the power delivery is a lot better. I will be tuning this engine and running standalone engine management once my 2.8 bottom end goes in. I also redid the tail pieces on the exhaust and welded in these ones temporarily. I am off the UK on Saturday so I will be buying another Scorpion full stainless system to chuck on here and bring it back with me. I am going to miss my e30 so much. Took it down for a blast to Tauranga and back today to go pick up my DLSR camera from my mate. She went so smooth and I managed 464ks with over a quarter tank left so safe to say the fuel consumption has decreased.

    LsBm2 Build

    This is a dangermouse car!
  3. eish sorry to hear this bru. onto bigger and better build!
  4. I had a guy come around the shop and take them away to do them. I think I still have his number but his prices are way way crazy high these days. Mind you this was 5 years ago bud
  5. I was grinning the whole time working on it! haha So good brother. see you again soon!
  6. Will grab em man. Where you located?
  7. thanks for an easy trade bud! cheers
  8. Call me anyways bud! be good to catch up with ya whilst you are up
  9. Yes I could provide the install also if local! Thanks Dave! These are actually a really good upgrade over factory.
  10. is this still available?
  11. Had the honour of working on @ContrailsM535i today. What an absolute beaut of a car. I am inlove but he won't sell it to me haha
  12. Had a little Easter meet on Sunday. What a nice turnout. Some beautiful e30s and some other beautiful cars too. Here are some pics
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