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  1. I got offered 40k for my car last year before it was written off. I declined. I think that Tech 2 is beautiful. He actually brought it round here yesterday and I must say, she's a tidy one. But Tech 1 over everything for me
  2. glad you bought it haha no brainer really
  3. battery? starter motor? voltage regulator? could be all sorts of things but cheap enough for 1500
  4. the value of these little cars is only going to increase. the engines themselves are strong, in fact I've seen them do 600k with minor issues, the auto boxes last a while if serviced regularly. also whats not to love? with a little bit of elbow grease this will come up beautifully. It's got such potential. I will attach pics of mine. for 1.5k I'd take it and run. I paid 5k for a 520i thats not running lol

    E30 Vert

    Hopefully we can get pics of our verts together at the next mega meet brother
  6. +1 for Chris. Awesome guy! I've purchased these now so will give him a call
  7. Yeah the guy wanted 4.5k for them on trademe. I was like yikess.. I paid a lot less. lol I ideally want another set of ACS type 2's for my shark nose but we shall see
  8. I love them too! I'm so torn hahah I don't know which wheels to run on what car. I will be refurbishing the style 19s and then see. I will try both wheels on the e23 and e28 respectfully and see which one's tickle my fancy. Also on the hunt for some OZ futura's too hahaha
  9. Thanks mate. Neither can I. Its going to be a beauty. I love this colour so much. The more I look at it, the more I fall inlove and the further my e30 drifts away from completion haha
  10. Thanks for a great purchase bud
  11. BMTHUG

    E23 parts

    E23 or e32?
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