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  1. I think I will keep that in there thanks
  2. Brilliant idea seeing as what I do with my vehicles is my own choice and if it doesn't please anyone else then frankly tough. deal with it. there are plenty more injustices in the world other than someones opinion of what should be done to another person's vehicle. Just trying to sell the wheels but if they don't then hey, on the touring they go.
  3. Should of pointed out that the e46 in the picture is not my car, helps that I own a workshop so I can replace components when the need arises too
  4. As pictured here I have a staggered set of 19x9 and 19x10 style 132 wheels off my x5. They are not perfect. Previous owner has curbed one or two of them but these fit good on a number of vehicles with the right offset. They are et48 on the front 19x9 and et45 on the 19x10 rears. One rear tyre is shot and one is borderline. Fronts are about 4 to 5mm tread. Pickup in Glenfield. 02102916373. Pics of them on e90 and e46 for reference. If they don't sell I will fit them to our e46 touring or my e46 coupe. Something different compared to the style 95s. Also can come with a full set of 255/50/19 inch tyres for asking price. 6 mm tread


    Wasn't for my cab Andy! Was for my best mate's Maloo r8 haha
  6. bump will consider any offers thrown my way


    free bump. Did the WOF on this yesterday. Beautiful machine! Very tidy for it's mileage!


    thanks for mine Kyu!
  9. what more could you want to be honest? M certification is the ultimate benchmark!
  10. They honestly don't Dave! A steal at this price !
  11. bump make me an offer I cannot refuse!
  12. EUROHO


    hahaha I will probably take one of those dude! The 2.5cm one! lol size does matter
  13. 19x9 et45 to fit e70 e53 etc. Can fit other models of bmw/holden too. Tyres all have 5 to 6mm of tread. Looking for offers at this stage. No low balling. Surplus to requirements as I have decided to go another route for my x5. Pick up in Glenfield. 02102916373 Preferred method of contact is text or call fellas and ladies. Thanks for looking Post to More Places $400 ono