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  1. Nice straight looking car, welcome to the group
  2. Part number 34321120841 second hand would be ideal, will be the same as E30, E24,E32
  3. As the title states, I need a brake fluid reservoir cap for my E28 528, no doubt the same for most of the cars of this era Thanks Barry
  4. No trouble for helping out I think Grey Thunder is a bit of a stretch!! Drives really nice with all the suspension mods, sort the windnoise from the drivers door & shes a beaut!! I need to take you for a spin in the 30 year old Virgin
  5. I have a rear only strut brace
  6. Nick Weitz was wrecking an e46 Cabbie, but was sliver from memory
  7. I use Roy McGuiness in Paraparaumu ph 042338567 Web www.mcguinessclassics.co.nz Regards Barry
  8. I have two E28s, next time you are in Wellington, you are more than welcome to measure anything you require
  9. As I title says, I need a right front white indicator assembly for my E36 Coupe Whats out there, if not white, a pair of orange ones?? Regards Barry
  10. Hey Qube, what sort of common things will need doing?? Vanos, oil leaks, clutch??
  11. Thanks for that!! I know someone who is keen on it & would like more info Regards Barry
  12. Hi guys, not sure how to put the link to this, so bare with me Does anyone know much about this E39 M5 on trademe auction number 2052751686 auction-2052751686.htm
  13. Does it have clear tail lights?? if so how much for the left one
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