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  1. Autoglym

    E28 car or parts needed

    I have a complete E28 528, Auto NZ new, running car with a pretty good body, registration is still live Give me a call on 0212633724
  2. Autoglym

    E36 325 Convertible

    Sold, gone to good home, fellow member of the BMW Club here in Wellington, has purchased it for his 19 year old son
  3. Autoglym

    E36 325 Convertible

    Heated seats & a wind deflector would be nice
  4. Autoglym

    E36 325 Convertible

    So here you go
  5. Autoglym

    E36 325 Convertible

    I am selling my wifes NZ New E36 325 convertible, its a 1992 model, done 191ks, Silver with Red leather interior, has a WOF till March 2019, Reg till 28/10/2019 I have done the Rocker cover gasket, new front brake pads, Air Con, has been repaired & regassed Drives really well, there is some clear coat peeling, the soft top doesn't work, I am currently manually operating it Selling as we have now got an E46 330 Convertible I am asking $3750.00 ONO Any questions, let me know I will add more photos, when I can 325_-_barry@barrysgarage_co_nz_-_Barrys_Garage_Mail.mht
  6. Autoglym

    3.0 CSL

    Have you got a name or contact details??
  7. Autoglym

    3.0 CSL

    Hi everyone, I have a customer with a 3.0 CSL, that has been in storage for 18 years & is looking for a BMW expert garage to get it back on the road, the car will be in Blenhiem, so somewhere around he Nelson, Blenheim area would be ideal Any suggestions, would be great, as it is a special car, really needs someone familiar with older BMWs Thanks Barry
  8. Autoglym

    1986 M635csi

    Yes its is Phils car, sorry, got the colours mixed up
  9. Autoglym

    1986 M635csi

    There is another Delphin blue M6 in Wellington & also a Zinnorot M6 as well
  10. Can you get a passenger to video/record the noise so you at least let the Technician hear it??
  11. Autoglym

    1996 328i in Wellington for $2000 ONO

    Where can it be viewed? & is the reg on hold??
  12. Can we see photos of the progress??
  13. Autoglym

    oh this is beautiful

    Yes, I have spotted that , I would own that in a heart beat, stunning car
  14. Autoglym

    E36 tax starting

    I just sold a 1999 model 318iS for $1200.00
  15. Autoglym

    E28 Dilemma

    They did my E28 & Phil’s E24, bloody expensive, but you will get a great car, with a ten year guarantee