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  1. Hub Centric Rings

    As Paul said, be very careful & get the measurements spot on, also I got caught out with some cheap ones on ebay, advertised as correct, seemed okay, but were too loose & caused a vibration in my E28
  2. Topless in Welly

    Welcome, we just recently purchased a convertible E36 325, for my wife As Olaf said, if you need any advice on cleaning products, get hold of me Barry
  3. Wheel Style 5

    I now have the rim I require, thanks to Topless & Kerry at Mosen Euro Parts Thanks Team!! Barry
  4. Wheel Style 5

    WTB one Style 5 BBS 17x8 5x120, I have four but need one as a spare, still got an old run flat as a spare Whats out there?, doesn't have to have a tyre on it!! Just missed one on Trademe, lots on ebay, but freight is a killer Thanks Barry Wheels_-_barry@barrysgarage_co_nz_-_Barrys_Garage_Mail.mht
  5. Wairarapa recommendations

    Another great drive is out to Castlepoint & back
  6. New member - Palmerston North

    Hi James & welcome on board, check the Wellington section of meetings, as we are organising a run up to the Shannon car show, we could meet you there
  7. Another Newbie - from Porirua

    Welcome on board, look forward to meeting you Bill
  8. CHEAP STYLE 5’s!!!

    Cheeky I know, but would you sell just one?? as I need a spare for my E28 E28_-_barry@barrysgarage_co_nz_-_Barrys_Garage_Mail.mht
  9. Style 5's

    I see they want $179.00 USD for delivery to NZ Ouch!!
  10. So Richard, spill the beans!! If you need a hand (second pair of eyes) to look over it, let me know Barry
  11. Would you like mould with that?

    Ha Ha, that's not how to store a car!!
  12. Newbie from Wellywood

    Welcome Brian, we look forward to meeting you, there is a wealth of knowledge on here, so any questions, don't be shy
  13. $1res 1991 850

    I see now it’s relisted again with a $14000.00 start price
  14. New member

    Welcome Dan, wow your car is low, what does it ride like??
  15. $1res 1991 850

    I spotted the relisting & have read the questions, all valid, surely you would offer to store it for the new owner somewhere at his expense?? sonething is not right with this whole thing??