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  1. What are you up to Tim??
  2. Sorry Jono, forgot about you being back in town
  3. Also you can go to Motordrome in Cuba street in Wellington, Peter the owner is a qualified BMW Technician as well
  4. There is a company in Wellington called Signature Promotions who can do all that stuff, will depend on volume
  5. As a complete piss take & to wind up a mate of mine with an HSV, I have this sticker on the back of my work van
  6. When I worked at a BMW dealership, well before the internet & cheap copies were available, they wouldn't well M badges etc, unless you could prove you had a M car
  7. Hi & welcome to the site Firstly I need to let you know, you live in my old house!! i drive past almost daily & have been meaning to stop in, there is also another BMW nutt up the road further, who appears to have three cars including a nice dark blue e30 Regards Barry
  8. Contact Jasjot on here, he should be able to supply you one
  9. Yes, likewise,shame we couldn't get a few more E28s along
  10. Yup, was always meant to be used, about halfway & done about 2000ks so far !! Awesome on the open road !!
  11. I have also placed a message on the Euro Car Page I will be heading back through Auckland this Sunday, so any one keen to meet up with an E 28 lets go!!
  12. I had copies made, with reflective white background, Brent said you can have new plates made, so will look into that when back home The rest of the car was so nice & the plates were not!
  13. I am currently in Auckland with my M535, went out & caught up with Brent at BMworld, great to meet him have a good old E28 chin wag! Today I met up with Rohan & his M535i, took some photos & once again had a great BMW chat & comparing stories
  14. My understanding was the NZ new rhd cars where modified here in NZ by a company in Rotorua, Graves??
  15. Yes, same car that was listed a while ago, was a Wellington Car