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  1. I do really think bimmersport is on the rise as the BMW car club in Wellington is non existent, I also think we should put in & organise maybe a flyer or business card type of idea, so we can leave them on other Bimmers & encourage joining as well what are your thoughts??
  2. I know the owner of the CSL, he was trying to decide whether to sell it, or store it with me Also I have a new customer, dropped off his E30 M3, lefthand drive car for me to store, I have suggested he join Bimmersport & he will have a look & join soon, so another exotic BMW in Wellington, that we can get along to our meets!
  3. Hey Brent, yes that could be a plan, but I don't really want a ultra aggressive race type suspension, let me know costs & your opinion of what the Bilsteins will be like compared to standard??
  4. Hi guys, over the weekend my E28 has developed a horrible knock from the left front & has a knackered shock, what have other people fitted & at what cost I did a quick search, but couldn't find anything, I look forward the wonderful knowledge on here Regards Barry
  5. Welcome Dan, yes check out the 330 these guys are talking about
  6. Yes, I sell a Clay bar Kit & can show or explain how to use it if needed, great product
  7. Very nice car, it's even the right colour!!
  8. Good luck with the repair,at least you purchased it from a dealer, my son inlaw, purchased an X5 for my daughter through trademe, has major problems, trans needs replacing & the timing chain, was supposedly replaced but has not set up the vanos system correctly & the seller,cannot be found, wont reply to any correspondence, so is currently going to court We currently have it blocking my driveway, as we feel it is unsafe to drive!! the engine power wise is so flat, my Hiace van would out accelerate it!!
  9. Rohan, sorry to hear about your WOF issues, but this is yet another example of why you shouldn't take vehicles to VTNZ for anything!! , go to a proper garage & build a relationship
  10. Welcome to the site, I am in Wellington, but enjoy going to Melbourne, have been there many times to visit Phillip Island for MotoGP
  11. Ha Ha, you guys are lucky, I am also big time into motorcycles, I currently have four & need to hide that expenditure as well!! I am getting reminded almost everyday when some courier package has arrived
  12. Wow, that's a lot of car for that money,looking at whats been done to it shame its an Auto??
  13. Well done on the purchase Pete, anything I cant or don't want to do, I take to Peter at Motordrome in Cuba Street, he is a qualified BMW Technician & used to work at Shellys when I was there Barry
  14. What a shame, nice car, I am looking for the pliers & vice grips for my E28 tool kit??