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  1. Yup, was always meant to be used, about halfway & done about 2000ks so far !! Awesome on the open road !!
  2. I have also placed a message on the Euro Car Page I will be heading back through Auckland this Sunday, so any one keen to meet up with an E 28 lets go!!
  3. I had copies made, with reflective white background, Brent said you can have new plates made, so will look into that when back home The rest of the car was so nice & the plates were not!
  4. I am currently in Auckland with my M535, went out & caught up with Brent at BMworld, great to meet him have a good old E28 chin wag! Today I met up with Rohan & his M535i, took some photos & once again had a great BMW chat & comparing stories
  5. My understanding was the NZ new rhd cars where modified here in NZ by a company in Rotorua, Graves??
  6. Yes, same car that was listed a while ago, was a Wellington Car
  7. I have one,is yours damaged?? Regards Barry
  8. Thanks guys, I will sort something in the new year! Yeah Olaf, just silly money genuine!! Brent your option looks great with free shipping, must also order the chrome tips!! Regards Barry
  9. I have a rusty rear muffler, got a price for a genuine one & fell off my chair, does anyone have ideas on where to get one, without having to sell my first born child!! Thanks Barry
  10. I see there is another E28 525 in silver popped up on Trade me with only 203000 klm, with a start price of $4500 Looks like a nice straight car??
  11. Very Nice car & great work, nice to see another M car brought back to its former glory!!
  12. What tool kit does it have in the boot lid?? I am after a couple of tools, the vice grips & pliers Regards Barry
  13. I will be in Auckland, or there abouts from 28th of December through till the 13th of Jan So yes, we should organise as many as possible, Just let me know where & when Regards Barry
  14. I have posted some photos in the original thread you started but here are some more Thanks again for your input, by the way we will be in Auckland in the E28 over the New Year period so should catch up Regards Barry
  15. There is that green 535i Auto done 317000ks for $6500.00 on Trade Me