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  1. I see now it’s relisted again with a $14000.00 start price
  2. Welcome Dan, wow your car is low, what does it ride like??
  3. I spotted the relisting & have read the questions, all valid, surely you would offer to store it for the new owner somewhere at his expense?? sonething is not right with this whole thing??
  4. I wonder if that is the same one I saw with crash damage & it was parked outside Arlington’s in Newtown?
  5. Well I think he is a bit worried about driving it, especially parking it!! judging by the other two that were on Trademe recently l, what’s this one worth??
  6. I have just had a visit from a Mate of mine, with I think would be the most original & Immaculate M325 in NZ, he has owned it 17 years, it’s NZ new & I think he is the third owner, it has only done 50000klm
  7. But the value is in the mileage & condition, to keep that value, you could never drive it!!!
  8. Ok Great,thanks Brent, how much freighted to Wellington Regards Barry
  9. I am looking for another rocker/valve cover for my M535 M30, has any one got a spare they want to sell?? Thanks Barry
  10. Hey Pete, I know this car, yes it is a Jap import, I did full groom on it for the owner, I am not surprised it is for sale, as they have quite a few cars & he purchased this after seeing my M535i & had serious car envy!! It is a really good solid car, only downside is it left hand drive
  11. Welcome onboard, you need to post some photos! Good point Zero, why go to all the trouble of fixing this car up, just buy another one which will no doubt need similar repairs!!
  12. Welcome aboard Amber!
  13. Olaf, the photo with the service book open, even has my signature in it!!
  14. Welcome aboard & hope you have a great trip back in the new toy
  15. I have driven this car & did a valet on it when it first came into the country, very nice solid car