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  1. Barryn

    oh this is beautiful

    Yes, I have spotted that , I would own that in a heart beat, stunning car
  2. Barryn

    E36 tax starting

    I just sold a 1999 model 318iS for $1200.00
  3. Barryn

    E28 Dilemma

    They did my E28 & Phil’s E24, bloody expensive, but you will get a great car, with a ten year guarantee
  4. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

  5. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

  6. Barryn

    New BMW owner.

    Hi Tony & welcome, don't be put off by all the negative comments, enjoy your car & the site Barry
  7. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    This car is still for sale, I have not pushed it or advertised it further, as my daughter wanted it, but her plans have changed Now for sale, open to reasonable offers
  8. Barryn

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

    Do It Pete!!
  9. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    I am based in Johnsonville, if you want have a look, I also have a hoist, so you can see under the car as well
  10. Barryn

    E92 335i coupe

    Whats up with those mats??
  11. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    Bump, this car is still for sale, great runner & cheap!! Make me an offer Barry
  12. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    Well according to Mr Google, it is a tyre pressure monitoring system?? not aware that it has that??
  13. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

  14. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    Richard to the rescue, I am much better with cars than computers Thsnks again Richard Barry
  15. Barryn

    98 E36 318iS

    Yes, will post when fixed sorry computers aren’t really my Forte barry