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  1. Welcome aboard Amber!
  2. Olaf, the photo with the service book open, even has my signature in it!!
  3. Welcome aboard & hope you have a great trip back in the new toy
  4. I have driven this car & did a valet on it when it first came into the country, very nice solid car
  5. The big problem you will have is the sap problem, you will need to deal with that before you clay bar, the Autoglym kit that you saw at my lock up has currently done 8 to 10 cars & not halfway through yet, that includes the Lincoln Continental
  6. Welcome Hamish your Ti hybrid sounds like a bit of fun, we look forward to meeting you & spying your car
  7. Welcome aboard & Very Nice Car!!
  8. Yes, you can give me a call, or PM me, I can offer some suggestions
  9. Welcome aboard
  10. Welcome Gricey, look forward to meeting you & seeing your car
  11. What have I started? if you are interested in the John Britten story, you need to read the book by Tim Hannah, a great read & really sad what happened to the company & the loyal employees!
  12. Here is the Britten being started at Manfeild for an English motorcycle writer IMG_0018.mp4
  13. Here is a photo of my Grandson sitting on a real one, this was at Wanganui Street races, this is the only Britten in the world that is still used/runs on a regular basis
  14. Mmm so it is? try this then
  15. One that I do have which is quite rare is a 1/18 all metal model of the Britten motorcycle, there was one still in the original box, unassembled, that just sold for $2500.00 Britten_-_barry@barrysgarage_co_nz_-_Barrys_Garage_Mail.mht