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  1. Ha Ha, you guys are lucky, I am also big time into motorcycles, I currently have four & need to hide that expenditure as well!! I am getting reminded almost everyday when some courier package has arrived
  2. Wow, that's a lot of car for that money,looking at whats been done to it shame its an Auto??
  3. Well done on the purchase Pete, anything I cant or don't want to do, I take to Peter at Motordrome in Cuba Street, he is a qualified BMW Technician & used to work at Shellys when I was there Barry
  4. What a shame, nice car, I am looking for the pliers & vice grips for my E28 tool kit??
  5. Great News Richard, enjoy the mighty V8!!
  6. I would suggest having a chat with the guys at Midas in Porirua, as they could manufacture something for you, they do a lot of Hot rod stuff
  7. Welcome to the forum Dan
  8. Very Nice car & that is the colour scheme to have!! Oh & welcome to the forum Regards Barry
  9. Welcome & great choice in cars, I also have an E36 Boston Green Coupe
  10. Not for me I have two sets of period runflats already, one Michelin & One Dunlop
  11. What are you up to Tim??
  12. Sorry Jono, forgot about you being back in town
  13. Also you can go to Motordrome in Cuba street in Wellington, Peter the owner is a qualified BMW Technician as well
  14. There is a company in Wellington called Signature Promotions who can do all that stuff, will depend on volume
  15. As a complete piss take & to wind up a mate of mine with an HSV, I have this sticker on the back of my work van