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  1. @leichtbau Not entirely sure whether mine was swapped or retrimmed, I can see either being true. Owned the car for about a year and only noticed the interior code a few months ago when I had a closer look at the factory options that were selected. My guess is it was probably a swap or a retrim done very early on as there is a reasonable amount of wear on the interior.
  2. @Sammo yep been in touch with Ray, he's not interested in selling it at the moment.
  3. Apologies if this has been done in a different thread already. For a while I've had the intention of doing a bit of an interior overhaul on my M3. Found out not long ago that my M3 was originally specced with the M-texture alcantara option, which has been discussed a lot on this forum recently, and some fool along the line of ownership replaced it with leather. I have always loved that interior before even owning my M3, and since finding that out have been motivated to do the overhaul and return it to a refurbished stock look. That fabric is available although not cheap, and it's possible the job would be more cost and more of a headache than its worth, but I'd like to get an idea of who is likely to take it on and see if I can get some quotes. Any ideas where to start?
  4. Looks good in the photos. Interested to see what the wear on the inside is like. Very interested to see what it will go for given the mileage of these creeping up, mine included.
  5. @Matth5 Yep, I noticed how close they were as well, just wasn't sure what to make of it. I think you're probably right. Not sure how to get those amended though.
  6. My M3 shows an inconsistent odometer twice on carjam before my ownership. Plate is "96oohp" if anyone wants to have a look. I don't believe it is anything too sinister and happened during the previous owners time with the car, who I'm still somewhat in touch with. I don't believe the odometer has been tampered with, car is in about the right condition for its mileage and the cluster is clear. Worst case I could always talk to the previous owner about what it's from. Is it a cause for concern? Is it possible to get it corrected?
  7. Exactly what I was looking for thanks for your help. A few of those were done when the UUC short shifter kit was put in relatively recently so I won't do them all. Hadn't thought of getting replacement gaskets and whatnot for the exhaust and replacing the transmission mounts. Appreciate it.
  8. The clutch in my E46 M3 is on it's way out and has been for a little while (no slipping just the bite point gradually shifting up over time.) Been budgeting and planning on replacing it since I bought the car as it's on it's original clutch at about 165,000kms. More and more I'm thinking I might do the replacement on my own just to save on costs a little (still undecided). Looking at replacing both the clutch and flywheel. I've got a small list of parts pulled together that I'm looking at replacing when I do the swap pretty soon such as, a bronze pivot pin, pilot bearing, clutch release bearing is included in clutch kit, replacement fly wheel bolts and guibo maybe? Is there anything else I should look at replacing while I've got the transmission out? Any tips or things to look out for from someone who has done it before?
  9. Harper

    s54 ITB

    All good if you're not looking to split it down further, but are you willing to sell the fuel rail separately?
  10. Love the wheels. I'd kill for a set of gold lms on my M3 but they seem ridiculously expensive to get here. Had a company quote me 2500 per wheel.
  11. Harper

    E46 M3

    Not a thread but I can take some pics. Just talked to ray and reinforcement plates were done. Just not top mounted bar. The only unanswered question I have is that there is heaps of weird fibre glass moulded on top of the subframe area? Might have been something done during the repair.
  12. Harper

    E46 M3

    Just had a look on the CMP product page, do you have the topside beam kit and the front mount extension kit or just the topside beam?
  13. Harper

    E46 M3

    Yeah hopefully it's not urgent. Ill talk to ray and find out exactly what was done to my car and if he recommends any further reinforcement.
  14. Harper

    E46 M3

    Definitely agree. Though, the receipts I got with the car show ray carried out a subframe repair on my car in mid 2017. If there is damage hopefully it's minimal. I'll start looking into the CMP kit now, cheers.
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