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    The E46 M3 you want to buy for 36K

    if i didn't have a garage / Laundry & workshop expansion renno project, a baby number 2 on the go..... lovely example, GLWS
  2. nice little article on SpeedHunters on this rather insane F80 M3 engine & drive line refit http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/10/f80-x-e30-modern-m3-tech-meets-classic-m3-chassis/
  3. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    New oil and other fluids for the 320i, also a fresh wheel alignment. I need to detail the interior, it's dusty...
  4. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    After 3days of trying, finally got my key re coded to the car (E46) after replacing buttons in the key fob. It just would not register for some reason, then tonight, boom! central locking is back.
  5. hunter

    E30 330D OMG

  6. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    150000 kms young today
  7. 😲 2jz Powered E30 M3 hill climb lots of power, lots of skids, up a hill
  8. hunter

    M TOY M3

    What seats are you running with this set up, race buckets full time or switching back to the recaros?
  9. hunter


    either or, depends on what im doing. i'm more proficient on the Weber Family Q than Weber kettle. got a home made in ground fire pit too, but that's marshmallow territory so doesn't realy count :)
  10. How's this going, Brent. really like the prospect of a conversion like this, once the kids are out of car seats
  11. hunter

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    M1 pro car 😍 from this years Goodwood
  12. hunter


    I do at lest 3 these days, used to be 7 night a week until, new job and baby / toddler. meas the mrs is at home more and we tend to eat earlier now. On weekend it's all me, especially when the BBQ needs deploying. Personally i love it and it counts as "me" time. very relaxing
  13. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Had my MF Wheel project completed this week. Wheel swap and cruise control had been in for about 4 weeks...this week i got a new Alpine mechless media player installed and Audio controls wired up by Mad Soundz here in hamilton. They did a great job and after some fiddling the Bavsound speakers have really come alive with the Alpine unit. It's great have bluetooth audio and phone (with Mic) too.
  14. Out of boredom, i was Looking at some cold air intakes for for my e46 320i. wondering if any one has done one & noticed any difference in performance / induction sound. eg https://afepower.com/afe-power-54-20442-magnum-force-stage-2-pro-5r-cold-air-intake-system#reviews
  15. hunter

    Bavsound - where to buy from?

    just a heads up to double check you cars current config can accept the kit you're buying with out mods or extra peices. When i ordered from them what i got for my E46 bolt in system was different than what my car actually needed for the front splits. this was due to the kit being made for US base model and not Euro / international base models which had different audio "base" set ups from factory. This cause a few headaches for me and Bavsound. they sorted it but somewhat reluctantly. since then they've changed the wording on their site and kits and shipping international isnt an option. That being said the speakers are awesome and the fact the are direct OEM replacements is fantastic. i love the range and depth and a great upgrade on the 6 factory speakers for E46 sedan. good luck with your upgrade
  16. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Air bg confirmed as not needing recall by Coombes. wheel and airbag onTM https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1615628295 if anyone wants one.
  17. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    new wheel has had current, freshly recalled (last year) airbag fitted. so i'm sorted old air bag needs checking first and foremost, i forgot to take it to dealer. so will do tomorrow. they will check but can only perform recall on vehicles once (recall is vehicle aligned not airbag aligned). if airbag i did get with the MF wheel does need to be recalled it'll have to go to a car that hasn't had one yet or be disposed of. if it doesn't need recalling i will sell with the steering wheel that came out of my car.
  18. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Multifunction steering wheel fitted to the E46. Cruise control fully active, stereo controls to come for aftermarket HU. going to enjoy CC on longer road trips!
  19. hunter

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Skills include temperament to do this type of work lol..
  20. hunter

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    wish i had these skills, tools and bushes for my e46
  21. hunter


    go to dealer or look on Ali express and buy new.
  22. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Bit of automotive optometry today; New to me passenger side headlight bowls. (Others had been marred by water and dirt from leaky seal) and new headlight weather strips, both sides on the E46. Took the opportunity to give all the surrounds a good clean up while passenger side was apart too.
  23. what are these gorgeous things? brand & retailer, please?
  24. Question for those that have retro fitted Multi function wheels to their cars, or have these steering wheels and have fitted after market head unit. Have you successfully been able to control volume on the after market unit with the buttons on the steering wheel?
  25. hunter

    E46 A & C Pillar repair

    i tried refurbishing mine 2 years ago, couldn't get good results / consistent finish so methodically, as budget allowed replaced them all with new ones. this ensured factory fit with BMW OEM materials, color and quality.