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  1. After the E39 developed some rear interior rattles i went on the hunt for solutions from adding foam rings to door clips, replacing some clips , lubed the door card edes where they contact the door frame....all with no major change I even contemplated pulling the rear deck out again to investigate where the heck the creaks and rattles were coming from. As an avoidance tactic to that i trawled various forums on the subject of E39 rattle solution i came across this forum link, https://www.m5board.com/threads/fix-for-creaking-and-rattling-doors.137711/page-3 the tips in here about performing some TLC on door seals and rubber bits and adding strips of insulation tape to the strike plates to ensure a ever so slightly firmer latch was life changing, After doing this the interior is rattle free.
  2. Replaced the sliding arm rest handle and tray. The rubberized coating was peeling and gross. thoughts of recoating went out the window when I saw the price of the stuff was more than parts from fcp. Before and after attached. Plus treated all the door seals to a clean and protect plus wrapped strike plates with some insulation tape to try and locate / stop rear cabin rattles
  3. Hi @adro Yeah whines regardless of speakers. Sometimes it's more noticeable than others but haven't been able to determine a pattern . I have hooked the mic up yet and have disconnected the charger cable as the Male aux jack wasnt working right. Everything else about it is great, connects easily etc just the white noise factor. How Far away from the tape deck did you put the wire taps, could that be a factor, mine were quite close....πŸ€”
  4. you guys have any issues with high pitch "whining" from the unit? mine is located behind HVAC, belowe the tape player i get it at any volume, not really noticable whe the music is playing above quiet - i got a new unit from GROM as the forst was really bad, this ones better but not silent even when no music is playing i can hear it keen to hear your experiences an placements
  5. I took the E39 to Caffiene and Gasoline track Cruise, at Hampton Downs. Was super fun and will definatley be going again. Cooked the Brakes a bit so will need better fluid for next time and possibly pads, thye were due for a change soon anyway.
  6. I have some 18 x 8 S65 reps (italian made) if you're looking to change those wheels up.
  7. hunter

    E39 Ute Reboot

    Any more progress on this @francoisv
  8. Fixed the cable, it had slipped out of the guide, very loose in the guide and fell out again when putting foor card back in place. To remedy this I loosely affixed some tape around the guide to stop the cable falling out while putting the handle back in place. Worked a treat, my passenger now no longer needs full time chauffer treatment.
  9. I have a set of 18 x 8 style 65 Italian reps I'm wanting to swap for a staggered set of 17" style 66 wheels. I had bought these for some temp wheels when I get my style 42s refurbished, but I've changed my mind.
  10. Got my new GROM audio pcb today to replace the one that constantly emits a high frequency whine during playback. the new pcb is a direct replacement in the plastic housing. Put it in the car, good playback with no whine. However upon attempting to exit the car the passenger front door doesn't open from the inside. Must have bumped a cable loose when doing speakers
  11. To me, it works musically beyond the marketing and tidy boxes. The clarity is great, sure there will be better systems out there but for what I want its perfect. , I usually buy from bavsound when speakers are on sale making it extra competitive without the extra labor quoted by local installer to fix something like a Focal set up.l, which would need extra brackets and crap. I see you're in Wellington, If you're coming to Tokaanu in March next year, I'll give you a demo.
  12. Finally got the time to install the last of my Bavsound speaker upgrade, the front components (tweers and larger drivers, mid range is left standard) Taking the drivers door card off would also hopefully allow me to address the rattle coming from inside the door, this turnd out to be one of the metal clips that hold the window strip at the top of the door, had come off. Some how. Got the speakers in no worries, direct fit so was easy install. It wasnt until i did the passenger door i noticed the wiring between the 2 doors was different! upon closer inspection (after removing the drivers door card again (gah)) i noted the on the drivers side the mid range and the pinch sensor wire were plugged into the wrong spots( from previous owner / whichever did the work, I just plugged in where unplugged ), so the mid range wasnt actually working! I reversed this and all is well Finished passenger door and auditioned thesystem properly before putting it all back together this time. Once all back together the sounds is so much clearer high highs, lower lows all from factor fitment upgrades. I had this system in my e46 and loved it there also. Now once my GROM audio replacement PCB arrvies to stop the persistent humm and whine from AUX Bluetooth mode i'll be set! Or maye i'll get an amp to add a bt more ooomph. Edit: now the window plug is back in the right place the automatic window close is now working again. Woot.
  13. Hey Mate, do you still have these and would be willignto swap for some 18" ET18 Style 65 italian replicas?
  14. hunter

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Hi @adro Did the LEDs give the same or better beam length as the OEM halos Still contemplating getting some.
  15. Got some sweet tints in the E39 It's all coming together, just need a full paint correction & detail now.
  16. Think I saw you tonight, approx 5 zooming around the tristram and thackery st round about. I was In the silver e39
  17. After new rear control arms, spring pads and bump stops this week. I was finally able to complete the installation of my refurbished rear deck and new child seat anchors. Everything went back together so nicely. Only Slight trouble had was with getting the rear deck in with the new brackets in place it needed a bit of extra finessed encouragement part way through sliding it in to place to clear them.
  18. ....And huge roof baskets. Lol but only during summer months.
  19. Yep that would have been me, in Remuera. Loading up fast with 2 antsy borderline meltdown kids in the car πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜‹
  20. Some temp stand ins mate. Style 65 reps, unfortunately square offset (et18, I discovered on collection) but after a clean up should look ok for when I eventually get around to refurbishing the style 42s. I may sell them off after I clean them up lol we'll see.
  21. Installed 2 thirds of my new Bavsound speaker set up in the E39 Rear deck drivers and rear door tweeters done. Will tackle the front door drivers and tweeters next day i don't have a 3.5 year old nipping at my heels
  22. hunter

    M TOY M3

    decent grind on that knuckle too. Any damage to the underside of the car?
  23. if you go mechless (no cd / tape ) Bluetooth an d usb only, the units can be smaller. I had a very nice single DIN Alpine in my e46. re Bluetooth only units try these guys https://gromaudio.com/store/all-bmws.html - I just installed one in my E39 and it's easy to do ith good results whilst retaining the factory look and feel. Other option is Eonon Android unit, effectively a Dynavin "clone" they seem well reviewed and you get a lot of functionality, and up to date android OS.
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