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Found 17 results

  1. Selling on behalf of my sister who has owned for the last 2 years. This is her 1998 328i coupe in Montreal Blue. Full factory M-Sport package with partial leather seats. Currently at 142Km. This car has only had enthusiasts as owners, shown by the massive folder full of service history and it's overall condition. Door cards and headliner recovered in the last 2 years. The only non factory extras include an alarm with immobiliser, a bluetooth headunit and tinted windows. Even has factory PDC! Plate will be included in the sale, current WOF and Registration. 5,500.00 ono PM me if you are interested.
  2. Before I order a new one online, does anyone have a E36 steering wheel hub they want to sell? Preferably Momo, hub for airbag models but will take a non airbag one as well. Part number either 2008 or 2011 if Momo. I'm in Auckland but don't mind paying for shipping.
  3. Hi guys! New to the forum. This is my Arctic Silver E36 328i sedan. It has 145,000kms on clock, sunroof, heated front seats, and came with an mp3 stereo and a very clean interior. I have fitted Mtech clear indicators, tail lights, smoked side repeaters, Super Low springs, and have maxed out the camber in the back, along with -2.0 degrees camber in the front. Bit of surface rust on the rear fenders, but if I do keep this I may spray it with the airbrush sometime, since this thing cost me less than $1500 haha. It needs some TLC to the body (new bonnet maybe), but overall it's a great runner. Already have a Getrag 220 and single mass flywheel sitting in the shed for it!
  4. Hi, Before I grab one I've seen in the UK. Just checking if anyone on BS had a six cyl shifter linkage for sale? Cheers
  5. $9,000 Obo Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am having to sell something I was going to keep for ever.. Its a New Zealand new, 1996 BMW 328I SE Motorsport Factory Manual in DaytonaViolett Metallic with Black leather interior originally sold by Shelly BMW. I have just replaced the following in the past couple of weeks: - Brand new genuine BMW water pump - Brand new genuine BMW thermostat - Brand new Battery as of today The kilometers read at low 147,000kms and the condition reflects this, all the common door card failures etc are not found in the interior of this vehicle and the leather is near perfect. It has 4 basically brand new tyres all round, the engine, gearbox and clutch make it drive smoother than a gravy sandwich. It will come with spare Fog lights, Clear indicators, bulbs and BMW car care kits. As you would expect its not entirely perfect and has the following minor imperfections: - Hood lining down quoted approx $100 from local upholster) - Fuel sender line needs to be re soldered so it doesn't read empty - Two or three very minor areas of clear coat peel If more photos or details are needed don't hesitate to pm me, price is somewhat negotiable but getting harder to find such clean examples in these specs.
  6. Still, haven't sold this beaut. 7k ono Factory M sport and manual 328i. It has done 288.000 Kms but she still has a lot in her in fact she's still producing the 200hp from factory ( take account drivetrain loss when you look at the dyno sheet ) For the 2 years of ownership, the engine hasn't given me any grief no weird noises nor hiccups. The only reason for selling is I have an mk5 r32 golf coming along and I have to pay for a pretty big sum of aviation fees. Here's what I've done to her. -New NGK iridium spark plugs -Brand new BMW gen window seals ( wasnt cheap...) -New rocker cover gasket and stem seals -Front and rear rotor replacement -Front and rear brake pad replacement -New ABS speed sensor -F & R brake pad wear sensor -Aluminum Thermostat housing with new seals ( plastic ones are dog sh*t) -PMC Short shifter -Referb Cloth seats (Leather ones that was in the car had a tad of wear so OCD kicked in ) -AC blower unit replacement AC blows nice and cold -Headliner got redone -Serviced with Liqui Moly 10w40 full synth (Service history will be given to the next owner) - 3k respray(immaculate exterior and interior ) - Repainted AC Type 3 wheels with new tires - Tinted to 35% - Adrenaline R muffler - m3 Bilstein suspension - New drive shaft donut - Rear subframe mounts intact ( the underbelly of this old girls in pretty good nick for her age ) -Leather door cards so there's no shitty fabric sag -Sub and speakers All electronics work from the defroster to the interior lights !! a very dialyable car. Before you comment that it has astronomical k's for the price just take into account how much money and labor that has been spent to make this car a very tidy example of a dying breed of car. Feel free to view and test drive. Located in Tauranga IMG_0172.mov IMG_0161.mov IMG_0159.mov IMG_0157.mov IMG_0152.mov IMG_0141.mov IMG_0138.mov
  7. Hi guys my wife's daily 328i has just bit the bullet, looks like a blown headgasket but could possibly be a stuck valve. It's an auto 328i sedan with about 140,000kms on the clock, black leather interior, good tyres, sunroof works but sticks a little closing. Would be a great donor car or just making some $$ off parting out, $700 and its yours. Pickup in Glenfield. Note: car will obviously need to be trailered/towed, unable to be driven in current condition, cheers!
  8. Hey guys up for sale is my E36 msport manual coupe. Reason for sale is I have too many cars and the wifey isn't happy. Details: 270,000kms Leather interior with the sought after leather doorcards (in fantastic condition, no peeling) Has near new M3 bilstein's (done less than 5,000kms) Can come with the Rieger GT front lip, but needs repairs as it's been cracked in two (debris on motorway took it off) Drives beautifully, no mechanical issues, gearbox is smooth with no crunches. Cons: Headliner is sagging as is usual with most E36's Drivers side window not working, needs new reg/motor Steering wheel leather is starting to crack, could do with a replacement. $6,500 ono, reasonable offers considered, may be interested in swaps + cash my way (just don't tell the wife ). Will come with Wof and Rego for new owner. Note: comes with ACS wheels, not the Style 42's as seen in photo 3. Cheers.
  9. I've read of some the common issue with these, expansion tank, radiator side tanks, temperature sensor o'ring and dont seem to have any of these problem. There is a tiny little bit of white residue on the expansion tank but it doesnt seem to get bigger yet i still lose maybe 100-200ml over an open road journey of about 50km. I read here that the heater matrix can also be a problem but dont have a coolant smell inside and dont appear to have any water inside either. Ive had a good look around the block and cant see anything obivous. I did take than fan and shroud off and had a good look on the inside of the radiator and it looked clean and dry - should it take it right out and look from the other side? Does anyone have any other suggestions in what to look for? Thanks Very small amount of white staining at top of radiator header tank Header tank stain up close Expansion tank looks fine
  10. Its about $100 to get one of these from overseas.. does anyone have one to sell or know where i can get one for a good price? Cheers
  11. This might not so much be a question of legality, but if one had a m52b28 engine in a m52b25 body how likely is this to fail or get picked up on a general WoF check? My understanding is that, the two engines are almost identical besides the internals and the exhaust. The only give away I can think of would be the engine number, which I'm thinking they might not go to such lengths to check. Cheers.
  12. Selling a BMW E36 Manual Conversion cheap, need sold by 14th June. Parts Included: M50B25 Gearbox - Getrag (220.0.0225.96) 184000Kms Driveshaft Crossmember Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch (Needs replacing) Shifter Linkage Shift Knob Shift Boot Clutch Master Cylinder Slave Cylinder Clutch Pedal Requires Hydraulic Lines and Brake Pedal Assembly Contact me via cell @ 02040683079 Pickup only located Napier, Hawkes Bay Pictures: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1105276302 **$600ono.**
  13. Hey Guys As i sit here trying to sum up the motivation to go and do some work work on this i though it was about time to start a thread on the 328i. A bit of background on the car, when i was 20 i sold my 318IS manual as i started to want something with a bit more oomph, i still liked the E36 and couldn't quite afford an E39 540. so I decided that a 328I would be the ideal car for me. i was keen on a manual but couldn't find a tidy one within my budget after a few months of looking. i did find a nz new 4 door auto with decent spec, full leather ect for a decent price and in really good nick so i picked it up. Since then i have done quite a bit of the usual maintenance improving on it where i could. The suspension has just about been completely rebuilt with solid rubber bushings, the standard springs, sway bars and shocks have been replaced with factory M-Sport springs and sway bars and Koni Adjusatble shocks. The brakes now sport Brembo blank rotors and EBC red pads. Crank and Cam position sensors have been replaced with genuine new ones. The plugs have just been replaced with the OEM Bosch ones. On the inside i have re-coloured the parcel tray back to black from the purple they all trend to, swapped out the interior lights for LEDs and found an M3 Evo steering wheel for it. The hood linging is falling off more and more by the day now, so will soon be pulled out and re-covered although i am un-decided on something close to the current grey, or to go dark like the M-sport cars. i would love a set of vaders for the front seats too but have not yet found any one willing to part with a set! Now the big one! MANUAL! This weekends mission is the manual conversion. i have been sitting on a ZF box for almost a year and have finaly decided its time to do the swap. at this moment the car is up on axel stands with the interior pulled out and the exhaust and drive shaft spread over the garage! with any luck ill be driving it to work as a manual on monday! but realistically i think ill be done mid next week. once the manual conversion is all done and dusted i have a custom 4 plate LSD center to fit to the current diff. i will likely replace all the diff bearings while i'm at it. ill get some photos of the car once its back on the road, and if there is any thing you want to see while its in pieces ill do my best to get a photo for you!
  14. Hi Lads, This is a conversion to Manual - Have had no issues at all with anything (done by previous owner) Will be taking some nice photos soon but thought Ill put this up here anyway, looking at $8,500.00 ONO Mint example of a 1997 E36i Manual Has 144k's on the Clock, Pioneer Hands-free CD Player (works mint), Premium Sound system - all comes with Car - Professionally installed New leather on steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, re-ulphostered, roof lining, rear tray, door inserts (front and back), and front seats have been re-conditioned, no cracks etc on the leather - Interior is MINT - All done Professionally... Mechanically its mint, clutch has about 40k's on it so good for years to come, everything under the hood is clean, never uses / leaks oil etc etc.... Sits on Genuine M3 EVO2 wheels, Staggered, 215/17 front 225/17 rear, Michelin PilotSport3 Tires on her... half worn, only the best...if you know these are worth a bit by themselves.... Owned the car since 100k's (major full service) and has started first pop every-time like no other car I've had, has been completely looked after with the utmost care (whatever it needs is done) looked after by BM Workshop Greylynn by Graham, you are welcome to call him on 09-3761236 to discuss this car - even hes said this is one of the best examples in Auckland. Exterior is mint, no dents, paint is 8.5/10 or better I would say.... Has flown through WOF's with no major issues... looking at $9,500.00 ONO Please contact me on 02102222224 if you need anything else answered. Cheers John Kaminski
  15. Friend of mine has a 328i that is begging for a third pedal. We need all the parts to make up a full conversion kit. Located in Christchurch and willing to have items shipped.
  16. Hey im pretty new to the whole adjustable suspension scene. I am looking at buying some bc gold adjustable suspension for my 328i e36, iv read a heap of forums about them but cant find anything about using them in a daily driven car. I know they will be a whole lot more stiff and will handle a lot better, but im just wanting to know if anyone knows how they are in a daily driver with the right setup, so if anyone can help it would be awesome.
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