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Found 35 results

  1. Nz new bmw e46 m3 2003 6 speed manual 343 HP Phoenix gold metallic Black nappa leather Factory Harman kardon sound system 19" beyern deep dish alloys Tidy condition Just serviced Well maintained by jerry claytons and bm workshop etc New wof and reg Comes with new plates KYK755 021433600 $22000
  2. Genuine Momo steering wheel boss kit for late type E28 and E30s. Should also fit E34, possible E36 etc as to my knowledge the steering wheels interchange (though this could be a case like my diff so do your own research). Model number 2006. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post for $10 (non rural).
  3. From what I have researched, use the S50 ECU and loom, bypass EWS from the original engine and I'm good to go? If the M3 the engine came from didn't have automatic aircon should I convert to the manual version/ Delete completely? Cheers, Connor
  4. Factory E46 M3 suspension- As per the photo. Worked fine , no leaks when removed from car for coilover install. Came out of car around the 115-120 k mark. Central Auckland, pick ups only. $200 ono
  5. just in today , they just keep falling off the road for some reason 2002 m3 109ks 6speed manual yellow wrapped in matt grey engine and gearbox are fine lsd csl replica wheels *(well 3 of them ) leather m3 seats also still have another M3 parts car (undamaged body)
  6. .
  7. Purchased a BMW M3 for my partner and supercharged her with E46 M3 VT2-575 Supercharger System (Gen.3) - ESS Tuning The top of the line, intercooled Gen.3 S54 VT2-575 supercharger system produces 575hp and 360lb-ft of torque at 10psi of boost. A 232hp gain over stock, eclipsing the output of a Nissan GTR! Featuring the highly efficent, extremely durable and self contained Vortech V3 supercharger unit in Si trim, the supercharger is capable of producing up to 775hp. Added Blistein PSS10 Coilovers and a few other bits and bobs to her. She's a beauty!
  8. Hi all I'll be selling some interesting bits and pieces, mainly E36 Evo M3 driveline parts, and M50/52 parts, that will no longer be used. These items are expensive quality parts sourced over the years, It is an ideal package for anyone desiring a strong F/I build, or simply upgrading a standard E36. They were to be used in a high horsepowered M50 Frankenstein build, but life doesn't always work out the way one wishes it would, there's nothing cheap about building a turbo E36 unless you cut corners ( haha ). Here are some parts, including some engine upgrades for turbo applications. - Evo M3 LSD Diff : $1200 ( haven't confirmed Ratio yet, blasted and painted, so not a crappy looking used Diff ) - Evo M3 Complete Rear Subframe ( Complete Powder coated unit ) : $1800 - Evo M3 Manual Conversion Kit ( Includes Complete Driveshaft ) : $2400 - UUC Clutch / Flywheel Kit ( 850whp rated, can find the detailed info on CES Motorsport web page ) : $2800 ( reasonably priced for what it is ) - Evo M3 Rear Axles : $ ( Price TBC ) Engine Components: -Top Mount TurboManifold T3/T4 : ( SOLD ) - CES BMW E36 Cutring Headgasket, Copper Spacer, COMBO KIT : $750 -ARP 2000 Head stud kit : ( SOLD ) -M52B28 Stroker Kit, removed from 90km engine : $500 -Evo Subframe Bushing Kit : ? ( TBC ) -Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Filter and Connector : ? ( TBC ) -M50B25 OBD1 Engine wiring loom : $50 -M50B25 Intake Manifold x 2 $60 each - Nuke Fuel Rail = ? ( TBC ) I will update with images for most of the items listed in accordance with forum rules. Feel free to ask questions, there's still more parts to be listed but i haven't gathered everything just yet so keep an eye out if there's anything that tickles your fancy haha, or PM if need be, kind regards, Peter. Items with "TBC", prices yet to be confirmed.
  9. 223KMs and looks pretty tidy. Beautifully restored leather!!!! Rubbish pictures tho :{ What is with the frequent use of 'unmolestered' on TradeMe? Love the predictions 'My prediction is the price will double at least in the next year!' - a bit like Carlsberg's ads eh? (Probably the best beer in the world ...'
  10. Something you don't see very often! 133kms and $109k starting price. #424 of 505 produced -and owned by present owner for 23 years!
  11. Seen this near Jville Autostop ... but can't vouch for the quoted 0-300 in 26.3s "- Gpower SK1 Supercharger (4psi boost ASA T1-518 blower): 500PS(386kW/525NM) - Eisenmann Race exhaust (Germany) - KW height adjustable springs (Germany) - Volk racing TE37 forged rims (JPN) - Varis Carbon fiber bonnet (JPN) - BMW Carbon fiber splitter - BMW Performance steering wheel"
  12. Seems like a reasonable price - includes the $8K!? hard top too ... Apparently it is a 'rear' car too!
  13. Its about $100 to get one of these from overseas.. does anyone have one to sell or know where i can get one for a good price? Cheers
  14. -100kms, $26k
  15. Used between the MAF sensor housing to the throttle body. Allows for a dramatic increase in airflow over the stock intake tube. Smooth out the incoming air to the throttle body. Also can be used to upgrade the Stage 1 design to Stage 2. $100 shipped
  16. This is Arild Martinsen's 4x4 M3 from 1988 in action. Well, it started life as an M3, and then received an X-trac transplant - hence the 4-bolt rims. The engine is M10-derived... Whether that means it is the original S14 or even an M12, I don't know. It does have a heffin' great turbocharger bolted to it, helping make 700bhp. It's safe to say it goes a bit.
  17. Has anyone had a proper look at this car? It's been on and off TradeMe for a while now, and seeing the interest the 160xxx M3 is getting, I'm assuming that there is a reason that this hasn't sold? Any info/opinions would be appreciated Cheers
  18. Ok! i had a thread up a while ago in the general forum about re-shelling vs restoring an M3, and well the consensus was restore so here it is; introducing brutus, my 1994 NZ new e36 m3 coupe. he is a dark individual, black on black to be exact. a few photos will follow but first the story of brutus.... i picked up the above car in pretty average condition thinking i was getting the deal of the century, all things considered now its probably going to cost me just as much as buying an m3 i good nick to start with by the time i get this one to the level of tidiness i intend. there were a few things i didn't see when looking at it first time round, lust must have taken over! but hey at 23 i was the owner of an M3! bucket list item achieved! 1st order of business - out with the black oil, in with 6l for 300km for a flush, then the full castrol edge - TWS 10-60 treatment, 3000 ks later its still amber! i also treated decidedly scungy intake filter to a K&N panel filter in the stock box and 6 new OEM spark plugs. when i first got it the head lining resembles a curtain more than the roof of a car, so first duty was to whip the head lining out. boom done, fabric and rotting foam striped off. i wanted the A and c pillars to match so out they came and got the same treatment. there was a wee pause in progress here in terms of the roof lining and the next problem reared its head. Enter the sunroof, well exit the sunroof... there was a knocking noise coming from the sunroof when the car un-weighted, and it was not tilting properly, the shuttle was not behaving 100% either but the roof portion was O.K. . until it too stuck in the open position on a drizzly day. great... out came the sunroof casset. picked up on a few broken clips in here so ordered a few from the us of a. jimmied the roof into the close position and re-installed it waiting for the bits to arrive. goodies in the mail! back in biz! or not... turns out one more clip was broken having removed the roof again causing the shuttle not to function. i have tilt now though! another order for the last clip and a tarp over the car. a few more goodies made it over with this order, a new rattle clip for the front right brake caliper that had been driving me nuts and a set of brass caliper bushings to replace the shot flexi and cracked stock ones. time to have the roof lining re-done, well thought having a matching parcel shelf would look better than the faded one in there, so out it came. there was absolutely nothing wrong with the adhesive on the parcel shelf! i must have removed about 3 layers of knuckle skin stripping the fabric off this one! Onehunga marine and auto upholstery did re-cover of these bits in an Audi RS4 esq material. black textured, and once re-installed looks really good. the finish of the job around the edges was not perfect which i was not too happy about originally, but is 100% now the head lining has been installed. next embarasing issue. the drivers door had been increasingly hard to open, until it would no longer open from the outside. slighly less than dignified effort to get into the car in westfeild carpark ended up with a passenger side entry... que replacing the drivers door handle mechanism. brand new rubbers and surrounds for both doors handles here! now the bit that had been really aggravating me. body work.... new guards, drivers door, nose cone, belly pan/under tray, wheel arch liners and radiator shrouding later the front was looking a little more like and m3 and a little less like a prats yard special! although i could not sort the light alignment out for a free beer... disassembly found 1 of the lenses not installed correctly, reassemble and we have aligned lights! PHEW. - i am still after an m3 oil cooler duct though... a few cosmetic bits here and there, LED parking lights, LED interior light conversion, ZHP shift knob and (pick-a-part score of the month) some blau-punked 6*9 including adaptors for the parcel shelf and an M-spec 3 steering wheel (this one currently residing in my 328I though) pretty much brings it up to date! And because every one loves pictures;
  19. Sold
  20. Do you need em ? how is running without them going to affect things ? would the car have needed a re-flash to run without them? it seems to have been running ok, and pulls as hard as other 3.0s i have driven crawling around under the car today starting replacing the guibo and i noticed a couple plugs on the g'box x-member with no wires coming from them. looked further down the line and the wires coming from the oxy sensors have been clipped and ziptied out of the way.
  21. Hi there, Looking for a Vanos Solenoid for E36 M3 1995 NZ New S50B30. Existing one seems to be failing intermittently, everything else in the Vanos has been rebuilt. Hoping to find one quickly and not too crazy $ - track day on Monday!
  22. Hi. please see trade me listing # 873021959 $1200 or $2500 with conti sport rubber. cheers.Rob. 0274773340
  23. Would anyone be interested in my 3 piece autoart vy wheels complete with tyres off my e46 m3 19 inch PCD 120 Rears offset 35 Fronts offset 20 Hankook Tyres- 285/30 rears -245/35 fronts Looking for around 3.5k (negotiable) Reason for sale is looking to upgrade to work's
  24. All part of the garage clean out.........must have more space 1)Set of five schnitzer monobloc rims 16x8 inches ET35.2 slightly scuffed three are perfect.With centre caps. Suit e30 M3 E36 M3 and others.5x120 stud pattern CB 72.5 $600 the set plus freight.Can deliver to Mainfreight, place on pallet and on send to you.Seems to be the best freight option around NZ.Bought for a project but changed direction........On Trade Me too need the space in garage for other stuff! 2)Schnitzer Rennsport made by Ronal (type 2) with the peg holes.Three piece rim.Set of four 17x8 and 9 inches et 35 front and 45.5 rear.Slight scuffing but an easy fix to polish out.Centres are perfect. Suit E36 M3 E46 and others 5x120 stud pattern CB72.5 Very rare rims The discolouration in the photo is coppaslip.Bought for a project but changed direction again... $1200 the set THANK YOU SOLD 3) Set of five (3 F 2 R) BMW style 39 DS11.17x 7.5 and 8.5 inches.As fitted to the E36 M3 Evo coupe.Almost perfect but not quite.Fitted with Continental Contisport (6mm+)to the front and Goodyear premium(7mm) not quite sure of the style on the rear Spare is a new Michelin. Tyres are not that new but with even tread wear and no high or low spots.I refurbed another set of rims and fitted Michelin PS3 all round so these are surplus.And taking up space. $850 the set including the tyres. THANK YOU SOLD Pm or call 0297774006 And thank you for reading
  25. Hi Lads, This is a conversion to Manual - Have had no issues at all with anything (done by previous owner) Will be taking some nice photos soon but thought Ill put this up here anyway, looking at $8,500.00 ONO Mint example of a 1997 E36i Manual Has 144k's on the Clock, Pioneer Hands-free CD Player (works mint), Premium Sound system - all comes with Car - Professionally installed New leather on steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, re-ulphostered, roof lining, rear tray, door inserts (front and back), and front seats have been re-conditioned, no cracks etc on the leather - Interior is MINT - All done Professionally... Mechanically its mint, clutch has about 40k's on it so good for years to come, everything under the hood is clean, never uses / leaks oil etc etc.... Sits on Genuine M3 EVO2 wheels, Staggered, 215/17 front 225/17 rear, Michelin PilotSport3 Tires on her... half worn, only the best...if you know these are worth a bit by themselves.... Owned the car since 100k's (major full service) and has started first pop every-time like no other car I've had, has been completely looked after with the utmost care (whatever it needs is done) looked after by BM Workshop Greylynn by Graham, you are welcome to call him on 09-3761236 to discuss this car - even hes said this is one of the best examples in Auckland. Exterior is mint, no dents, paint is 8.5/10 or better I would say.... Has flown through WOF's with no major issues... looking at $9,500.00 ONO Please contact me on 02102222224 if you need anything else answered. Cheers John Kaminski