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    If anyone is wondering about "aggressive-ish" fitment on the 1 series: Just put on a set of staggered style 193's from a E9X 3 series on the E83 130i with brand new tyres (Laufenn LK03) 18x8" ET34 with 225/40 front 18x8.5" ET37 with 235/40 rear Nice flush fitment and no rubbing on standard msport suspension
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    After about 18 months of failing to get an E30 out of my head, I managed to secure my affordable dream car. A 1989 (Built Sep 1988) M325i in Lachssilber. This is the exact colour and spec car that became etched in my brain 20 plus years ago when a well-off school friend's father had one in the mid-late 90s. Before I owned my E46 I had always assumed old BMWs were prohibitively expensive to maintain. Car popped up on Facebook, I got lucky and called the seller within 5 minutes of the post (was the 2nd caller) , built a bit of rapport and did the deal a few hours later. The previous owner is a great guy who has owned and loved it 20 years, although in the last 5 or so it's seen limited use so is in need of a bit of a birthday. I have to say however, for 33 years and 389km it is in good shape. In addition to all the standard M325i goodies it has a spicy Remus exhaust, Dobi / Koni suspension, 22mm and 16mm whiteline swaybars and a short shifter - things I would have done anyway. I still need to get under it and have a proper nosey, but have pulled together a to do list for the next 6 months: Maintenance Cambelt / Waterpump / Tensioner / Coolant / Drive belts Valve adjustment / Spark Plugs / Valve cover gasket Oil and filter / Gearbox and Diff Fluid / Fuel Filter / Air filter Rust treating for few small surface areas / clear sunroof drains / replace elephant drain Sort intermittent ABS light before my next WOF Fuel Lines / Vacuum Lines New tyres - 15" RE003 or 16" PS4 depending on wheel choice Steering coupler / Control Arms (with Powerflex offset M3 CABs) / Tierods Shocks / Springs / mounts - Will likely get a matched ST Suspension set - 50mm / 40mm with thicker rear spring pads for saggy butt Strut brace - I'm guessing a car this old and used could benefit? Engine mounts and transmission mounts Exterior DIY repaint mirror + rear window trims in meantime Full paint correction and detail Replace all faded / blacked out badges / decals with new OEM Exterior Trim refresh - front grills and kidneys / door handles / B pillar trims Euro plate Refurbish Basket weaves (or more likely get 16" Alpina / 16" Weaves reproduction wheels - undecided) Finish detailing engine bay and restore a few parts cosmetically Tackle rust gremlins - sunroof tray and few small bubbles in roof skin / boot and boot seal Respray roof / boot / drivers door and rear right quarter after rust work - other panels are excellent Interior Refurbish Mtech 1 380mm wheel inc new badges New plush floor mats Condor 'Shorty' Gear knob and Stitchboots shift and brake boots in Anthracite Uberkaro Bluetooth stereo in 'period correct' style - BMW Radios Reverse RDS customised with text / bluetooth / mic / pre-outs Refinish interior plastics and parcel tray / carpet Re-upholster full interior including door cards - Anthracite Uberkaro Re-foam and rebuild drivers seat with new shocks etc Needs odometer gears so will tart up the cluster while I'm in there Mtech 2 370mm wheel and restore that 2023 and Beyond RTABs / Diff carrier / Subframe bushes Shifter rebuild Beat on the M20 until it needs a rebuild and stroker 🤣 Looking forward to driving and improving this beauty!
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    That was the buying part. E30's are cheap to refresh. You may as well drop the whole rear subframe and do all the bushings and brake liines. Weld in eccentric plates\bolts for the subframe are a worth while addition to correct toe out and neg camber from being lowered. Will certainly pay for its self in time by reducing your tire bill.
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    When you use a 1 megapixel camera from 1999... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3378856141
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    https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2021-auctions/winter-sale-2021/winter-sale-2021/cars/1976-leyland-princess-1800-ado-71-26-422-miles-indicated An Austin Princess is a collector thing 😂
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/3376022813 Breaking the ceiling by 10k?
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    oh yeah this too Sammo! I've got those kits for toe and camber correction! they're handy
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    Nice. I fit 255/35 an 225/40 on my 269s. Tried 235/40 on the front but they looked weird.
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    Not sure why the seller would want to trade down to an E46?😁 Actually given all the recent huff n puff about values and the increasing numbers of E36, E46 and M coupes for sale in the past 90 days, not many have found new owners, despite reductions in the asking. Perhaps a portent of things to come in 2022?
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    Good to see those wheels looking good
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    Low mileage. Because they were so sh*t nobody wanted to drive it.
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    This sounds like fun! just let me know when dude Make sure the car is sitting overnight when doing valve adjustment. Has to be ice cold
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    I'll add them to the 'To Do' list Going to tackle a little DIY over Xmas break (cambelt / valve adhustment) and will bring it to the workshop in the New Year so someone who actually knows what they are doing can give it a once over
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    @m325i Ahhh yes - per your username! Will be semi-daily-ing - i.e. driving 2-3 times in week then otherwise for fun whenever I want - I work from home 70% of time now-days and rarely sit in traffic. Could go clear markers - cheap to see how it looks anyway. 370mm Mtech wheels seem to be in the $800 plus range, yeah, although once you add a boss kit not much difference to a Momo or Nardi. Without airbags, I'm thinking an Mtech 2 wheel looks like a nicer place to smash my face into than a exposed metal wheel haha
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    Adjusted the valve clearances. Spark plugs are in. Exhaust manifold and rocker cover studs are also in. Need to track down some inlet manifold studs as my go to guy doesn’t have any in stock. Is there anywhere anyone would recommend? Started to give the manifolds a clean up this afternoon, the fuel injectors took some pulling out! Is it easier to fix the exhaust and intake manifolds to the head while it’s out of the car, and then just lift it all on together before bolting the head back on to the block? Cheers.
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