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    Scored a right side headlight wipers and motor. Had to fit it so I don't lose any of it. Now to find a left side
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    All legal now boyz..🤗🤗 Bringing on them 16s for the rear.. Gutting this interior... Dual caliper on the rear with hydraulic handbrake...😏 ...and E46 front lower arms with steering lock kit...🤔...uhh...like to.
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    That is Farking cool. Can only be improved very slightly by painting it black and putting JPS decals on it.
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    Just ticked over 106000kms and car is running perfect. Will do another oil change soon before taking it away on the xmas trip around the BoP! Just want to say if anyone is considering one of these cars, its a ridiculously good all round package and if you lifestyle suits a medium sized hatchback that drives like a coupe but has the convenience of 4 doors and 5 seats + fold down boot with plenty of space, this is really one of the best options out there.
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    10 December 2018. 171765kms (19,571 since acquisition) Service. Keeping up with the requirements of the MBI. And sensible maintenance/care. 1. Oil & Filter. Also replaced filter housing (OEM Hengst), as the filter drain plug was seized. (there are two drain plugs on the N62. One in the oil pan, one in the centre of the filter housing). Fuchs GT1 Proflex 5W30 8 litres, Hengst E203H. 2. Cooling system flush and fill. This annual coolant replacement (twice factory frequency) is my 'belt and braces' approach to risk mitigation of the valley coolant pipe issue with N62. Genuine BMW coolant used. 3. Service checks. The usual belts, plugs, hoses, suspension, brakes, air filter, steering etc etc for annual service. Though to be fair, pretty much everything's been replaced in the last 2 years, so we'd have been surprised to find any issues. "It's driving like they did when these first came out". I'm loving it.
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    I wonder how they wrangled this plate...
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    I have finally found the last car that I will have for a while. I have been searching all kinds of models to decide what to go for from E92 335i , E82 135i, E46 M3, E92 M3, M235i and also a renault megane RS265 but I have finally settled on what I think is the best car for me at this point which is the F20 M135i with N55 and 8 Speed ZF auto. Coming from a long list of previous BMW's as most of you know, it had to be a substantially newish car for it to be worth while upgrading. When I saw this come up for sale I jumped on it instantly, test drove and paid and collected within an hour of listing. Anyway, it ticks every single box on my requirements list - newness, powerful, practical, mod-able, and of course still BMW. (I still have my E46 which I absolutely love and would love to keep but I just dont see myself driving it as much now I have this thing which works great as a daily and a weekend car) I was lucky to find one with a sunroof which was my biggest requirement and this also came with a M performance exhaust already fitted which makes a great sound. Anyway, if you come long to the coffee meet no doubt you will see it but here are a couple of quick photos!
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    @NZ BMW most offers vary by region, but some are available nationally to members as is the case with the MBI deal. Please note the Autosure offer is through a particular dealer, can be attached to vehicles you already own but a vehicle condition inspection will be required ; and pre-existing issues won't be covered (which seems fair!).
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    I think that is the ugliest car I have ever seen.
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    Very, very hard to put a price on a car like this, as you say very few similar vehicles in the country to compare against, especially if it is the BMW NZ imported one. Also, there is a very small pool of potential buyers that would be interested in such a car plus with it being RHD then the international market is limited as well. Like most cars it also depends on how much you need to get rid of it, if you're in no rush to sell put it up for what it's worth to you, plus a bit of wriggle room and see if you get any interest then go from there. More info and pictures would help to put a round figure on it!!
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    We provide this information to members, it's updated as new suppliers are added. In practice It often takes the form of "hey I'm looking for a ______, who's our club supporter, and what's our arrangement?" "talk to ______". In this case, our supplier is an agent for AUTOSURE, with 15% off to members. Worked example: Recommended retail is $1,395 on the AUTOSURE GOLD policy for Euro (Cat C)**, duration 36mths, excess $450. Looking at my invoice, I saved more than 15%, result! $90 membership fee recouped in one fell swoop, and then some. Hope that helps. ** Note all Autosure restrictions apply, this summary is not intended to provide detailed policy info.
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    Thanks @SmithyInWelly! Unfortunately it has developed an oil leak 😬! Now I know its a real BMW haha Therefore - price drop - $2,200 ono. Still a good wagon for that 😊! Will probably still use it up to Xmas - then park it up as I will be heading away.
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    I bought it in 2004 after it had been in storage for 2.5 years. Daily drove it until 2013, sold it cheap to my dad on the proviso he looked after it. Had new paint, needs a few things attended to, (like the diff that I sourced earlier this year), but is still a joy to drive. I condition the leather in my cars every 6 months, must have forgotten to tell dad and today was the first for a long time, but it came up well. Just starting to get a tiny crack in the dash, anyone have any ideas on if you can stop it?
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    Flew to Wellington, conditioned the leather and got my annual drive.
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    I'll bid $10 going by the information and the photos you've supplied... I hope I'm not the leading bid though
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    So with a bit of time off from work I decided to get stuck into chopping off the rear guards to start fitting up the fibreglass ones. Decided to go gently and do it in small pieces so I could make sure that 1) I didn't chop out something behind the skin and cause problems there and 2) it left a reasonably neat and tidy edge to fit up against and 3) by taking it a bit at a time I could get the hole the right size!! still looking for the rust that I was told was sure to be in there, maybe I should stop cutting now...?? As I said before I order a pair of the M3 outer guards to save me from having to fabricate something up to get the wheel arch the right shape, using the proper panels it was more likely that I would end up with a "correct" position of the outer lip to fit the fibreglass guard up against. My welding skills are more than a little rusty, but I'm reasonably happy with how it has turned out. Only one small wound to the hand, and small amount of blood plus one small fire equals a win in my book!!
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    Heres an update on this car at Manukau Zebra; Seeing this in person was hilarious.
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    Resurrecting this post from the dead... as there are the shoots of progress starting to come out of the garage. Decided against putting it all back together to race this season, it was really hard watching the 1 Hour Enduro at Hampton Downs on the long track, but there will be a next time I hope. It would have needed quite a bit of tidying and paint etc. even after I had screwed everything back together from the state it was in. Good news was that after months of waiting my shipment of panels for the E30 M3 kit finally arrived from Europe. I was a bit concerned about how well it would travel, being as the panels are fibreglass, so a bit on the delicate side. Thankfully, they were very well packaged, with lots of protection which was just as well as there were signs of some rough treatment on the way as I expected. After finally getting everything unwrapped and un-packed which was a bit of a mission, mainly due to running out of space to put the parts in the garage and space in the wheelie bin to put all the packaging, I had chance to check the parts over for damage and quality. There was only one small impression on one part which should come out with a bit of heat and pressure. Parts are nice and light, which is good for a race car - will see how well the measure up and fit as I go. Couldn't resist a quick tape them up on the car to see what they look like... If only they were that easy to fix on the car properly... now into all the cutting and grinding on the rear end to get the guards and c-pillar extension to fit onto the body. This will be the most complicated part of the whole thing, plus once that's done I can start prepping the shell for painting.
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    after being off the road due to a very expensive valvetronic motor and eccentric shaft replacement job, the waterpump died after just 40kms of driving..
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