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  1. Cale

    Style 220M - genuine

    Do these come with centre caps? I am also struggling to see but is some of the clear coat coming off in places?
  2. Cale

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    Chap from Manheim says it’s a finance company repossessed vehicle.
  3. For reference, I bought an E91 with the N54 in late January this year. Almost 2 months and ~1,600 km later the engine check light came on (ironically right around the corner from the dealer I bought the car from). I had it towed to Auckland City BMW which was covered by mechanical insurance. They scanned it and it needed an ignition coil replaced. In the meantime, I called the dealer I bought the car from, explained the issue, they got it picked up, taken to a mechanic (of their choice which admittedly made me a bit dubious) who proceeded to replace six coils and six spark plugs with OEM parts at the dealers expense. You were definitely right in pushing for the reparation.
  4. Cale

    FS: e36 318iS 5MT - needs love

    Sorry team I've neglected this thread. Bumping it, cos the first person who makes an offer will probably take it. Lee, I will fire you a text tomorrow. My number is 0211493331.
  5. Cale

    Do you want a flatmate/ Auckland

    Ahaha I see you running past our place with your two dogs every now and again!
  6. Cale

    FS: e36 318iS 5MT - needs love

    Tried it once but didn't fire. I wondered if it is old fuel. Clutch, I am assuming it would have been part of the scheduled maintenance with BMW up to 180kms, however post that period I can't say for sure.
  7. Her early 20's have been tough, and I don't have the skills / tools or anyone with a hoist. Story is that the starter motor was on the blink in early 2018 (sounded like it wasn't engaging sometimes), I went on holiday in May, recharged the battery in June and there is now nothing from the starter. I believe the airbag light is on due to faulty sensor in the seat. Cosmetically; the roof lining is out of the car as it was sagging, the door cards are not in great shape and the steering wheel leather is coming off. There is also clear coat peeling on the bonnet and the boot needs a good polish. Rest of the paintwork is decent condition for age. Details: 1996 318iS 5 speed NZ new 246xxx kms Owners handbook and service booklet (Team McMillan BMW service from new to 180,000 km) Boston green metallic M-sport body kit 17" Style 44 wheels (~4mm tread left) No WOF, registration expires 24 August. Will put on hold before that date. As is, where is. Not really sure how much it is worth as it is but looking at around $1,400. Happy to discuss or if that’s unrealistic let me know. Somebody buy it and start a project thread please.
  8. Cale

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    Oh dear...
  9. Cale

    FS - 2002 E46 M3 CSL replica

    Beauty of a car - this is so tempting given I can't afford the real one.. I wish your son, yourself and your family all the best Tom.
  10. Cale

    SPOTTED! The official thread

  11. You don't happen to have the boot emblem available do you?
  12. Cale

    My new 2008 BMW 320i M-Sport Coupe

    Welcome - looks great, do like an Alpinaweiß coupe! Looks like the wheels have been through a few colour changes?
  13. Cale

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Thanks @qube ! Just noticed in this pic that it’s a bit crooked...
  14. You’re right, it’s fair enough I suppose. Yes, they charge $150/hr.
  15. Those scan packs are an absolute bargain then! The software just runs off a Windows computer? hotwire - i would have thought I was entitled to the scan results but he was adamant he wouldn’t give it out. I didn’t ask the cost of each coil from BMW, when I was quoted min 1500$ to change the 6 coils + 6 spark plugs I didn’t really bother to ask any more questions.