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  1. You’re right, it’s fair enough I suppose. Yes, they charge $150/hr.
  2. Those scan packs are an absolute bargain then! The software just runs off a Windows computer? hotwire - i would have thought I was entitled to the scan results but he was adamant he wouldn’t give it out. I didn’t ask the cost of each coil from BMW, when I was quoted min 1500$ to change the 6 coils + 6 spark plugs I didn’t really bother to ask any more questions.
  3. Thought I'd give this an update. Spoke to the Auckland City BMW this morning who had run a scan and diagnosed 2 coils busted and recommended I get all 6 replaced and the spark plugs as well as they were shot. They quoted me an exorbitant amount as we can all imagine. Said that they have tried a million times and never been successful in getting all replaced under insurance - only the two would get done. I said I'd think about it. Got in touch with the insurance. They said definitely wont be covering all 6 and the spark plugs. Said if another coil went within a short time they might waive the premium. Called the dealer I bought the car from. He said to call ACBMW to put it out on the road, he would get it towed to his mechanic, replace the two broken coils and all spark plugs for nothing. Should be ready tomorrow or Wednesday. Not a bad result I reckon. Will replace the coils and spark plugs myself in due course to make sure there's quality parts in there however. Only disappointing thing was having to pay ACBMW $155 (discounted a massive 12% from $177) for the scan and diagnosis... And when I asked for the results of the scan to be sent to me, they said they don't give them out. Shocker.
  4. Thanks for the replies lads. I think I will wait and see the cost of replacement of the one coil (which would be max 300$ with insurance) versus all coils at Auckland City BMW, and a proper diagnosis (I don't know if they scanned it cos I was too busy drinking their coffee and drooling over the X5M). It might work for me to pay them to replace all 6, otherwise I will get the one done then order a coil pack from the US. If they're $150ea that's already a $900 bill before labour so it is probably safe to say I am replacing the other 5 at home using Youtube as my guide... As far as the dealer goes, as a few of you have said the fact that it was not a pre-existing issue and that I have mechanical insurance I'm sure it would be a fight to get them to help me out. The inconvenience factor with this stuff is almost worse than the cost.
  5. Looking for a bit of advice. Heading along the South Eastern Highway (literally 60 seconds after picking up some new plates from qube haha) earlier today and the engine light comes on and the car feels like it is misfiring. I'd like to say I was surprised but then I reminded myself that I was sitting in an imported E91 335i. Called the insurance company and requested a tow to Auckland City BMW in Newmarket. They had a quick look and think its one of the ignition coils. He recommended I replace all (six?) coils obviously. I asked him to give me a quote on Monday. Firstly - will the insurance company (Provident 3 year policy) cover me for replacement of all the coils or could they argue that only one was broken and therefore cover only replacement of the one coil? I'd imagine it will be a decent bill to replace all and have Auckland City BMW do it... Secondly - I purchased the car on 20th January this year. Is it worth me talking to the car to the dealer to see if they will come to the party in some way? The car has only traveled ~600km put on it since I got it. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. BMW convoy today in Maraetai

    Followed M3 WGN and two E91's out to Maraetai yesterday (along with the 60km/h people movers...) Was going to carry on following to where they stopped to get a pic of the black, silver and my white E91 together, but decided it was too hard.
  7. Picture Challenge

    Just passed by the Auckland museum so thought I'd get a quick iPhone pic. Next challenge: Your BMW in front of the ocean.
  8. SPOTTED! The official thread

    No - Warriors game, $5 parking. Nice one.
  9. 2005 E46 M3

    TM link directs to an E39 M5..
  10. RIP Cosmos

    Extremely sad to hear this, such a great guy. RIP Brian.
  11. Hi all. Two questions here, I'm fairly sure the issues will be related: 1. So a few weeks ago my air conditioner became stuck on without my knowing and I couldn't turn it off, started making a weird noise, so I pulled the relay. Didn't really use or need it anyway. I have tried swapping relay with one I know works, made no difference. What is the likely cause of this? Do I need a new compressor? 2. The digital control unit is intermittent. It flicks on and off occasionally, and is on only about 5% of the time. When it is off (the little green vent selector lights are on mostly) sometimes it blows hot air - annoying! Is this the capacitor overheating or a faulty connection? Comments/thoughts/solutions? Thanks
  12. my e36 touring

    Fresh! How'd you do the yellow high beams?
  13. WTB: E36 Roof Racks

    Hi all, Anyone have any? After 2 door ones, don't know if that makes a difference? Cheers!
  14. WTB: E36 Wing Mirror

    Just saw your TM auction... Coupe. Boston Green but doesn't really matter. With glass, although have the motor. Cheers.