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  1. Tidied up and installed some Bosch smiley's in the wagon today. These replace the bullseyes which were a touch faded and some of the adjusters a bit rusty. Made me happy (excuse the pun). Will have think about whether I put the washer system back in also but it does look cleaner without it.
  2. Ah I see, all I could remember was that there was an alpine white M3 with those decals. I suppose that give all ~125 are LHD US cars none will likely be in NZ anyway.
  3. Paul Walker's E36 M3 Lightweights (and two E30 M3) have just been sold at the Scottdale auctions for a total of USD1.205m for all five (!!!). https://journal.classiccars.com/2020/01/18/paul-walker-lightweights-collection-sells-for-1205000-at-barrett-jackson/ I seem to recall one of these popped up on TradeMe mid-2019, or did that just have the checkered tri-colour decals slapped on?
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2494278640.htm?rsqid=cb7524f425314acc9a7ebc476c09b16f-001 Where do you guys think 1M prices are going to go? This is the cheapest 1M I have seen so far at $50k. All others are around the $75 - 85k mark and don't seem to be moving. You'd get a bit of security being a dealer and I reckon black is the second best of the three colour options for these. Slightly higher mileage than average though, and not sure if the wheel colour is an original option?
  5. I've had my E91 335i for two years now, has a 3-year mechanical warranty. Apart from annual service (and replacement of airbag/blower controller under the BMW campaign) it has had spark plugs/ignition coils replaced and trans pan and sleeve leak fixed. No other issues... yet.
  6. What system is this and how did installation go? Nice looking ride btw!
  7. Unbelievable condition: https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/view/content/259834/full/1/259828 I'd probably have saved myself $20k and gone for Jay Kay's E24 635CSi though...
  8. This looks so tough in 4 door format. What (if any) plans do you have interior-wise?
  9. Those city slickers... always curbing their wheels... But hey, for reassurance he says he would drive it to South Island. Must be a good car. Got to love facebook marketplace.
  10. Cheers guys for the help. I'll order those parts and give it a shot with a more recent operating system, and in the meantime if a cheap XP laptop with a serial input pops up I'll grab it. Regardless, it sounds like ews can be accessed via USB which is key for me in the near term... Thanks Dave, if you do happen to ever be over this way and are happy to do that it would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks Tony for confirming. Would you think that this the full carsoft software? AliExpress link
  12. Thanks Mike, I will do some reading on those emulators. I think you're right that I might be better to try synchronising the EWS & DME again. From what I have read my options are: Get an old laptop with a serial port, Windows XP and try to get INPA/NCS running on it. I am oft reading that the USB K-Line connector mostly doesn't work so best to go with a K-Line RS232 Serial interface. Get an old laptop with Windows XP and get INPA/NCS running on it. Take a punt on the USB K-Line interface. Carsoft 6.5 - very confused as packages from aliexpress / ebay seem to vary from ~USD30 to USD700. Who knows if the cheap versions are the actual software, PA 1.4 or whatever else is out there... Will also need an old computer with COM port. This is a lot more involved than I initially thought.
  13. I'm sure it's not rocket science for anyone but me..! I'm on the North Shore in Birkdale.
  14. Yeah good call. I am finding that "10 minutes with a scanner" a little harder than I thought however! I've checked the DME and it is bone dry in there, even after a good rain.
  15. Thanks - what is the dedicated app that you mention?
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