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    Supercharged V8 Ute anyone?

    You mean instead of sticking on some crappy chinese ebay parts, and big wheels... making it marginally slower than a normal one
  2. Allanw


    I use YouShop all the time. Only problems so far have been 2 times that I included oil and grease, which aren't allowed 😞 There is often a delay between the item arrivng, and when they say its arrived... but the shipping is cheap. I have a 17 inch wheel coming from the US for NZ$89-50 currently... MyUS STARTS at NZ$201!, Fedex etc are totally ridiculous! Even Kiwishipping by SEA was only marginally cheaper, and they've still not replied to my enquiry email from early in the week. Too late now anyway - YouShop has worked out cheaper/faster. The worst part, is US sellers using STUPID big boxes for stuff - YouShop say they don't rebox car parts, but they often do, anyway. I still have the other 3 wheels to order yet... individually, to avoid customs But I'm ordering each one, after the last one leaves the US
  3. Allanw

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Damn... that boy must have to pedal hard!
  4. Allanw

    E60 M5 S85 Vanos Pump, lines and bearings

    I thought they'd retrofitted an old school diesel, with a lumpy cam... Maybe even a 2 stroke detroit, with a loping cold idle Anyway, it's only an M5 - nothing a wheelbarrow full of $100 bills can't fix.
  5. Allanw

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    ^^^ NO! Every single detail = NO!
  6. Allanw

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    I see it every day.
  7. Allanw

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Did you get a chance to "get your money's worth" from the old ones???
  8. Allanw

    Straight piping

  9. Put it on hold - you'll have to pay up to the hold date, or to the change of ownership date anyway. You can do it free online.
  10. Allanw

    Life is choice bro thread.

    The rust on them is crazy! A mate was looking at them (and it was a long time ago - they're weren't old then!), until he discovered how many were rotted out under the back window in the boot.
  11. 89% They could have used decent pictures though.
  12. Allanw

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    It has no seperate boot, so that's where the bodies go.
  13. Allanw

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Maybe I should get another for the roof? Or extend the chassis, fit an extra row of seats and another tank underneath? OR... you can help me with this: ...and make ANOTHER tank for it
  14. Allanw

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    ^^^Put a yellow stripe on it, and it will look like my double sided tape dispenser!
  15. Allanw

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I can get over 1000kms from my VR6 Touran... I just have to fill it up once in the middle
  16. Allanw

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Oh yeah! There's usually some second hand ones stuck to the upholstery anyway.
  17. Allanw

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Damn. How will I afford lollies now?
  18. Nothing I want even ships to NZ Would have loved free shipping on a set of VW/Merc 17" steel wheels
  19. Allanw


    I cook a lot of the time. Depends on whats happening. 4+ generally. I'll cook if it means avoiding other domestic duties, like washing and cleaning!
  20. Allanw

    2001 318Ci

    Buy another (working) door Sounds WAY easier!
  21. Allanw

    Quick rant thread.

    Same guy that worked on the Blue Touran ;-).
  22. Allanw

    Gissa job!

    For a minute, I thought you were talking about the new X7 in this thread:
  23. Allanw

    255/40/17 Tyres

    I only have (nearly) half the power going through them... but mine is fed through all 4... so each of yours have to cope with 4 times the power... so they should really be 4x the price Tell "The Accountant" you're getting a bargain.
  24. Allanw


    Can someone photoshop it pink??? Then it would look just like Peppa Pig, wearing wraparound sunglasses. Regarding the M-Sport kit... Peppa is too young for lipstick, but it might help.
  25. Allanw

    255/40/17 Tyres

    Apparently Michelins are "buy one, get one half price" currently. Right @aja540i? It makes your pair about the same price as a SET of 5x RE003's for me