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  1. Plan on buying a new (proper) clutch and maybe flywheel, before you transfer it over. Sorry.
  2. I found the RE003's quiet on the E39. But they're a fairly quiet car, I suppose. I don't find I get a lot of mileage out of them, but then until recently, most of our driving was on roads with no straights or flats. The school run has one long straight now, so I might get a little more I'm due two new tyres on the rear now I wish I'd rotated earlier, so I would feel happier about replacing all four when the fronts had worn a bit more.
  3. Anyone? Like a tyre shop maybe???
  4. You specifically want single mass??? I got a LUK dual mass kit with clutch (all in one box) from German ebay for just under NZ$1K including freight and customs, about a year or 9 months ago??? I haven't installed it on our E39 525i with M54B25 yet, but I can feel it's going to be required soon! There's not much pedal left!
  5. You didn't smack the ALLOY front hubs with a big hammer, did you??? They're known to crack or let go of the inserts, if you do! They're fun to access, though, aren't they!?!?!?!
  6. Bring it up on the weekend. I'll give you a hundy for it
  7. It IS the public health sector!
  8. Mrs W had a charity even to attend tonight... So I gave the E39 a birthday (It's not really a birthday, because we usually wash it twice a year ) - 5 minutes washing the car, 15 minutes washing the style 42's Almost looks like someone cares about it now. The clutch is going to be due VERY soon - It's starting to bite very high. All the parts are in the garage, but it's not a project I'm looking forward to.
  9. Go and get a decent brand of new ones.
  10. I'd be VERY surprised if that was DISA - it changes the intake path from short to long (sort of), and shouldn't give those issues at all. Mine was mechanically perfect - no play whatsoever - I actually suspect it was faulty from new - the internal diaphragm was poorly installed and leaked. That noise - I know it's hard to hear it on a video, but that either sounds like a genuine backfire, or a more serious issue. I'd scan it for missfire codes, then swap coil packs to see if it moves to another cylinder. New plugs, and make sure the plug recesses aren't full of oil.
  11. Either get an E36 rack, or a properly rebuilt E30 rack - they do crap themselves, and having them sleeved where they wear fixes them. Dads old E30 rack was knackered at about 100K kms. It was rebuilt with the "sleeving" or insert, or wahtever, and was still fine at 235K when he sold it.
  12. The M54 retards the cam timing like crazy at cold starts to dump heat into the cats - if the Vanos seals are stuffed (and they pretty much ALL are, unless replaced with aftermarket) it struggles to maintain the timing and also shift the timing to the required angle when you use the throttle. Our Vanos seals were so bad, the car was super easy to stall when cold (manual, obviously & only 115K on it back then), because it couldn't pull the cam timing back fast enough to make any torque. You NEED to check the DISA anyway - if it's rattly, it can lunch your engine if it falls apart.
  13. Just coz you might have been interested, even though Sedan (and it's way too late now anyway!): I put Dads E30 up for sale nearly 2 years ago. It went on Trademe for $8500 no reserve, and $9300 buy now (IIRC) - first caller was a complete muppet - thought it should be cheaper because he may have to spend money on such an old car! Second caller was a "suitable" owner -, older professional gent, collects cars, offered $8K right now, sight unseen, no questions - us in Whangarei, him in CHCH. Money went in that night, collected a month later. So certainly they are out there, but don't come up often. I think Dads would have been what you're looking for (if you want to keep it reasonably "grandpa spec"), and you may find just a touch more cash get's something really good, over something a bit average. None of them are very mint anymore, but there are some real stunners out there - I think they're going to appreciate more and more. A lot of E30's are just old shitters now - still OK cars, fun to drive etc, but the real original stunners are going to be the ones going up in value as real classics. Good luck with the search anyway!
  14. Flickr for me too.
  15. What??? So you ended up with 3 total??? Wishful thinking, was it? Mine is cracked... but it's not the only leak anyway Why hasn't someone made (affordable) alloy ones, yet?
  16. You two will be able to start the Bimmersport Leaf sub-forum possibly fairly soon! I'll be very careful NOT to say out loud where I work... but we have purchased some Renault Zoe electrics... apparently GREAT range... but apparently they aren't compatible with ANY of the fast chargers within our district We also have no charging facilities, so the first one was delivered and is parked under a building. Of course... we also got an electric mitsi van, to carry patients people from the carpark to the hospital entrance... it was too quiet... so they "had to add a flashing light!" It doesn't seem noticably louder to me!
  17. When you hit something, you don't get a "BANG" and a soft cushion... your steering wheel farts and you whack you face on it.
  18. The LCM can be changed to whatever milage, but not the cluster... but it WILL change UP, as you drive and it updates, like you said above. Whichever milage is the highest, is what your car will change to at the next update time (every 100kms??). Since you probably have BMW Scanner 1.4, you can change the VIN and milage to suit the car. I installed an LCM4 from an E53 X5 into our E39, so I could code out the cold checks for the LED angel eye bulbs..... and now I'm running halogens anyway The VIN in the LCM and the cluster must match to avoid a tamper light. If you get a light, you can match them, and it'll go away. Dealers aren't supposed to be able to code used modules... so if they get it wrong, it stays wrong :-)
  19. Just drive it backwards.....
  20. It probably looks much better in real life, (and without the doors - like Olaf says!). I do like the leather... but not the firewood dash.
  21. The taiwanese replacements are as well finished as the genuine BMW standard ones... but they are stronger and last longer.... weird.
  22. But with a proper trans???
  23. Actually... they probably ARE I reckon most Kiwis keep their tyres until they fail a WOF.
  24. ahhh, the 535i. Sound, Fuel consumption and expenses of a 540i Speed of a 530i. Nearly. I suspect too, the manual box livens it up a lot though. Again, our manual M54 525i is like night and day, compared to an auto 525i. I'd pick a manual 525i over an auto 530i even (again , but I have 3 cars, all manual now). Plus, upgrading properly from a 2.5 to 3.0 is easier/cheaper than doing a manual conversion properly. If anyone wants to pay over the odds for a manual E39, they can have ours for $5K I'll even throw in $$$ worth of brand new DMF and clutch kit etc, that it doesn't need yet! At least ours has some options... but not as tidy as that one - poor thing - ravaged by being the taxi for 3 little boys!
  25. But Brent... it's an NZ New one, so would have been perfectly serviced.... BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right!