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  1. Just take it all off with turps, slowly and carefully...
  2. The dreaded airbag light on after the retrofit, and INPA would not reset it... traced it to the driver seat belt tensioner wiring being butchered (the seat probably being involved in a prior air bag activation, a replacement part with not the same connections).... Out with the seat again, out with the soldering iron and soon sorted... always something to catch you out...
  3. Spent yesterday swapping out a rather tired 300km interior for a set in better condition. Front seats, back seat, front door cards, taking care of a number of sub-optimal aspects along the way... Along with a replaced very good paddled steering wheel and a new gear shift knob, plus a Aux input radio - has completely transformed the interior.. The old set is up for sale (last photo), going cheap $200? Average condition, electric sports seats, pm me... Next up... the diff bush...
  4. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Geez we are really reamed sideways for parts (well many parts, some exceptions) in this country.... 2 OE transmission mounts from offshore USD12, plus shipping as part of an order sums up to about a third.... But great to see the 540 rides again...
  5. I'm a long term road cyclist and part time mountain biker - but in these cases you've mentioned, you can't combat stupid. There are a lot of "new" cyclists on these things that simply haven't a clue...
  6. Easy... but you need a bit of height off the ground to get the undertray off, wheel arch liners also easy... follow your nose... get some more little plastic rivets first etc.
  7. New front discs and pads today... Oil change next...
  8. Hi All, As much as it pains me I've decided my topas blue e39 530 motorsport is surplus to requirements. I just can't keep stacking them up As with any of our cars, it's had a sh*t-ton of attention during my ownership of 3.5 years. It's well sorted... A few highlights: Vanos O rings, CCV, DISA, WP, Thermo, plugs, belts, wheels, trim, bumper, Business CD plus bluetooth, sump gasket, brakes, radiator, windscreen... It's NZ new with about 263k on it. Original plates. There are some photo's of it in my Gallery. If interested please private message me and I can elaborate on its history and share more photos etc. Looking at $7500.
  9. Completed a Bluetooth install on all three BMW's today. Bought a later Business CD radio for both the e46 and e39 530 (doing away with the cassette) and three Bluetooth adaptors off ebay. No steering wheel controls but that's OK for meantime, sound is great. Had to scratch around for a switched 12v supply handy on the M5 and used the torch supply in the glovebox. If anyone wants the old cassette radios for both e46 and e39 then free to any home...
  10. Can only echo what others have said.... that transmission thing where it can rev high if you have braked slightly on a downhill is a deceleration feature. It shifts down and controls speed that way as opposed to you sitting on the brake pedal. It depends on your speed etc as to how it applies itself. But it does sound like the transmission may need a fluid and filter change at least? You've probably got one or more vacuum leaks on the likes of intake boots and oil ventilation hoses contributing to less than ideal performance. Needs to be sorted asap before the coolant leak leaves you with nothing..
  11. Genuine 1 lady owner. She bought it off BMW Rotorua at 10,000k in 2004 as a demo (paid $108k), and drove it for the next 290,000km doing the basics. I don't think she shirked on it but I suspect once she was told the SSG was leaking hydraulic oil (she didn't tell me lol) and it was going to cost $$$$$$$ (as they all say that - not necessarily true...) she lost the will a bit and parked it up for the last 2 years or so. I'm surprised it drove OK coming over the Kaimai's on purchase day - given everything that was going on with it...
  12. After 4 months off the road (the day after I bought it), it's sorted for the meantime.... A heap of fun with the SSG box and something just a bit different... it goes very well... had to run the software for the SSG bleeding and adaptions. Things sorted include; OFHG leak, slave cyl leak, new WP, Thermo, plugs, CCV hoses, idlers, exp tank, engine and trans mounts, full underside clean, new road wheel, replacement steering wheel, new gearknob, curb rash, headlight fog, bit of paint, trim, emblems etc etc etc... After a breather, may get into a bit of painting... Be keen to know of any detail as to how many clubsports may be around?
  13. hqstu

    Land Yacht

    Good thing you spotted it though... will need to pay a visit when the 330 is ready for a maiden (longer) voyage... one (new) wheel and tyre to go - and it's going on tomorrow...
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