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  1. I'm after one of the above wheel, part number 36-11-2-229-155 Cheers
  2. The 330 clubsport is now in assembly phase after all the dirty work is done...
  3. hqstu

    Radar Detectors

    I still have a working "vintage" escort SR7 hardwired in the M5 when near new in mid 2000's. It's little more than a novelty..
  4. Now back to the clubsport...
  5. Also changed out the ebox cooling fan, not a difficult job after several months of procrastinating...
  6. Changed out the sill trim today on all 4 doors...
  7. hqstu

    Land Yacht

    That's a good win with the air con... your package is on the way...
  8. hqstu

    Land Yacht

    ..oh Stop it... 😄
  9. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Pretty sure M5 is the tri-colour, M sport is just black. Some "individual" models may be another colour.. I bought a refurbished M5 one off ebay from Poland, new leather wrap and stitching, looks good with a bit of new car smell...
  10. On the weekend I observed fuel running down the fuel supply line only next to the fuel tank just after I started it from cold. Looking at that pipe from above (through the hole under back seat, that pipe is dry. There is a connection in between that goes from plastic pipe to rubber hose before connecting onto the steel pipe under the car... Suspecting it must be that connection, tonight I've bypassed the supply line from the fuel pump on drivers side to the steel pipe underside passengers with 8mm fuel injection rubber hose. I used a straightened coat hanger to guide the hose across the top front of the tank from hole to hole (under seat) then down and out to meet the steel pipe. The only other option is to remove the tank... A simple job in the end, so far so good, all sealed and dry, and time will tell...
  11. No it's the M5 that needs doing, have bought some spray dye as well but my first issue is the 530 fuel leak... about to drop out wheel arch liner and evap tank etc to try and see if I can wiggle out the plastic pipe lines etc hopefully to see which one is at fault. If I can't do it at home then it's off to Kerry's to drop fuel tank out... It's only seems to be an issue the next day start following a long drive... nothing in short day to day stuff...
  12. Keen to see how the parcel tray goes. We need an e39 meet up in my driveway
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