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  1. hqstu

    BMW vin checker

    Yup I've noticed this too. But I've paid 5 euro for 5 lookups. It's a valuable tool...
  2. That M Badge was likely originally put on from BMW NZ, being NZ new, but not the "540i". But M badge now obviously in wrong place. Here is my NZ new 530 (now with a new caregiver...)
  3. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Same, I was hopeful for a silver one at pick a part, but it was munted...
  4. Don't we know it...
  5. hqstu

    Project E39

    I also need to do this in the M5, right rear... good work Ben.
  6. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Yes this issue seems particular to 99/00 pfl cars...
  7. You'd halve that and then a bit more.. it even has an "automatic" transmission according to dealer...
  8. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    With the airbag light on the suspicion from the previous owner was that the seat occupancy sensor was the culprit, but the codes were indicating something different... 3 codes were up - the right side impact sensor which is under the carpet under the drivers seat (this was suspect in my mind due to the above water pool being constructed when it rained...), a module general internal error, and a module power supply. The internet led me to all places on this subject... as it does... and it seems the modules of this era e39 (and others) were susceptible to "failing" If this happens, you either trundle off to the dealer, bend over, and well... you move the car on with airbag light on... or you try and deal with it yourself. So I went about looking for another module in the first instance. I trawled the VIN's of the pick a part e39's and as it so happened, for $34 I found a near identical module, same part number, same airbag configuration, and the next software version on. The modules are located under the back of the centre console so trying to remove one with no power to move front seats to gain enough access is problematic... if you need a centre console - don't go to that particular car... Yesterday I fitted the module, applied power, coded it to the car with NCSexpert, and tried to clear the modules historic codes which were both front head airbags... the sinking feeling of defeat was lurking as the red dash light persisted... but after about 5 minutes or so, the codes cleared and stayed clear and my dash is now dark... A major hurdle (for me) overcome as we head down the path towards a WOF... It also appears that these modules don't necessarily fail, but rather "lockup" with bad data from a rouge sensor, or after a number of crash incidents... They can be "cleaned" and I intend to send the module extracted off to a bloke I met on the internet (😅) and let him wave his magic wand at it... A good day and also thanks to @BreakMyWindow for his expert guidance as always. In other news I replaced the power steer reservoir with a new one in the hope of stopping the seepage down the hoses, and also the AUC sensor (the air cons "sniffer" for hydrocarbons which shuts off outside air if detected). I had grabbed one at pick a part. The drivers door seal and sill trim were also replaced with good spares I had "in stock"... Transmission is still behaving, no codes present, but haven't really driven it too much with no WOF and slicks on the back... I have another transmission lined up, still researching details on that subject...
  9. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Well after a couple of weeks, I've made a bit of progress and the 540 has started to give up a few "secrets"... The car was purchased with the following known issues... Failing transmission Airbag light on Brake pad wear indicator on A bit of oil about... Cosmetics and lack of tyre tread... As I said above the car drove home well, and in the few drives I've had since the transmission has not faltered.. So whilst I research the transmission options, I thought I'd tackle some other things in the meantime... The airbag light had my attention so I turned to that. But before much happened... it rained... and rained... and to my dismay the drivers side footwells filled up with water... bugga. As it turns out, the right front sunroof drain had become blocked and the water found an alternative way down.. A week of drying later, all is well again, all the electrics under the carpet are ok, and I thought maybe this was contributing to air bag light on as a fault indication was right side impact sensor, which was right in the line of (water) fire.. But drying it out it seemed OK... Whilst drying was happening I sorted the brake pad wear indication issue. It was the connector on the back sensor, gone bad, and it crumbled in my hands trying to take it apart... so it is hardwired with soldering in the meantime. I'll splice in another connector etc when I get a round tuit. I also took to the roof, boot, bonnet with clay bar to get rid of old tree sap or something like that, started work on cleaning up the wheels, grinded a bit of surface rust off the b pillar, and a few other minor bits and pieces... Next issue - the airbag system...
  10. The latest in a series of "e39 rescue" is now available to its next guardian... I picked this one up just before lockdown as it had a certain style of wheel I thought I needed as a spare set... Lockdown was very busy in the garage as I "worked from home" This early e39 528 with M52 engine has had a lot of attention and too much $$$ thrown at it in a short space of time... Everything is now up to date, all working, and is oil and watertight... As a few highlights... Waterpump, thermostat, front rotors (gen BMW) and pads, rear pads, front brake hoses, new windscreen, windscreen trim and cowl, rear windscreen trim, new console tray and compartment, facelift headlights polished and adjusters replaced, replaced foglight, excellent set of standard wheels with near new tyres, front sway bar links, rear suspension upper control arms and lower inner bushes, power steer hoses and pipes, fuel filter, window regulator replaced, bonnet/boot struts, cupholders.... The electric rear blind has been replaced and the parcel tray dyed black. The entire car has had a time consuming paint correction to remove clear coat scratches, along with the dent magician taking care of a few small dents. The door handles have been painted along with other touch ups around the car. There is still minor evidence of 24 years or so of life, low on the front and rear bumpers, and on drivers door as examples... but in general the oxford green metallic paint is pretty good... This car was imported from Japan in 2005 and has had one NZ owner before myself. The car was fitted in NZ with a widescreen monitor and navigation, the last map update being in 2011, which makes it a bit of fun... Other features include rain sensitive wipers, fold in mirrors, heated front seats, a quiet working sunroof with clear drains. 241,xxxkm or so. https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/bv73322 I have decommissioned the intensive washer function, but the headlight washer system has been repaired with a new supply hose. This car is in excellent all round condition and is "good to go" The engine is silky smooth and the trans is also good, albeit being a Jatco it has the mandatory "jatco jerk" shifting from 1-2 and 2-3 when cold. After a few changes it's all good... Looking for around $5500 or reasonable offers.... "nothing to do" but of course I cannot offer or imply any sort of guarantee / warranty. Fresh WOF.
  11. Hi, I'm after an Oceania C23 radio module (in boot) part number 65 12 8 382 368. Wanting to change out my Japan radio module out of my 03/2000 e39. Thanks, Stuart.
  12. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    To be truly classed as a nutcase (which I'm sure you actually already are), you'd need to take to the inside of the pipe with some wet n dry...
  13. Collected this today.. was advertised on here with a failing transmission. 2000 540i pre facelift motorsport, ex Japan. Drove it 25km home from Cambridge. Transmission gave me no trouble at all, although I was gently cruising... Generally a well looked after car with plenty of maintenance including chain guides and all the usual suspects. There are a few things going on with it however, and I'll document its progress here as we go...
  14. hqstu

    Project E39

    Get to the fuel filter area... the underside tray comes off easy enough for a look, a gap in the air con vent will not lead to fumes of that significance in cabin without a leak... check fuel fittings in engine bay as well.
  15. Just try not to spit the dummy on this job...
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