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  1. hqstu

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Direct upload to TradeMe when you've got it home and realise that with unleaded 98 at $2.65+ you aren't going anywhere... Or perhaps something to do with radar detector... but looks factory...?
  2. hqstu

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Yes someone did well there, even with a few secrets to discover... a funny market at times...
  3. hqstu

    New BMW in Wellington! E39 530i

    ...very wise words...
  4. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    I need to learn how to take a photo... great shots and a noice vehicle...
  5. hqstu

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    And that wasn't that long ago This one is a Jan 2000 build, so pre-facelift, with the facelift headlights and tail lights added, along with steering wheel and widescreen monitor etc. The wheels look to be refurbished in a slightly darker colour than standard which looks quite good in the photo's. Still good buying at mid 30's I reckon... especially given the rare colour... You'd want to check engine noise and oil seals, clutch function, driveshaft, presence of underbody shields (or otherwise), cooling system, pixels, usual e39 stuff blah blah...
  6. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    Looking a bit more in detail, it's a BMW harness and trailer module that has been installed into the car connecting to the LCM up front, the battery distribution post, the fuse block and ground... I won't be removing it but just coiling the harness plug back into the boot.
  7. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    Yes, although I have not yet looked in detail at what is involved in removing it and the towbar. Probably look to remove in next 2-3 weeks. Just have to go out at get a round tuit...
  8. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    I'll be removing one in next wee while... won't be required...
  9. hqstu

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I pulled apart the radar receiver on my (ancient) Escort Passport SR7 (permanent install) the other day, cleaned all the contacts, etc etc, put it back together, but was not optimistic that I had addressed the continual "self calibration error" on startup... Today I drove it including multiple starts and the device performed without hitch - which is a first since owning the car.. Optimism grows...
  10. hqstu

    Members old car? 540i

    Geez someone got rather enthusiastic over it...
  11. hqstu

    E39 M5 parts wanted

    Cheap mate... about NZD 250 landed from FCP Euro, 290 from ECS tuning, and a gabillion (probably, haven't tried, unjustified speculation) from BMW NZ...
  12. hqstu

    E39 M5 parts wanted

    It appears M5's and 540's share same grille with chrome on the leading edge of the slats, the 530 for example is all black slats. Be cautious of used grilles as the plastic tabs securing them are invariably brittle/broken, as was mine... a new set from Schmiedmann is about NZD 225 landed.
  13. hqstu

    E39 M5 MV Disputes Tribunal

    Agree with above and here is Herald: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12056334 Can't understand why the tribunal took Hibberd's valuation of "low 30's" into consideration. Clearly anything coming out of that guys mouth has no credibility. They should have taken the actual obtained valuations and worked with those, and not deducted a further $2k. If the repair is well documented and carried out by reputable company then there is no reason why this car can't go on to live a long and happy life and now valued at an appropriate point. The "stigma" may well dilute over time. It's a great looking M5, just needs euro plates, a number plate surround, and original grilles A relief of sorts for you Max. Well done.
  14. hqstu

    NZ's first e39 M5 for sale...

    Factory fitted... option S666... Thanks to @DC3 I'm updating a register of all e39 M5's in NZ, a very interesting exercise. There is at least one other Silverstone alive in NZ, one deceased. A ton of number plate changes... very few on original plates.. and heaps of garden variety carbon blacks
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1622176174 Perhaps the only Silverstone one in the country? Member here?