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  1. hqstu

    BM53 problems solved...

    All it gave me was the realization that that's way out of my league... 🙄 Great system.. well done...
  2. hqstu

    BM53 problems solved...

    Hi Neal, is the amp replacement / upgrade within the BM53/54 worth the coin?
  3. hqstu

    BM53 problems solved...

    My audio system is option S752 "Individual Audio System" So it had a BM53, with widescreen etc, plus DSP including the big subwoofers. Now with the BM54 in place, the sound is quite acceptable to me. I know car audio systems can be a lot better, but for me and wary of the law of diminishing returns, plus wanting to keep it basically in original spec, means that it sounds just fine to me. I have a cheapo Bluetooth hooked into the Aux input so I'm good to go. Plus when I'm sick of the music there always the popped sunroof and 3rd gear option for a bit of "metallica"..
  4. Finally solved my annoying radio issues in my e39 M5 (I had been down several dead ends with diversity amps etc etc...). The FM radio was crap. Bought a BM54 module to replace the BM53 (which seems to have been replaced once already) out of a 2007 X5. Naturally it has a few more features which is good, but it is great to have a "normal" radio once again....
  5. hqstu

    NZ E46 M3 sales numbers

    Still a few to find then...
  6. hqstu

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    It's a bit of a job for sure... my needle runs back at 11 o'clock now and oil temp a bit lower too... more to do I think with removing all the leaves and crap out in front of the radiator... plus a new radiator...
  7. hqstu

    Import tax

    I wonder if there is a danger of companies like FCP Euro / Pelican / Schmiedmann deciding not to send goods to NZ due to the new requirement as the relativity of our market is just not worth the admin? It could be a big step backwards...?
  8. hqstu

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Direct upload to TradeMe when you've got it home and realise that with unleaded 98 at $2.65+ you aren't going anywhere... Or perhaps something to do with radar detector... but looks factory...?
  9. hqstu

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Yes someone did well there, even with a few secrets to discover... a funny market at times...
  10. hqstu

    New BMW in Wellington! E39 530i

    ...very wise words...
  11. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    I need to learn how to take a photo... great shots and a noice vehicle...
  12. hqstu

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    And that wasn't that long ago This one is a Jan 2000 build, so pre-facelift, with the facelift headlights and tail lights added, along with steering wheel and widescreen monitor etc. The wheels look to be refurbished in a slightly darker colour than standard which looks quite good in the photo's. Still good buying at mid 30's I reckon... especially given the rare colour... You'd want to check engine noise and oil seals, clutch function, driveshaft, presence of underbody shields (or otherwise), cooling system, pixels, usual e39 stuff blah blah...
  13. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    Looking a bit more in detail, it's a BMW harness and trailer module that has been installed into the car connecting to the LCM up front, the battery distribution post, the fuse block and ground... I won't be removing it but just coiling the harness plug back into the boot.
  14. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    Yes, although I have not yet looked in detail at what is involved in removing it and the towbar. Probably look to remove in next 2-3 weeks. Just have to go out at get a round tuit...
  15. hqstu

    E39 towbar

    I'll be removing one in next wee while... won't be required...