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  1. Great work and pictures - very satisfying job I'd expect, as you say, just take your time...
  2. hqstu

    The Silver Titan

    When you sort this out let the rest of the e39 world know 🤣
  3. It's even got air conditioning and an automatic transmission, a rare beast indeed...
  4. hqstu

    New GST import stuff

    That's true - with my "shareholding" in FCP - they'd easily accomplish that
  5. hqstu

    New GST import stuff

    Now I'm confused, could you please tell me what "duty" is then please, how it is shown on an invoice from say DHL or Fedex, and how it differs from either GST or the import/biosecurity fees? I have never seen a line item stating "duty" or "tariff"? I understood the trigger for GST being charged was if the GST take would exceed $60. That was prior to 1 Dec of course.
  6. hqstu

    New GST import stuff

    Reading through some docs of govt websites, the only things that attract duty nowadays is some food, some liquor, some fuels. That's about it. There hasn't been any duty on auto parts for years as far as I understand things. There may well be import fees of various types for goods over $1000, but duty is all but history. I have parts awaiting pickup from my work... FCP Euro/via fedex, no GST charged.
  7. Today I tackled the rear bush supporting the diff. What a sh*t of a job, even when I thought I had the right tools... much swearing and wailing as I broke a high tensile bolt and stripped the thread on another, punched myself in the cheek when the socket let go... getting the exhaust, sway bar, diff itself out was easy... I now know why I've been putting off this job for a few months...
  8. ...and somewhat irrational...
  9. Yes we all know that Supercheap are far from and we all know what REPCO stands for... a comfortable duopoly thanks to big marketing budgets...
  10. hqstu

    New GST import stuff

    I alerted FCP Euro to this change a while ago now. I've just placed another order today and they did not charge GST... we'll see what happens as it crosses the border... Also emailed them about it and they replied that they will ask the shipping department for any "progress on this matter" On the news the other night it was stated that 372 companies worldwide had "signed up" to the requirement. That is 3/5ths of SFA and I predict chaos as all these packages arrive with no GST being paid? Will they try and collect it from us at the border? For all values? Down to $1? I suspect not...
  11. hqstu

    The Silver Titan

    Why the M badge delete? As far as I'm aware the NZ new m sports had them from new so "factory"? Mine is staying right where it is...
  12. I bought a set of genuine front rotors for e39 530i from Coombes for $335 in August. I believe same as 540i.
  13. As a SMG owner (Not M car, but 330 Magneti Marelli), I think it's quite misunderstood for what it actually is, and one day things may well come full circle...
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