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  1. No it's the M5 that needs doing, have bought some spray dye as well but my first issue is the 530 fuel leak... about to drop out wheel arch liner and evap tank etc to try and see if I can wiggle out the plastic pipe lines etc hopefully to see which one is at fault. If I can't do it at home then it's off to Kerry's to drop fuel tank out... It's only seems to be an issue the next day start following a long drive... nothing in short day to day stuff...
  2. Keen to see how the parcel tray goes. We need an e39 meet up in my driveway
  3. I accidently / inadvertently bought the incorrect LCD screen for my e39. I ended up with an X5 screen which is built for a different viewing angle. So $80 will own it if your X5 screen is looking a bit daggy or is missing pixels. It is brand new, been fitted (and some wires extended) into the bordmonitor, but it is just the LCD screen only which will require fitting. YouTube has vids... Part number is LQ065T9BR53 and brand is OEM Sharp. PM me if interested.
  4. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Yeah as it always looks filthy...
  5. Hi All, I appear to have a fuel leak in my 2002 M54 530: Passenger side (left) of fuel tank, coming down the tank surface, in vicinity of the 3 pipes. Appears to occur only on an initial cold start, after a long hot run, then stops? Nothing on subsequent hot starts or running, nor daily driving around town etc. I'd start the car from cold, drive 5 mins or so, hop out and there is a strong raw fuel smell with the fuel tank wet with fuel. At a guess perhaps 50-100ml or so seems to escape? Tops of tank where outlet and return pipes, plus wiring looms on each side are dry, and no visible signs of fuel trying to look around from those top two holes accessed under back seat. Fuel tank can be at any level when this occurs. I am about to replace the charcoal filter up in the left rear wheel well just as a course of preventative maintenance. Could it be saturated? and some sort of cold start procedure is pushing fuel out a vent outlet which I think is in the vicinity? No change since changing charcoal canister. I suspect fuel vapor is condensing perhaps in expansion tank and then getting sucked through perhaps a split pipe somewhere. No fuel should be getting into charcoal canister as any fuel or condensate should be draining back into tank, unless that particular pipe is blocked? The vent pipe to engine also has a connection I can't get to without removing it. I may be able to do that relatively easily (without removing tank)... Any ideas welcome... I suspect it's order a swag of new pipes, fuel tank out, and replace everything - since this thing owes me a gabillion $$$ anyway.... Cheers,
  6. SD European at Horitu may have a few.
  7. Result is pretty clear I went for a M2..
  8. Yeah.. what else is it going to be? Jellybeans?
  9. hqstu

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    The sway bar links were my knocking sound but I think yours may be different. I could hear mine at low speed on smooth tarmac with neutral suspension.
  10. All it gave me was the realization that that's way out of my league... 🙄 Great system.. well done...
  11. Hi Neal, is the amp replacement / upgrade within the BM53/54 worth the coin?
  12. My audio system is option S752 "Individual Audio System" So it had a BM53, with widescreen etc, plus DSP including the big subwoofers. Now with the BM54 in place, the sound is quite acceptable to me. I know car audio systems can be a lot better, but for me and wary of the law of diminishing returns, plus wanting to keep it basically in original spec, means that it sounds just fine to me. I have a cheapo Bluetooth hooked into the Aux input so I'm good to go. Plus when I'm sick of the music there always the popped sunroof and 3rd gear option for a bit of "metallica"..
  13. Finally solved my annoying radio issues in my e39 M5 (I had been down several dead ends with diversity amps etc etc...). The FM radio was crap. Bought a BM54 module to replace the BM53 (which seems to have been replaced once already) out of a 2007 X5. Naturally it has a few more features which is good, but it is great to have a "normal" radio once again....
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