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  1. Found out today that trying to find the right second hand e36 drivers door handle. Isn't going to be easy, a lot look right, the right numbers but further inspection of the photos showed slight difference in the levers. Thanks to Ray and Brent for their time. May have to buy new ..........
  2. Hi all If your in the Auckland area and I can pick up today. Drivers side door handle, part # 51211960801. 2R Cheers Mark 0274994330
  3. What a plonker, seem that after looking at some photos my car doesn't have key cylinder on the passenger's side . Hi guys As some of you may know, I have been removing all the hardware from my old door to transfer into my new door. The last part to be removed was my door handle, I placed it on the bench. (face down) along with all the other parts. Spent a bit off time contemplating the reinstall. Then decided to first give all the parts a good clean and relube. Picked up my door handle only to notice the key Cylinder was missing 😠 Can the cylinder just fall out ?
  4. Steel Door 20.0kgs with Window regulator attached. 6.7kgs saving per door
  5. I take umbrage, David at the above. I would hope you mean "If the car is driven to its full potential the use of 10w-60 maybe required" Brad, I do maybe 5-6 "driver trainings" a year. After every second training day, I do a oil and filter change.
  6. 10W-60, Have been for the last 15yrs
  7. Dropped the car off at the panelbeaters. 😁 guess I'm in Minnie me for the coffee meet .
  8. Hey Brad Found the rear rotors on ebay, they were custom ordered from Reyland Motorsport for a E46 cost $280gbp. But they recieve E36 ones. RM didn't want them back, so they were on EB for $140gbp + $20 for shipping. Still have to install
  9. Ye not cheap $190nz shipped, but new doors ................. That's why I have also brought (hopefully) all new clips, fasteners and grommets. And I'll be wearing a Schiedmann tee at the next coffee meeting
  10. Jonathan, there was a noticeable difference in the amount of oil after the new parts were installed.
  11. When I found oil in plenum, I replaced CCV ( oil separator) and associated parts. I even added a catch can inline. When I last removed the air intake boot, there still was a small amount of oil sitting in my plenum. With nothing showing on the catch can dipstick.
  12. Aluminium Door 13.3kgs with Window regulator attached. Arrived today, Clips, fasteners and fuel flap. Turtle Laboratories door card repair brackets And a free tee shirt ☺️
  13. Mine seized after the first use. Sprayed brake fluid every where 😟 took a bit to clean up, lucky I wear glasses. Once freed up, it makes bleeding the brakes easy (for mr no friends) 😃
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