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  1. Hi John, Shifter and DSSR worked fine with normal DD If you check out page 1. At the bottom of my photos there is an explanation why I think I'm having problems under hard driving conditions.
  2. Had problems at driver training last weekend, RTD shifter spat the dummy. I think I've come up with a solution only time will tell. Project updated more bloody photos
  3. Completed driver training one 360 on turn 4. No 2,4 or 6th gear ( dont need 6th to be honest ) my mate wasn't so lucy his cars waiting on a transporter off on turn 1 into the armco.
  4. Spent the day setting it up for driver training tomorrow Bring on the sunshine (please)
  5. Sad to say no.
  6. Update Installed RTD(cheers John) & DSSR, did it with the drive shaft and exhaust on (idiot). Photos added, very precise. OEM 1st-----------2nd, RTD 1st--2nd have got lost a few times 2nd --3rd and 3rd to 2nd. Need to spend some time training muscle memory
  7. ps://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2299343-DIY-How-to-fix-threaded-rear-shock-aka-how-to-helicoil
  8. Hi John I'll take the RTD


    Cheers Mark

    1. sweetm3


      Hi John I've made a couple of attempts to contact RTD about their DSSR.

      With no luck ūü§ź any suggestions....

      If you don't mind me asking what did it cost you for your DSSR 

      Should I just go for the UUC DSSR 

      Cheers Mark 


    2. JohnM575


      Hi Mark

      I know Maher hasn't publicly released a DSSR yet. I was sent a prototype DSSR which was factored into the pricing of my original shifter, hence I don't know the specific amount I was charged. As it turned out, Auckland City BMW had to get the pins he supplied me with re-machined to use the existing clips (at an extortionate rate) and I had to wear that cost myself.

      I had a rather lengthy wait from payment through to delivery so I'm not surprised that he hasn't got back to you. While the RTD shifters are good, I feel he is rather under-resourced (both from a manufacturing and human resource standpoint).

      So yes, as an alternative I would recommend you got with the UUC DSSR. Widely used and well regarded, and you should have it in your hand 1-2 weeks from ordering I would imagine.



    3. sweetm3


      Cheers mate

      made the decision easy, UUC  it is

  9. R888s, DTCs removed reset camber, now all thats left is to give it a clean for the weekend coffee meet.
  10. The fake/temporary kit was from Ireland. "can you actually run the car with them?" No mate With my E36 the shims are stamped with a size on the underside of the shims, so you have to remove a shim to see what size that shim is. This kit will allow me once I have checked and noted all the clearances, to remove an out of tolerance or a boarder line shim, slip in a temp shim turn the motor over by hand to release a shim that would fit better/come within spec So I get to the point where the existing shims tolerances are well with in spec and I can order the remaining out of tolerance one's I need. But as you said the car will be off the road while you wait for your order to arrive.
  11. Hi Lee I have not heard of anyone offering a loaner kit, great idea. I checked my E36m3 valve clearances late last year with the idea of ordering just what I required rather than a full set. Luckily all mine were within tolerances. What I did buy for next time was a temporary shim kit, metal disks the same diameter as shims. So I could remove the existing shims use the metal disks to fill the vacant spots Allowing me to select which existing shims fit best at each location and still turn the motor over by hand. Hope that makes sense as it maybe an option for you Good luck Mark
  12. Found this on another, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E36-M3-3-0-S50-ENGINE-GROUP-N-RACING-SUMP-PAN-GENUINE-BMW-/322336807879?hash=item4b0cc55bc7:g:0fkAAOSwImRYNHsf&clk_rvr_id=1192571490500&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true
  13. I think my wife reckons, it cheaper to continue supporting the development of my E36 . Because if I update my car, I'll get bored with it being standard, sooner rather than later.
  14. Learn something new everyday