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  1. Custom J Hook Machined Reyland Motorsport Rear Discs arrived today. Photo in the normal place (end of the first page)
  2. sweetm3

    Radar Detectors

    Kelvin "any reason other than bad driving (speeding) to use a radar detector. " Didn't you mean ( by others)
  3. Morning James, Message me your email, I'm picking if you take the driver(me) out of the equation. You car compared to mine, weight will be a major contributor. I haven't had mine on the scales but I would guess it's around the 1480kgs min. Nik was nice enough to send me one of his sessions (E46) and he was later on the brakes and had better corner speed, but also runs slicks. A couple of years back I followed a stripped out, roll caged orange E36 328 with a slightly wild cam around HD, it was used in the targa as a lease car. I was very impressed with the speeds it carried through the corners. I was running 1.20 at that stage and couldn't get passed him. I'm still having heated discussions with my mates about removing weight eg spare wheel, jack, carpet protectors etc. They just don't get the idea that this whole project has been about how quick can a Daily Driver go............
  4. Hi James Aim Solo - to capture gps data, it provides a file .drk Race Studio 2 - for analysing, gps speed, gps longitude and latitude. I also export it to google earth to check lines.
  5. Don't forget the .1 😉 Richard. I'm stoked as my analysing of my June visit to HD said that 1.17.3 was my theoretical best lap. After Julys visit my new theoretical best lap time is 1.16.4 I may get one more driver training if it's a very fine day on my existing rubber. But a new set of rubber, is on my shopping list. Hope all goes well on Saturday for you
  6. HD last Saturday was very fine and very cold only 3C Had a lot of fun with a number of other Bimmers out there. An interesting wear pattern on my front left inside. (ran the same camber settings as June -3.5, But I was naughty as I didn't check the temps or pressures after first setting them at 35 cold, but by the hand omiter they were only ever just warm to the touch. New Best Time 1.17.17
  7. Anyone else, going down tomorrow
  8. Guys take the video clip as intended. It was taken by a kind gentlemen who thought that my car had the best sounding exhaust on the day 😎 And also figured that I wouldn't have heard the exhaust sound/note from trackside. He was right, sounds great at 190 to 201 under the track lights
  9. Hampton Downs June 2019.mp4
  10. No Andy, I've replaced the siphon with a pump (on the passengers side) feeding the drivers side pump bowl.
  11. Drivers training Hampton Downs 9th June Thanks again Dave the rack worked well at HD. But it's back to the drawing board with my twin fuel pump system. In the final session I had fuel stravation coming out of turn 1 and turn 3. Filled up again at Pokeno 43ltrs. So roughly 20ltrs left when stravation started. Didn't set a personal best this time 1.17.7 (I may have peaked 🤣)
  12. Hey William if the E36 one is still available I'll take.


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    2. sweetm3


      William, money transferred 

      35A Rutland Road


      Auckland 0624

      Cheers for the offers of the other goodies but I'm all good.

    3. Bandit


      Thanks for the reply Mark send me your postal address please and $57.50 including postage and I'll send off on receipt. If you are RD add $3.70.

      Bank account details

      W Clouston

      12 3148 0118869 00

      Also got a pair of inner  door sill moldings (///M logo)to suit our coupes $50 if they are of use to you? And just unearthed a new pair left and right rear side window bottom exterior seals, I'll send you photos tomorrow



    4. Bandit


      Parcel en route to you tomorrow Mark via Fastway courier, I'll send you the tracking number. Thank you for the payment.

  13. Anyone else, going down today ?
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