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  1. Hey Rowan, your photos doesn't look like the E36/E46 NZKW base, I purchased for my Recaro's Are you not adding Sliders as well ?
  2. Guessing that this is because of the changes "Hi Mark,If the buyer is international, it makes things much more complicated. Also, I will stay within the boundaries of eBay’s features. This is why I’d rather handle a domestic sale.
  3. Well went to install my ebay find, I removed rear passenger side after quite a bit of rust-off, and banging away. Only to find they are E36 hubs but with E46 diameter 328mm............, so if anyone has a set of 996 porsche rear calipers lying round and Rallyroad brackets. Crap I'd need another cert ........... 😠
  4. "Is it worth checking" Only you can answer that
  5. Hi Shoine, If you've got no movement and only the window regulator motor noise when looking at it with the door card removed. Then the window regulator needs repair/replaced. I'm sure I found a YouTube clip that showed a cog repair. Give it a google " window regulator repair "
  6. Hi EurolessNoMore That profile would show 2kmh @ 50 to 4kmh @ 100 kmh speed increase. Something more interesting is a foot Found this https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?875056-DIY-Optomistic-Speedometer-Repair-(Needle-Position-Fix)
  7. Well spent a fair bit of time on the door alignment....... Car goes back for a groom next week, if the boys dont give it a pass mark at the coffee meeting. I will get the panel beater to have a go.
  8. Mmmmm, what a pain. Guess all you can do, (if you've had the car hooked up to a computer and there's no faults) Take the car back to a state before the hesitation started, including the tune. And work from there
  9. Nice power, I'm jealous. 210 😲 My understanding is that the CAI intake makes bugger all difference, 2 or 3kws. But with cold air feed from the brake duct. Your using cold/ambient temp rather air heated by the engine. It's more for the induction sound. How different is your CAI to mine ( photo in part 1)
  10. Justin, I never had that sort of hesitation. The flat spot I had was only noticeable on the dyno sheet read out. But remember I had the car tuned for the exhaust changes
  11. Hi Mark, you will need to go to LVV site download the H template and instructions to work out your individual seat belt receiver location and height. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/51595-m3-evo-32-1997-hackar-part-2/ Photos of what did on the link above
  12. Justin, I did the air box as you decribed in my car and had it dynoed. This didn't show any flat spot. The flat spot that is decribed in many threads on the net including yours, only showed on my dyno runs after I installed my custom exhaust version 1. The dyno numbers and the solution I used are in my build project page. Be warned it's picture heavy. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/51595-m3-evo-32-1997-hackar-part-2/
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