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  1. kiwi535

    Indicator auto off broken

    I bet Brent has a used one.Prolly same unit used in e32 too maybe e 36 as well
  2. kiwi535


    houses you say?Half the time the plans we get to build a house are seriously flawed.The latest house i am doing has a truss layout and a floor slab layout that dont match....and thats normal.And its it is far far from a complex house.Once that is done a lot of the very simple stuff in the factory is "automatic."The most complex of those machines is very labour intensive to keep going.
  3. kiwi535

    New/old Bimmersport member

    200k?.That would be an absolute minimum i would think.The "average" car of that age is probably a lot closer to 300 k.
  4. kiwi535

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    the grilles are hideous.I am somewhat biased as i even dislike the grill evolution from an early to late e 34
  5. kiwi535

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    123d in manual would be good too i reckon
  6. kiwi535

    NZ New BMW’s and Petrol Particulate Filters

    because our market these days is a sub market of aussie.I think it is unlikely they would have different cars for aussie and nz at the basic mechanical level.
  7. seems to have been sold at 1947 ?
  8. kiwi535

    NZ New BMW’s and Petrol Particulate Filters

    if aussie dont have them we wont
  9. kiwi535

    WTB OEM Coolant

    my memory must be fading then Ahh saturday mornings yes you are right
  10. kiwi535

    WTB OEM Coolant

    i would say a lot of people would be similar...hmm might do some work on the car this weekend,off to the dealerr for this and that...wtf closed.No wonder most people who do their own work get parts from the interwebz
  11. kiwi535

    WTB OEM Coolant

    i cant understand that,although its not unusual.The mitsi dealer parts dept was not open in the weekend either.The Toyota dealer however is a different story altogether,although that may have been special as they had just had the workshop floor "replaced" so they were there this morning
  12. kiwi535

    WTB OEM Coolant

    parts department closed.!!?!?!? i am sure they will have bottles of coolant on a shelf!Maybe even in the showroom!
  13. kiwi535

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    i sold my pajero recently on tm the bullshitters were all texters, fair questions were asked on the auction i answered all the best i could ,one of the questioners hit the buy now button.It was a good price at 16.5 k .One guy immediately texted i will give you 12k, i said the dealer 0ffered me 13k as a trade his response was 12k cash....really?.I think "normal" things priced welll will attarct real buyers on TM.
  14. kiwi535

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    yes the safety chain is there to safegaurd against the trailer coming of the ball(not hooked up properly) or in the unlikely event of the tow ball parting company with the towbar.I cant recall how the chain attached on my 120d but i know i had one because the daughters boyfriend didnt hook the trailer up properly once.It must have been part of the structure that is added to take the towbar in the first place
  15. kiwi535

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    i got my 50 mm ball bmw swan neck machined to accept a convertiball.You could get the 50 mm ball machined to 1and 7/8
  16. f20 is a bigger car. e 87 is quite short interior.Cant be compared in size to a normal front wheel drive hatchback of similar exterior diemension
  17. kiwi535

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    my experience of bike racks is they need the flat surface of the tounge as part of their stability.The only other way i can think is a receiver type bike rack ie the bike rack itself is welded to a square section which slides into the receiver in the car which means you will need to have a nice insert in the bumper
  18. kiwi535

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Jeepers Hans (if imay ask) what happened?
  19. kiwi535

    335i Touring Msport

    when i test drove my little120d i wanted it as soon as i let the clutch out!If you havent driven a modern BMW disel try one.pref a 30d or more,or if a 20d a manual.
  20. kiwi535

    Not 1 but 2 Manual M240i For Sale!!

  21. kiwi535

    My wee wunabout...

    well i was close
  22. kiwi535

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    so let me get this right...you drove 419 km and nothing happened but bmw dont care?Who for the record is "BMW"
  23. kiwi535

    Vibration After New Tires

    depending how long the new tyres have been sitting they can have a "flat spot" which should go away
  24. kiwi535

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    i did many many ks on the 120 d one was a full lap of the NI including highway 43 no problem at all esp the approx 1000k on approx 45 litres bit( welly napier gisborne whakatane tauraunga auckland otorahonga turamanui whangamomana hawera wanganui welly) The ride was a bit harsh on that car (much better with pirellis than either bridgestones or continentals) but i never had any issues with grip or feel with the run flats
  25. kiwi535

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    they can go some distance at a slower speed 80 km hr i think.Thy have very stiff sidewalls so less flex = less heat build up when"soft".My 120d had a tyre pressure system based on comparing the wheel speeds(using abs system).The soft one goes faster.The only time i has a warning i didnt even know i had a leak.When I got to work (about 5 km) it was 20 psiMy tyre place wouldnt repair it.I got a new one,and was able to keep it topped up in the meantime