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  1. i cant say why but the E36 has never struck a chord with me...
  2. so is a 535i a turbo 3.0?Dont know anything about f10s some are coming up quite cheap now
  3. or a hand to move it vehicular or moral!
  4. i have a similar interest in this car..almost like one of has to take up the torch!
  5. i dont think the bmw build sheet even shows the ratio
  6. Please educate the ignorant as to how you will produce the hydrogen.Currently the vast bulk of hydrogen gas is produced as a by product of the petrochemical refining process.What is your scaleable hydrogen producer and how is the energy required for it produced?
  7. at the time i bought the bbs wheels for the 535 i paid a lot more than that!They werent style 5s but i would have paid the same for those
  8. AFAIK only sprinklers and we have had some rain edit yes only sprinklers
  9. can you take a pic with a normal valve cap for comparison please.I will probably take a black set but pic first please?
  10. just put the plate into carjam and dont have to buy any report to do that.If the plates are still associated with a car,that car will come up.If not the plate will come back not found ?
  11. thanks mate i will look into that.I dont really have enough flat space at home to wash the car safely.I used to keep the 535 quite nice but the road is becoming to busy
  12. coin operated carwash..?????Is there a specific venue?I do not know i grudgingly use a petroll station one when the pajero looks in dire need of a wash
  13. i hope your 99.5 % is wrong!I will only ever be able to buy a used example!
  14. nope.When i bought my 1990 535 in about 2002 I was its 4th owner.It had done about 150k and EVERYTHING worked.I sold it at about 260 and everything still worked except the a/c wasnt very cold and the heater valves were dodgy.That car never let me down.It once took about 15minutes to start.That was the only time .I serviced that car by the book too.
  15. nothing to do with the fact they could be 20 years old and hardly any maintenance for 10 yrs?
  16. suzuki swift
  17. thats how it seems to work for him
  18. why is it that some people have absolutely no concept of how a throttle works.I went to lunch with a workmate the other day.I swear as he was driving and talking to me that his throtle application to maintain well in excess of 50 k was half throttle no throttle half throttle no throttle.His stop at the traffic circle round about would have put me through the windscreen if i wasnt wearing a seat belt
  19. i love the way diesels drive.Sometime i miss that high revs hit you can get with petrol but for me its diesel.
  20. not many 530d on the forum but there is a bit of knowledge and experience with the e60 platform.I beleive the diesels like a longer run.In my view the issues peculiar to the 530 might be swirl flaps(not 100 prcent sure on that) the auto(relatively high torque engine) and the dpf. I would like a 530d or 535d myself too!
  21. is the back seat etc all mouldy????
  22. at the moment hydrogen is a product of .(or byproduct of) oil refining....its a finite resource?
  23. Ahh i know what a hydrogen fuel cell is but where do you get the hydrogen?
  24. please explain to me what you mean by "an electric car" if it isnt battery power.