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  1. Quick rant thread.

    you give them too much credit.Thinking?
  2. BMW Dealer Service vs. BMW Specialist Service

    you may be wrong.AFAIK there is an oil service,inspection 1 and inspection 2.In the background there is also tabs on brake fluid and coolant.Often these are part of the annual inspection.
  3. FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    yes but for us NZ ers the HD 12 and the spec of the car are one and the same.In 1990 nz was still recoc=vering from the financial crash of 1987 and an hd 12 was about 130 000 and an e34 M5 was rumored to be about 200 000......thats why the Hhd12 spec exists.They just couldnt expect to sell many M5s
  4. FS 1990 BMW 535i M Sport

    you will find that the NZ HD12 is a poor mans e34 M5.They were manual, with a fullmtech spec,sports seats,body kit ,m tech suspension and LSDhd12.doc.I think all of them would have had metric wheels to begin with
  5. Hub Centric Rings

    hub centric rings need to be exact.I think your hubs will be 72.5(or so) but you need to find out exactly what your wheel bore is.Then you can start searching.A mag wheel place should have them(or a source)
  6. 99 E39 540i

    its too late for that...its only a matter of degree now!
  7. My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    any development of the CEL?
  8. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    i think we can say tha every generation is better than the previous one,but that doesnt mean to say the the latest generation oil will be any good for an old M30 lump(for example)
  9. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    wow z4 there are a surprising number of manual ones!
  10. yes i have no doubt its legit but.........
  11. 24 in wheels!?!????
  12. Talk to me about the E65...

    i think this depends entirely on the MBI itself.My understanding is that the work must be shown to be done....the simple stuff would be no problem i would think.Keep recepits for oil etc,may be a pic or two .But this is only my understanding.Perhaps someof the MBI holders can shed some light on the actual requirements
  13. tapatalk for android,not sure there is an iphone app
  14. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    i am 6 3 and although getting in was a wee problem withthe seat all the way down head room was ok as was driving position and comfort.There is very little leg room in the back seat though.I had a e87 hatch back
  15. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    have you actually driven a 1 series?.They are not roomy cars.
  16. E61 535d M-Sport, NZ New, 2006. Open to offers

    a 535d AND a touring!
  17. Very tidy E39 540i Motorsport in Welly

    very nice car with almost every option at that time.
  18. Anyone living in Thames here?

    can be prone to some flooding
  19. do you know what the centre bore diameter is? It is likely to be either 74.1 or 72.6 (or thereabouts).Most bmw 5 and 7 series are the 72 mm but the e39 5 series was 74.1.Hence a lot of aftermarket BMW wheels are 74.1,which means there is a SHIM(i cant remember the proper term) to suit the 72 mm fitment
  20. Wairarapa recommendations

    you cant make an omlette without breaking some eggs!
  21. it doesnt matter if its a bolt or a stud does it?.All i know is if i google "mitsubishi pajero wheel specs it tells me it has m12 x 1.5 If i google toyota landcruiser 200 series it tells me it has M14 x1.5 so the information is readily available but wether that information always goes with the wheel is another matter.
  22. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    when i had my 535is i had quite a long conversation with someone at BMWNZ about the whole HD12 thing (thats what that batch of e34 were called).I think it was a BMW car club AGM at BMWNZ headquarters.
  23. Wairarapa recommendations

    and Riversdale
  24. My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    the consequences may not be as dire for other cars but the pajero collects a lot of debris in the same area