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  1. kiwi535

    Thoughts on the E87?

    they are a nice wee car imho nice steering and brakes,not as roomy as you would think esp compared to a fwd hatch.ride is harsh with runflats.
  2. kiwi535

    Top Hose Burst

    that would be an entirely new story but just as scary!
  3. kiwi535

    Top Hose Burst

    that really is scary!
  4. kiwi535

    Run Flats --again !

    even my 120d warned me well before i think you would notice by any other means.Try it out.On a quiet road(have a compressor!) let say one of the rear tyres down say 5psi at a time .I am betting you will get a warning before you can spot the difference
  5. kiwi535

    Run Flats --again !

    yes i was somewhat put out.I am pretty sure that the tyre didnt really go below 20psi.from the outside the tyre looked 100 percent.The only good thing was that the tyres were pretty near the end of life anyway.
  6. kiwi535

    Run Flats --again !

    the only flat i got on my 120d with run flats was unoticeable until the warning went of on sh2 at 100 ks....i was close to a traffic light and only a few ks from work so i drove gingerly to work(50km hr max.I pumped the tyre up at lunchtime and that evening the tyre was s till at good pressure.When i went to get the tyre fixed they wouldnt fix it.so i had to buy a new one.So dont bank on using the tyre again anyway.Their excuse was that they didnt know what damage the tyre may have suffered.
  7. kiwi535

    Bargain e34 🧐

    and even then its still 2x dearer
  8. kiwi535

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    good luck with that mate
  9. kiwi535

    Where do people buy their tyres? (Wellington)

    i deal with tyre clinic in the city have found them to be excellent i thinks its fifeshire ave next to the audi etc dealer
  10. kiwi535

    Import tax

    travel insurance?I haven't bought that since my first credit card
  11. kiwi535

    Import tax

    that true andy but the system is too convoluted and there should not be any means to avoid tax...the sytem makes it legal but it should not be so imho. it should be a wider and flatter system
  12. kiwi535

    $1 reserve 130

    because once they are rolling they are quite punchy and the consumption was 6.5 l 100 k
  13. kiwi535

    $1 reserve 130

    get a 120d then
  14. kiwi535

    8501 NZ New .. value ?

    it is purely to look at the options the car came from the factory with,no other purpose
  15. kiwi535

    8501 NZ New .. value ?

    can you pm me the vin please
  16. kiwi535

    Import tax

    this is only fair.The more people who pay all their taxes the better of we will all be.They need to simplify the system ,get rid of the shelters,make EVERBODY pay their fair share.Why can the wealthy arange their affairs to pay minimal or no tax) whislt the "poor" cant avoid any tax.In the long run the individuals tax payments may drop
  17. kiwi535

    8501 NZ New .. value ?

    more details on the car please
  18. kiwi535

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    the e34 that we call the 535is was never called a 535is by BMWNZ.AKAIK it was just a manual 535i with a full motorsport kit.I dont think they even called them a M535i
  19. kiwi535

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    yes the E39 is fine looking automobile
  20. kiwi535

    E23 Restoration Project

    i reckon M54.M30 too thirsty for what you get out of them
  21. yes there is!....that is my "check the ride quality road" Head north from lower hutt and turn left at liverton road about 2 km north of the kelson lights.There is a turn at about 1.5 km but it has very little shoulder there.It come out at the base of the haywards hill.Watch out for the firth concrete trucks they tend to treat the road as their own.Its quite uneven.
  22. maybe take a drive around the back streets of the hutt valley there are still stone chip roads out there
  23. kiwi535

    650i Roadtrip

    Sounds lke every south island trip i have done.The most frantic was from queenstown to Picton in one day with a stop over in CHC to service a near new Ducati 900 s2 man i was sore by the time i got to picton
  24. kiwi535

    F31 Towbar installation Welly

    i dont know if they have specific towbar exprience but page european home st do good work.They may know. someone better qualified?