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  1. Why cant you agree ? They have been nothing but helpful to my families 5x E30s and highly regarded in the E30 race series.
  2. P&S Autocentre in East Tamaki
  3. APT

    Andrews M325i

    Managed to get a few pics today
  4. APT

    For Sale: E46 M3

    Bump, will list this on Trademe soon
  5. APT

    Andrews M325i

    Hi Rod, Thanks ! Its Lachssilber Metallic
  6. APT

    For Sale: E46 M3

    Thanks man, I’m in no rush to sell. The right buyer will come 😊
  7. APT

    For Sale: E46 M3

    For Sale: 2002 BMW E46 I have owned this vehicle for the last 6 yrs, all recall work is upto date (Bearings, Subframe Foam etc). Very tidy car and drives really well. 116,XXXkms SMG New WOF and Registration All Fluids changed recently, Diff/Gearbox/Engine Oil Vehicle is stock/factory except for the following: Alcantara Suede Steering Wheel & Handbrake lever Storm Motorworks Shifter and Paddles AC Schnitzer Exhaust CSL Flash with Inertia updates $32k - Located in East Auckland
  8. APT

    Andrews M325i

    You should ! Build another S54 E30 😉
  9. APT

    Andrews M325i

    Thanks Dean, I’m putting your tyres to good use
  10. APT

    Andrews M325i

    Ive been busy with this little project over the last few weeks. BBS RS033 Staggered 15x7.5/8.5 Fresh Powdercoated faces/Barrels, polished lips etc Picked up some Toyo Proxes T1R 205/55/15 off @Deano1968
  11. Im not sure if they still make these, but when i did my E36 M 5 stud swap on my E30. I got these B8s from Autolign: http://web1.carparts-cat.com/default.aspx?10=849C90BC30684D06A390EFC14A976D15018001&12=2192&14=1&230=28&1116=22040107&1153=&1271=70&1272=&1273=&tp_articlesearch%24txt_articleSearch=22040107 Part number: 22-040104 supersedes to 35-044031 I did run my my sway bar link to my control arms if it makes a difference to you.
  12. APT

    Andrews M325i

    I thought the car drove well before but the Bilsteins made the ride nice and tight, I’m running factory Mtech springs. Picture from this mornings Whitford/Beachlands drive
  13. APT

    Andrews M325i

    I love it ! It would take some wear if the car was a DD, but for a weekend car its awesome.
  14. APT

    Andrews M325i

    A few updates over the last month: - Genuine BMW front windscreen - Painted the Intake Manifold Front suspension overhaul consisting of - Bilstein B8 shocks - New Lower Arms/Bushes - Front Sway Bar Bushes
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