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  1. Olaf

    E39 Eccentric Hardware

    come on, tell us the story... are you Matt MK2 now?
  2. Olaf

    NZ New e91 330i

    sold already, Corey?
  3. That’s exactly what is now residing in the trunk/rear wing of my e30 🙂
  4. Olaf

    3.0 CSL

    Ask Tom, he knows the area well...
  5. Olaf

    Top Hose Burst

    echoing others in this thread, thankfully you got a hose clamp on it, and your fixes are withstanding pressure testing, Glenn. Heal well 🙂
  6. Howdy fellow bimmersporters I seek a 20mm front ARB for e30, preferably in good nick. And preferably in Wellington area. I've new rubbers and endlinks to go on, so just need the bar, really. What you got? HMU. cheers Olaf.
  7. Olaf

    WTB: e30 front ARB 20mm in good nick

    Jon, that’d be awesome. I’ve got bushes for a 20mm (my current one’s an 18.5), though I wouldn’t let that get in the way of something fatter if you have it. Many thanks for taking a look!
  8. ... I’ll scrape out a link I had saved; it’s a URO knockoff of the Hirschmann AUTA 2050 though with lots of bezels/grommets. They run about USD50. Although URO aren’t the best quality aftermarket parts, how badly can they mess up copying a quality product like the Hirschmann? HTH
  9. Olaf

    WTB: e30 front ARB 20mm in good nick

    Bump. Anyone? Could do Auckland area with the ethrty good bastard express parts courier... come on folks, help a brother out. e30 20mm front antirollbar needed.
  10. you can find them on ebay with ease, Dave.
  11. Olaf

    Vibration After New Tires

    check that the little printed circles on each sidewall are beside the valve stem. that's a good place to start, when figuring out if the tyre shop had a clue or two. As Kyu asked, not understanding why you didn't return to the original tyre fitters when you first had concerns. You've certainly complicated things.
  12. Olaf

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    Are you going to make moulds so you can produce replacement panels in future? #becauseracecar
  13. Olaf

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    Have I missed your project thread, Mike? This sounds AWESOME.
  14. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I was kindly alerted of this by an old highschool mate. His Mum was about to sell, having had it since 1997. Would I be interested in an NZ-new 1990 316i manual? Turned out to be full poverty-spec, 103hp, 4 private owners, 257,000 kms, and reasonably tidy. Our offspring are approaching driving age, and I want them to learn in a simple manual gearbox car, with none of those fancy driving aids we associate with steering, these days. Helps that one can see every corner of the car, too. Sr E-Thirty Andy kindly agreed to come with for inspection, as e30 expert to help with my mid-range mech capability. We determined that it was an honest, reasonably tidy example, needing some TLC. It had only been doing around 250km per year for a number of years now, but had been garaged. It started (stone cold) willingly, first go. Serviced last week by Mike Page. It was sold through Shelly BMW when new, and when the last owner bought it new; I even found @Barryn's card in the service book from back in the day. A deal was struck, I did the ownership change, paid the cash, got the key stuck in the driver's door, Andy sorted that out, phoned insurance and paid, and set out for Wellington from Paraparaumu. I'm pretty taken by it, it's nice to be back in an e30. Plans: give it TLC to get it machanically sorted (clutch and associated bushes and seals), precautionary cambelt kit, general servicing and maintenance (leads, cap, rotor, fan clutch). In summer, check out what's underneath those front guards, and sort out bootlid keep it fairly stock for next three years until both of our scone-grabbers have their licenses then - quite possibly - make it into a well-sorted clone of Andy's "MY E30". Or at the very least, a 318iS. Hence "project" rather than showroom. Here she is in monochromatic glory:
  15. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    10 Nov 2018. 258,211kms 1. Fuel Filter. From this: To this. I think I should move that filter lower in the bracket. I replaced the two hoses with new DAYCO EFI hose (BNT), as one was old-ish, and the other was original BMW manufactured 4/89. I re-used the BMW clips, because new new shiny Tridon clips I bought had SAE bolt sizes. Does not make sense to me, SAE bolt heads on my metric cars? No way. Filter is Hengst H80WK01 equivalent of BMW 13321268231 2. Misfire. The misfire was getting worse. I scored a set of used Bremi (OEM) HT leads, cleaned them up, burnished the contacts, metered them out. Promptly left them at home! Found one connection at the dizzy cap (Cyl 3) badly corroded and with resident moisture. Cleaned cap, moisture shield, rotor, leads. Reassembled, starts and idles beautifully. (yes, this is the 'before' picture). I've purchased a new OEM Radiator (Thanks Abel Smith Radiators), Genuine BMW top & bottom hoses, clips, Thermostat, BMW coolant, and cooling fan clutch. Next step, cool-o-rama & cambelt and clutch.
  16. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I did find this last night, which is very useful... https://bmweba.com/eba-01-29-9-784-599/
  17. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    it's a trip! you'll be most welcome.
  18. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Yeah it was a tad precipitous! Tonight I’m working on HT leads and measuring fuel line lengths, I’ll make a point of taking dusk shots on the test drive. It’s a stunning day in Welly, today.
  19. Olaf

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    I mentioned that to Pete at the club pub night this week. Great minds etc...
  20. Olaf

    The SchnellWagon - E91 335i

    that's how we did the XF 6 speed in my e60, drain and fill, drive for a week or two, then do the dry fill/filter change/mechatronics sleeve etc. Made plenty of difference. Enjoying your project journey, Kelvin!
  21. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    wow, that's a score! one of just 332, according to https://www.alpina-archive.com/?page_id=201 according to Carjam it's pretty low kms too; has it been laid-up for some time? Tell us more!
  22. Olaf

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    sounds like you're with a guy who's going to do it solidly, no corners cut. painful but worth it.
  23. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Been too busy fitting in working on her to get very creative with my cameras, Kyu. It’s on my list, will grab some this weekend 🙂👍
  24. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    1 Nov 2018. 258,191kms not so much success on the rear bar install. We had to retreat, will continue. We left the receiver brackets on the rear trailing arms. Having trouble with the bushing mount with the bar; can't get the bolt into the bodywork. We've chased the bolt hole through with an M8 tap to ensure it's clear. EDIT: more detail on the scenario. Car elevated, bar in position with some finagling. At the top (bush to chassis): Brand new genuine BMW bush shells, retaining bolts, 13.5mm bushes to match the bar. At the bottom (endlinks to subframe): Lemforder OEM end links, Genuine BMW brackets, nuts, and elected to use the included Lemforder bolts and nuts (higher grade than the Genuine BMW items I purchased). I used ATE Plastilube Silicon Brake Grease to lube the rubber parts for installation as it's safe with rubber. With the bar in position beneath the car, we placed the bushes around the bar with a thin smear of lube in place, and pressed the shells around the bushes. Then offering the top of the shell into the chassis slot, we'd then clamp the bottom of the shell against the chassis, and offer up the bolt. We tried using a pin-punch as a drift to locate the two holes (chassis and bush shell) together. Each time, unable to get the right location; the angle of the bolt was always off! How do you get this sorted? What trick are we missing? We did mount my new rear badge, after we'd packed the tools and parts away. Genuine BMW part 51141872969.