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  1. MiniDisc - no region coding - CD audio though different sampling rate from CD (44.1KHz), compression via ATRAC. - there was a long-play ATRAC2. - NetMD allowed transfer of music from your PC or Mac, I have one of these units though forget most of the features/benefits/limitations. - HiMD was a step forward with uncompressed PCM recording, but is not backward compatible with the original ATRAC. what does all this mean? It is possible you have an MD recorded in something other than original ATRAC, though relatively unlikely. if you need a test disc, I’m sure I can find a couple, I’ve a hundred or more MDs, at least 4 Walkmen (some recording and net MD enabled), a JDM ghetto blaster with MD, a Sony HiFi MD recording deck (destined for my workshop HiFi), and a couple of e46 MD head units. I can test them before sending. Having typed that, I’m wondering why I’ve still got this mad MD collection! It’s almost as good for recording from an LP12 as a decent cassette on a Nakamichi...
  2. Olaf

    Radar Detectors

    I tried Waze when I first got an iPhone in 2012, found it if little use at that time. Good to hear it’s improving, I’ll give it a crack again.
  3. Olaf

    Radar Detectors

    I’ve been using one (after more than a decade without) since 2012. Initially I was seeking a high-performance Lower-cost used item as ‘proof of concept’. I did research and found that the V1 of the time had been bettered for range and selectivity - for a single threat, obviously - by a few models from BELtronics and Escort. I picked up a used BEL v995 for a little under $350, and enjoyed it for many years. I then did some research... I was commuting 60-100km round trip on state highways - in addition to a lot of weekend travel with family to sporting events - and figured that I should be better prepared. I did further research and landed on Escort Redline or BELtronics Magnum STi. The Magnum was a little cheaper, I landed one. The range is superb, giving me warning with plenty of time to verify that I’m traveling at the speed I thought I was (100kph, of course, Officer), before reaching the radar ‘kill zone’. There’s since been another round of detector updates, and the Magnum (indeed, BELtronics wholly) is gone, Redline has been superseded, and there are some new value challengers too. I’m not up with the play. Current detectors have greater selectivity and many new features (great integration with GPS and online data, in some instance), to avoid falsing. The downside is they don’t have the extreme range that the Magnum and REDLINE had. My views are: 1. Range (coupled with selectivity) is KING. You want to know where Ka is. Tickets from Ka hurt. This, to me, is the most important feature. If I know there’s an active radar out there a few kms before I’m in it’s range, so much the better. 2. Mobile Camera Radar is gonna get ya. It’s very low energy, and 45 degrees to your lane - your detector doesn’t see it until it’s too late. I doubt the latest detectors have done much about that. 3. Instant-on Radar will get you every time, and the best detector can’t make up for irresponsible speed, lack of situational awareness, and committed road policing in a clever location. BBQ talk. “Why do you have a radar detector? Are you a speed lunatic/looking to kill other motorists?” “ultimately, our govt chooses to broadcast on those frequencies. I’m listening out on those frequencies, which gives me a little time to ensure I’m not in the taxation zone; an example is 50kph on Ferguson Drive... it’s so easy to be doing 56 or 57 in a line of traffic... bet you’ve done that too! Long straight street, wide, clear vision, but a 50 zone. Getting a bleep from my detector reminds me to check my speed.” YMMV. Let us know how you get on. If you want to conduct your own proof of concept, buy my 995i for $210 including freight! 🙂
  4. Perfect opportunity for me and I love RE003’s, but sadly the timing’s all wrong. Kitchen first.
  5. Decal. As viewed in a gloomy garage. From ETSY. And for those who've not seen the documentary film:
  6. wheels looking sharp, man. Clear coat on top?
  7. Olaf

    M TOY M3

    Looks like lovely work!
  8. Got a VDO cluster. Want a rev counter. And I need to eliminate the dry joint that brings up brake pad warning light. And I guess it's the right time to sort out the SI board. So now to research cluster refurbishment, and how to change it all over. And get an analogue clock/heater control surround. PS: I suppose I should replace the odometer gears and cluster lights while I'm in there.
  9. Looks brilliant, and thanks for sharing the part numbers. I’ll get me some more clips and one of those vents, very tidy. Where do I find an iS lip?
  10. Where’s the WOW! button?! Awesome.
  11. hello Tak, and welcome! e46 are superb 😊
  12. You'd have gone from 4.27 to 3.46, yeah? Pretty sure mine runs 4.27 as well, and yes, I am looking for an LSD with suitable ratio for an M42 (small case o.k.). Just loving your build thread! Which underseal did you use, and how did you clean out the inner guards? This looks like excellent preventative maintenance!
  13. Got a part number, mate?
  14. Olaf

    Land Yacht

  15. That was always a bit tongue in cheek.
  16. Game on! We can reposition those wiper arms while we’re at it 😉
  17. Yesterday she flew through a WoF 🙂. Happy days, and my thanks to @Autoglym for assisting. I fed her $40 of Mr BP’s finest 98 octane, whereupon the guy behind the counter reckoned I’d get at least $20k more than I paid for her. “Thanks, she’s not for sale”.
  18. Also interesting to note that BMW in USA have changed from 5w30 to 5w40. Regardless of what’s in the owners manual.
  19. I changed from Castrol Edge 0w40 to Penrite HPR in two vehicles, found they ran smoother, reduced oil consumption, and leaked less. HPR5 meets BMW LL01. It’s cheaper than Castrol Edge; bought on sale in 20 litre packs it works out closer to $7.50/litre.
  20. result! pics or it didn't happen! 😉
  21. yeah you're spot on, if it's not getting up to temp it'll use more gas through running rich. coolant temp sensor is an essential part of motronic
  22. Hey Darryl, if I can help with photos, just give me a shout. I trust your recovery goes well. Richard
  23. Date: 7 July 2019 Distance: 259907kms 1. Window Winder Replacement (Passenger door) Jon Mechaniker was on the money, T25 and a flat blade screwdriver. All sorted in 5 mins flat. Love my 1/4" set. Before After 2. Took her for a drive, and made a couple of pictures. Ready for my profile shot, Mr DeMille 3. Added decal on rear window (forgot to photograph it!). You'll have to wait... Grey Thunder is going way, way better for that good drive to Castlepoint. With all the work we've done to bring her up to snuff, she's a joy to drive, and always improving. I'm sorting through cooling hoses and stainless hose clips. 4. Me e30 addicted? You think? A little light reading Time to re-finish that coffee table.
  24. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    Don’t enter sales. If you were to view people who wanted to spend money with you as lazy f**ckwits and treated them as such, you’d go hungry. You want to make it easy for them to part with their cash. This takes a little effort, and a measure of patience. If you want to sell on-line , whether it’s TradeMe, forums, or FB marketplace, you can’t assume people can see the detail in images. They may be viewing in a hurry on a small phone with a broken screen, in bright light... whereas the words will net you the sale, no questions asked. Some don’t really get your words initially, and need first the pictures and then the words to verify. Some are only viewing your pictures and can’t see or don’t have time to read your words. When you list something, you’re hanging out your For Sale slate... part of the territory is inviting in the oddball buyer, the browser, the tyre kicker, as well as your ideal buyer. The better your advert - copy and images - the lower the noise. You can help the oddballs self-select out, if it matters to you; you just need to tailor your listing. It’s that simple. ”it’s all here, read the listing, look at the photos, don’t ask me stupid f#*king questions, ‘kay?” Does that sound helpful and inviting, or grumpy and arrogant? I find it amazing that folks list a car for sale with some pics and “e46 Ci, lows, serviced, leather, PM me offers”. If the expectation is that I’m going to search rego on CarJam to find model details and VIN, figure out the mileage etc... they’re dead wrong. cheers
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