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    1990 E30 325i SE

    Baby seats need no excuses! That has to be one of the very *nicest* e30's around.
  2. RE003 17" staggered e46 fitment cost me just over $200 per corner fitted, when I did it. I think that's well worth it!
  3. get realoem part numbers for your clutch. cross-reference with what you're proposing to buy. then check realoem part numbers for the xi.
  4. Start: 152,294kms. After prevaricating, considering the market and options, TermiPete's 545i became available. The domino effect of upgrading! I'd thought about X5's, missed out on a 535d Motorsport Touring by 2 days, and thought about 550is. So I bought this. It's my SS Commodore. Just in a sharply tailored german suit, rather than a Drizabone. And it has a roundel where the lion would be. And it's cool. Pete has lavished a bit of attention on this vehicle since acquiring it in Oct 2015. Now its my turn. I've already ordered hardware for shock replacement (bump stops, boots, strut bearings, bolts etc)... now deciding which shocks to get. Sachs standard (OEM) Bilstein: Touring (B4), HD (B6), Sport (B8) Koni Yellows After doing the shocks on three of my last four cars, the last two I've stuck with factory IEM spec Sachs (my Volvo 855-T5 and BMW e46 Touring). I'm not planning on changing the springs on this 545i and don't want to radically transform or make it too hard. It has Standrard suspension, it's on 18" conventional tyres (no need for RFT's here as it has a spare), and has Dynamic Drive option (the active computer controlled anti-roll bars) and having driven a near-identical car without DD, I'm sold on it. Koni Yellows I'm sure would be lovely, but they're a little more pricey. Bilstein: tempted to go HD (B6 Yellow), they're said to be made to work with stock springs but are up to 20% stiffer. I think this would be similar to the addition of KYB Excel+ gas shocks to my old A32 Maxima. Firmed it up and helped it hugely with roadholding and ride. Alternately B4 Tourings are said to be 10% stiffer than stock. Sachs: The OEM shocks are equivalent to 31316766993 (Front left) and 31316766994 (Front right), and 33526766995 rear. They'll no doubt "just work". Would I be crazy to go Bilstein HD B6? And as soon as the shocks are done, it's time for new boots (and panties). Photos soon.
  5. Yes indeed! BMW Car Club NZ has a range of member benefits negotiated with supporter businesses, accessed by production of a current membership card. The saving from membership discount on 3 years of MBI far exceeds the annual membership fee. I recently accessed club discount when purchasing a new radiator through a local supplier. In addition to the quarterly magazine, camaraderie, social events, trips/cruises, and MANZ affiliation, the discounts seal the deal; it's great value! 😊 /plug.
  6. Olaf

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    I had misfire codes and lean codes, it was PCV system. Which scan tool are you using?
  7. Olaf

    Rough Idle Diagnosis

    SCAN. Air leaks first starting place. But SCAN, with someone who know's their onions. Fastest route to a solid diagnosis.
  8. (after doing those simple jobs, I was a bit cream crackered. This recuperation business takes time.)
  9. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I was kindly alerted of this by an old highschool mate. His Mum was about to sell, having had it since 1997. Would I be interested in an NZ-new 1990 316i manual? Turned out to be full poverty-spec, 103hp, 4 private owners, 257,000 kms, and reasonably tidy. Our offspring are approaching driving age, and I want them to learn in a simple manual gearbox car, with none of those fancy driving aids we associate with steering, these days. Helps that one can see every corner of the car, too. Sr E-Thirty Andy kindly agreed to come with for inspection, as e30 expert to help with my mid-range mech capability. We determined that it was an honest, reasonably tidy example, needing some TLC. It had only been doing around 250km per year for a number of years now, but had been garaged. It started (stone cold) willingly, first go. Serviced last week by Mike Page. It was sold through Shelly BMW when new, and when the last owner bought it new; I even found @Barryn's card in the service book from back in the day. A deal was struck, I did the ownership change, paid the cash, got the key stuck in the driver's door, Andy sorted that out, phoned insurance and paid, and set out for Wellington from Paraparaumu. I'm pretty taken by it, it's nice to be back in an e30. Plans: give it TLC to get it machanically sorted (clutch and associated bushes and seals), precautionary cambelt kit, general servicing and maintenance (leads, cap, rotor, fan clutch). In summer, check out what's underneath those front guards, and sort out bootlid keep it fairly stock for next three years until both of our scone-grabbers have their licenses then - quite possibly - make it into a well-sorted clone of Andy's "MY E30". Or at the very least, a 318iS. Hence "project" rather than showroom. Here she is in monochromatic glory:
  10. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    agree - they never actually fail! Though whenever I've replaced one (I did a couple of Bosch GT40's back in the late 80's/early 90's on japanese cars, and more recently on my e30 325i, volvo etc), it always seems a little smoother in the range. Thanks! And, oh, since you mention it, there's more where that came from. 😊 I've been putting together the plan for a "316 iS". Working on the reliability and safety, then handling and stopping, there's lots of parts prep. Some unplanned health issues have slowed me down over the last 5 weeks. Preparing for suspension. Koni Yellows on their way from ebay. Going to match with H&R Sportsprings 29663-1 (-35 + -35mm for 4cyl iS). I've always wanted to do Koni Yellows on one of my cars, and these came up at a reasonable price (used). I remember what @3pedals said last year on my e60 thread, an excellent description here, decided this is the time to have a crack with Koni Yellow. The Eibachs sound a little soft, so H&R it is. I'm more concerned about handling than "lows". New sump gasket ready to go in. Engine and Gearbox mounts. Diff gasket and bushing. Shifter bushings, and maybe a short-shifter. New fluids for the diff and gearbox. Rear: Meyle Subframe Mounts, Lemforder Trailing Arm Bushing Set, Meyle HD Shock Mounts. Koni 80-2522 (general e30 spec, not absolutely perfect for the 318iS, though possibly rebuild as 80-2641 in future if necessary?) Considering conversion to rear disks, a-la 318iS. Front: Sachs strut mounts, BMW Bump Stops, Koni 8641-1210 Sport. new ARB bushes, Meyle HD ARB end links, new wheel bearings. Need to figure out if I have 51mm housings, or need to get them to build with the konis and new parts. LCA and bushes, rack ends seem okay for the mo, so they can wait. I've bought 14" baskets, getting some new rubber. Need to get the rims down from Napier... anyone coming down soon? Some time in the new year it should all start to come together. There are other maintenance items to take care of too. In summary: it's not to be a race car, just a healthy street car that's fun to drive, reliable, teach my kids to drive in, and I may have a go at the Surgery Sprint Series with it next year. I'm not expecting to be particularly competitve, as I'd be a total track novice and it's just a 1.6l M40. But hey, participation and fun, I think I'll have the ingredients for low-budget entry-level track time. PS: I think an M42 conversion will be on the cards, just not until everything else is sorted.
  11. 9 December 2018. 171760kms Prep for service: 1. Replaced hood support struts. I was jump-starting my neighbour during a storm a couple of weeks back, and the bonnet slammed down on my jumper cables. Fortunately no damage. They clearly needed replacing. Sourced OEM Stabilus, they're easy to install. (1) Old struts. Slow to rise, fail in winds. (2) And the new struts, push together right to the top of the travel, and raise the hood from approx 2/3 of travel. I'm sure they'll work better in Wellington's winds. 2. Replaced Air Filter. Bit over a year since the last one. Another Hengst E728L. Easy job. (last changed Mar 2017, 152k kms) 3. Replaced Cabin Filters, cleaned the surrounding area of debris. I bought a second set of Meyle filters last time, they were cheap. replace in pairs. Tomorrow's a general (annual) service for the MBI. Oil & Filter, Coolant, anything else required.
  12. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    9 Dec 2018. 258,375kms 1. Replaced Coil It's one of those 'I had room in the box' things. I've always found replacing coils at 10 years old, worthwhile. Slightly smoother running, generally. This one was nearly 30 years old. Original Bosch (Germany), and I sourced a Bosch (now made in Brazil). From this... To this: I must re-seat the rubber hood. I gave it a clean-out with WD40 and a rag.
  13. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    10/11 Nov 2018. 258,252kms 1. Clutch kit (Luk), RMS, gearbox input and output seal (Elring) 2. Timing Belt Kit (Gates) 3. Radiator (?OEM), top and bottom hoses (Genuine), thermostat (Vermet), fan coupling (Meisterstats), Coolant (Genuine).
  14. Olaf

    E30 14' basket weaves SOLD

    IM'd you via FB messenger 🙂
  15. Olaf

    E30 14' basket weaves SOLD

    Sounds like bolts are same, I'll just need to get a set of puzzle nuts and a key. Got pics of each wheel please, Rob? I'm keen.
  16. Olaf

    Alpina mouth and no trousers

    doubleplus irony! 😊
  17. Olaf

    E30 14' basket weaves SOLD

    Please place me at front of queue. Keen to see the pics, make a decision after that. (Tomorrow am) my e30 is on Steelies; I’d need a set of alloy wheel bolts, and a puzzle key and four nuts, yeah?
  18. Olaf

    E30 14' basket weaves SOLD

    Are these e30 spec/offset? interested!
  19. Olaf

    Low mileage E39 M5

    Yeah I think that was on Trade Me a few months back?
  20. Olaf

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Why’s that, then? Love to understand the connection... 🙂
  21. Well it looks like you have a ton of options... what you choosing to do?
  22. Olaf

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    that's an understatement! 😎
  23. here's a couple of funky videos and some info about the Valeo Kit4P (Clutch Conversion Kit)... https://www.valeoservice.us/en-us/passenger-car/transmission-systems-passenger-car/service-kit-conversion-kit, Beware of club beats and lab-coated engineers on drugs, and a jack-booted model pulling faces while suffering a Renault: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-clutch-kit-e39-e46-z3-valeo-52401220 I worked out as NZD1140 ~1200 accounting for a 5% discount (you could buy a little more and get 10%), FEDEX, and IETP. Whereas the Mick's Garage LUK option (DMF Flywheel & Clutch kit) comes in at about $1250 (free freight) including IETP. Pretty close eh?
  24. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Blad. Niiice. Must show me that rig some day soon. EDIT: "Swiss shoots German in Wellington!"