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  1. hunter

    Mint E46 320i for sale

    @Admin can you move this to the for sale section please?
  2. hunter

    Mint E46 320i for sale

    with a planned shift to E39 5 series, I'm selling my E46 -E46 320i M Sport 2.2 litre straight 6 --5 speed auto with steptronic and manual tip tonic mode. Trans is all good, very smooth. -I am the only NZ Owner so far -153xxxkms -Warrant runs out June 2019 -Registered until August 2019 -18” VMR CSL style wheels with Nexen N-Fera SU1 tires, R 18x9.5 et45 18x8.5 f et35 ( Wheels will not be sold seperatly) -Koni Yellow, Damper Adjustable Sports shocks -H&R Adjustable sway bars front and rear -Bav-sound Speaker upgrade -BMW sports interior – cloth / alcantara seats -Sunroof -Professionally tinted windows -Paint and interior regularly looked after with top shelf products to keep it looking good -Fully Serviced every 12 months, last service in September 2018 at Automotive Solutions Hamilton -Small scratches and chips on front bumper and bonnet, typical given the age of the car This car has performed extremely well for me over the last 6+ years. Drives great no rubbing from being lowered and has comfortable but sporty feel on the road. Speaker system upgraded, much better than standard . Used mainly on weekends and longer open road trips Plenty of boot space with tie down points for car seats and larger items 6 airbags to keep you and your passengers safe. BMW Optional ski / snowboard bag in centre of split fold down rear seat referbished rear parcel shelf, with new genuine car seat anchors for the kids Test drives to serious buyers, only with proof of funds Fastidiously maintained and cared for, you will not see a cleaner example. call 0212896316 $5100ono
  3. Cheers mate, yeah market is a bit dry. that wagon is very nice just not sure i want a wagon...always been a sedan man incidentally (as a veteran;))do you know if a 2003 steering wheel can be fitted to an earlier model E39 ?
  4. Bump - getting a few hits and offers on FB, some aretoo much work and not in good shape. Any good examples out there? ive see the one Mikan has for sale not sure i want a wagon, in black.
  5. Looking buy - tidy, factory spec e39 sedan, 2003 production year and M Sport is a must. I passed on one a year or so ago and I regret it..With the family now bigger it's time to re look at moving on from the e46. Pic of the one I let go , was a beautiful individual grey, anyone know where this ended up?
  6. hunter

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Cheers, just back seat and boot. I feel you on the baby seats, fiddly damn things.
  7. hunter

    FS: 2003 530i Touring MSport

    Any pics of the Interior? Hows aircon and any interior rattles?
  8. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Carried a bit more than pictured, but you get the idea. Good cruise to Tokaanu, though National park, Ohakune then Hamilton. Over 2 days.
  9. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Purchased a roof basket for my Family road trip this weekend. It looks pretty long next to the car, at 1.6M, but should hold all the extras nicely.
  10. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Found a dirty great about 3 inches long gouge on the face of one of my wheels. Looks like something has hit it. Almost straight out from the lug nut hole. I am very mindful about curbing them so I know it's not that and they have a concave. Frustrating to say the least. Weirder yet was the area around the mark was distant free, yet the wheels are very distu so stood out like the dogs proverbials. Wheel magician time me thinks.
  11. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Replaced my long broken and held in with double sided tape kidney grills on the e46 with matte black grilles. Looks pretty slick as an alternative to the chrome look she came with.
  12. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Repaired all of the above issues this weekend Thanks to @BM WORLD for the center vent. Discovered upon fully replacing the instrument bracket that at some point, someone had cut the middle out of it to more easily (rather that Properly) fir wiring harness back there for aftermarket HU. Probably when it first came into the country.... which made the bracket much less solid than the complete one, good to have that sorted too. Every this is all back together noe with added low VOC tape strategically placed to minimize rattles and squeaks. next is take for a drive to enusre no major rattles in dash etc before putting last pieces of trim in place
  13. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Does she put out
  14. hunter

    E46 Sedan vent and bracket wanted

    How much for a pristine example of an air vent please, Brent?
  15. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    True that. I do have a recent after market HU, I took the car back to the installer yesterday and they had a look. They confirmed that the bits that are busted they dont touch when installing. So I'm nine the wiser as to who and when, but have just now managed to get a full center dash bracket out of a local parts car for 20 bucks. Getting a decent 2nd hand air vent might be a bit more of a challenge. Seems any part that has people contact is marked or marred in some fashion.