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  1. Gave the headlights a bit of a tickle up with Chemical guys all in one headlight treatment. Came up alright.
  2. Let one round loose and you'll see how fast it goes in reverse
  3. hunter

    Project E39

    Detailed the car this weekend, was supposed to be in Tokaanu for bmw annual festival but couldn't make it. 2 bucket method, chemical guys citrus wash, 2 foam soaks with bug remover mixed in. Fireball Hydrophobic treatment, then into the garage for a wax and trim blacken. Took the caliper covers off too, from previous owner. While I liked the silhouette the shite plastic was broken on all 4, and ultimately quite ricey. Was going to have drivers seat repaired next week, with new foam, material for the out bolsters. Thanks to the virus that will have to wait. Small price to pay to keep us all safe!!
  4. hunter

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Also, where did you get those lines?
  5. hunter

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    but you don't have cruty old lines so, it's not gotten any worse and will last for ages to come 👌
  6. hunter

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    How do the breakes feel after the change? Wanting to refresh my lines also
  7. hunter

    Project E39

    Cleaning up the M3 wheel with paddles I bought aaaaaages ago and kinda forgot about. Intent is to add this upgraded wheel to the e39 with cruise control, stereo control and paddle shift for the steptronic auto. Cleaning made easier by chemguysnz citrus based all purpose cleaner. Works like magic as you can see on the M colored stitching.
  8. hunter

    Project E39

    Busy week this week. Car went into Mosens for a shifter swap to one that doesn't clash internally, works perfectly so happy there. Finally found an excellent condition auto dimming mirror from Ebay. took 4 weeks to get here but worth the wait and 1/3rd the cost of new one here. Old vs new.
  9. hunter

    Project E39

    today I discovered the adheive wasn't strong enough / didtn have enough coverage - whatever, it didn't work and the broken piece came lose again when shifting into Tiptronic.😡 I had a close eye on it with the shift boot up and caught the ring beofre it fell inside the lower mechanism.
  10. hunter

    Project E39

    Today I have used some strong adhesive to mend the broken spindle. It's a snug fit and is in nicely. I will leave a day or so to cure. The true test will be if it sticks when moving between auto and steptronic modes as that usually when the boken piece stays on the little shaft pictured above.
  11. hunter

    Project E39

    After some more searching I found this old thread https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1636607-Transmission-hard-to-put-into-quot-Drive-quot Which explains exactly my issue. So looks like the white plastic spindle broke....and I either need to bodge it or replace the whole thing.... More pics from my car with shift boot off. That white ring should he attached to the middle of the gold metal peice.....
  12. hunter

    Project E39

    Damn was hoping it wasnt a potential replacement - will see how long the grease holds up and add itto the things ot kepp a close eye on list
  13. hunter

    Project E39

    What are they worth Brent?
  14. hunter

    Project E39

    Came across an interesting but annoying issue this week, where the car wouldn't go into Drive. it felt like the something was stopping the gear stick from moving backwards into Drive. I removed the auto gear lever boot, nothing looked broken or missing. and have verfied this with youtube videos and RealOEM diagrams.....highly technical! I tried shifting the can into drive with the boot up, so i could see the mechanism. I noted the little metal prong that engagees into a plastic slot was hitting the side of the plastic slot. With a jiggle, Drive was engaged, i repeated this with a little pressure towards the drivers side of the car and drivewas engaged successfully. Without the pressure applied, the prong still hits. ive applied a little grease to ease the insertion and its doing the job, but the areas didnt appear to have been greased previously.... Has anyone encountered this before and keen to hear how to resolve or, if this is simply a wear issue with a 20 year old car.
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