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  1. Not sure how to do this, and low on time to fluff around figuring it out, will take back to Mosens i think.
  2. Replaced 2 brake lights and the warning on the dash is gone, but my brakelights won't go out !? - could this be switch failure?
  3. Thanks mate. House sits above an acre of gully 12 mins from CBD in Hamilton. Peaceful and handy to everything.
  4. hunter

    Aussie E46s Grounded.

    You mean E46s in grounded Aussie. soon to be elsewhere no doubt.....
  5. Ended up sending the pump to Car Computers, in Taupo. Kerry at Mosens did removal of old pump (noting some bone dry lines in the process) and install of reconned pump this week. great turn around from Car Computers and Mosens However, this didn't completely fix the issue as the booster diaphram was also playing up. This was also replaced today. brakes are now working as expected again, with ok feel in the pedal and great bite. No sinking pedal when sitting at the lights either. Finally able to make proper use of the new pads and rotors. EDIT - took the car fopr a strop out Peackcoks road on the way home from work last night. Brakes felt amazing, lots ofstopping power and really good responsevnes. Wore the bulbs out so got a brake lights warning on the dash with 2 new bulbs needed today lol
  6. The pic above is the before ish. Actually didnt take a proper one. In the after pic we can see a much cleaner looking boot liner.
  7. Cleaned the seats today in the E39 and the toyota. Also Cleaned the boot floor liner in the E39. Had a few stains from previous owners, most of them came out with a good squirt of amourall upholstery foam cleaner.
  8. hunter

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Ouch, hope rebuild sorts it once and for all! Sounds like the gearbox has done the rounds with rebuilds What symptoms did it have prior to dying, were they ongoing for a while or more orless immediate -ish?
  9. As hard up as i need to be, not going OG OEM thats for sure..... ebay might be good most 2nd hand ones i've seen / been told about are rooted
  10. After a really decent drive today, from Hamilton to Waitomo, the brakes were feeling very different each time I used them. Sometimes good sometimes not, not exactly what you want on the open road with family on board. As soon as I got home a called Mosens and car computers in Taupo to book in have the ABS pump removed, shipped and repairs done as required. This will happen next week. Fingers crossed, then I can feel safe in the car with the family and go in more bmw nz car club events.
  11. Having driven the car alot more latley than I normally would, the pedal and brake feel has gotten a lot better as the pads and discs bed in. Some times at first start the pedal is soft but comes right quickly. As the fix for the pump cant be bench tested, so I'm told, and it feels ok most of the time, I'm keeping aye eye (foot) on it. But I could just be getting used to it as only have my toyota to compare it to, lol. So keen to get another's opinion. Taking car for long drive or two next week. Then need to make up my mind whether to send it in for repair as itll be xmas soon.
  12. WTB E39 Mtech2 spec whell well liner for left hand side as per https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-lower-fender-liner-left-m-tech-51712694899 But could do with both if there is a pair going for good price.
  13. Cheers Stu, thinking a bot more on this, might pull the front bumper first.That way i can (theoretically) see where all the screw holes are supposed to line up to on the brackets that the undertray attaches too. and adjust re-fasten as required. the left hand side wheel arch liner, bottom pad is smashed ( thought this wa sa seperate peice) but is part of thr wheel liner so will need a new one of those in time.
  14. Bit more investigtion today, lots of mis-aligned fastners and can see some bent bits where the bolts are supposed to screw into after removing spot lights and peering behind the bumper..., reckon i'm gunna need to pull the undertray, any one know how much of a mission this is? potentially front inner guard liners too to get it all lined up again properly....
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