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  1. hunter

    M TOY M3

    Transportation mode.
  2. Installed 2 thirds of my new Bavsound speaker set up in the E39 Rear deck drivers and rear door tweeters done. Will tackle the front door drivers and tweeters next day i don't have a 3.5 year old nipping at my heels
  3. hunter

    M TOY M3

    decent grind on that knuckle too. Any damage to the underside of the car?
  4. if you go mechless (no cd / tape ) Bluetooth an d usb only, the units can be smaller. I had a very nice single DIN Alpine in my e46. re Bluetooth only units try these guys https://gromaudio.com/store/all-bmws.html - I just installed one in my E39 and it's easy to do ith good results whilst retaining the factory look and feel. Other option is Eonon Android unit, effectively a Dynavin "clone" they seem well reviewed and you get a lot of functionality, and up to date android OS.
  5. Not to mention the club discount which depending on the part and time to get it on your car, can some times be a good way to go. And advice - Fabian and Coombes here in Hams is beyond helpful and my go to for parts advice and i'd say i probably do ~50% of parts purchasing through them exactly for the other reasons you mention @M3_Power I'd also use them for install for a lot of stuff, cause i'm not really that handy lol
  6. Yup. Bavsound. based in my chassis infor I sent them I have the standard stereo, so their e39 stage 1 is the package to go for.
  7. Will do mate. Have the rears in now, doors in coming weekends. The rear fill is noticeabley better already. Am looking forward to getting the other 6 speakers in up front.
  8. Interesting, do you have the bts3, and a high dash, or low dash mid display, may be that could be a factor.
  9. Got my GROM bluetooth receiver as a Birthday present to myself and installed it today in the E39. Similar to @BozzaFCand @adro Install was pretty sweet. getting the tape player back in was a proper mission thanks to the fat loom and additional new wires, got there in the end and now have full bluetooth and no CD changer. Have put the hands free mic on hold for now until can be arsed running it behind the drivers side dash panel etc. Next, BAVSOUND speaker install. Direct fit goodness. Had these in my e46 and they were great.
  10. Had an oil pan gasket replaced today at Coombes, now the E39 will stop dripping vital life juices all over the garage. While the car was there i had them check all suspension tensions, fittings and alignment - the car have been 5mm up on spec and 5mm down on spec height right t left. So while each corner was technically "in spec" the car as a whole looked on the piss. After some adjusting and proper tensioning the car is now much more even, only being 5mm out from L to R. Main difference here being worn spring pads in front and rear right hand side and a slightly odd shaped strut top mount front right . So the pads are next on the list along with some new rear control arms to silence a donk donk i'm hearing with the rear seats out (while i still complete my child harness project) This good to still have it in bits however as any rear strut access must be done from underneath the parcel shelf -
  11. Todays mission, paint faded rear deck and install child seat top anchors. Now wait a week for the paint stench to disappear before full reassembly. Keen for that meet up Stu. 👍
  12. hunter

    M TOY M3

    All good, will keep my eyes peeled.
  13. hunter

    M TOY M3

    Hi Christian, where did you score these from, wreckers, online? I now have an E39 and am wanting a set
  14. Aaaaand they are gone. Looks, smells and feels way better, feels like I'm in the seats now, not on them.
  15. Will be starting the coloring process this weekend. Yup, keen for meet up 👍👍
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