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  1. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    suspension malarkey month for me; each winter for the past 3 winters the car had been making an intermittent groan when turning the wheel at either low speed or stationary. this year it became more persistent, and after much investigation and checking of bushings control arms etc, it was found that the H&R front springs i had, had sagged / compressed past the point of being useful and the car was effectively sitting on the bumps stops (although compression under driving didn't provide any noise the bumps were under constant stress) and that is what the groaning was. This was disappointing as i loved the set up and "stance" of the car and the springs weren't that old, 5 years, and cost a bit. So i agreed with the local suspension shop to swap my OG M Sport springs back in, this worked but the rears were on the piss with different heights from left to right (see post in suspension section) this would not do - front were great and car felt much better when turning. ( i also noted that the shop and put a huge gouge in one of my wheels when it was with them - grrr they did agree to put it right and have since done so ) That was all 2 weeks ago, so this week we swapped the H&R rears back in, the car is now level left to right and has a slight rake front to rear as factory. the spring rates although different springs front to rear are very complimentary and the car driving feel is better than it's felt in a long time. So now all sorted, no odd noises, no crooked looks, no bung mags. Now she just needs a solid clean one my garage project is done and she can be parked inside again
  2. E46 sedan arm rest wanted, black leather(?) arm rest top piece only preferred. the retaining "hoops" on mine have snapped, rest of part is fine. Cheers Ben
  3. hunter

    Passenger side high

    Its approx 20 - 25 mm out. Little but noticeable once seen I cant unsee it. So frustrating.
  4. I've just had my oem msport springs put back in my e46, replacing my h&r springs and the passenger side is sitting higher than driver side. Shop reckons it's ok from an install pov that its level and well aligned. The car drives really nice(prefer the feel of oem spring) but looks odd. Any other e46 owners, mechanics etc out there seen this before? Car hasn't had this issue before when springs where in there previously and has koni yellow shocks so is not likely a bung shock issue. Cheers Ben
  5. hunter

    The E46 M3 you want to buy for 36K

    if i didn't have a garage / Laundry & workshop expansion renno project, a baby number 2 on the go..... lovely example, GLWS
  6. nice little article on SpeedHunters on this rather insane F80 M3 engine & drive line refit http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/10/f80-x-e30-modern-m3-tech-meets-classic-m3-chassis/
  7. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    New oil and other fluids for the 320i, also a fresh wheel alignment. I need to detail the interior, it's dusty...
  8. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    After 3days of trying, finally got my key re coded to the car (E46) after replacing buttons in the key fob. It just would not register for some reason, then tonight, boom! central locking is back.
  9. hunter

    E30 330D OMG

  10. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    150000 kms young today
  11. 😲 2jz Powered E30 M3 hill climb lots of power, lots of skids, up a hill
  12. hunter

    M TOY M3

    What seats are you running with this set up, race buckets full time or switching back to the recaros?
  13. hunter


    either or, depends on what im doing. i'm more proficient on the Weber Family Q than Weber kettle. got a home made in ground fire pit too, but that's marshmallow territory so doesn't realy count :)
  14. How's this going, Brent. really like the prospect of a conversion like this, once the kids are out of car seats
  15. hunter

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    M1 pro car 😍 from this years Goodwood