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Found 53 results

  1. Hi all I looking for an E34 passenger seat switch.Previous owner tried to fix seat twist by taking apart the switch.
  2. Just picked up a new shopping wagon of sorts after a very long time of deliberation. I am sure it will turn into a project of some sorts. Daylight and photos to come. Needs a major screen upgrade, super dated.
  3. Hey guys, I am looking to buy an e34 passenger side windshield wiper arm. I'm located in Auckland but don't mind paying for shipping if its located somewhere else. Cheers!
  4. From a manual UK import 535i. The part where the top left screw goes has a chip on it. Worked when removed from car (parted as it was too rusty), but I cannot remember if all the pixels were good. AIWI Located in Wellington. $30 $20
  5. Hi guys 😊 I'm a bit of a noob here but I was wondering if anybody can give me advice on basic engine upgrades I can do to increase horsepower in my 1993 525i, its got a M50TUB25 engine and I believe with all the stock parts its at 192 HP, its my first Bimmer and I'm looking at basic parts replacements or modifications to get it to around 250 HP, and hopefully look to learn as much as I can along the way 😊
  6. $4900 and 188KMs dude knows how to take some nice photos
  7. Hello - My names Dan. I'm from Wellington. And while I don't quite own a BMW yet, I'm on the hunt! I've been lurking around the forums for a bit, so I thought I better sign up and introduce myself. Anyway, hopefully one day I can fully join the ranks. In the mean time I'm enjoying checking out some of the awesome projects you have underway. Cheers Dan
  8. The seller Tim also owns an E34 M5 "Must have had bushes and steering done recently as handles better than my E34 M5 and rides real firmly on the highway". $4K 182K Miles (UK import) 8-series wheels Black leather (recently coloured)
  9. 154KMs, $9K - current owner has had it since 1998! Looks like it has been looked after super well. This needs to go to a good home.Wonder if it is a member's car? Owner's name is Don.... - Engine M30 blueprinted to original spec at 145,000 miles Engine reconditioned , All components from HPC coating ( Engine cover, manifold, Oil filter housing, water-pump housing) M5 18" wheels Infinity Component Ref 5.25" 50.7 rear and front Speakers Alarm
  10. Have any of you seen this site in the States and asking prices: Wonder what the sale prices are...? Low mileage cars but crikey....!
  11. As per the title, any throwing stars, turbines or even naked rims out there? Will also consider Hartge, Alpina, Ac Schnitzer or BBS in 16/17x8 (9 ok for the back), the lower the offset the better.
  12. Hey, Anyone got a e34 540i there willing to sell, preferable 94+, please no dingers. Cheers
  13. 1994 e34 540i, Factory minus stereo. I've owned this for about 3 years, just been doing work on the engine general servicing as its at just over 265000kms. I've completely deleted the sunroof, in the process of getting it welded up using the same panels other than that haven't made any major plans for it yet no rush. Really nice car to drive very comfortable, its been on some big road trips from Dunedin to central north island and Gizzy to Lake Hawea, did Dunedin to Wanganui on a tank of gas! Tank is 80L. 2001 e39 540i, Just picked this one up this month, just over 200000kms, full service history and paper work, nz new, all optional extras. Brilliant car an absolute dream to drive. 1992 e36 325i ac schnitzer, You may have seen this one on trade me recently, was on 5 spoke ROH's. AC schnitzer front lip, rear lip, rear spoiler, springs and struts, front strut brace, drilled rear discs, bbs 18x8.5 235R 215F, a few other little gems, 140000km, and its JDM. Just in the process of converting to manual should be done in the next month. Very minor things wrong with the car, i was blown away at the condition of it when i picked it up.
  14. Used transmission, approx 200k kms, removed from running vehicle Can supply ECU if required Price $ 100 Located in Hamilton, can deliver to transporter on a pallet for shipping at buyer's expense Price drop $ 75 - need this gone
  15. Hey guys I've recently acquired a 540i Msport (love it~). It currently has style 167's from an m5 on it which the previous owner got reconditioned and painted, they are in MINT condition with no curbing. I'm interested in swapping for another set of wheels that are either 18's or 17's with appropriate offset for an e39, I'm just not a huge fan of the way this wheel looks. Or $2000 ono. Specs are (to the best of my knowledge, I haven't had them off the car yet) as follows from the bmwstylewheels website: 19x8.5 +12 fronts with 245/35's with about 5mm tread - Achilles ATR sports 19x9.5 +28 rear with 275/30's with about 5mm tread aswell - Nexen N8000 Located in Murray's Bay over the shore, Auckland. If you have wheels with tyres that would be worth more than these send me a pm and I may be able to give enough cash your way to keep you happy, cheers.
  16. I've a bunch of parts needed for a manual conversion of an E36. Getrag 260 Gearbox Manual pedal box Shifter assembly from E36 325i (getrag 220? possibly ZF, came from a car without a gearbox) Shifter boot flywheel bolts Hard and soft lines Getrag 220 X member and mounts other misc parts (see pics) $600 for the getrag 260, comes with shifter fork and associated shiznit. $200 ONO for various manual conversion bits and bobs.
  17. I am having a starting issue with the M30B35 in my E28. I'll start from the beginning so that all the details are here. When the motor was in the E34, the fuel pump was jumped between the ignition 12v pin and the pump power wire to get it to work. I tried a relay (which was unknown condition) to see if it would work but it did not. The car also developed a very bad miss just before I pulled the motor out until the day I drove it to the place I was working at to pull the motor out. What would happen is the car would start ok but missed and backfired under throttle, the more you pressed the worse it was. It was driveable cold but got worse as it warmed up and became pretty much undriveable when warmed up. The day I was driving to pull the motor, it stalled on me a block from the place. I tried to start it but it wouldn't fire and the battery went completely flat. So we towed it. Once there, I jump started it to see if it would start and it started a bit rough, then came to life and ran perfectly. Drove it up and down the road a bit and it ran without a single issue. So I took it inside and pulled the motor. Once the engine was in my E28, when we first started it, it ran rough like it did in the E34 when it was missing. I fiddle around a bit, left it for a day with the battery disconnected and then the next day it started up fine. Ever since then the car was running fine, except for a slight miss at low revs, until I pulled my gearbox off to change the clutch. When I put it back on, it did the same thing. It ran rough and missed, so I let is sit for a couple hours with the battery disconnected. What do you know, started up and ran perfectly fine. Last weekend I decided to swap the loom and DME to see if it would solve the fuel relay issue and other issues like the ICV not working at all. It gets 12v to all 3 pins with ignition on. The fuel pump relay gets 12v to all pins when key is in except ground which is grounded, yet the relay (tried 2, one was definitely good) does not work. Anyway, so I swapped the loom and DME, turned ignition on. ICV buzzed as it should. Then I tried to start the car. Nothing. It cranks but will not fire. I triple checked everything and even tried my old ECU, still nothing. ICV no longer buzzes but gets 12v at all pins. Grounds test at 12v, however the coil only gets 9v. I ran a relay for it to test but that only gave it 10v, even though the power wire was a completely new one. Also tried different coil, still nothing. Took my crank sensor out and tested it on my friend's M30 and it worked perfectly fine on his car. All issues the same as with old loom. So I swapped my old loom back on and still have the same issues and won't start. It am 99% sure the DMEs are fine, will test on another car to be 100%. Is there anything else that could cause the car to not fire? One other issue I've had since the car had an auto on the 2.7 is that it won't turn over on the key occasionally, especially when the engine is hot. But this could be bypassed by starting it through the diagnostic port, which worked every time on both the old motor and this motor. I tested today and the starter trigger wire only gets 6v when the motor won't turn, but gets 11.9v when it does. I know this issue is unrelated however I don't know if maybe because of this something is not getting a signal and therefore not starting. But it seems odd that all of a sudden there is a problem. Sorry for the long description but I felt that the details could be necessary. TL;DR: Engine always had some odd wiring issues but ran, swapped harnesses and DME and car wouldn't start. Swapped back to old harness and still won't start. I semi-admit defeat and would appreciate help.
  18. I'm after a single mass M30 flywheel to fit my M30B35. Could make use of a clutch too if someone happens to have one as I'm looking at getting one rebuilt to stronger specs. Can anyone confirm if M30B28 flywheels are the same? I'm in Auckland but beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  19. Large case E34 3,45 ratio diff, came out of the 535i I wrecked. Drove well, no funny noises or anything. $150. Pickup from Penrose.
  20. Very good condition Bilstein shocks and H&Rs springs for E34. Came off the 535i that I wrecked. That car rode beautifully and I can confidently say these are in very good condition. I would happily use these if I had an E34. Fronts will include shock sleeve/hub. $400. Pickup from Penrose.
  21. I'm parting out a 535ise 1989. The car is manual however all mechanical parts including brakes I am keeping for my e28 conversion. H&R lowering springs with Bilstein shocks. Springs for sale, might sell shocks depending on the offer. 3.45 open medium case diff. Wheels are TSW 17x8 with 235/45 Bridgestone Potenzas all round with lots of tread. One center cap is missing. Pretty much zero curbing, only very light grazes on two of them, and hardly that. One of the two is in the photo. $600. SOLD Please ask for price for all other parts (If this is in accordance with forum rules). All engine/drivetrain parts I don't need will be for sale once my e28 is running. Windscreen is cracked and seat fabric is starting to break apart, especially on the rear. Still comfy as though, haha. Parts pickup from Penrose, Auckland. Parts will be available from this weekend.
  22. So I have been looking for information on e34 touring's, specifically the 1996 model, I am wanting to know how many of the 96 e34 touring's were produced, anyone know? Cheers team!
  23. Complete car, so most parts will be available. Has been painted matte black. Will put up some photos and the VIN this weekend
  24. I am taking apart a front suspension strut on an e34 BMW and things are weird – I have done many struts before and never seen one behave like this. My normal process is… loosen the strut top nut slightly, while still in the car (which I did) take the strut assembly from the car (which I did) compress the spring, which relieves tension on the top mount remove top mount and disassemble the spring and strut. Not this time though – at step 3 the shock damper rod is pulling into the body of the shock as the spring is compressed, keeping a high compressive load on the spring. The rod pulled in about 40mm. The force pulling the rod into the shock body is really high – it is not just dropping under gravity. Even with the spring very compressed you cannot pull the top mount back up by hand at all. This behaviour was totally mystifying me so to confirm it I put a piece of metal angle up against the piston rod, between the shock body and top mount, to prevent the rod from moving down into the body. I could then compress the spring as I expected and could easily get it loose between the top mount and bottom perch (with the metal angle holding the rod at full extension). This confirmed that the piston rod is pulling in pretty hard. With the spring compressed and loose there is now a lot of compression force on the angle (piston rod is definitely pulling hard into the body), so there is still tension on the nut. I do not want to release the nut off the top, even though the spring is no longer pushing on the top mount. If I did release the nut then I expect the rod would shoot downwards. I don’t think things would fly anywhere because there is no elastic energy in the angle holding it up, but I don’t want to do it when I don’t understand the cause. What the heck is going on? The replacement struts I have push outwards with gas pressure as expected.
  25. She's for sale, a bit reluctantly. Its a rear wheel drive V8 manual, black on black should about do it for description..... More fun than a handie at the movies as a teenager Updated Km's and interior photos. '95 E34 540i, NZ new. About 10 months reg and new WOF. Has heaps of Km's 288400 Fairly tidy for a twenty year old who's been driven in all manners and sometimes without manners. I've not really put too much importance on the cosmetics but have always kept it in good oil and serviced it. I'll have a file of maintenance invoices that can be viewed and will stay with the car. Some of the goodies: Getrag 420G 6 speed Blistein HD shocks (guessing 25k on them) H&R springs, not sure of spring rates but good for road driving 3.25 LSD put together by Kayne Barrie M5 3.8/MSport 25mm front sway bar M5 3.8/NURBURGRING 20mm rear sway bar JB Racing single mass light weight flywheel and 850csi clutch kit, throw out bearing and larger slave cylinder as part of kit. Exhaust, had custom built from collectors back, no idea if there's any power gains but it sound tits with the noise on. ACS Type I 8.5" x 17" Et 13. Toyo Proxie 4's. Cosmo Scwartz. Black leather, MSport seats with electric adjustable fronts, memory function not working as would need a different harness (if no one else drives it who cares right). Three spoke steering wheel instead of the boat wheel with the bloody great pillow. Sun roof. Shadow lined. SuperChip chipped ECU, no idea what if any real world power increase this would have made I have the factory "business" stereo with CD changer for the boot, I replaced it to get blue tooth ph with some generic looking Alpine head unit, all factory speakers, no sub. I've a Hartage front bumper that needs repair and fitting and a glass Msport rear that can go with if the price is right, both need painting though are some very dark grey (were on Brent's 535 some years ago for those who have been around for a while). Its going to need suspension bushes as an ongoing maintenance item, I think the stiffer springs / shock and sways and maybe my driving all accelerate this common E34 issue. Just starting to get a slight shimmy so will do the thrust arms prior sale. Has a tow bar. Also have a set of Whisper bar roof racks with mounts that can be bought in addition, they have been fitted to the car briefly but they don't really whisper so they came off once I moved away from the surf. There are a few super market dings and scratches, shes' no perfect show pony For those of you who have seen it, I think its an honest car its a lot better to drive than look at it. Aircon needs new pump fitted (I have it, just need to fit it) and will then need re-gassing, the electro-clutch bearing was making a racket so took the belt off as an interim fix. Price: $9500, I'm realistic and would appreciate any relevant input as I really don't know what its worth in the market. Not in any hurry to sell if the market is too low it'll stay as a toy. PM me of more info or a look. No money no drive.