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    Hey Barry, that's a lovely example!I've just stuck a set of Style 5's like those above on my e28, they were factory rims on some e39 V8's. They're a good fit with a similar offset. Just need hub-centric rings fitted to make a perfect mount. Just waiting on some springs to make it more low
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    seek, and ye shall find... auld h-fi... tunas I have known (owned), part 2: the Quad FM4 the Quad was lovely, forst Tuna I'd owned that sounded like a serious source. I'd often think there was someone actually in my lounge, when I walked in and Radio2 was playing. Very convenient to use, too. Ultimately not as musical and dynamic as the T43, so it found a new home. I still think that signal strength/tuning centre meter is genius.
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    They're on, and looking amazing. Carbon3 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Carbon1 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Really completes the interior imo. Carbon2 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Here's the ashtray cover: Carbon5 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Detailed the engine bay & bonnet heat shield a little while ago, was well overdue Carbon4 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    Quick update, carb kit arrived today, 6 days from the UK, is exactly what i ordered, and looks to be very reasonable quality.
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    So I finally took the fiancee's daily driver into see Christian & team at OCD this week, given it's about to be used for a wedding car. I can't recommend them highly enough - top operators who know exactly what they're doing. If you're like me and have been thinking about using them for some time, see the images below to encourage you to book in! Christian (CSET) made it an incredibly easy task. Check them out at ocdetailing.co.nz Thanks guys.
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    Na, don't think I'm up for any thing newer than the E61, but an E28 M5.........
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    Pedantic response, The clutch works the other way round; It is engaged when the pedal is released- pushing the pedal separates the components and dis-engages the clutch Common issues with clutches that have been inoperative for some time. moisture build up in hydraulics, air in hydraulics, moisture in plate linings - causing swelling, corrosion on driven surfaces and in friction linings. All of the above can cause the symptoms you are describing, refresh and bleed hydraulics - just bleeding only moves the contaminated fluid around, drive it and dry out linings, scuff of corrosion, check for fluid ​ leaks which can happen from piston/ cylinder corrosion due to moisture
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    Good of you to finally admit trolling Ron. Props.
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    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of installing race seats to the M3 and have my vaders up for sale. I will be keeping the rest of the interior until further notice - most likely keeping it in. I've had a lot of PM's asking when I'm selling them so its only fair I give everyone a chance to place an offer. As per title, 2x vaders in dove grey, on rails/sliders with seatbelt mechanism. You'll be able to use your existing bolts. Condition 7/10 seems fair, no cracks, a nice leather revive will bring them up to a 9. Picture is of one of the seats, I'll remove the other from the car tomorrow and pick up will be available from Saturday in Millwater (Silverdale). I'll say $800 for both is an automatic sold otherwise just place an offer and highest amount by tomorrow night takes them. Cheers
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    IF the block is flat, get the block "time-sert"ed before trying to pull a head onto it. Time-Serts are like helicoils, but not crap.
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    Be patient and maybe another will pop up. I was browsing for a 335i for 6 months and wouldn't have landed one nearly as good as this for the money I paid if I bought any sooner.
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    You get the first two of course!
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    No, I just need non-charged ones for my E36 seat project.
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    I will check the head bolts haven't stripped out of the block, by seeing if I can tighten them to torque spec. If they wont tighten then its a waste of time swapping the heads, and the engine will get pulled and scrapped. I would absolutely love a s62, or even an m62b44, but I just don't have the money or the knowledge. Maybe get a bank loan and send it to Ray. What is more likely would be to swap in the m54b25 and box from my parts car. Its a shame to go to the hassle of doing an engine swap (plus cert I think), and then only put in a 2.5L six. All this doesn't matter if the block on the n46 is ok, as I already have the full gasket set including new bolts from a while ago. The engine already has had new water pump, ccv and hoses, radiator, sump gasket, fuel filter, oil cooler, seals and hoses done in the last two years so hopefully its not for nothing.
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    Holy crap, those bushes were rooted.
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    More info here; http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1620431&topic=7 Looks like they guy has history, and then denied responsibility, and then lied under oath in court.
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    Diff is looking better!
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    If it is the HG you'll need to get the block deck surface checked for straightness and probably have the head bolt threads helicoiled. The ali blocks tend to have the bolts pulled out of them when they overheat, if it has moved I'd be scrapping it and replacing with an engine known not to have baked itself - the overhaul costs aren't cheap mate
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    I'll take that as a back down, there is a risk in every thing , take care when you next fart - you could sh*t your pants
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    Couldn't have put it better myself. I buy both local and overseas and it all comes down to this when it comes to decision making.
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    If you don't like it don't waste your time Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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    Right Here OR here for some larger pics Felgen Katalog Style 38, 76, and 77 FTL
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    maybe contaminated with P ' noodle heads sitting in car blazing away
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    Anything on E38.org about it?
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    m30 turbo? random touring pic
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