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  1. Gaz

    1992 E34 M5

    Yes that's the one above, owned by my boss
  2. Gaz

    WTB - Facelift e30 lip

    just seen one pop up in one of the e30 facebook groups, will try to find it again and send you the link
  3. Gaz

    2006 323i wont start after battery change

    PM me your rego and I'll check if the recall has been done or not. Unlikey to affect starting of the car however if it ran fine before the battery change Also, what size battery went in vs what battery came out?
  4. Gaz

    Not my Supra

    Its running Idrive6 with Toyota logos where as the Z4 gets all the new Idrive 7. Should sell for about 100K, about 30K less than the Z4. Have driven the Z4 and loved it, even prefer the Z4 styling over the Supra styling
  5. Come on Lester! You know you should talk to me about this stuff. Could be the centre mount, worth having a look at and inspecting it for play. Also worth checking the rubber donut for signs of wear and tear
  6. Gaz

    The end of entry level RWD BMW's?

    Yeah but then you'd already be copying the Japanese https://www.driven.co.nz/reviews/classic-cars/ultimate-honda-little-old-civic-transformed-into-a-mid-engined-rear-wheel-beast/?ref=driven_fbpage
  7. Gaz

    The end of entry level RWD BMW's?

    Took a 225i Active Terror for a drive and aside from the occasional torque steer, they are surprisingly very well balanced and quite surprised how well it drove
  8. Gaz

    323i manual conversion

    Get a getrag 220 manual one. Don't mess around with swapping front halfs around as the rear sections are all the same length. I think manual ones are different depending on the gearbox, a realoem check will confirm
  9. Gaz

    BMW M3 E9 2.5 CS 1976

    And gone.....
  10. Gaz

    BMW M3 E9 2.5 CS 1976

    A bloke on Facebook went to see it today, needs alot of work plus rego process would be a pain And the car from when it was in the US https://bringatrailer.com/2014/10/07/3500-1976-bmw-2-5cs-e9-coupe-project/
  11. Gaz

    BMW M3 E9 2.5 CS 1976

    Would love it, but is it really worth $14k with all the work required to bring it up to standard. Plus dont even know the history on the car and if it could be registered here
  12. Fresh import f31 335i for ya https://www.turners.co.nz/Cars/Used-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/335i/19132604
  13. Gaz

    BBS RS022/061

    I'm about to start refurbing these so thought I'd advertise them now so if someone was interested then can customised to suit. Otherwise will come in an original finish with some new centre caps These are pretty rare and designed for the e30 m3 16x8 et20 and 16x9et24 and wont come with tyres. Price is dependant on finish but asking $3000
  14. Gaz

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    “Oh, so you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then to me it was only blinding. The shadows betray you because they belong to me.”
  15. Solid engines, DPF can cause issues if it hasnt been through enough cleaning cycles but can be cleaned with a chemical spray or bathed and blasted if it gets very bad. They also like to be serviced more often than every 60,000kms. Had a customer come in with a failed turbo due lack of servicing
  16. Gaz

    2002: Back to Basics

    What was the buy now? Bidding has already started
  17. Gaz

    not trademe but Z coupe S54

    The last 3 E46 m3s I know of sold for $17k, $20k and $22k. People are asking silly money for some e46 m3s but are they selling for that?
  18. Gaz

    What's it worth? E30 M52 Coupe

    I'd agree with above, if you want to sell it, somewhere around 10-12 is probably likely value.
  19. Gaz

    Any coders here?

    E82 autolock on driveaway can be done through the BC button and indicator stalk
  20. Gaz

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    This is my favourite at the moment - running a turbo'd m50 on airbags
  21. Gaz

    E30 headlight wipers

    Long shot but after left side wiper arms and blades. Also wiper stops if possible
  22. Based on that, are they still backwards? That's Idrive6 Jon, the G series vehicles have Idrive7 and have what Oldtimer has posted above
  23. If it's round then there is no start or end point so which way is forwards 😉
  24. It's to do with stop/start function. Engine turns it off to save fuel/meet emissions and sits at ready so you know that once you release the brake the engine starts automatically