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  1. Gaz

    F10 parts

    Anyone wrecking an F10? Need some drivers door seal parts
  2. Gaz

    My F12 650i Vert

    These are awesome.. Got to drive one with the top down and love that v8 noise and tyre screeching
  3. Should just get this save yourself the hassle https://www.trademe.co.nz/1726943402
  4. Gaz

    BMW M6 M635csi 1986

    One question asked a couple hours ago doesn't make him rude, probably trying to find the info to answer the question
  5. They are 40-50 brand new but will have to get it painted to match
  6. TWS is still available but only in 5litre packs, they've stopped doing the 1litre
  7. Gaz

    Reasonably priced E30

    Id say it's about 2k over priced to be honest as there's nothing really desirable about it apart from perhaps the service history
  8. Gaz

    Engine performance

    Have you owned it since new? The gearbox and engine adaptions may have been reset with the update so might be a case of drive it and see
  9. Gaz

    I'm ashamned

    They are more or less a X1 which I think is a great town car for alot of the same reasons the Mini is but to me the X1 is just a bit more comfortable and smoother. Minis are fun wee cars when you put them in sport mode and go for a blast
  10. Gaz

    E36 motorsport/alpina stuff

    E36 motorsport kit front is pretty average could do with a repaint. Rear has some scratches and diffuser has been hacked for towbar but can't see how bad it is behind the towbar. Sides are very good $400 E36 front Alpina lip fits standard bumper. Bumper needs slight modification to fit. Not sure what these are worth so $400ono?
  11. Can be done with the engine as we (Christchurch BMW) have done it but it is easier with it out.
  12. There's a tool which allows you to do it without removing the engine but it's a very tight fit. The correct BMW way is to remove the heads and do the guides as well but it's become pretty standard to do just the seals with it all in place
  13. That's prob at the cheaper end of the scale already I'd say. If they are doing the seals with the heads in place it's a very labour heavy job which is where all your cost is going. I would go for someone who has experience in doing the job rather than the cheapest. Also be prepared for a number for extra hoses that will also require replacement due them being old and brittle
  14. Eccentric shaft wear is common so could be that?
  15. Gaz

    EOI: Genuine Borbet Type B (e30)

    Bargain! Wish I had some spare cash for these
  16. Gaz

    Staggered wheel diameter

    There was a guy who ran double staggered Hartges on his e30. Can't for the life find it now but looked good
  17. Gaz


    Rears will sit 9mm further in so yes 10mm in the rear will make it more or less the same. If you add a spacer it brings the offset down
  18. Gaz


    www.willtheyfit.com will help you work it out For the fronts the outter edge will be roughly the same but in the inner edge will be about 10mm closer to the strut. So yeah a 10mm spacer should sort you out
  19. Gaz

    E30 sedan..what's this worth

    Hard to say as the e30 market is all over the place. Rear spoiler is a standard one and not mtech, unsure about the wheels as the waffles are weird. Personally I'd pay 8k tops if everything checks out ok and is mint
  20. A bit more these days http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?101915-FS-Rondell-0021-BMW-Z3-M-rare-staggered-wheels-concave-M3-Roadster-deep-dish-R-O-D
  21. A decent PPI will give you all the info you need and when it's due. Including any brakes and if any bushes etc are showing signs of wear. Or if you have a chance to view the car, it will give you an idea of when the brakes are via the service info in the idrive. Brakes wear can vary alot depending on how the drive treats the car.
  22. How many kms? Factory warranty is 5 years/100,000kms
  23. Gaz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    I've been running the setup, m52b28 with a 6 speed box and NZAD clutch and flywheel. Didn't install the clutch stop but do feel the engagement point is very low. I feel it has become better and higher since installing it so might install the stop if i can find it. Probably done about 2000km so far
  24. So I have just picked up an automatic 2500 E3 and a manual e12 525 and want to know if the e12 can be used to convert the E3 to manual. Anyone know much about these? I've tried Google but found the answers to be quiet confusing
  25. Gaz

    E3/E12 gearbox compatibility

    I'm fairly certain gearbox will be ok but will need a pedal box from an e3