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  1. A decent PPI will give you all the info you need and when it's due. Including any brakes and if any bushes etc are showing signs of wear. Or if you have a chance to view the car, it will give you an idea of when the brakes are via the service info in the idrive. Brakes wear can vary alot depending on how the drive treats the car.
  2. How many kms? Factory warranty is 5 years/100,000kms
  3. Gaz

    E36 Clutch Problem

    I've been running the setup, m52b28 with a 6 speed box and NZAD clutch and flywheel. Didn't install the clutch stop but do feel the engagement point is very low. I feel it has become better and higher since installing it so might install the stop if i can find it. Probably done about 2000km so far
  4. So I have just picked up an automatic 2500 E3 and a manual e12 525 and want to know if the e12 can be used to convert the E3 to manual. Anyone know much about these? I've tried Google but found the answers to be quiet confusing
  5. Gaz

    E3/E12 gearbox compatibility

    I'm fairly certain gearbox will be ok but will need a pedal box from an e3
  6. Gaz

    E3/E12 gearbox compatibility

    I had a quick look at realoem last night and would appear the 4 speed would work. I found on a forum that some 5 speed would work but that is where i get lost haha
  7. Gaz

    WTB: E30 IS Side skirts

    I have some mtech2 sides for a coupe if you are interested in something like that
  8. Gaz

    Clarkson Sacked

    I signed up for this mainly for the Fifa world cup seems to be all good so far but will wait until load on the network gets heavier. I have an app called TerrainiumTv which I use to stream movies tv shows act. Android only but with Chromecast support it's great
  9. Gaz

    Key Fob Intermittant

    All comfort access keys have replaceable batteries fyi
  10. Gaz

    My E36 318 TI

    Chrome has a plugin that revives old photobucket photos. Only works on PC and not mobile sadly
  11. Gaz

    E30 or E36 - Christchurch

    Theres an e30 320 auto on Facebook for $1500. Grab that or any auto and manual convert would be your best bet
  12. Gaz

    WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

    There's some reps on Facebook here in Christchurch. Not sure the size but can find out?
  13. Try the local BMW dealer for your windscreen replacements. We see so many terrible jobs done by other repairers plus replace all the parts as per repair instructions
  14. Gaz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Low battery voltage can cause faults in the airbag system
  15. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    After 3 odd years off the road, it's back! Straight through the WOF, put the coilovers back in on the weekend. Also had a nice surprise when installing the vaders and found out they are heated which come in handy for winter. Although I can't figure out the airbag wiring for the passenger seat. This small connector is on the passenger seat but doesnt match the seat mat sensor. Any idea what it is for?
  16. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    Meet Monty. A neglected E36 wagon who has lived a hard life. Until now as its time he got a make over. I picked it up off Trademe towards the end of last year and my girlfriend and I drove it down from Auckalnd. It was a bit rougher than I thought but for the price, I couldn't really complain. First thing we noticed as that it handled like a whale due to the fact the front shocks were leaking which made the drive down ever so scary at times, so they where quickly replaced. The right rear had taken a knock from an elderly gentleman in a supermarket and had smashed the tail light. Went brand new as I couldnt find one in NZ and ten days later, one arrived from Scheidemann. Bar a small power steering leak, he fly through a WOF. First thing was to give it really good clean to see exactly what I was dealing with. The paint has countless scratches and it looks like someone has tried to chew the passengers guard not to mention golf ball size dents. Interior is rough in places, yet mint in others like the boot. Roof lining is starting to sag up front so that will be something to tackle in the near future. Before Cleaning crew hard at work After It looks like a highlighter has exploded on the right hand side so that will need redoing at some point as I couldn't get it all out. I found half a beach under the rear seats Under the front seats I found, $13.40, a key, the locknut, a Canadain 10c piece, a dog biscut and a cracker Inside a much nicer place to be now. After a solid afternoon cleaning, he comes up looking like this The plan for him is - Coilovers - already have them just need to be installed - Motorsport kit - just needs to be painted to match. - Wheels - I have some ACS Type 1 reps but are pretty rough - Engine Conversion (maybe) and Manual conversion - definitely. - Dye leather interior. Grey is nice but its a little dated. Need to do's - Sort dents and scratches - Cooling system - Squeeky steering wheel - Clean underside Progress will probabley be rather slow as I am currently saving for a house and a 5 week European Holiday in June but I'm keen on sticking to a plan this time instead of selling it after 6 months which I usually end up doing.
  17. Every 2nd oil service, is the heavy service when it has the addtional filters replaced. CBS has a 'vehicle check' (car on a hoist) programmed in as well but if the tech is doing their job properly then they should be noting these things when the oil is draining. Brake pads, tyres and fluids should be checked when a car comes into the dealership as standard. PM me your rego and i'll show you SS is WOF reminder and if it a Japanese import, likely to have a stat emissions check too Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, its on every bottle of brake fluid whether you get the most expensive stuff of the cheapest The BMW recommendation is to replace the cabin filter with every oil service, 2years/25,000kms
  18. Got to love the internet and the advice that comes with it. Inspection 1/2 services haven't been used since the e83, everything is now CBS (Condition Based Servicing) LL04 is long life oil for diesels, LL01 is for petrol vehicles. With CBS, every oil service, the microfilter is also due to be replaced. Every 2nd or 3rd oil service, depending on the car, the , fuel filter, air filter, whatever, those additionals you can't see via the dash. Brake fluid is also due every 2 years regardless of mileage so it is very possible that everything lines up depending on the mileage and the history of the car. It shows the big service because of what I've said above, the other service you need to be aware of for the 130i is that the spark plugs are due at 100kms
  19. Gaz

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Check the part number
  20. Gaz

    BBS RS 005 et11 1 mag wheel

    Im pretty sure there was one on trademe for a bit. Not currently there however
  21. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    If you are on a computer there is a chrome extension fix for that. Can't be arsed reloading them all but basic went from this; To this except now has 3 pedals
  22. Gaz

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    Took you almost as long as me haha. I've seen it around and looks good! It's all up and running now after a few minor hiccups. Going for a WOF sometime this week so wish me luck....
  23. Gaz

    E36 touring tail lights

    They pop up on ebay or at least aftermarket units do
  24. As per title anyone interested? Been sitting in the shed for a couple of years and sadly don't see myself using it for a couple more. Pick up only due to size and weight but can help load it into the back of a truck if needs be. Looking for $1500
  25. Who cares.. cheaper than most m3s of that year. And would appear sold already